Adam Jackson struggled to raise his eyelids. He reached to rub his 
head in hopes of providing some temporary relief to his pounding 
headache, only to find his arm restrained by a leather strap. He 
tested his other limbs only to find that his other arm and his legs 
were also tied to the metal bed. As his eyesight returned, he began 
to take note of his surroundings. He had an IV in his right arm and 
sensor pads stuck to his forehead. The wires led to some sort of 
readout above his head, just outside his view. Just then the memory 
of the previous night came racing back. He looked down towards his 
feet. Gliding around the tip of his erect cock were the tongues of 
Beth Roberts and her twin sister Christina.

The two nine-teen-year-old girls were almost identical except for a 
tattoo of a heart on Beth's left shoulder. They both stood at five 
foot five with shoulder length blonde hair and faces that made them 
look much younger than they were. They were dressed in fantasy 
schoolgirl outfits, red plaid skirt and white thigh-high stockings, 
topped off with a semi-transparent blouse which was tied together at 
the bottom. Christina was licking her the tip while Beth was to 
slurping up the base of his shaft.

"That's enough for a moment girls" Jenna commanded. 

The twins stopped as Jenna and the nurse walked up. The nurse was 
towering at six-foot-five. She wore a shiny white bra, panties which 
were partially covered up by a white lab coat, and a surgical mask 
covering everything but her brown eyes. She walked over to the 
Senator's IV while Jenna sat down on the edge the bed. The nurse 
took out a syringe and injected a yellow liquid into the IV bag.

"What is that?" The Senator asked nervously. The drug started 
taking effect almost immediately as a wave of bliss started to 
overwhelm him.

"Just something to make you more cooperative" Jenna replied as she 
stroked his cock with her latex gloves. She continued stroking 
watching the readout above his head. The Senator relaxed even 

"We'll need some information from you, when you're ready"

"What do you want?

"I said when you're ready!" 

Jenna nodded towards the twins and they began to suck his cock 
again. She began a slow seductive walk back to a folding chair at 
the foot of the bed, glancing over her shoulder to make sure he was 
watching her perfect ass which was squeezed into a pair of black 
latex pants. She purposely bent over to adjust the chair before 
sitting down. She unzipped the metal zipper in the crotch of her 
pants and pulled the silver vibrator from her belt. She began to 
pleasure herself as she watched the twins work on the Senator. Adam 
was doing his best to ignore the twins, but it was just too much. 
Jenna's eyes were locked on his as she plunged the vibrator into 
herself. He began to tense up anticipating what was going to be an 
explosive event. An electronic alarm sounded on the monitor above 
his head. Immediately the twins stopped. Jenna got up and walked 
over to him.

"I think that's enough for now. You look exhausted…" bending over 
him, "I think you need a nap." She licked the dildo slowly with her 
tongue before putting it up to the Senator's face. A smile came 
over her face as she depressed the base of the dildo. A powerful jet 
of pink smoke shot from the end hitting the Senator right in the 
nose. The Senator tensed, then went limp.

"Sleep tight" Jenna whispered to the sleeping man then turned to the 

"He should be ready when he wakes up, come get me"

Jill Hansen sat at the primitive desk, cradling her head in her 
hands, nursing her horrible headache. All the sounds in the room 
seemed too loud. The analog clock on the wall, the steady drone of 
the air handlers, and that stupid annoying high-pitched whine of the 
security camera were all driving her crazy. Special Agent Peter 
Conrad walked confidently over to the table and sat down opposite 
Jill. He placed the two Styrofoam cups of coffee on the table and 
opened up his palm revealing to white aspirin. Jill grabbed the 
pills and washed them down with the coffee.

"Thanks." Jill grunted. "Look, I've been here all night and I've 
told you everything I remember. We were working on the speech when 
those women busted in. I don't know what they wanted. They sprayed 
me with that stuff and that's all I remember."

"What were they wearing? What did they look like?" Peter asked 
putting his pen down on the table. "Now you say they looked like 

"Yes, they were both wearing blue dresses"

Peter wrote some more then got up from the chair "Interesting" 

He leaned out the door and called for another agent. A few seconds 
later two men came in. One was rolling a cart, containing a VCR and 
a monitor and the other had a box of tapes.

"How long have you been having sex with the Senator?"

"About five years."

He leaned over the table. "I would imagine you're very good if kept 
you around that long. Did you know the senator like to record his 
sessions with you?" Jill flinched. He put one of the tapes in and 
pressed the play button. The image from the hidden camera was 
exceptional, showing the Senator on top of Jill.

"Wow…" Peter kept taking tapes out of the box stacking them in front 
of Jill. "Or maybe this one?"

Jill was starting to fidget in her chair as Peter kept stacking tapes.

"This one I find particularly interesting." He turned up the volume 
even louder.

"What's wrong Senator? Did I give you a sleepy condom?" The monitor 

Peter looked at her, waiting for her to react. She didn't even 

"You see usually the Senator turns his camera off when he's done, but 
not this time, because he was unconscious." Peter fast-forwarded the 
tape. "And here we see our mystery women and…What's this?" he said 

"I know. I'll meet you at the rendezvous point."

"Now, is there anything you want to tell me?" Peter demanded.

"Would you be a dear and hand me my purse" Jill answered in a flirty 

Peter laughed. "Do you think I'm an idiot lady. I watched Batman."

"Fine!" Her smile fading. "Then would you be a dear and get me my 
lawyer." She folded her arms and didn't say another word. Peter 
just sat there in a stare-down.

"Fine! Jill Hansen you are hereby charged with kidnapping of a 
intentionally protected officer of the United States Government in 
violation of United States Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 55, 
Section 1201, Paragraph (a), Part 4. You have the right to remain 

"Wake up senator" Jenna's voice echoed in his head. When he finally 
focussed, he saw Jenna sitting on the side of the bed typing on a 

"Did you have a nice nap."

The Senator nodded.

"Now let's answer some questions. Let's start with an easy one. Is 
your name Adam Jackson?"


"Are you a member of the Armed Services Committee?"

He fought the urge to answer. Jenna leaned over and whispered into 
his ear.

"I'll make this real simple. You answer truthfully, you get 
pleasure" on cue Christina took his whole cock into her mouth and 
swirled her tongue. Adam shuddered as she slurped up and down. 

"You lie…and well..." The vibrator puffed a short burst of pink 
smoke. His eyes rolled back in his head. The women waited for him 
regain consciousness.

After about thirty seconds, the Senator coughed and woke back up.

"Let's try this again. Are you a member of the Armed Services 


The Senator moaned as Beth and Christina alternated sucking his 
cock. The alarm sounded again and the girls stopped, waiting for him 
to settle down.

"I know you want to blow that big load of yours, just a few more 
questions and I'll let you cum" 

"Tell me about the D.L.S.P.S. program"

"I have no recollection of…" The pink smoke blasted his face and 
everything went black.

He awoke ten minutes later to find Jenna and the nurse leaning over 

"If only we'd known you talked in your sleep. Thank you, you've been 
very helpful, I guess I should deliver on my promise." 


She reached down with her latex-gloved hand and jerked his cock 
twice. He slowly gushed cum all over the place in what had to have 
been the most anti-climatic experience he had ever felt. Jenna 
laughed sadistically at his disappointment. Adam kept tensing his 
hips hoping to get at least some feeling, but it was too late. 

"Oops!" She giggled.

The nurse, silhouetted by the overhead light, pushed the long needle 
into his arm. He felt a warmness envelop him as Jenna's face 
appeared over him. 

"Night night" She whispered and kissed him on the forehead. "You and 
Jill were going over your speech when you blacked out. You will 
remember nothing else."