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5/4/04 The Bad Girl Knockouts website is launched. Added 20 video clips.

5/5/04 Added 5 video clips.

5/6/04 Added the Bulletin Board feature.

5/8/04 Added 5 video clips.

5/9/04 Moved picture files from the old Land of Nod site to this site.

5/12/04 Opened the Story Archive. Moved all the fiction from the Yahoo! group to here.

5/19/04 Added 8 video clips and 8 picture scans.

5/22/04 Added "Robin Meets the Baroness" and "Morpheus Rising Ch. 42 cont." to the story archive.

5/24/04 Added 6 video clips and 10 picture scans.

5/28/04 Added 4 video clips.

6/5/04 Added 5 video clips.

6/22/04 Added 8 video clips, 22 picture scans, and "Morpheus Rising Ch. 43 & 44".

7/10/04 Added 12 video clips, "Morpheus Rising Ch. 45 & 46" and "Because I Want To". Also added a link on each scanned pic so you can return to the home page, instead of dealing with all that Back button stuff.

7/24/04 Added 9 clips, "Morpheus Rising Ch. 47 & 48" and "Cyn's Visit".

8/7/04 Added 10 clips, "Hospital Visit", "Katrina Blaze", and "Return of the Black Widow".

9/26/04 Added 12 clips, a few new picture scans, "The Professor", "The Witness", "Loose Ends", "Abbie & Kat vs The Countess", "Wrapped", "Evening with Sandlady", "Lydia Pts 1 & 2", "Dark Desire", and "Further Adventures of Lilly".

10/8/04 It's a Batman update! (mostly) Added 10 clips, "Morpheus Rising Ch. 49-51", and "Never Said a Word".

10/31/04 Happy Halloween! More classic Batman in this update. Added 12 clips, "Morpheus Rising Ch. 52-54", "The Formula", and "Browsing the Wares".

11/21/04 Added 12 clips, "Trick or Treat", "A Night with Irene", "Curse of the Cobra", "A Hazardous Occupation".