Trick or Treat

The trick-or-treaters had died down around 9 p.m., with only the
occasional straggler coming after that. No one had rang the doorbell
for at least a half hour, so Dan turned off the porch light. He sat
in front of his television, eating the leftover candy, wearing his
sweats, as the 11 o'clock news started. Just as the top stories were
being read, the doorbell rang again. "That's awfully late for trick
or treating," he thought as he approached the door, candy bowl in
hand. He turned the porch light on just before opening the door.

"Trick or treat, Dan" said a sultry voice as Dan opened the door, a
cloud of odd-smelling smoke temporarily obscuring his vision. He
gasped in surprise, staring at the sexy woman on his porch. She was
dressed as Cruella De Vil look, complete with opera gloves, cigarette
and holder, and dyed black and white hair, or perhaps a wig. It was
hard to tell through the smoke. Her crimson-clad lips sported a sexy
smile as she held out a small bag which contained no other candy.

"How did you know my name?" Dan asked. Without waiting for a
response, he added "That's a nice costume, but could you please put
out your cigarette." "Cruella" just smiled enigmatically and
said "Well, if I'm going to put out a perfectly good cigarette, can I
at least come inside and throw it somewhere other than your front
porch?" Cruella asked, smiling hopefully, and holding the cigarette
and holder under his nose to illustrate.

"Okay…but I still want to know how you knew my name," Dan said
insistently, thinking he was the victim of some kind of elaborate
practical joke. "Did someone at the office put you up to this?" he
asked, smiling and plotting revenge against whatever co-worker was
going to kid him about this tomorrow at work. Cruella smiled again,
not saying anything, and Dan began to get a little irritated at the
smile that seemed to taunt him with knowledge Cruella had that Dan
did not.

Cruella moved closer to him, smiling, and wheedled "Just one more
puff, pleaaaase?" Dan nodded yes, reluctantly, and was rewarded by
another face full of smoke. Dan began to feel slightly odd.

"Who….who sent you?" Dan asked, as the room started to spin

"Don't worry about that, Dan" she said, as Dan fought an unexpected
urge to agree with her suggestion.

"You just need to understand two things," she said drawing deeply on
the holder and exhaling it in his direction. Dan felt his head start
to swim. He couldn't help but breathe in the sweet smoke, as he
tried to wave it away with a hand. Cruella just smiled, as if she
had some secret that he didn't know about.

"The first thing you need to understand, Danny boy" she said, drawing
again on the cigarette and blowing it at him, "is that the trick here
is the drug in my cigarette, which will make you sleepy and
obedient." Dan wanted to object to being patronized by the "Danny
boy" comment, only to wonder whether the second statement was some
sort of Halloween stunt. He backed away from the woman, feeling
wary, but still assuming this was some kind of office prank.

"So which of the guys at the office put you up to this, `Cruella'?"
Dan asked with a smile that required effort to maintain. "Surely you
don't expect me to believe such a story. This may be Halloween, but
this isn't a James Bond movie." Cruella merely smiled and blew more
smoke at him.

"If that's true, I'm sure you won't have any trouble taking a nice,
deep breath for me, Danny boy" she said, speaking to him as if he
were a child. Dan found himself inhaling deeply without hesitation,
and began to worry. His worry increased as he found his thoughts
getting fuzzy, and his vision blurry.

"You finally get it, don't you Danny?" Cruella asked with a
smile. "The sleepy smoke is real. But there are two treats tonight
for Cruella. The first is you, dear." She began caressing his cheek
as he felt his knees weaken. He started to back away from her, as
she approached, aggressively, blowing more smoke at him, which he
backed away from. Before he could look behind him, he had tripped
over his easy chair and fallen into it sideways, mouth open, halfway
gone. Cruella smiled a triumphant smile, and took another deep drag,
this time kissing Dan's open mouth and exhaling the sweet smoke deep
into his lungs. Dan coughed some at first, but soon found himself
enjoying the smoke.

"Yessss," she hissed, "let the smoke control you."

"That's right Dan. Breathe in my smoke. Breathe in my control.
Exhale your free will. I own you tonight, Dan, and after I've put
you down for a smoky sleep, I will also own all of your firm's trial
strategy for the big tobacco litigation you are supervising." Dan
paled with horror, but found himself unable to move, and unable to

"And the best part is, that due to the drugs, you will just remember
this all as a sexy dream. I'll try not to be too rough with you, so
you don't have any marks to remind you otherwise."

Dan felt his clothes being stripped off as he laid there, semi-
conscious. "Cruella" stroked him, smiling wickedly, as his arousal
grew, and he breathed in more of her smoke, floating on clouds of
pleasure, absorbing all her words. She stood next to his supine form
in the easy chair, and he could smell her arousal when she wasn't
bathing his face with sleepy smoke.

Dan was close to the point of no return, her gloved hands getting him
hotter and hotter, as she coaxed sensitive data and passwords from
him. She told him that he could only orgasm after he agreed to
accept all her suggestions, and when he agreed, she ordered him to
explode for her. He exploded in orgasm, before passing out.

When he was deeply asleep, and fully programmed, she went to his
briefcase, removed his laptop and loaded a program from her
employers, which would keep track of password changes for him, and
insert itself into his firm's network, allowing her employer to gain
access to all the documents of their opponents.

She shut down the computer, cleaned up Dan and put his clothes back
on, and waltzed out the door, taking some of his candy as she left.

"Sex AND chocolate. I love my job!" she thought to herself, smiling.