The white ambulance turned down W. 157th Street. And pulled into the 
driveway. Jenna and Lori got out and walked towards the door. They 
were both dressed in blue EMT uniforms and carrying medical bags. 

"John, can you get that? I'm busy." The man yelled from the 

John put down the remote control and unsnapped the holster on his 
pistol. He opened the door and smiled.

"Can I help you?"

Jenna smiled back. "We had a 911 report of two unconscious and 
unresponsive males at this location."

John looked back into the other room to see where his partner had 

"I think you might have the wrong address…" 

Jenna brought the end of her stethoscope up. As he turned back he 
was met with a blast of blue powder. He stood there stunned blinking 

"I don't know, you look unresponsive to me." She smiled and blasted 
him again. His eyes began to flutter as she grabbed his arm to lower 
him to the floor. Lori opened her medical bag and inserted a vial 
into her hypo. She hid behind the door and waited for the other 

Seeing his partner on the floor, he drew his gun and ran from the 
bathroom. Lori fired the hypo into his neck as he walked by. He 
grabbed his neck with his left hand as the world began to spin. Lori 
grabbed the gun while he stood there, looking like a deer caught in 
the headlights. Lori gave him a small peck on his cheek and 
giggled. "Good night." 

"We put the kids to bed." Jenna spoke into her headset as she and 
Lori donned their black rubber catsuits.

Jenna used her duplicated keycard and summoned the elevator. Cynthia 
and another women, carrying an oxygen tank, arrived dressed in their 
catsuits with their respirators already on. As the elevator 
descended, the women began to fill the over-pressurized elevator with 
pink gas. 

Two army officers stood at the elevator door armed with automatic 
rifles. The elevator chimed and they turned to greet the second 
shift. The gas billowed through the opening elevator doors catching 
them totally off guard. They both scrambled for the alarm switch, 
but were overcome well short of reaching it. Using her keycard, 
Jenna unlocked the door to the Environmental Conditioning Room. This 
room contained the environmental processing equipment necessary to 
keep everyone alive, this far beneath ground. Cynthia unhooked the 
air filter line from the main oxygen tank and switched it out with 
the tank she had brought. She opened the valve and checked her watch.

All four women waited by the door to the control room. They heard 
the familiar sound of bodies dropping on the floor. Cynthia checked 
her watch again, then nodded. Jenna punched in the code. The floor 
was littered with unconscious men and women. The pin spots 
illuminated shafts of pink gas. The main screen showed a picture of 
the Atlantic Ocean. Red and green blips indicated enemy and friendly 
subs. Lori swept the sleeping man from his console and took out her 
laptop. Cynthia watched over her shoulder as she began to access the 
computer. Jenna opened the back of the console and inserted the 
transmitter. Thanks to the help of Alan Carrey, this would relay the 
information they needed back to their operations room. Lori punched 
up the southeast U.S. coast on the map. A lone blue indicator was 
blinking about twenty-five miles southeast of the coast indicating a 
neutral contact. Lori started the transmitter and an identical 
display showed on her laptop. Cynthia began clean up while Jenna 
left to reattach the oxygen tank to air handlers. 

Cynthia blew a kiss to everyone in the room as she got back on the 
elevator. They all filed back into the ambulance and drove off.