The Formula

"Are you sure the formula is safe professor?"

"Of course General Benson. You have all the notes and samples
locked up under top security and I am the only person capable of
replicating it without the notes or samples."

"Alright, tomorrow we start the patent process. With this molecular
bondage coating the military will save billions in armor. Just
think basic steel tanks that once sprayed with your formula will be
stronger than any armor plating know to man. The best part is we
beat Allied Chemical to the punch. They would've charged us million
for this formula. Great job Professor."

"Colonel, make sure the professor gets home safely." The General
said turning to the four Military police officers standing by.

"Yes sir!"

As the guards escorted the aging scientist out of the lab and into
the parking area a dark shadow moved with feline type grace silently
through dark. The shadow paused around a dark corner as the men
passed close on their way to the professor's car. The instant they
passed the shadow quickly glided by unseen or heard.

The professor was taken to a black limo. Two guards accompanied him
in the back while two got in up front. The limo pulled away and
drove out through the only gate allowing entrance to the walled
military facility. If anyone would have looked close enough they
would've noticed the distinctly feminine features of the gate
operator. However the guard tower was high above the road and
nobody really scrutinized the occupant. She smiled as the limo pass

"They're on their way." The woman in the guard tower spoke into her

Unconscious on the floor in the corner there was the usual gate
keeper. He began to stir just as the woman put down her radio.

"Waking up from your nap already? I guess big strong army boys need
a little more sleepy gas."

She stretched out her long shapely leg until the heel of her black
leather boot was just in front of his face. She flexed her foot
pointing the toe of her boot at his face. Pink gas seeped from the
toe as she waved her foot back and forth in front of his face.

"That should hold you sweetie." The chestnut haired beauty remarked
absently as she returned to filing her nails.

A content smile spread across his face as the guard slumped back
into a deep sleep.

The dark form had made its way across the compound and now
positioned itself in the shadows across from the building where
General Benson has his office. There was an MP stationed outside.
The shadowy figure held up a small hand held crossbow loaded with a
small two inch dart. There was a slight twang sound then a few
seconds later the guard's knees began to buckle. In a flash the
shadow crossed the space between them catching the guard as he
fell. The black clad intruder pulled the guard to the side laying
him down behind a bush. The figure then slipped through the door
and inside the building.

The figure moved quickly made its way down the hall stopping at a
corner and carefully peering around. There was a single guard in
the short corridor that leads to the general's office. The figure
moved back and pulled off the mask/goggles causing long straight
black hair to spill out and over her shoulders. She shook out her
hair and placed the mask in her backpack. Confidently she stepped
out into the corridor.

"Halt! What are you doing in here?" The guard asked training his
gun on the woman in black.

Normally Natasha would've loved to toy with the solider, but she
knew the general was probably finished his security sweep of the lab
area and on his way back. She smiled sweetly and held her gloved
palms out before her innocently.

"I'm sorry officer, I'm terribly lost, can you help me?"

"Yeah, lost on a top secret restricted military base wearing all
black in the middle of the night right? Against the wall, I'm sure
you know the position."

"Have it your way."

There was a slight click as a tiny dart flew from Natasha's wrist
into the guard's neck. Almost instantly the guard's eyes glazed

"Normal I prefer more enjoyable means of making men do my bidding,
but as I have little time the drugged dart will have to suffice.
Now this is what you are going to do..."

The professor's limo speed down the road when it suddenly screeched
to halt.

"What's going on Sergeant?" The Colonel asked from the back.

"There's a woman lying in middle of the road."

"What?" He leaned forward and peered out the window.

"Alright, Sims, you come with me. Craig, stay with the Professor.
Any sign of trouble Sergeant and you hit the gas and take off."

"Yes sir!"

The Colonel stepped out of the back of the limo with his gun drawn.
The guard in the front passenger seat stepped out as well. The
Colonel motioned for him to go check out the girl while he followed
behind watching the side of the road for any sign of movement.

When the guard reached the woman he carefully turned her on to her
back. She was remarkably beautiful with long blonde hair that
spilled out around her head. The guard's attention was quickly
drawn to her huge chest that seemed to stand out firmly even though
she was flat on her back. The short shorts and tight low cut tee
shirt did little to hide any of her ample curves. The guard quickly
checked her pulse and breathing.


"She's unconscious but appears to be OK."

"Alright, bring her over; I'll continue to cover you."

The guard slid his arms under her back and knees and carefully
lifted her off the ground. Her big round breasts extended into his
face. As he took his first step a pink gas hissed from between her
cleavage into his face. His knees buckled and he fell with the
unconscious blonde landing on top of him.

