Kristin and Trisha were a little nervous as they headed toward the
Principal's office. Kristin loved her job teaching at the all-girls boarding
school. A school for girls who are having trouble graduating high school.
The ages ranged from 17 to 20. She made great money, her classroom was nice,
she loved the students, and She even had an aide. Trisha ,her aide, was also
a little nervous. She always wanted to work with kids, but personal
circumstances had kept her out of college. She was suprised when she got the
job and was ecstatic to learn that she could qualify for a school program to
sent her to college. The two women were heading to the principal's office
for the results of their first evaulation. They both hoped it went well.
Kristin is 28yrs old and thin, with black hair and brown eyes. Trisha is 22
,also thin, with red hair and green eyes. They exchanged plesantries with
the secretaries and went straight into the principal's office. The principal
was a tall, heavy set woman with blond hair and blue eyes. Her age was
impossible to determine, She had the demeaner of a mature, worldly person,
but looked young. The Principal ,Ms. Sadie Ray, greeted both women with a
smile. "Please, have a seat." Ms. Ray said. Both Women sat on a large velvet
chair in front of the principal's desk. " I would just like to say I'm
pleased with both of your performances. Not to be premature, but I think you
have a long future here." Ms. Ray said. Kristin was happy and relived.
"Thank you. I really love it here." She said. "I'm glad to hear it" Trisha
said. Ms. Ray looked at the two women and said " There is one thing. You
both work very well professionally, But I'm wondering if you both would
benefit from a more...personal relationship." Kristin and Trisha both look a
little puzzled. Ms. Ray continued: "I've scheduled a workshop, if you will,
for both of you tommorow. I've already made sure your classes are covered."
Kristin was about to speak when Ms. Ray gently interrupted: " Before you say
anything I'd like to give you both something." Ms. Ray got up and walked
into a little room off of her office and shut the door.

Kristin and Trisha begin to chat after Ms. Ray leaves the room. "I
wonder what kind of workshop she has in mind." Kristin says to
Trisha "I wonder what she means by 'personal relationship' does she
want us to hang out more?" Trisha replies. Suddenly a pungent
indescribable odor reaches Kristin and Trisha's noses. Both women
make a face and Trisha blurts out "Boy. It really stinks in here!"
She looks around and sees a steady stream of violet smoke begin to
pour out of two pipes on either side of the room. "THat smell. It's
some kind of smoke!" Trisha says. "No, It's not smoke! It's gas! eu,
It smells!" Kristin says, making a face and trying to wave the gas
away from her. "Yes. Sorry about that, I'm trying to develop a
better-smelling sleep gas. When it works I'll be sure to give you a
sample." The voice belongs to that of Ms. Ray. Ms Ray is standing
infront of the door to the small room. She has changed out of her
office clothes and is now wearing a leather corset, black panties,
fish net stockings, and a gas mask. Trisha is confused "Sleeping
gas? Why are you doing this?!? Why do we need to sleep?" "Proper
rest is required for your work shop tommorow. I have a lot of
wonderful activties planned. Now sleep!" Kristin and Trisha want to
leave, but they can't, the gas is overwhelming them. "UH" Is all
Kristin manages to say before she slumps into the chair. Trisha says
nothing. She stares off into space for a moment then her eyes close
and her head falls on Kristin's shoulder also fast asleep.

Ms. Ray leaned against her desk in front of Kristin and Trisha's sleeping
forms. The sleep gas around the two women desipates and Ms. Ray removes her
gas mask. She looks at Kristin and Trisha and takes a few minutes to admire
her handiwork. After said few minutes, she walks to her desk and places a
phone call. "Could you collect Kristin and Trisha? They're resting up for
their workshop and I need someone to bring them to the workshop area." Of
course. I'll be right there." says the woman on the other line. Ms. Ray
hangs up and dials another number "Rhonda; Kristin and Trisha are getting
ready for the workshop. Have you aquired the other two participants for
tommorow's activities?" "They're about to get here. We'll make sure they
will be ready." Says Rhonda. Rhonda is the school's counselor. She is an
attractive black woman of average height with a chubby, curvy built. Sitting
on the chair next to her desk is Ms. Michelli, the health teacher. Ms.
Michelli is a caucasian woman with blond hair. She also has a curvy built,
but she is somewhat more heavy set then Rhonda.

