The two women sat together in the back corner of the crowded club. 
They were casually conversing over a couple of drinks.

"I won't do anything to betray my country." The sultry blonde woman 

"No one is going to get hurt, I promise you that." Jenna responded 
back. "How much do you get paid for your services Erin?"

"Five thousand a night."

"In this envelope, I have twenty-five thousand dollars. It's yours 
and all you have to do is use this and let me watch." She set a 
bottle of lube on the table. The bottle was disguised as a popular 

"And let you watch?"

"You just do what you would normally do. I am just going to ask him 
some questions, while he does what he normally does."

"Well don't blink, it's usually over pretty fast"

"Well, this might help that a little."

"And no one's gonna get hurt? Ben's a really nice guy and he works 
hard at what he does…"

"Look, Erin, all the people down there are gonna go to sleep for a 
few hours and wake up with headaches remembering nothing. The only 
thing that's gonna get hurt are their egos. We're gonna go in one 
way or another, if you help me then you minimize the chances that 
someone will get hurt, plus you get twenty-five thousand dollars and 
an experience you might enjoy for once."

Jenna noticed the man at counter kept staring at them. Staring a 
little too much.

"OK, I'll do it." Erin grabbed the lube off the table and put it and 
the envelope into her purse. "Tomorrow night at the Sheraton. He 
usually meets me around 11:00. It's always Room 1600, the 
Presidential Suite."

Jenna checked out the guy at the bar again. "Don't look now, but 
have you seen that man in the blue sweater before?"

Erin waited a few seconds then looked back.

"He's usually in here when I come in, and now that you mention it, I 
saw him at the mall earlier. Is he following me?" Erin started to 

"Settle down. Probably, but we can find out for sure. I am going to 
walk out of here in a few minutes and be waiting in the alley behind 
the restaurant. Lead him out there and I'll take care of it."

"Ok" She said hesitantly.

Jenna got up and walked past the bar, putting her shiny purple lycra 
jumpsuit to work. She flashed the guy a smile as she walked by then 
disappeared through the door into the rainy night. Erin paid her 
half of the bill, grabbed her jacket and walked out. As soon as she 
was out of sight, the man followed. He watched the blonde go around 
the side of the restaurant. As he rounded the corner he came face to 
face with Jenna's aerosol can. She held down the trigger spraying 
pink gas in his face, but the rain knocked it down before it could 
take effect. He wrestled the can away from her and swept her legs out 
from under her. Jenna struggled to get away, but he straddled her. 

"Who do you work for?" The man yelled.

He began to choke her. She fought back with everything she had, 
kicking at him, but she was running out of air. Just as she began to 
pass out, she heard a hissing sound. Erin had picked up the can and 
was spraying the man in the face. He raised one hand to try to wave 
the gas away, but it finally started to take effect. He swayed back 
and forth before letting out a moan and collapsed on top of Jenna. 

"You can stop spraying now, Hon" Jenna gasped. Pushing him off of 
her she stood up half covered in mud. Erin dropped the can to the 
ground, upset, yet aroused by the scene she had just witnessed. 
Jenna noticed her erect nipples through her wet shirt. "Thanks."

Erin nodded, never taking her eyes off the unconscious man.

"Did that turn you on? You wanna fuck him?" 

Erin nodded again. 

"Help me get him into my van and you can see how much fun this can 

"Will he stay asleep?" Erin asked as they dragged the man towards 
the van.

"With the dose you gave him, yes, but we'll let him wake up first. I 
need to ask him a few questions."

Peter Conrad stopped at the vending machine and got a wrapped 
sandwich and cup of coffee from the machine. 

"Do you want anything?" 

The man with the business suit and briefcase shook his head. After 
showing his ID badge to the two guards Peter and the other man walked 
through the metal door and headed towards Jill's cell.

"Who's this?" Jill asked, still in the same clothes from the other 

"This is your lawyer." Peter responded. The man went to shook her 
hand, but she slumped back onto her cot and folded her arms."

"I asked for a Cynthia Conelly. My lawyer."

"You're lucky you're getting one at all. It's either him, or nothing"

"I guess I'm not going to say anything then. This is against my 

"Sue me. We know you're involved, we know you're friends are up to 
something bigger. That little stunt you pulled with framing the 
Senator was nice. Now you're gonna talk to me." Pete turned to the 
lawyer. "I guess you can go." 

The lawyer stood up and handed his business card to Jill.

"If you change your mind." He walked out leaving Jill and Pete 

"You look tense Peter Conrad, you wanna fuck me?" Jill uncrossed her 
legs with her best Basic Instinct impression.

Peter grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. "You're 
going to talk to me one way or another." He got up and stormed out 
slamming the door behind him.

The man in the blue sweater awoke in the back of the van. His pants 
had been stripped off and Erin was straddling him, her wet hair was 
dripping on him as she watched him.

"He's awake"

Jenna opened the side door and got in with her. She had a syringe in 
her hand and injected the yellow liquid into the man's arm. The she 
attached a monitoring system to his other wrist.

"When I tell you to, you ride him. When this beeps you stop. Got 


Jenna kneeled beside him and whispered into his ear.

"Have you been following Erin?"


Jenna nodded to Erin who began to slide up and down his cock.


He shook his head.

"What I have injected you with makes you crave sex more than anything 
in the world. You answer you get it, you don't, we stop."

Erin quit and the man began to breathe heavily.

"To make sure she doesn't get compromised."

"That's better." Erin started up again.

"How many officers at the hotel?" He began to hesitate and Erin 
stopped again.

"Two with one car across the street." Erin began to bounce wildly on 
top of him. The monitor on his wrist started beeping. She pulled 
off of him

"Thank you for your cooperation…" Jenna smiled. Erin picked up the 
perfume atomizer from the floor of the van and spritzed him in the 
face twice. His hips lurched forward squirting a stream of cum on to 
Erin. "Goodnight"