Jill Hansen's pager began to vibrate across the hotel 
nightstand. She hopped from the bathroom one leg in 
her black silk panties and grabbed the pager. 
She looked at the number than finished dressing. 

Senator Adam Jackson paced back and forth across the 
room. The hotel room door opened and the secret 
service agent announced. 

"Ms. Hansen is here sir." 

Jill walked into the room carrying her briefcase, 
which contained the senator's speech, flashing a 
smile to the agent as she walked by. 

"Where have you been, I'm on in twenty minutes"

"Don't worry!" she said calmly as she pulled his 
speech out of the briefcase, "I've made the changes 
you wanted"

The senator stood by the table looking over the 
speech, practicing the words silently.

"This is really nice work"; he said placing the 
speech on the table. "Now what can we do to relax 
for twenty minutes?" He walked up behind her nuzzling 
his chin on her shoulder. Jill shuddered; glad she 
was facing away from him so that he couldn't see her 
look of disgust. "One more time" she thought to 
herself, not that the senator was hideous to look at, 
but the man was a pig and it was about time someone 
did something about his behavior.

Downstairs behind the kitchen a white full sized van 
backed into the loading dock. "Cindy's Linen 
Service" on the side. A blonde woman got out of 
the driver's side, opened up the side door and 
grabbed a huge pile of linen. She struggled to 
carry it towards the door and kept dropping pieces, 
finally the whole pile fell onto the oily dock and 
with a frustrated sigh, she began to pick up the 
pieces. The two Secret Service agents walked over 
to her, the agent on the left reported into his hand 
that they were leaving their post.

"Ma'am, you can't leave this van here, this is a 
restricted area"

Almost in tears, she answered "Well why don't you 
give me a hand then." She picked up some linen and 
draped it over his arms. She picked up some more 
until she had both agents loaded up with linen. 

"Oh, I almost forgot" she walked to the back doors 
of the van. She opened both doors and grabbed the 
respirator that was hanging on the back of the door 
and clasped it over her nose and mouth. Almost 
simultaneously three girls in black rubber catsuits 
and respirators blasted the agents with pale blue gas. 
The agent on the right dropped instantly to the floor, 
but the other one managed to get his hands free he 
was reaching for his gun when the tall red head blasted 
him with another dose. Cindy removed her uniform to 
reveal the same skin-tight black rubber catsuit that 
the others were wearing. The red head handed her a 
small metal canister while the two brunettes dragged 
the sleeping agents out of sight and tied them up. 
The red head and the two brunettes each had a large 
tank strapped to their backs looking almost like a 
SCUBA tank with a hose connected to a long handle 
resembling a flame-thrower. Cindy removed her 
respirator and exchanged a devilish smile with the 
rest of the girls, "It's nap time" 

She placed the respirator back on and walked towards 
the door. This was her favorite part she thought as 
she began to tingle all over.

Senator Jackson had Jill pushed up against the wall. 
His hands were exploring every gorgeous curve of her 
body as he kissed her neck. He had her satin dress 
pushed up around her waist and his other had down her 
panties. His head was buried in her chest as she 
focussed on the opposite wall. She made the appropriate 
noises and gestures to make him feel as though this was 
pleasant for her. She had gotten pretty good at that 
part over the last few years. 

"I want you on top" He said, as he pulled her back 
towards the bed.

"Anything you want Senator" she said in a huffy voice. 
She reached down with her hand and began massaging 
the bulge in his pants all the while walking the 
senator back towards the bed. She flung her arms 
outward pushing him backwards. He fell onto the bed 
and she straddled him, rhythmically grinding on him as 
she removed his shirt. She worked her way down, pulling 
his swollen cock out of his pants. She paused.

"Adam" She cooed.


Her smile faded "We don't have any protection"

"What" suddenly snapping out of his frenzy

"I won't jeopardize your career by doing something stupid"

"Come on Jill"

She was still straddling him and his cock was 
throbbing waiting for action. She took her 
forefinger and pressed it against his forehead.

"Think with this head for a moment. Maybe I have 
something in my purse"

The senator banged his head up and down on the bed 
with a frustrated yell. 

The swinging kitchen doors flung open and Cindy walked 
calmly through the kitchen, followed by the other 
three girls. The red head depressed the trigger on 
her wand and began spraying down the kitchen. The 
brunettes followed suit. The pale blue gas began 
billowing through the kitchen as the girls swung the 
wands from side to side. The kitchen staff fell in 
place. One of the chefs burned himself as he 
slumped onto the grill. The red head pulled him off 
and continued spraying until no one was moving. 
Cindy, tossing her respirator aside, continued to 
walk purposefully towards what she was after.

Simon, The Head of Room Service peeked out of his 
office to see what was happening; at about the same 
time Cindy rounded the corner. She took the canister 
off her belt hiding it behind her back. Simon stared,
his eyes wandering up and down the full length of her 
catsuit. As his eyes returned to her gaze, he heard 
two quick hisses.

