Diane was applying her make up as the door bell rang. Diane, an attractive
hispanic woman with blond hair in her late 30s, was getting ready for work,
when her doorbell rings. "Who could it be at this time of day?" Diane thinks
to herself. Diane opens the door to find a beautiful heavy set woman
standing there. The woman is wearing a trench-coat and boots and has black
hair in a bob-haircut. an oversize purse is slung over the woman's shoulder.
"Diane?" The woman asks. "Yes. Can I help you?" Diane asks, curious as to
who the person in front of her is. "I'm Dahlia. Nice to meet you." Dahlia
extends her arm and bends her wrist so that the ring on her hand is directly
in front of Diane's face. Before Diane can reply, a yellow powder pops out
of Dahlia's ring into Diane's face. Diane gasps, reaches for her face then
says "Wha...What...what are you..." Dahlia replies "Just a little something
to help you relax. Now sleep!" Diane simply says "Ohh" Then falls forward
into Dahlia. Dahlia catches her and takes Diane to a recliner in Diane's
house. Dahlia then takes off her trenchcoat to reveal her outfit: grey
corset and panties with thigh high boots. Her belt with various gas
canisters is around her waist. Dahlia dawns her trademark gas mask(A mask
that projects gases through the snout of the mask) and begins to work on

Diane awakens shortly to find herself bound in the recliner. Dahlia is
sitting on the chair in front of her. "Good morning, Diane. Did you enjoy
your nap?" Diane looks quite puzzled "What do you want? Who are you?" She
inquires. Dahlia introduces herself and then says"I need you to perform a
very important task for me. We're going to train for it today; begining
right now." A white gas sprays out of Dahlia's mask and into Diane's face.
The gas envelops Diane and hangs in the air around her. "Please! Not more
sleep!" Diane pleads with Dahlia. Dahlia reassures her:"You're not going
back to sleep Diane, at least not yet. This is just something to improve
your mood." The gas starts to desipate. Dahlia sprays more of the
mood-altering gas into Diane's face. "Not again." Diane says weakly. She
sways her head back and forth. Dahlia issues another blast of gas insuring
that Diane can not find a pocket of air. Dahlia issues stream after stream
of gas and Diane slowly ceases protesting.

After about half an hour, Diane is in a good mood and Dahlia releases her
from her bonds. She takes Diane to the living room and sits her in front of
the TV. Dahlia gets a videotape and place's it in the VCR. The TV begins to
show images of Dahlia and her assistants putting women to sleep. "Diane. I
would like you to concentrate on this. Take note of every scence." Dahlia
instructs. "Yes Ma'am." Diane replies obidently. Dahlia sits to Diana's left
side on the couch. As Diane watches the video, a stream of pink gas sprays
out of Dahlia's mask and envelopes Diane. Diane turns and looks at Dahlia.
"Keep watching the video." Dahlia commands. Diane turns her head and looks
at the video. The gas desipates and Dahlia issues another stream toward

The pleasure gas begins to arouse Diane. "If there's anything you feel like
doing, You may do so, But please keep watching the video." Dahlia instructs.
Diane stands up and removes her pants, then her underwear. Diane begins to
play with herself. She obidently watches the video as Dahlia keeps giving
her more pleasure gas. Diane is completly enthralled by the assult on her
senses. By the time the video ends, Diane has brought herself to climax
several times. Dahlia is satisfied and ceases Diane's treatment. "I think
you're ready to do what I require." Diane is completly smitten and listens
intently as Dahlia describes exactly what it is she wants her to do.

It's early afternoon as Diane's daughter, Karen enters her home with three
of her friends. Karen is 20yrs old, a stunningly beautiful hispanic girl
with large breasts. Her friends are: Doris, a thin Caucasian with blond hair
also 20yrs old. 18yr old Vilma: a tall ,somewhat chubby, hispanic girl with
a big ass and red, spiked hair and 18 yr old Nikki, a chubby white girl with
a baby face, black hair and blue eyes. The girls almost immediately notice a
pleasant, yet very powerful, odor permeating the house. Karen also notices
that her mother's car is still in the driveway. Karen is curious but, not at
all apprehensive or concerned (Thanks to the aroma of mood-altering and
pleasure gases left in the air). "Mom, are you still here?" Karen asks. "I'm
in the bedroom." Diane replies from another part of the house. "Is anyone
with you?" "It's me, Doris, Vilma and Nikki." Karen informs her mother.
"Could you come here? I have something to give you and your friends."

