Alan sat limp in a kitchen chair with Smoothie standing in front of
him extending her left arm and gold mink gloved hand to hold his
chin so that his face was pointed toward the ceiling. The Cheryl
Tiegs look-alike gently inhaled on her gold-silk wrapped cigarette
and exhaled heavy deep gray cones of smoke into Alan's eyes and nose-
one after another. Alan's face was (now) gray powdered in ash with
his eyes sealed shut but Smoothie in her relaxed manor kept exhaling
into his face. One silken smooth exhale after the other and each
deflecting several feet to either side of Alan's smoke-frozen face.
Suddenly, Miss Mink appeared at the entrance of the kitchen.

"Do you think you could wake him?" Smoothie said with her soft smoke

"Oh, I think I can get a nudge out of him." Miss Mink said in her
quiet confident manor.

Miss Mink walked over to Alan and smiled as she lifted a lengthy
white cigarette from a brown mink pouch she lifted from her (mink)
skirt pocket.

"Why don't you smooth-wrap him while I give him a good minking?"
Miss Mink said matter-of-fact to Smoothie.

Smoothie doused her cigarette making sure her final dense soft
exhale filled Alan's face. And then she turned her head to the side
and her thick blonde hair hung smoothly in the gray-streaked smoky
kitchen. Smoothie brushed her hair super silky for a few minutes and
stood in front of Alan and greeting him by placing his head into her
thick smooth hairdo and wrapping its length around his head
engulfing his noggin' in a blonde ultra-smooth wrap.

"Do you like my smooth hairdo Alan?" chimed Smoothie.

The incredible silky feel of Smoothie's hairdo was bringing Alan to
life. Miss Mink could see that and eased a small clearing in
Smoothie's head wrap to expose Alan's nose. Smoothie smile ear-to-
ear knowing what Alan was about to experience. His head was wrapped
in an incredibly smooth blanket of smoke-blown hair and his nose was
about to experience the ultimate sexy smooth experience-a whif of
Miss Mink's sleeping smoke.

Of course Alan didn't know this. All he knew was this warm silky
wrap around his head was bringing on sexual tension like he didn't
know. His head began to turn slightly back-and-forth making the
silkiness of the hair even softer.

Miss Mink could see what Alan was experiencing and immediately
brought her cigarette to her lips and inhaled deeply.

"I think you'll like this." said Smoothie to the delirious Alan.

Miss Mink released her cigarette showing her gray lipstick-ed ultra-
silky lips followed by a smooth gust of her silky mink sleeping
smoke into Smoothie's hair where Alan's nose poked through.

The smoke felt so cool and silky flowing over Smoothie's hands as
she held her hair wrap tight around Alan's head.

And then another luxurious blow that was so soft Smoothie's hands
her almost instantly relaxed numb.

Alan's blonde-wrapped writhing head suddenly slowed and he was
completely quiet as the third whiff of mink sleeping smoke arrived.

Miss Mink let another wonderful silky smooth plume of dreamy soft
mink sleeping smoke into Alan's nose. He followed with an exhale of
air from his lungs tilting his head back. His crotch area was
bursting as a stream of wetness.

Smoothie released her hair-wrap to show Alan's smiling face. He was
drifting off to sleep again while enjoying the euphoria of Miss
Mink's sleeping smoke.

Miss Mink inhaled deeply and smoothly swayed her dreamy exhale back
and forth across Alan and Smoothie's faces. Alan just lay still with
a dopy grin on his face while Smoothie smiled and just said "thank
you" to Miss Mink as she eased back in her chair and began to rest.