The Witness

The moonless night was quiet, the inhabitants of the small town just outside London had long since retired to bed. Possibly the only people still awake were those that Kristen Shaw would soon be putting to sleep. She watched from the shadows, keeping her eyes on the car parked across the street from the house that she had to gain entry to. The police were keeping a key witness there. Killing the police and the witness would cause more problems than it would solve so Kristen had been employed to make sure that the witness didn’t give evidence.

A young blonde appeared from round the corner, dressed in a short skirt and neon pink tube top that clung to her large breasts like a second skin. The blonde’s knee-high boots and fashionable bag completed the look and, along with her stumbling, clumsy gait, made her seem like a young woman returning from a night on the town.

Kristen checked her watch and nodded in satisfaction. Suzi was right on time. She darted from her hiding place towards the back of the house, her skin-tight black leather catsuit making her almost invisible in the darkness.

Meanwhile Suzi had drunkenly found her way up to the back of the unmarked police car. The two men inside turned as she stumbled against the rear door and fell forward, catching the open driver’s window to keep herself upright. She giggled to herself.

The two police officers relaxed when they realized it was just a young drunk and nothing more sinister. Both men noticed that she was an extremely attractive young woman. The driver reached out and put his hand on Suzi’s arm, helping her to stand up. “Are you OK?” he asked when she had regained her balance.

“Sure honey” she replied, smiling. Then she reached out and grabbed the driver’s head, pulling it sharply into her ample cleavage. With her other hand she lobbed a small canister into the passenger’s foot well. The canister instantly exploded, sending a cloud of white gas upwards. Suzi blew a kiss at the passenger just before his eyes closed and he slumped forward against the dashboard.

The driver’s arms were flailing around as he tried to free himself from Suzi’s grip. Despite her size he found he was unable to break free from her sweet-smelling breasts and soon his struggles were weakening. Suzi held him against her with two hands now, forcing his head deeper into her drugged cleavage while stroking the back of his neck and whispering soothingly. “Shh. Just relax.” she said.

He let out a final sigh and then went limp. Suzi held him for a few moments then gently pushed him back into his seat. She noticed with some satisfaction that there was a large stain developing in his pants. It wasn’t unusual for men (or women, for that matter) to orgasm when she put them to sleep. It wasn’t unusual for Suzi to climax with them, either.

After waiting a few moments to make sure both men were out for the night she made her way towards the house in preparation for part two of the plan. A few small wisps of white gas trailed from the open windows of the police car behind her.

Kristen dropped lightly to the ground in the back garden of the target house. Scaling the small fence had been no problem gaining entry to the house undetected would be similarly straight forward. She approached the ground floor bathroom window and removed a small device from a pouch on her belt. She attached the device to the window and seconds later she had cut a perfectly circular hole in the glass. Reaching her hand through the window Kristen opened it and silently lifted herself through.

Now she waited. In her experience cops on babysitting duty drank lots of coffee which should mean lots of visits to the bathroom. She knew there were three men plus the target in the house. Two would be in the front room and one upstairs, outside the target’s room.

Kristen had waited less than ten minutes when she heard one of the cops announce to his partner that he was going to the bathroom. Kristen tensed. Her hiding place behind the door wasn’t the most original tactic but she only needed a second to get the jump on the cop.

The door opened and the cop walked in. He caught a glimpse of movement and quickly spun around. But he was too late. He turned right into a cloud of gas that shot from the leather clad woman’s wrist. He just had time to take in her gorgeous figure and sexy outfit before he felt his grip on consciousness fade.

The leather-clad abductress watched the cop’s eyes roll back as soon as the gas hit him. She caught him as he slumped forward and gently lowered him to the floor. Kristen smiled. This was the first time she had used her new formulation gas outside of her tests and the results were just as she expected.

She was sure he’d be out for at least a couple of hours so she pressed a button on her belt to signal Suzi and waited.

Across the street Suzi got the signal and walked over to the front door of the house. She knocked, pulling a small pin from her hair as she did.

From her position in the bathroom Kristen heard the knock and then the cop in the other room speaking into his radio. “Charlie, Jack, what the hell is going on out there? Who’s at the door?” After two tries he had got no answer so he carefully moved to the window and looked out. His jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Suzi standing on the doorstep. “Never mind.” he muttered under his breath as he made his way to the front door.

He opened the door and was immediately struck by how good the young blonde smelled.

“Hi honey,” Suzi said in a barely audible whisper, “time for bed.”

Before the cop could react she reached out and jabbed the drug-laced pin into his neck. Her other hand squeezed his already hard cock as she moved forward and pushed him back into the hallway. He was fighting the drug - his training trying to kick in through his blurred vision and sluggish body. His hand went for his gun but Suzi’s fingers closed around his wrist. She looked into his glazed eyes.

“You’re trying to fight it,” she whispered, “I’m impressed, baby. Since you’re such a strong man you get a nice, sexy reward.” Suzi leaned forward and pressed her wet, red lips to his. He couldn’t help but try to return the kiss, even in his dazed state. Suzi’s hand continued to work his cock but now she had unzipped him and he could feel her expert fingers running up and down his shaft. Suzi kept her lips locked on his, making sure the drugged lipstick was given plenty of time to do its work. She felt him cum in her hand just before his body relaxed against the wall. She kept kissing him and he kept cumming for long moments after he passed out. Eventually Suzi broke the kiss and watched his body slowly slide down the wall to lie in a heap on the floor. She looked down at him as she licked his cum from her hand. “Sweet dreams, baby.”

