It was two in the morning, and the sky was crystal clear. Beth 
Roberts paused at the end of the driveway and took one last look at 
the place she had called home for the last six years. In a way she 
would miss the place, but she wouldn't miss her foster parents. 
Christina started walking ahead, with her black bag slung over her 
shoulder. She hadn't even looked back, but then she always had 
gotten the worst treatment of the two. They were eighteen now and on 
their own. Cynthia Conelly, their new friend had agreed to take them 
in after they'd been kicked out of the house. Beth went back in time 
as she stared at the warm lights radiating from the house. She 
remembered the morning her real mother had walked out the door saying 
she'd be right back. And that evening when she hadn't returned. The 
girls were placed into foster care after a neighbor, who had noticed 
the two twelve-year-old girls living in the apartment by themselves, 
called the police. Looking back on it, they probably would have been 
better off by themselves. At first everything had been fine with 
their new parents and Jay, their stepbrother, but after a while it 
became clear who came first. Beth snapped out of her daydream and 
walked faster to catch up with Christina.

Cynthia pulled up in a black SUV and opened the passenger door. The 
girls piled into the vehicle and Cynthia drove off.

"What happened? I though you were going to stay through graduation?"

"It's a long story." Christina replied coldly.

Three Hours Earlier:

Sam and Becky Roberts had gone to dinner. It was their first night 
out in a about a month. Beth and Christina were in their room. 
Christina was lying on the bed in her pink cotton short pajamas 
trying to finish her Calculus homework. Beth had just finished her 
shower and was getting ready for bed. Jay Roberts, their fifteen-
year-old stepbrother, was up to his usual routine of antagonizing his 
sisters. After he turned thirteen, he began to notice just how 
attractive his sisters had become and he took every chance he could 
get to spy on them. Beth came out from the bathroom and noticed 
their door was cracked open. Jay peered through the door lightly 
massaging his cock through his pants. Beth pretended not to notice 
but decided it was time to teach him a lesson. 

"Chris, could you come here a second?" Beth shouted from the 

Jay pulled back from the door as Christina got off the bed.

"What?" Christina asked.

"Do you still have that stuff Cindy gave us the other day?"

"Yeah, it's right here." Christina handed Beth the small spray 
bottle. "Why?"

Beth pointed towards the door where they could hear Jay's breathing 
through the partially opened door. Christina smiled and nodded back 
at her. Beth got dressed and walked out the other side of the 
bathroom that led into the hallway. Christina walked back towards 
the bed and stopped. She pulled her pajama tops off and began 
stretch. Jay unzipped his pants as he watched, his breathing 
becoming heavier. Christina opened the drawer in her nightstand and 
pulled out a pink dildo. She crawled onto her bed and stuck her ass 
into the air, pulling aside her cotton pajama bottoms, and inserted 
the dildo. Jay couldn't believe what he was seeing, he had hit the 
jackpot. It almost as though she knew he was watching.

"Whatcha doin' Perv!" 

Beth's voice just about stopped his heart. How was he going to 
explain this? He turned around trying to think of plausible 
explanation, but she had caught him with his pants down, literally. 
Beth was standing there in a pair of white panties, with no top on. 
Jay froze not being able to say a word, feeling a cold breeze on his 
throbbing cock.

"I think someone's up past his bedtime." Beth cooed as she sprayed 
him in the face.

Jay's eyes fluttered and he fell into her arms. Christina opened the 
door from behind him and they carried him over to the bed. Jay awoke 
a few minutes later, his arms and legs bound with black tape and a 
pair of Beth's panties stuffed in his mouth. The girls were taking 
turns sucking his cock. His eyes were wide with fear and he was 
starting to tear up, but at the same time it felt great. Beth was 
the first to notice that he was awake.

"Welcome back"

Jay jerked his head back and forth trying to break free. He tried to 
say something, but Beth couldn't make it out. He heard the door open 
down stairs and tried to yell, but Christina turned up the stereo and 
locked the door. Beth pulled a condom from the top drawer of her 
dresser and removed it from the package. Jay's eyes got even wider 
as she grabbed his cock and unrolled the condom. He could feel the 
oily substance soothing his cock, making him more relaxed.

"Call it." Christina said as she tossed the quarter into the air.

"Heads." Beth called out.

"Sorry, it's tails." 

Christina shed the rest of her pajamas and straddled Jay. She didn't 
have much time, the condom was already putting him to sleep. As it 
turned out, she didn't need that much time. She lowered herself onto 
his cock and as he slid up into her, he shuddered and erupted into 
the condom. 

The door to the bathroom opened, the one they had forgotten to lock. 
Sam Roberts poked his head through the door.

"Girls?…What the Hell!"

Christina was still on top of Jay, who had just passed out. Becky 
walked in behind him hearing the yelling.

"Oh, my…"

"Get out! Get the Hell out of this house now!" He continued to yell, 
while Becky was crying hysterically. 

Beth and Christina nonchalantly picked up their clothes, which were 
already in the bag ready for laundry and grabbed a few of their 
things from the dresser. Jay was dealing with the full embarrassment 
of having his mother wake him up. Sam never stopped yelling the 
whole time as they walked down the stairs.

Beth stopped by the front door and took one last look around.

"I said GET OUT!" Sam yelled again.

"You know, Jay went so quick, I still have time to do you before we 

Sam's face reddened in anger as he slapped his open hand across 
Beth's face. She shook it off and laughed sadistically at him 
closing the door behind her as she walked away.