The warm night air was a refreshing change from the office, 
Beth thought as she looked through her binoculars. Beth 
and Christina fit in nicely with all the students. The 
sidelines were busy with activity as the South Bay Rams 
High School Cheerleaders performed one of their routines. 
Out on the field Wide Receiver Sam Carrey lined up for 
another play. Beth was studying his every move. Christina 
was busy studying her target as well.

During the fourth quarter, the girls made their way into the 
school. The hallways were empty; the school was only left 
open for the players. The girls were pacing out how many 
steps from the locker room to the back door, just in case 
they ran into trouble. They were so intent on the 
preparations that they didn't notice the vice-principal 
walking up behind them.

"Ladies, you know you're not supposed to be in here during 
the game." 

He only saw them from the back. They were wearing low-cut, 
tight jeans, Beth had on a red and gray South Bay jacket 
and Christina had on her gray knit sweater. They both turned 
around together. 

"Sorry, we'll leave." The girls started walking away, not 
ready for a confrontation.

"You're not students here, who are you?" They both turned 
again, walking towards him. Beth was reaching for her 
perfume atomizer, which she carried for emergencies. 
The compressed air cylinder fired, taking her by surprise. 
Two darts shot from carefully disguised holes in Christina's 
sweater. They both struck the vice-principal in the chest. 
He staggered backward searching for a wall to hold on to as 
the drug started to take effect. He went down on one knee 
trying his best to fight. The girls walked up to him and 
draped his arms over their shoulders. Beth grabbed his 
walkie-talkie. He drowsily moaned as they walked him 
into an empty classroom.

"That's right, you want to sleep. Sleep and forget" 
Christina cooed as they laid him down on the desk. They 
waited for a few minutes to make sure he was out.

"That was different. How many of those things do you have 
in there?" Beth asked pointing to Christina's breasts.

"Only two. I checked it out from the lab. I really wanted 
to try it out on Sam, but I guess he'll have to do."

The girls hid the vice-principal behind a desk then walked 
towards the ladies locker room and waited. The cheerleaders 
were extremely excited after the amazing win. After about 
fifteen minutes, the crowd thinned out. The two 
seventeen-year-old girls were in the midst of a hyper 
conversation about the party they were going to attend, when 
Beth and Christina made their move. Sneaking up from 
behind them, they forced the sweet smelling rags over the 
girl's mouths, leveraging their hips against their backs to 
keep them off-balance. After a few seconds of muffled 
screaming, which only sped up the drugs effects, they went 
limp. Beth and Christina quickly undressed the girls, grabbed 
their uniforms, and left lying in the middle of the floor. 
The ladies checked each other's appearance. They looked 
totally believable as high-school cheerleaders, red and gray 
skirts and red sweaters with a huge white "S" on the front. 
They made a quick walk-through to make sure no one had seen 
them, then headed for the parking lot.

Sam Carrey was a six-foot-one sixteen-year-old with a nice 
athletic build. He and his dad had just moved into the area. 
He didn't know many people yet, but he made friends easily. 
The twins walked towards him, purposefully, but trying not 
to appear conspicuous.

"Sam!" Beth yelled at him from across the parking lot

Beth walked up to him as he was trying to open the door on 
his dad's SUV.

"That was an amazing catch you made tonight"

"Thanks." He didn't quite recognize them, but then, he 
didn't care. He wasn't about to ignore twin cheerleaders.

"Hey are you going over to the party?"

"Yeah sure."

"Do you mind if we ride with you?" She flirted, stepping 
closer to him. 

"Why not?"

Sam opened the door and got in while Beth got in front seat 
beside him. She slid her skirt up on her leg, so Sam could 
get a good look at her thighs. He kept sneaking looks when 
he thought she wasn't looking. Beth seductively twirled one 
of her pom-poms. Christina got in the back seat behind him 
taking the bottle of clear liquid from her bag. 