The door to Rhonda's office opens and two students walk into the room.
"Kamella. Laura. Please come in." Kamella is an attractive, 19yr old, black
girl with a shapely body and black hair. Laura is 18, a blond haired, blue
eyed girl with an all-american look. The two girls enter the room and sit on
two chairs in front of Rhonda's desk. "You wanted to see us?" Laura asks.
"What's up? Are we in trouble?" Asks Kamella. "Not at all" says Rhonda.
"It's just that some of your teachers have been noticing that you both seem
a little distracted and unfocused in class. I've just been wondering... Have
you been getting enough sleep?" At that exact moment, a bad odor crosses
Laura and Kamella's noses. Laura and Kamella both make a face and look at
Rhonda and Ms. Michelli. Curiously, Rhonda and Ms. Michelli do not react at
all to the smell. Laura and Kamella decide to ignore it as Ms. Michelli
begins to speak: "I know that you girls can get very busy, but you have to
remember that sleep is very important for girls your age. You can't function
with out enough sleep." Laura and Kamella both begin to feel relaxed and
begin to breathe more slowly, however they also notice that the odor is
becoming more intense. "A good night's sleep will make sure that you'll be
ready for a busy day" Rhonda adds. "However, not getting enough sleep will
leave you very tired during the day and not up to any of the tasks ahead of
you." The odor becomes more intense and both girls become drowsy. Laura
finally speaks: "I think this conversation is making me sleepy. I feel so
tired... like all I want to do is... sleep." Laura says, her speech heavy
and slow. Kamella begins to realize that something isn't right.
"Something's...wrong. I think it's... that smell... It's putting us to
sleep." Kamella and Laura both try to stand, instead they fall to their
knees, look at Rhonda and then drop to the floor, both fast asleep.
"Teenagers can be so headstrong. Sometimes you just have to make sure they
take your advice." Rhonda says to Ms. Michelli as both of them look at the
two sleeping girls.

Kristin began to stir, finally coming out of her gas-induced sleep. She
was bound into a comfy chair of all things. She looked over to see Trisha
sitting beside her. Laura beside Trisha and Kamella beside Laura. All of the
other girls still sleep. "Trish! Wake up!" Kristin said to Trisha. Trisha
begins to also stir, as well as Laura and Kamella. "Kris. What's going on
here?" Laura and Kamella look over and are suprised to find one of their
teachers there. "Miss McDowell, What are you doing here?" Laura asks "Ms.
Ray. She asked me and Ms McDowell to come to her office to her office, then
she gassed us." Trisha explains. "Gas! So that's what that smell was"
Kamella suddenly realizes. Kristin and Trisha are confused, but Kamella
continues:" Me and Laura got called down to Rhonda's office. When we got
there, Rhonda and Miss Michelli started talking to us about sleep. She was
like:'Sleep is important. Are you getting enough sleep?' Then it started to
stink in there, By the time I realized what was going on, I couldn't do
nothing. Lights out." "But Why? Why gas us and bring us here?" Laura is very
confused by the situation, when Ms Ray steps forward to provide some
answers. The women look at the Four people behind Ms. Ray. Ms. Michelli and
Rhonda are on Ms. Ray's left. While on Ms. Ray's left are two other woman.
The Four captives reconginze Dana, The head of school security (A heavy set
hispanic) and Ms. Pinet (the Schools drama teacher, A tall some-what chubby
red-head). Each of Ms. Ray's assistants are wearing a black leather
bustier,black panties and thigh high stockings. Except for Rhonda who is
wearing a similar outfit, but in pink.