"Sims!" The Colonel called out running over to his man.

The Colonel leaned over the two calling Sims' name. The blonde's
crystal blue eyes popped open. In almost one motion she sat up and
wrapped her arms around the Colonel's neck pulling his face into her
cleavage. At the same time pink gas drifted up from her chest
catching the Colonel as his face moved towards her. Everything
happened so fast. Before the Colonel realized what was going on his
face was nuzzled between two of the biggest, firmest boobs he'd ever
seem. When Candi felt the soldier relax a bit she let up her grip,
using one hand to hold his head in place and gently running her
other hand through his hair.

"That's it baby you just relax between Candi's boobs and breath in
all the sweet sleepy gas." She cooed with a little giggle.

As soon as Sergeant Sims fell to the ground unconscious, Bambi made
her move. She opened the passenger side door and slide into the
front seat of the limo. As she did she casually tossed a small ball
into the back. Upon hitting the floor pink gas began to spray out
from the ball filling the back of the limo.

"What are you doing?!" The driver asked in shock as he pulled out
his gun.

"If I were you I would raise the divider before all that sleepy gas
floats up here."

"What? He guard glanced into the rearview mirror and noticed the
guard and Professor were already sound asleep in the back which was
filled with a pink smoke.

"Shit! Don't move!"

The guard fumbled with the controls raising the divider then
lowering the rear windows, keeping his gun trained on the blonde
bombshell. Bambi glanced out the windshield and saw the Colonel
leaning over her twin sister. She smiled knowing that everything
was going exactly as planned.

She turned back to the guard still smiling. He had the gun, but she
had much more effective weapons. Bambi arched her back slightly and
pushed out her chest.

"Alright, who are you and what's going on?"

"I'm Bambi." She replied brushing a lock of platinum blonde hair
back from her face.

"My sister and I going to kidnap all you strong handsome boys take
you back to our lair and turn you into our playthings. By the time
we're done with your simple minds you'll obey our every command.
Then the professor will give us his formula which we'll turn over to
our client."

Bambi licked her pink lips noticing the huge tent in the soldiers
pants. She leaned forward a bit and placed her hand on his thigh.
With her other hand she reached up and undid the tie holding up her
bikini top. The top dropped revealing her oversized breasts.

"Put the gun down baby, you know you're not going to resist me."
She cooed sliding forward.

"Mmmm, good boy." Bambi moaned as the gun fell to the floor.

She was on top of him now pushing him back against the door. Her
hands undoing his gun belt. Bambi easily moved her gravity defying
boobs into his face as she arched her back and thrust them forward.
She tilted her head to the side and whispered in his ear.

"You want to be our little sleepy slave don't you? It gets me so
hot knowing that you know what I'm going to do to you and you still
can't resist me."

Bambi's feminine fingers softly stoked his penis bringing soft moans
from his lips as they worked Bambi's nipple. Bambi felt the guard
was close to orgasm and brought her hand up to his face. She made a
fist and a quick spurt of pink power shot out of her ring into his

"Sweet Dreams lover." She teased as he fell fast asleep.

General Benson marched down the hall in a purposeful manor. At this
stage he was personally overseeing security for the entire project.
He'd assigned a group of his best MP's to guard the professor. All
the notes and samples of the formula were locked away in personal
safe that only he could access, and he was personally seeing to the
dismantling of the lab. Now that the research was completed the
formula was to be patented and moved to a secure manufacturing

He turned the corner into the corridor that lead to his office. He
was relieved to see the guard standing attentively outside the
door. He just couldn't shake the feeling in the pit of stomach that
something wasn't right. After seeing the professor off and securing
the lab, he kept telling himself that it was just the paranoia of an
old soldier. Never the less he almost expected to find the guard

"General Benson Sir!" The guard snapped to attention, saluting his
commanding officer.

"As you were soldier. Quiet night?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Not that I expect there will be anyone to see me this time
of night, but just the same see to it that I'm not disturbed."

"Yes sir."

The General opened the door to his office and was immediately
assaulted by a sweet scent. Before he knew what was happening the
guard had closed and bared the door behind him. The office was dark
except for the glow of the several candles burning around the room.

"Hello my dear general." Natasha said turning the chair from the
window to face the confused general.

"You won't get it." General Benson said confidently drawling his

"Put that away general. I assure you won't be needing that."