Listening to the encounter in the doorway, Kristen waited until she was sure Suzi had things under control. She crossed the hallway and climbed the stairs, catching a glimpse of Suzi kissing the helpless cop into submission as she went. The last cop would be no problem now he had no backup. Kristen rushed up the stairs and towards the last cop. He went for his gun and managed to draw it but Kristen easily knocked it out of his hand and, with a few well-placed blows, had him on his knees with his back to her. She placed her gloved hand in front of his face and activated the stream of gas. So quick was her attack that he never even had time to cry out before the powerful anaesthetic put him to sleep.

Kristen turned towards the door. Her target would hopefully still be asleep, which would make her job a whole lot easier. She opened the door slowly and leaned into the room. Bobby McGuire was sleeping soundly in the bed only a few feet from her.

Kristen unzipped the top of her catsuit to reveal her black satin bra and moved towards the bed. Bobby woke up as soon as Kristen jumped onto the bed, straddling him and pinning him in place with her strong thighs.

“Wha-” was all he managed to say before Kristen clamped her hand over his mouth. She moaned to herself in pleasure as Bobby thrashed around beneath her, trying to free himself despite being hopelessly pinned by the surprisingly strong woman’s legs, his arms barely made it out from under the sheets before he was too weak to use them. His struggles were stimulating Kristen’s pussy through the leather of her suit and she could feel herself getting wetter by the second. She pressed her hand harder over Bobby’s mouth and waited while the drugs impregnated into her glove took effect. After a blissful thirty seconds of struggling Kristen could feel his struggles subside. Another thirty seconds and Bobby’s body was still and his eyes half closed.

Kristen removed her hand and leaned in close. “That’s better, isn’t it?” she said, her voice soft, as if speaking to a child, “now we can have a little chat and you can listen to everything I say.” She stroked his face with one hand as she spoke to him.

“Mmm, listen.” replied Bobby.

“Yes, just listen. Listen to my relaxing voice and obey, isn’t that right?”


“Very good,” said Kristen, sending a shiver of pleasure through the dazed man. “Now then, my sleepy slave, you’re going to do something for me. It will feel so good to do what I ask and you want to feel good.” Kristen was only inches from his face now, her eyes boring deep into Bobby’s.

“Yesss. Feel good.” replied Bobby dreamily.

“You’re taking part in a trial next week, aren’t you Bobby?”

“Mmm hmm.” he mumbled, feeling his arousal rising due to the closeness of the beautiful brunette.

“You’re going to give evidence at that trial. Can you remember what that evidence is?”

“Yyesss” he slurred in response.

“Good,” purred Kristen, moving both hands to gently massage his temples. “You’re going to forget that evidence now. I’m going to kiss you and it will be the most pleasurable experience of your life. It will be so pleasurable that you will forget anything you are thinking of at the time, including that evidence. No matter how hard you try to hold on to it you will feel it disappear from your mind. Completely erased. No matter how hard you try you will be unable to remember because the memory no longer exists.”

“Unable to remember…” said Bobby as he tried to lean forward to receive Kristen’s kiss.

Kristen was slightly surprised. Normally they fought harder against those sort of suggestions. “Good boy,” she said, knowing that he would do as she had instructed. “Now for your reward.” Kristen leaned forward and kissed Bobby, pushing her tongue into his mouth and holding his head with her gloved hands. He returned the kiss with equal passion and it wasn’t long before Kristen felt his body tense and he was cumming harder than he had ever cum before.

When Kristen finally broke the kiss she looked down to see a large and rapidly spreading stain around the sheets at Bobby’s groin.

“My, you did enjoy that.” she said looking down at the helpless man. “I’d love to stick around, but I really have to be going now.” Kristen reached into a pouch in her belt and brought out a small bottle with a spray nozzle attached. “You were great, baby.” she mocked him as she brought the bottle up to his face and released a fine mist.

Bobby felt the cool, relaxing mist hit his face. Then he felt very drowsy. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed was Kristen smiling down at him. Then everything went black.

The smile widened on Kristen’s lips when Bobby passed out. She leaned down and kissed his forehead, leaving the imprint of her red lips on him as a memento, not that he would remember her anyway.

Then Kristen jumped off the bed and quickly made her way out of the house via the front door. Suzi had brought the car round already and she got in the driver side as Suzi shifted over onto the passenger seat.

“Did he co-operate, mistress?” asked the blonde.

“I made him see things my way, yes.” replied Kristen, regarding her young assistant/slave with a hungry eye. She had met Suzi when the blonde bombshell was making her living as a con artist and she had targeted Kristen. Kristen discovered that beneath her Barbie-doll bimbo looks Suzi was not as dumb as she liked to make out, so she decided to keep her.

Kristen could feel herself getting aroused just thinking back to the day she first drugged Suzi. She had a feeling that the girl would have been more than willing to help of her own volition but Kristen liked to make sure she had control.

“So what now, mistress?” Suzi asked, obviously hoping Kristen was as aroused as she looked.

The older woman casually extended her arm towards Suzi and sent a stream of gas into her face. Suzi sighed contentedly and then succumbed to the gas, her head lolling to the side and coming to rest against the passenger side window.

Watching Suzi pass out nearly caused Kristen to orgasm. She almost stopped the car right there and then but knew that there would be plenty of time later on. Even so, she stepped on the gas a little harder, eager to get Suzi back to her mansion.