The small yacht slowly rose and fell in time with the calm sea. The 
night sky was crystal clear, not a cloud anywhere, yet completely 
dark as a result of the new moon. Cynthia leaned over the bow 
railing with her infrared goggles pressed to her face. She picked up 
the ship just on the horizon, they were positioned just right.

"She's almost ready" Christina Roberts spoke barely audible over the 

Cynthia nodded and went below. Jocelyn Smith a twenty-nine-
year-old brunette was lying in the hot tub. She was dressed in a 
shredded evening dress and she was covered head to toe in ice. Beth 
inserted the thermometer into her mouth and checked her temperature.

"How are you feeling?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm frickin cold, how do you think I'm feeling?" Jocelyn chattered.

"How cold?" Cynthia asked laughing.

"Sixty-seven degrees." Beth reported.

"About the temperature you'd expect for some one who's been in the 
water for a while. Ready for your swim?" 


Beth and Christina helped her out of the tub and up on to the deck. 
Cynthia inflated the rubber life raft and threw it overboard. 
Jocelyn stepped down the ladder and held onto the raft.

"They should be here in about forty minutes. Remember to puncture 
the raft before they get here. When you see the first flash, that's 
the sign. See you in a couple of days."

Christina started the engine and they drove off slowly into the 
night. Jocelyn floated silently waiting for the ship to arrive. The 
red beacon flashing every five seconds.

"Captain. I got something in the water ahead. Appears to be a 
distress beacon." The First Officer announced.

"We'd better steer clear. Go ahead and radio it in, we'll get Coast 
Guard out here to check it out."

The First Officer went back to the radio room. 

"Hey Will, get on the Guard Channel, we got a beacon off the 
Starboard Bow."

Will tuned the dial on the radio to Guard Channel, but all he got was 

"That's strange, I can't raise anyone."

"Try another channel."

"Nothing, must be some kind of interference. Better let the captain 
know." Will pulled the cover off the radio and got his equipment out 
of the drawer.

"What is it?" The captain barked. The captain was in his mid-
forties, a Navy Veteran. He was six-foot-two with a semi-muscular 
build and a gruff attitude.

"The radio's acting up on us again. Nothing on any channel."

"Keep working on it."

"Yes Sir" Will barked back and continued to work on the radio. Most 
of the men on board were Navy Vets. The Company felt more secure 
knowing most of the men had seen combat. Carrying seventeen billion 
in receipts could be a dangerous job.

"Sir, There appears to be a female body in the water. She's not 

"Let's bring her in and get the Doc up here."

"Captain, may I remind you that we're not supposed to bring anyone on 

"I am aware of the that Tom. What do you want me to do? We can't 
use the secondary system, it'd light us up like a Christmas Tree. 
The whole point of being stealthy is to not be seen. Besides, what's 
one unconscious woman going to do to us anyway."

"I just think we should be careful, that's all"

"Look, no one knows where we are so I doubt she's drowning out there 
intentionally. If you feel so strongly about it, you can keep an eye 
on her. Assuming she's alive."

The doctor was a young blonde man in his mid-twenties. He watched 
nervously as they raised Jocelyn up on a stretcher. Her skin was 
pale and bluish. She was breathing very slowly but at least she was 
breathing. The Captain and Tom looked on from the bridge railing as 
the doctor checked her out. He and the other corpsman wheeled her 
aft to take her to sick bay.

The corpsman looked on as Fred touched the stethoscope to her naked 
chest. He checked her breathing and suddenly stopped.

"That's odd" He muttered to himself. He began to check again.

"Hey Doc, Captain wants an update." Tom peeked through the door.

"OK, just as soon as I figure out what this…"

Jocelyn jolted awake taking a huge gasp of air.

"Hey, calm down, you're safe." Fred grabbed her arms. "You were 
floating out there for a couple of days. Do you remember what 

"No" Jocelyn said looking very disoriented. "Where am I?"

"Unfortunately, I can't tell you that."

"What? Why?"

