Alan Carrey put the week old stack of mail down on the counter,
dropping the carryout bag from his teeth on top of it. He closed the
door and flipped on the lightswitch. The television was blaring
static from the other room

"Sam, you left the television on ag…" A wave of nausea came over him
as he read the note attached to the videotape on the kitchen


Alan put the tape in and watched the amateur home video. Sam was
strapped to a medical table with an IV coming from his arm. He
wasn't moving. Alan jumped as the door bell rang. Alan opened the
door half way to hide what was behind him.

"Everything OK Mr. Carrey?" The dark suited agent asked.

"Yeah, fine. Hey, look, I know you're not supposed to do this, but
you think I could get a little alone time. I need to go for a
drive. I'm just gonna go down to the park for a little while."

The agent noticed he was jumpy but decided to let him go. He would
follow him just to be sure.

"Sure, just check in with me every once and a while alright?"


Alan closed the door and put the video tape into his briefcase. He
grabbed his coat and headed off for the mall. He didn't notice the
agent following him, but Beth Roberts did as she tailed them both to
the mall. She radioed ahead to Lori who was waiting for the agent.

Alan walked past her towards his meeting point. A few seconds later
the agent walked past.

"Excuse me." Lori said as she bumped into the agent dropping one of
the packages she was carrying. She continued to walk on apparently
oblivious to the package she had dropped.

"Ma'am." She turned. "You dropped this." The agent walked up to
her with the package.

"Thank you." She said politely covering her mouth with her
hankerchief. The package exploded enveloping the agents face in a
pink cloud. He instantly felt weak. Lori waited for the cloud to
clear, then helped him up and walked him towards the exit.

"He's OK" She said to the elderly couple who were staring. "He just
needs some fresh air." She dumped him in the dumpster behind the
mall and ran back in to help Christina.

Christina was standing by the entrance to one of the major department

"Obsession?" She said to one of the ladies who walked by her. The
woman nodded, so she sprayed a squirt onto her hand. The woman
smelled it then walked off. Alan, was nervously waiting to be
contacted. She kept tabs on him from the corner of her eye, all the
while moving closer to him. She made eye contact with Lori who was
walking past the food court on the other side then made her move.

"Obsession?" She said to Alan. She switched bottles. Alan shook
his head no. "Aw come on you'll like it."

"I don't have ti…" She sprayed a few squirts in his face. The
paralysis was instant. He fell to the floor, looking up at her from
the ground. The last thing he saw was the bottle coming back
towards his face. "Sleepy time." One more spray and he blacked out.

Cynthia walked in to her bedroom wearing only a white satin robe.
Sam Carrey was at the table reading, when he noticed her. He stood
up and backed away from her uneasily.

"It's alright Sam. I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanted to tell
you it's almost time for you to go home."

"Why? What happened?"

"Your father is telling us what we needed to know. When he's done,
you can both go home. It's not like your stay was totally

"No, I guess not."

She leaned into him, letting her robe fall open. He tried to back
away but she had positioned him against the edge of the mattress.
She felt a little wrong about this, after all she was more than
twenty years older than him, but still.

"Sam, don't be nervous, you'll enjoy this I promise."

Sam was trying not to look at her, but he kept sneaking peaks at
her. She pushed him down on to the bed gently and sat facing him.
She slid the robe off exposing her naked body. Sam's face began to
turn red and he looked away. She turned his face back towards her.

"Don't be embarrassed. It's natural to be aroused." She reached
down and massaged his cock through his pants. The scent of her
perfume was permeating the air. All the sudden he felt very relaxed.

"That's better" She cooed lifting off his sweat shirt. She pulled
his head into her breasts, stroking his hair.

"I'll give you anything you want. Just don't hurt my son."

Jenna pushed a laptop towards him. "Tell me everything you know
about the D.L.S.P.S. systems."

"Is that what this is about? You'll never get in there, it's…"

"Now Mr. Carrey or your son will suffer intense pain."

"OK, I'm sorry. What do you want to know?"

"I want the layout of SatControl and I want you to program this
laptop, so we can receive the same information they see in the
control room from a remote location."

He must have blacked out for a few seconds because Cynthia had Sam
completely undressed. He was laying on his stomach and she was
rubbing oil on his back.

"Why don't you turn over now." Sam offered little resistance.
Cynthia began to rub his erect penis. Sam started to feel a
numbness. He struggled a little. "Don't worry, this will just de-
sensitize you a little. I don't want you to cum to early."

He was almost completely in a trance, something about her perfume and
the oil. She massaged his chest some more, his eyes were starting to
get heavy. That should be enough, she thought as she knelt over
him. She lowered herself down onto his cock and began to slowly
slide up and down his penis. Sam let out a groan as she rode him.
He didn't feel much at first with the de-sensitizing oil, but he was
starting to feel a climax coming on. Cynthia on the other hand was
well on her way to her second. She started to ride him faster until
she let out a long sigh, she didn't want to disturb his trance by
screaming too loudly. She got up off of him and laid down beside

"You can cum now." She whispered into his ear as she reached down
and rubbed his penis, slowly at first then faster until he moaned and
shot a huge load all over himself. She didn't have to do anything
else. The perfume, oil and his major orgasm, pretty much put him to

"There." He pushed the laptop back towards Jenna. "All you need to
do is put this transmitter on the feed coming off the main console
and it will synchronize with this laptop. Now where's my ssss….."
The pink gas from Jenna's vibrator swirled around his face as he
slumped onto the table.

"Sam wake up." Alan Carrey was shaking his son.

"Where are we?" Sam looked around. He remembererd vividly
everything that had happened, but when he tried to talk about it, he
couldn't get the words out.

"We're in the parking lot at the mall."

"How did we get here?"

"I don't know. Are you OK?" Alan asked hugging his son.

"I'm fine"