"Sleep" she said coldly

She grabbed him and eased him back into his office 
chair. She quickly found the Room Chart on his desk. 
She removed his uniform and oddly enough, it fit nicely 
over her catsuit. She walked back through the kitchen, 
stepping over the unconscious bodies. A blue mist 
still crawled along the floor. The girls had removed 
their respirators and one of the brunettes had changed 
into a formal evening gown. 

"Everything ready?" Cindy asked.

"Were actually two minutes ahead" The brunette 
replied pushing a room service cart towards her. 
The cart was actually longer than a normal room service 
cart but no one would notice.

"Good" Cindy smiled again and turned to the brunette 
in the formal gown, "Phase Two, Jenna."

Jenna walked down the hallway and headed for the 

Jenna wore a dark blue evening gown with low back, 
sheer hose, high heels and an expensive blue pendant 
around her neck. She pressed the call button on the 
elevator and waited for it to arrive smiling at the 
banquet guests as she waited. There was only one 
elevator in this hotel so the wait took about two minutes. 
The operator opened the folding wire door of the ancient 

"What floor please?" the awkward nineteen-year-old asked.

"Seventeen" Jenna responded moving a little closer to 
him. She could see that he was flustered and trying 
desperately not stare at her cleavage.

"Ma'am", clearing his throat, "Ma'am, seventeen
is a 
private floor. I can't..."

"That's OK dear", said interrupting, "You won't
remember that you took me there."

She leaned into him and turned her head. Her pendant 
hissed softly. He began to cough and try to push her 
away, but she pushed back harder. 

"Don't fight it, it feels good, just go to sleep", she 
purred "Sleeeep"

She felt him go limp and she lowered him to the floor 
and whispered into his ear 

"Remember nothing." 

She pushed "17" and dialed her cell phone.

After a minute of rustling through her purse, Jill 
pulled out a condom in a blue wrapper. "You're in luck!" 
she said as she waved the condom. "Shall I put this on 
for you Senator Jackson?" He nodded vigorously. She 
looked down to see that he gone a little limp. 
She smiled at him and then began to lick his cock 
with her tongue. It straightened up instantly. She 
unwrapped the condom and began to unroll it. He thought 
it was strange that the lubrication was on the inside, 
but didn't think any more of it. She straddled him 
again letting her breasts hang in his face then 
slid her panties aside and eased down onto him. 
He let out a groan of relief as she started to slide 
up and down slowly.

The freight elevator opened and Cindy pushed the 
cart down towards the room. She met Jenna at the 
hallway intersection. Cindy tossed her a duffel bag. 
Jenna let the evening gown slip off her and squeezed 
herself back on into her comfortable rubber catsuit.

"Wait here." Cindy said with a smile.

The wheels squeaked as they rolled down the hall. 
Cindy pushed the cart up to the two Secret Service 
agents guarding the door.

"Room Service for Senator Jackson" She said waiting 
for the agents to inspect the cart. She knew the 
protocol very well. They had been planning this for 
a year.

The first agent moved his hand towards the plate cover. 
Cindy picked up a cloth napkin and held it to her face, 
while he opened the cover. The odor hit the agents, 
rolling their eyes up into their heads. The agent 
on the right dropped to his knees and fell at her feet. 
She picked up the plate and pushed it closer to the other 
agent. "Sweet Dreams" she said muffled through the 
napkin. The second agent collapsed. She put the lid 
back on the container and signaled Jenna. The two girls 
waited patiently by the door becoming aroused as they 
listened to the noises from the room.

Jill was in a rhythm now, moaning loudly. The senator 
was well on his way to the most intense experience he'd 
ever had…Wait, something was wrong.

She felt his hesitation and smiled, talking like she was 
talking to a six-month-old infant. "What's wrong Senator? 
Did I give you a sleepy condom?"

She didn't break her rhythm at all, bringing him 
closer and closer. He tried to muster up a sentence, 
but all he could get out was a grunt. She continued to 
moan, now thoroughly enjoying her dominance over him. 
His eyes were blurring, but he was determined to cum 
before he passed out. Sensing his intentions, she backed 

"Now senator, we can't have that. We need you horny"

He jerked his head in one last attempt to fight. She 
raised up and slowly slid back down his cock cooing "Sleep." 

His body went limp.

The hotel room door opened and Jill poked her head out. 
She was dressed only in her panties. The girls followed 
her into the room, stepping over the sleeping agents. 
The Senator was unconscious on the bed still erect and 
the pale blue condom protruding into the air. As Jill 
began to get dressed, Cindy and Jenna lifted the senator 
onto the cart and covered him up. 

Jenna tuned to Jill. "Good Work" then began to push 
the cart back towards the freight elevator. 

Cindy turned to Jill. "Are you Ready? You know its 
necessary make this look believable."

"I know. I'll meet you at the rendezvous point." 

Jill walked over to the table where the Senator's 
speech was laying and sat down. Cindy walked over 
to her, held the canister up to her face. The pale blue 
gas wafting into her face as she slumped over onto the table.