"All I can say is that you're onboard a special transport. I'm gonna 
bring you some clothes and some food and we'll get you some quarters, 
but I'm afraid you'll have to stay in there until we get where we're 
going. Alright?"

"OK" She smiled at him. "Thank you for saving me."

"You're welcome." He felt a warm sensation in his ears and tried his 
best to be professional. "Now do you remember anything? Were you 
with anyone?" He smiled back, suddenly becoming aware of how 
attractive she was. The corpsman returned with a tray of food and a 

"Sorry this is the best I can do for right now." He handed her the 
white T-shirt and she put it on. It covered her down to her upper 

"Thanks. I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything. Do you think my 
memory will come back?" She sat back on the bed to eat making sure 
the T-shirt rode high enough to expose her crotch. The Doc should be 
easy, she thought, but the First Officer was going to be tough.

"In a situation like this it is common for…"

"Doc. A word, Now!" Tom barked.

"What is it? Fred asked quietly, so she couldn't hear."

"What's the story?"

"I'm was trying to figure that out, if you'll stop interrupting me. 
She's obviously been in the water for a while. She doesn't remember 
what happened."

"Do you believe her?"

"I don't see any evidence to support anything other than what I told 
you, but I did…"

Jocelyn knocked the tray off as she fell to the floor. Fred and Tom 
ran over to help her back up.

"Maybe you should rest a little more, you've had a traumatic 
experience. Let me help you to your quarters."

"OK" She answered weakly.

"Well keep me informed." Tom whispered in his ear then walked out.

Jocelyn plopped down onto the bed. 

"If you need anything call for me." Fred walked out closing the door 
behind him. As soon as she felt it was safe, she sat up and began to 
plot the layout of the ship from memory on the notepad beside her bed.

A couple of hours later there was a knock at the door. 

"Come in"

Tom walked in and sat in the chair.

"You must be Tom." She flirted.

"The Engineer tells me you've been hanging around the Engine Room. 
You were told to stay here. I leave a standing order, you better 
obey it. We could have left you out there."

"Well thank you for not letting me drown." Trying to flirt again. 
Tom was not impressed. She sunk back onto the mattress, disappointed 
she couldn't get him.

"Stay here. I won't say it again and I will be watching." He said 
sternly and walked out. 


Jocelyn had been cooped up in the cabin for two days. She was only 
allowed out to eat and get a little exercise. Her map as complete as 
she could get it. She had mapped the location to the engine room and 
the First Officers cabin. She had some more sketchy details from 
what she able to squeeze out of the Doc. It was twilight and it was 
going to be another clear, dark evening. Since they were in reach of 
land, the captain had ordered deck patrols. Two armed guards now 
occupied the crow's nest and there were two on the bow and two on the 
stern. The captain had just gone off duty for the night. Tom was in 
his quarters resting. The bridge was manned by the helmsman and Will 
the radio officer, who was still trying to get the radio fixed. 
Everything was normal. The clock on her nightstand read 11:00. She 
heard the loud bang and saw the first firework flash across the sky. 
She punched Fred's number on the intercom.

"Doctor, I have a strange pain in my chest."

"I'll be right there." 

Jocelyn stripped naked and laid back on the bed. Fred knocked on the 

"Come in"

He opened the door and then closed it halfway. "I'm sorry"

"It's OK, I'm sure you've seen a thousand bodies." She began 
stroking her breasts with her hand.

"What is the problem?"

"I have a pain here." Pointing to the center of her chest.

"Let me have a look." He knelt down on the bed and started listening 
with the stethoscope.

"I have been meaning to ask you about this. You seem to have 
something metallic implanted in your breasts. I can't figure out 
what they could be for."

"Well, they're the latest in biotechnology. You see you never would 
have let me onboard if I had been carrying anything, so we had them 
implanted. I control them with nerve impulses, like this." Two 
short blasts of blue gas shot from her nipples. Fred gasped a few 
times then passed out on the bed. Jocelyn ran to the door.

"Help, something's happened to the doctor."