"Sam, wait up!" The boy knocked on the window. Once again 
caught by surprise, Christina tried to hide the bottle under 
her skirt, but accidentally spilled it all over her panties. 
Sam rolled down the window as Ted; Sam's best friend walked 
up to him. 

"Hey, could you give me a ride home. They all left without 
me." Christina smiled at him from the back seat.

"Who's your friends?" Ted asked seeing the two girls in 
the SUV.

"Beth, Ted, Ted, Beth and her sister…"

"Christina", Christina answered from the back seat in a 
flirty tone.

"Hey, if you've got plans" Ted said, trying to give Sam a 
way out.

"Why don't you come along, we can double" Christina said.

Ted got in the back with Christina and Sam started the car.

"So, where should we go on this dream date?" Sam asked 
looking in the rear-view mirror.

"Funny you should put it that way." Beth answered as she 
continued to fiddle with the pom-pom on her lap. 
The pom-pom began to hiss, spewing a stream pale blue gas 
into Sam's face. Sam coughed trying to reach the door handle. 
Beth restrained him, pinning his arms.

"Yeah, that's it, breathe it in." 

Sam's eyes rolled back and his head collapsed against 
the window. 

Ted, a little drowsy from gas in the front seat, tried his 
best to get away. Improvising, Christina reached up with 
both hands and forcefully pulled Ted down into her lap, 
burying his face in her chloroform soaked panties. She 
tossed her head back and giggled as she clamped his head 
between her legs. He struggled a few more times before 
being overcome by the fumes.

"What do we do with him?" Christina asked looking down at 
the fully aroused unconscious boy between her legs.

"The Op was for Sam. I guess we can do anything we want 
with him." They exchanged a devilish smile. Beth slid Sam 
into the passenger seat and they drove off.

After an hours drive, the girls arrived at their apartment. 
One by one they carried the unconscious boys into their living 
room and propped them up on the couch. Sam began to stir. 
He opened his eyes and finally focused just to in time to 
see Beth standing over him with an aerosol can. She sprayed 
a quick blast of white gas into Sam's face. He let out a 
sigh and passed out.

"That should keep him out for a while. They won't be here 
for another hour." Beth looked over at Ted. "You want to 
have some fun?" 

Christina nodded. The girls dragged Ted into Beth's bedroom 
and stripped him naked. He began to stir as Christina 
stroked his cock. It wasn't difficult to get him hard in 
his current condition. Beth straddled him and rode him, 
while Christina used the aerosol can to keep him on the edge 
of consciousness, using just enough gas to keep him in a 
dreamy state. They took turns riding him until they were 
both spent, and then they jacked him off. Just as he shot 
his load, Beth gave him an extended blast from the 
aerosol can.

Five hours later, Senator Adam Jackson awoke in a dirty motel 
room on a stained mattress. The wall was bare down to the 
studs and the floor smelled of dried urine. He was cuddled 
up against a sixteen-year-old boy, dressed only in white 
briefs. Adam had no idea how he got there. The boy seemed 
just as confused. Adam was about to ask what was going on 
when the door burst into splinters


Several officers rushed the room with their guns drawn.

Reactively he jumped up. Two small bags of Heroin dropped 
to the floor as he stood. He couldn't believe this was 
happening, how did he get here!

The officer looked at him with disgust, from behind his .9mm

"Turn around!" The Senator turned in a daze as the officer 
cuffed him.

"Are you alright son? Another officer asked. The boy nodded 
yes, still in a daze. "Can you tell me your name?"


"Tonight's top headline…Senator Adam Jackson, a Democrat 
from California, was arrested earlier today in Los Angeles, 
California…" Cynthia smiled at the monitor as she watched 
the cable news. "That's for Jill", she said out loud. 
Even if he could convince them he was innocent, he would 
still have to resign. The Press never forgets, she thought 
to herself. She got up, flipped off the monitor and walked 
down the hall to change.