Natasha stood and stepped out from behind the table. The general
eyed her assessing his foe. She wore a black skin tight body suit
that covered her body from head to toe. As she moved through the
candle light the shiny fabric seemed to shimmer as it caught the
glow. Her heeled boots extended to her ankles and clicked on the
tiled floor as she moved. Her hands were gloved in the same
shimmering material as her body. A loose belt hung diagonally
across her hips with several pouches and compartment. Her long
silky black hair hung straight down her back and framed her
beautiful face. She stood just over six foot tall in her heels and
moved with the confidence and grace of a panther stalking its prey.
The general reached back to the light switch."

"Don't bother darling, I've removed the bulbs. I think the soft
glow of the candles make for a much more relaxing atmosphere. Don't

"I'm not here to relax. I'm sure you believe you have everything
planned out, but even if you manage to get what you came for you'll
never get off the base with it."

"General, don't worry your pretty little head over the details of my
plan. I'm sure we can find more interesting topics to discuss."
She said carefully moving closer to the general. Natasha knew the
drugged candles were already having an effect on him, all she had to
do was keep him occupied while he slipped under her spell.

The general found himself becoming very aroused as the woman slowly
moved out from the desk. He couldn't deny her sensuality, but even
so he knew he shouldn't be losing control so easily. Had he not
been inhaling the bewitching scent of the candles for the past five
minutes he may have made the connection, but the unique drug was
designed to dull the thinking parts of the brain and enhance the
pleasure sensors. It was working.

"That's enough of that. Stay where you are."

Natasha let her eyes run the generals body and rest on the bulge in
his pants. She did nothing to hide or disguise her actions.

The general began to feel more and more uncomfortable being
appraised by the sexy woman. The more uncomfortable he felt the
less confident he was.

"Just relax general, you can't help but find me arousing." She said
closing the space between them even more.

"W-what do you mean?" He said taking a step back.

"Don't fight it General."

The general was clearly backing away from Natasha. She continued to
toy with him slowly closing the space between them backing him to
the wall.

"Come now general I can see the way you look at my body encased in
shimmering satin. Even now you long to feel my smooth body against


Natasha now stood face to face with the General. The sweet smell of
the candles hung thick in the air clouding the general's mind. Soon
it would shut down completely putting him in a sleeplike state but
raising his pleasure receptors to an unbelievable heightened state.
Natasha leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. The gun fell to
floor with a thud.

When she broke the kiss the general stood before her against the
wall. His eyes still closed. She stroked his cheek with her satin
gloved hand.

"That's it General sleep. Close down your conscious mind and let
the arousal over take you."

She moved her hand around to the back of his neck and began to
slowly rub him. Her other hand moved down to his belt.

"Very good General, just continue to breath deep and give in to the
relaxation. Let the sweet scent of the candles take you deeper
under my spell. Deeper into sleepy arousal. Now let's get that
uniform off so you'll be a little more comfortable.

Moments later Natasha had the General right where she wanted him.
He was lying naked on the desk, his penis incredibly hard. Natasha
leaned back sitting on the chair behind the desk. She extended her
shapely satin covered legs over General Benson's crotch and then
squeezed them around his penis.

"Mmmmm, I bet that feels wonderful General, my cool slippery satin
covered legs wrapped around you."

Natasha flexed her knees slightly causing her legs to slide up his
shaft. She then relaxed them allowing her legs to slide back down.
She continued this motion as pulled out her notepad.

"Now General you're going to answer some questions for me."

Natasha continued to rub her satin covered legs up and down his
penis as she interrogated him. Each time she felt he was close to
cumming she squeezed her strong legs together stopping him.

"Now that I have all the information I need, there is no reason for
you to continue to hold on to these secrets is there my dear boy?
Now I want you to gather all your knowledge of the formula right
down to its conception. I want you feel all those thoughts and
memories flow into you penis as my sexy legs stroke you. Very good,
I know you can feel all that knowledge flowing and filling your
manhood. When the last bit of knowledge about the formula reaches
your hard penis it will erupt shooting all that knowledge from the
tip. Once the knowledge is released it will be lost to you forever."

Natasha flexed her legs harder and faster sliding the satin all over

"Oh yes general fell my soft satiny legs pump all the knowledge into
your penis."

The General squirmed on the desk as he came closer and closer.

"That is general."

He moaned in pleasure as his penis erupted and he came hard.
Natasha laughed.

"Good boy."

Natasha wiped off her pants and gathered her stuff. She moved over
to the bookcase hand pressed the button revealing the hidden safe.
Quickly entering the combination she opened it and removed the
contents including several top secret files she could sell as well.
When she was finished she turned back to the General. His conscious
mind still deep asleep.

"Sleep tight my dear." She said blowing him a kiss.

"Now to deal with the professor."