The guard rushed over to him. "What happened to him?"

"He passed out." 

"How?" She walked up behind him, triggering the implants again.

"I gassed him." 

The guard got a whiff of the gas then collapsed onto the doctor. 
Jocelyn put the T-shirt back on, locked the door from the inside and 
made her way towards the Engine Room. 

The men on deck watched the fireworks display. The island 
celebration had just gotten underway, with any luck they would be 
able to enjoy some of it when were done with this trip. 

"It looks like they went all out this year." One exploded high above 
them, then another. The last one was much lower and popped.


"That was…" He let out a moan and slumped over the railing. The rest 
of the guards fell slowly to the deck. Jenna yanked the cords to 
spill off the rest of the lift as she landed silently on the deck 
behind the bridge. Beth and Christina landed at the back. They 
quickly unhooked their parachutes and went below. The helmsman saw 
the guards go down and was about to buzz the captain, when Jenna 
entered the bridge. Will got up to meet her.

"Don't bother." She said muffled through her respirator. She pulled 
out her aerosol can and sprayed him, then turned it on the helmsman. 
The pink gas billowed into their faces. They were out in seconds.

Tom was sound asleep and snoring as Jocelyn made her way over towards 
the bed. She pulled the covers back and was delighted to find he 
slept in the nude. She stoked his cock lightly trying not to wake 
him up. He wiggled a little. She waited for him to stop then 
continued. After a few seconds, she had him stiff. She stripped her 
T-shirt off and climbed on top of him. She lowered herself down onto 
his hard-on and started to ride. Tom stirred a little, then woke up.

"What are you doing?" She had him pinned for the moment, but it 
wouldn't last long.

"I just wanted to let you know, that your suspicions about me were 
correct and that I saved my last dose you." She cupped her hands 
underneath her breasts and triggered her implants for the last time. 
The sustained blasts made him light headed and he started to go 
under. She leaned forward and kissed him, then he blacked out.

Beth and Christina navigated through the bodies. Jocelyn had already 
knocked out everyone in the Engine Room. Christina cut the engines 
from the main console. And worked their way forward gassing anyone 
who was still conscious.

The captain knew something was wrong when he felt the engines stop. 
He pulled on his pants made his way towards the bridge. He opened 
the door to find his crew unconscious on the floor. 

"You must be the Captain" He felt a prick in his arm and turned to 
see who it was. He was already becoming aroused.

"I'm Jenna. I'm going to ask you some questions." She pressed her 
body against him and whispered in his ear. "I know you want to fuck 
me, answer my questions and you can have anything you want." She 
unzipped the front of her catsuit exposing her breasts.

He started to feel her up as she rubbed her body against him. His 
breathing became more rapid as the drug kicked in. She kept pushing 
him away as he tried to kiss her.

"Answers first." She bit his ear softly. "The combination to the 
hold please."

"It won't work without the other half."

"Tom was much easier to break."

"Shit" He realized it was about over, he couldn't resist 
anymore. "OK" He whispered the code in her ear. She pulled him in 

"See how easy that was. Now your reward." She pulled his cock out 
of his pants and massaged it with her hand. She knelt down and 
surrounded his cock with her breasts. He continued to thrust into 
her breasts. He stumbled back a little as he absorbed the anesthetic 
oil she had rubbed on herself, but he was strong enough to keep 
going. With one final thrust, he exploded all over her chest, then 

"We're all secure" Beth reported, looking stunned. "Jenna, did you 
let him…"

"I was feeling benevolent today. It's not everyday you get seventeen 
billion dollars." She cleaned herself up and went over to the 
radio. The interference was gone now that they had quit jamming. 
Jenna dialed their frequency and radioed the yacht. She scribbled 
the combination on a tablet and handed it to Beth.

"Here you go."

Cynthia looked on as the girls off-loaded the money onto the yacht. 
She yawned and checked her watch. They would comfortable for a long 
time, although the laundering might take some time. Maybe she would 
retire, but then it was never about the money.