The automatic doors slid open as thirty-six-year-old Cynthia 
Connely strutted to the front of the room. She was dressed in 
her favorite comfortable black rubber catsuit. The room was 
filled with the usual suspects. The light from the video 
projection unit caused her to blend in with the screen behind 
her as she called the room to attention.

"OK, listen up." 

Everyone got quiet and straightened up 
to listen. "It's time to finish what we started a year ago. 
I know some of you have been kept in the dark, sorry, it was 
necessary. You now need to know." The screen changed to 
display the words "Operation Dreamscape".

"We have known for a while now, that the receipts for most of 
the Caymen Island offshore accounts are transferred to and 
from the mainland via ship. Thursday's estimated total is 
seventeen billion. Thanks to some really horny dockworkers, 
we know the ship leaves from Key West, but our best efforts 
to track it or to put anyone aboard have met with failure. 
The ship has been modified, for obvious reasons, with stealth 

The picture on the screen changed again to show an ordinary 
looking cruise ship.

"It looks normal, but it can't be seen on RADAR or heard on 
SONAR, unless you have one of these." The picture changed 
again to a picture of a satellite and the caption read "DLSPS"

"The Downward Looking Stealth Penetrating Satellite. US Space 
Command's newest toy. Designed to locate enemy subs from 
orbit, this satellite can penetrate any stealth technology 
currently available. Thanks to Senator Jackson, chairman of 
the Armed Services Committee and some excellent interrogation 
work by Jenna, we now know the location of the Satellite Control 

Jenna stood and came to the front of the room. 

"You all have your specific assignments in front of you, 
let's briefly go over the key elements. The facility is 
located near military arsenal in Alabama." The picture 
changed to a nondescript house in the middle of a suburban 
block. "The facility runs sixteen stories underground. 
A central elevator leads to the main complex. The surface 
facility won't be hard to penetrate, probably one or two 
guards trying to appear as ordinary citizens. Getting the 
access codes to the elevator will be the hard part."

The picture changed again showing a photo of a man in his 
late forties.

"Alan Carrey." Cynthia took over again. "This is the man 
who designed the satellite control systems. The government 
has hidden him away in southern California. We can't get to 
him, but his son…" The picture changed again. "Sam Carrey 
is vulnerable. Beth, Christina, are you ready to go back 
to high school?"

The twins nodded from their seats.

"Good. Next problem, getting in. The government doesn't let 
these guys out much. That should work in our favor. We 
understand that the military allows a select pool of women 
to `entertain" the staff. We have convinced a few of them 
to help us out."

Cynthia and Jenna continued to brief them on the operation for 
the next hour.

"Some final notes: First, I want to thank Jocelyn for 
volunteering to undergo the necessary surgery needed to pull 
this off. Lastly, I'm sure you all have heard about Jill. 
We won't leave her behind. Samantha, Jane, Lori, I'll need 
you and your group to stay behind a minute. I have a plan 
to get her out."