"I hope you all enjoyed your nap. I hope your all well rested. We have a
busy day today" " What are you going to do to us?" Trish asks fearfully.
"I'm going to help the four of you develop a personal relationship. More
truthfully, an intimate relationship." The four captives are shocked.
"That's just sick." Trish says apparently taking on the role of spokeswoman.
"What's sick about it? You get a great job and not only do the girls get a
first rate education, but they also get to open their minds to new
experiences,which essentially is the purpose of this exercise. Besides,
It's been a long time since you were intimate with another woman, about 9
years?" "How?" Trish interrupts. "I make it my business to know. I realize
this is a lot to absorb at one time, But all I ask is that you keep an open
mind." At that moment, Vents open up behind the women's chairs and a
mood-altering gas begins to fill the air around the four women. The gas is
odorless, colorless and tastless, leaving the four women completely oblivous
to their impending hypnosis. The Four captives almost immediatly feel
relaxed. Ms Ray continues: "My four assistants are going to give you
something to focus on. As I would like you to enjoy your experience, I will
not continue unless you are completely aroused." The Four assistants move
toward the four captives. Rhonda stands in front of Kamella. Miss Michelli
stands in front of Laura. Miss Pinet stands in front of Trisha and Dana
stands in front of Kristin. The four assistants remove their panties and
turn around, they then bend over and begin to rub themselves slowly. Kristin
and the others are shocked at first, but after about a minute they begin to
focus on the intimate area's being displayed in front of them. After five
minutes, they are completly enthralled by the
by what they're seeing. Laura and Kamellah even begin to breathe through
their noses, further enflaming their senses. The four captives are totally
aroused. Ms. Ray is satisfied with the results. "Feeling a bit amorus
Ladies?" "Yes." Each girl replies, their voices hoarse. "Excellent. If you
will." Ms. Ray's assistants release the smitten girls from their bounds.
Each girl looks lovingly at Ms. Ray. "Now, I want you to go change. I have
some appropriate outfit's for you to wear."

Kristin, Trisha, Laura, and Kamella emerge from the dressing room.
Laura,Trisha and Kristin are wearing black bras and thongs. Kamellah is
wearing a shiny pink thong with a matching tank top. "Do you like your new
outfits my friends?"Ms. Ray asks"They're very nice Ms. Ray." Kristin
replies. "Please call me Sadie. I want us all to be on first name basis."
Sadie looks thefour up and down. "Our first excercise will involve getting
to know your partner. I would like you to begin exploring each other." Sadie
moves to a couch and takes a seat. Her assistants stand behind her. "Please
begin." Trisha and Kristin embrace and Kristin's hands begin to travel. She
moves her hands across Trisha's breasts, down her sides to her ass and
finally underneath her panties. Trisha kisses Kristin excitedly as she feels
her lips being manipulated. Laura lefts up Kamella's shirt to expose her
large breasts. She looks at them and begins to kiss all around them, teasing
Kamella. After a few minutes, She begins to suck on Kamella's nipples.
Kamella groans slightly as Laura works on her.

Sadie is quite pleased with the show. She watches each girl intently. After
30 minutes, she stops them and instructs them to move to a special chair in
the corner of the room. The chair is comfy chair with two stirups in the
front and two seats on either side. "This is a team work building excercise.
You are all going to work together to pleasure Kamella." Kamella sits in the
comfy chair and puts her feet on the stirups, so that her legs remain open.
Kristin sits on Kamella's left side. Trisha on her right. Laura kneels down
and begins to stroke Kamella's mound. She removes Kamella's panties then she
begins to work with her tounge. Kristin and Trisha lean over and begin to
suck on Kamella's nipples. Kamella now moans deeply, bucking back and forth
in the chair. Kamella begins to climax. After she finishes, Laura stops and
moves to Trisha's spot on the right, while Trisha moves down. After Trisha
brings Kamella to climax, Trisha takes Kristin's place. It's now Kristin's
turn to pleasure Kamella. Kristin presses her face against Kamella and works
on her intently. Kamella is so excited that she rubs herself against
Kristin's face. This in turn arouses Kristin moreand She doubles her
efforts, pleasuring Kamella as is her life depended on it.

After what seems like hours, Kamella and the others seem almost spent, but
they're still pleasuring Kamella. Sadie notices and motions to Dana. Dana
hands Sadie what looks like a blue rubber ball. Sadie rools the ball towards
the four women. It bursts and out comes a red dust. The dust fills the air
around the chair. Kristin gasps andfalls forward, her face resting against
Kamella's crotch. Kamella says "ohh" and then slumps in the Chair. Laura and
Trisha both gasp and fall toward Kamella. Their heads resting on Kamella's
chest. Sadie laughs as she watches them. "I couldn't have planned that if I
tried" She says to Rhonda. "You did very well ladies. Now you rest. Tommorow
you will remember none of this." She says confidently to the sleeping girls.