"Hey Tammy, do you know anything about this tour? It was just added 
to my list today, as if I didn't have enough to do" Peter Conrad 
asked as he handed over the memo.

Agent Tammy Smith slid her reading glasses up on her nose as she read 
the memo. 

"Oh yeah, it came in late yesterday. Some Scout troop. I think one 
of the girls is a friend of the A.D. Do you want me to take it?"

"No, I can get it. But I could use your help"

"Not a problem."

The school bus pulled up in front of the guardhouse. Agents Smith 
and Conrad went out to meet the tour. 

"Hi, I'm Special Agent Conrad and this is Agent Smith. We are going 
to be your tour guides today. I'm afraid that because of the 
elevated threat level, we'll have to limit our tour to the public 

"Whatever you can show us will be fine." Cynthia said politely.

She was dressed in a Scout uniform that appeared at least two sizes 
too small for her. She wore a green blouse and skirt which hugged 
her body, cut off about six inches above her knees, revealing her 
black sheer stockings and topped off with a green sash across her 
chest which read "Troop 69 Scout Leader." There were six other girls 
in the bus all identically dressed.

"As a way of saying thanks for your time, we brought you some 
cookies." Cindy said pushing a box of mint cookies towards Agent 
Smith. Tammy opened the box and ate one of the cookies.

"Thanks." She said passing the box to Peter. He took a bite of the 

"These are great. Thank…" his eyes started to glaze over. He tried 
to get more words out, but the paralyzing effect of the drugged 
cookie took over.

"What did you do to him?" Tammy yelled feigning concern, then her 
face melted into a smile. Peter was frozen in place, only able to 
move his eyes. "Time for your nap, sleepy baby." Tammy pushed him 
backward into the arms of Cynthia. 

"Girls, let's help Agent Conrad to the back of the bus so he can 
sleep this off and Jane, would you go see if the boys in the guard 
house would also like some complimentary cookies." 

Two of the girls dragged the drugged agent to the back of the bus. 
They hog-tied his hands behind his back and gagged his mouth.

The brown haired girl sauntered up to the guardhouse, her pigtails 
bouncing as she walked. "Would you like some cookies", she 
innocently asked, as she pushed the box under the slot in the glass 

"Thanks, I love these things. You have a good day and enjoy the 
tour", the guard responded.

"Oh, I plan to", she replied and turned away pushing the button on 
the remote hidden in her sash. She heard hissing, followed shortly 
by two loud clumps as the guards hit the floor. Reddish-brown gas 
was trickling through the slot in the window as she got back on the 

Tammy got into the driver's seat and drove through the gate towards 
the fountain in front of the building. "We have a very special tour 
for you today girls. We are going to visit Security Control, the 
evidence room, and as a special highlight, you'll get to see the 
prisoner holding facilities."

Tammy rounded the corner and headed down the corridor towards the 
Security Command Center, followed by Cynthia and the girls. 

"This building was built in 1968, and houses all of the evidence for 
all of our pending cases. The holding facility was added in 1980, 
making this the largest regional facility, the FBI has." Tammy 
stopped in front of the locked door. An armed guard was standing 
watch at the door. "Now on to our next stop…"

"Would you mind taking a group picture with us?" Cynthia asked.

"Sure." Cynthia started to frame the picture as the girls gathered 
around her.

"Ms. Connely, you need to be in the picture with us."

"Would you mind taking the picture?" Tammy asked the guard.

The guard nodded and took the camera from her. He motioned for them 
to get closer together. 

"Say `Cheese'"

"Sleep", the girls said in unison. The camera puffed a small cloud 
of pale blue gas directly into his face. He collapsed to the ground 
with a goofy smile on his face. The Scouts dragged him out of sight 
as Tammy entered her code into the locked door.

The far wall of the room was lined with small video monitors, each 
showing a different camera view. There was a large screen in the 
center, which could display any view. Today it displayed Jill 
Hansen's holding cell. All four agents were completely focussed on 
the center screen. Every day for the last three days, Jill had put 
on a similar show and it had become a "must see" for all the security 
guys. She was lying on her cot, with her hand down the front of her 
sheer nylons. She arched her back as she moved her hand in and out, 
the moaning getting louder with each stroke. Her eyes locked on the 
camera as she brought herself to another orgasm. 

"She has to know we're watching." The Asian guard on the end 

The door opened suddenly and Tammy walked in.

"This is the Security…Oh, excuse me."

The embarrassed agents scrambled to get the image off the screen, 
trying to conceal their erections in the process.

"Working HARD boys?" Tammy prodded.

They were so embarrassed that they hadn't noticed the rest of the 
girls enter. The scouts quickly surrounded them.

"Sorry ma'am. We were.."

"Oh save it. I don't care. I think you boys need to release all 
that pent up energy."

