The two officers in the car were in the twelfth hour of the 
stakeout. They had the radio going pretty loud to keep them awake. 
One of the guys was finishing off a fast food sandwich. The 
nightstick clanked against the glass. The agent rolled down his 
window. The curvaceous redhead leaned over offering a lovely view of 
her cleavage. She had her hair tucked tightly underneath her police 
hat and was wearing a very small skirt with a slit on the side 
revealing almost all of her dark-nylon covered legs.

"You can't park here." She said shining a light into the car and 
pointing to the fire hydrant.

"Military Police." The officer said flashing his 
identification. "We're on a stakeout"

"How long have you been out here?"

"About twelve hours." He said checking his watch.

"You must be tired. Why don't you boys rest a little while, I'll 
take it from here." 

Her nightstick sputtered and hissed filling the car with pale blue 
gas. They coughed a few times and passed out. After checking around 
for witnesses Lori rolled up the window and walked back to the white 
ambulance which was idling on the other side of the street.

Erin stepped over the unconscious bodies in the hallway and knocked 
on the door of Room 1600 as Jenna pulled the men out of sight. Ben 
answered the door.

"Erin. You're a little late."

"I think we can make it up to you."


"I brought a friend tonight. Hope you don't mind." Erin huffed as 
Jenna appeared from behind the door.

"Ah, what did you have in mind?" checking out Jenna's body.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I just like to watch." Jenna said as 
she made her way to the overstuffed chair in the corner. She wore a 
small pink T-shirt and black latex pants with a silver zipper across 
the crotch.

Ben walked towards the desk to get the champagne. Erin wore a tight 
blue latex mini dress with fishnet stockings. She bent over to set 
down her purse and to give Ben a view of her pantyless crotch.

Jenna had unzipped her pants and pulled out her silver vibrator. 
Erin removed the bottle of lube and walked over to Ben.

"What's that for?" He said as Erin squirted the lube onto her hands.

"So you can fuck me in the ass like you've been begging me for the 
last two weeks." 

"Really!" He said almost dropping the champagne bottle. She unzipped 
his pants and began rubbing the lube on his cock.

"Anything you want tonight Ben"

Jenna was moaning at a steady pace continuing to work with the 
vibrator. Erin knelt down on all four and crawled over to the bed 
while looking back over her shoulder at Ben.

"Well, are you coming?"

Ben casually walked over to her, grabbed her hips and slid into her 
tight ass. Erin bit her lip and moaned.

"Oh yeah" Ben grunted thrusting into her at a fast pace. Jenna 
winked at Erin as she continued to enjoy herself. Ben started to 
feel slightly lightheaded as he continued to fuck her ass. He wiped 
his brow, he didn't want to but he started to slow down. Jenna 
turned off her vibrator and walked over to him, just about the time 
he collapsed onto Erin's back. Erin was fingering herself rapidly, 
enjoying every minute. Ben's eyes were glazed over and he was 
drooling onto Erin's back.

Jenna put her face up to his. "Ben, can you hear me?"

"Uh huh" He whispered, not fully able to form words.

"Good. What is your access code to SatCom?"

"Three-four-nine-two-seven." He answered in a sleepy tone.

"Good. Now I want you to fuck Erin's pussy until she tells you to 
stop. You can't cum until she tells you to. Do you understand?"


"That's good. You will not remember that I was here. He's all yours 
Erin. You can keep the lube. Thank you."

Jenna opened her briefcase and began to duplicate Ben's access card 
while Ben mindlessly fucked Erin, completely oblivious that anyone 
else was in the room. Jenna finished her work then packed up. She 
waved at Erin then left. She heard Erin moan loudly as she walked 
down the hall.