Tammy walked up to the guys, spritzing them in the face one by one 
with her atomizer. Each man shuddered and moaned as he shot a load 
of cum into his pants. They drifted off into happy bliss as each 
pair or scouts eased them to the floor.

"Typical. They never want to cuddle afterwards. Cindy, today's 
recordings are on the mainframe over there, the access code is alpha-

Cynthia erased the data of their visit as Tammy shut down all the 
cameras in their path. "OK, we're clear there will be no record of 
our visit. Ladies, go get Jill and I'll take care of those 
troublesome video tapes."


The twenty-seven-year-old agent looked up from his desk to see Tammy 
standing before him. She wore a black business suit with a medium 
length black skirt and black nylons. 
"You know my name?" Phil responded in a flustered tone.

"Of course I do. I have been waiting for you to talk to me every 
since you started working here."

"You have?" clearing his throat, as Tammy walked around and 
sat on his desk facing him. She made sure her skirt rode up as she 
parted her legs to give him a clear view of her sheer panties. "What 
can I do for you?" trying to regain his composure.

"I'm here for the evidence on case number five zero three dot two" 

He forced himself to look in the logbook trying desperately to clear 
his head of the nasty thoughts he was having. A look of 
disappointment filled his face.

"I'm sorry. I can't release that to you."

"Why not?"

"It says only Special Agent Conrad can release that evidence." Phil 
turned the notebook to show her. "Oh nonsense" she lifted the 
logbook from his hand and set it on the desk beside her. She ran her 
finger up his chest causing him to shiver.

"Are you sure, you can't GIVE IT TO ME?" licking her lips "Because I 
NEED IT BAD" grabbing his sweaty hand and holding it against her 
inner thigh. 

He was already busting out of his black pants. She reached up and 
started unbuttoning his shirt. Phil gave up trying to resist her. 
He unzipped his pants and let them fall around his ankles. She 
leaned forward and pulled down his briefs. She stroked his cock with 
her hand as he continued to kiss her. He fondled her breasts as she 
slid her panties aside and guided him in. He began to pump her 
slowly. She reached over to grab her atomizer, while letting him get 
into a good rhythm. It was a shame she couldn't let him finish this, 
it had been a while.

"Only in my wildest dreams…" Phil moaned.

"I know and unfortunately for you, that's where I'll have to stay" 
and with the spritz of her atomizer, Phil lurched and collapsed on 
top of her still moaning as he drifted off.

"Now sleep for Tammy" She pushed him off of her and propped him up in 
his chair with his pants still around his ankles. She returned from 
the back room a couple of minutes later with the box of videotapes. 

Down the hall at the holding facility, the fifty-year-old guard 
walked back from the vending machine with two cups of steaming coffee 
and handed a cup to his partner. Three pigtailed girls in scout 
uniforms ran past him giggling as they raced each other to the 
vending machines.

"Girls, hold it down" Cynthia commanded as she chased after 
them. "I'm so sorry about this." Cynthia said to the guard.

"Ma'am this is an off-limits area to tours. The main vending 
machines are down the hall and to the left."

"I know, but the other ones were out of order. Just let the girls 
get something and we'll be out of your way."

"Alright, but hurry up, I can get into big trouble for this." 

`It's stuck" one of the girls shouted. He walked over to help as 
Cynthia walked up behind him and cupped her hand over his mouth as 
she jabbed the syringe into his neck. He reached up to pull her hand 
away, but he wasn't fast enough.

"Relax", she whispered as he went limp. The girls grabbed his keys. 

"Hey", the younger guard got up to help. The remaining three girls 
forced him back into the chair as the brunettes planted a wet kiss on 
each of his cheeks. He instantly got light-headed and his vision 
began to blur.

"Time for bed" The red-haired scout smiled as she began to act her 
real age. "You won't be needing this anymore will you?" She held up 
his access card in front his face then she closed his eyes with her 

The metal door clanked then groaned as it opened. Jill was sitting 
on her cot in her nylons smiling. She was pulling her hair up into 

"I thought you'd never get here."

Cynthia tossed her a scout uniform and she got dressed.

"I hope you all enjoyed the tour, if you have any questions I'd be 
happy to answer them." Tammy and the group walked past the front 
guard desk and boarded the bus. Pete Conrad's eyes got wide as he 
looked up in disbelief. He was hog-tied trying to stand. Jill 
Hansen extended her long nylon-covered leg and pushed him back to the 
floor with the tip of her black shoe. She knelt beside him and 
removed the gag.

"It's so nice you could join us. You look hungry." Jill's smile 
widened. "How about another cookie?" She pushed the mint cookie 
into his mouth despite his meager resistance. He tried not to spit 
it back out, but the powerful drug's anesthetic effects soon overcame 
him. Everything went black.