Karen and her friends walk to her mom's bedroom. As they enter, they are
shocked by the sight of Diane wearing a beige bra and Panties, a garter belt
and thigh-high stockings. Her face is covered with a gas mask. "Mom! Why are
you wearing that?!!?" Karen asks shocked and confused. "For this." Diane
raises her right hand which contains a cylinder canister. Diane presses the
button on top and out comes a pungent green gas that Diane aims right in the
center of the four girls. Karen makes a face and drops to her knees. "Mom.
Why...?" she manages to say before slumping against the wall. Asleep. Doris
quickly puts her hand over her mouth and nose. Too late, however, as she
falls to the floor right afterwards. Vilma simply falls to her knees, her
face seemingly frozen in a look of disgust. then her eyes close and she also
drops to the floor. Nikki clenches her throat, "Can't breathe..." She
manages to say. "Sure you can. It just feels like you can't because of the
knockout gas." Dahlia says to Nikki. Dahlia has been sitting in a chair out
of the girls view. She has watched the events with much satisfaction. Nikki
hears Dahlia, but is unable to do anything except slump against the wall.
Diane shuts off the gas and looks over the girls. "You did very well."
Dahlia tells Diane. "Thank you." Diane answers. "Don't be concerned. The gas
will only make your daughter and her friends sleep, as it will also do to
you." Dahlia raises a remote control and presses a red button. Diane's mask
fills with sleep gas. She gasps, then falls fast asleep to the floor next to
her daughter and her friends. Dahlia walks over to Diane and removes her gas
mask. The fumes waft up around Diane's face, then evaporate into the air.

Karen begins to awaken from the knockout gas she recived earlier in the day.
She looks around to see that she is sitting at the kitchen table. Her
friends are also seated at each side of the table, with Doris facing Karen
and Nikki and Vilma facing each other. Each girl is bound to a chair and
appear to still be asleep."Guys! Wake up!" The three girls begin to stir.
"Karen. What...?" Doris says groggily. "What the hell are we tied up for?"
Vilma exclaims. "Kar' Why'd your mom do that to us?" Nikki asks. "You think
I know? We haven't even argued lately. even then I don't think that she
would punish me by knocking me out."

"This is just too weird. Langeire, gas masks, sleeping gas. It's bizzare,
not to mention a little erotic." Doris says looking at Karen with a smile.
"Erotic?" Karen responds puzzled by Doris's statement. "Yeah, Think about
it. Your own mother, the women you trust with your life. Look how she called
us into the room, just waiting to spring a trap on us.Never in a million
years would we suspect to get gassed by someone we trust so much." Vilma
says; also smiling. "Karen, did you get turned on at all when you were being
gassed?" Nikki asks. "No." Karen replies, giving her friend a strange look.
"It was a pretty sexy situation, when you think about it and look at the
outfit your mom was wearing, It's like she wanted us to equate what she was
doing with something sexual" Doris elaborates."I'm not sexually attracted to
my mom. Are you all ok? your acting really weird." Karen is more than a
little unnerved now. "We're all great. We got a bunch of wonderful
treatments before. Your also going to get them, but first we have something
we have to give you." Nikki says. At that exact moment, Nikki, Vilma and
Doris unhook their bonds and rise out of their chairs. "What the hell?"
Karen tries to stand, but her bonds are firmly in place. "We'll be right
back." Doris says as the three girls leave the room.

The three girls come back to the kitchen table. They are now wearing bras
and thongs. Doris is carrying a box that she puts on the table in front of
Karen. "Why are doing this? What is that?" Karen is quite alarmed and looks
at the box. The lid pops off and a white cloth springs out of the box. It
spreads out in mid-air and lands on Karen's face-covering it completly.
"Mmmph! Mmmpphh! Mmmm..." is all Karen is able to say before the
chloroform-like fumes from the cloth send her back to sleep.

The air around Karen was thick with a white mood-altering gas. The gas was
eminating from Dahlia's special mask as Dahlia sits a foot away from Karen,
who still sleeps after receving the "present" from her friends. Karen
awakens and immediatly notices the gas swirling around her. Dahlia shuts off
her mask and begins to speak; "Good Morning, Karen. I'm sure you are quite
rested after all that sleep. I would like to give you your treatment
today." Karen is almost under Dahlia's spell, however she is still confused
by all that has happened these past few days and asks for an explanation.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?" " I'm Dahlia. I run a moblie spa
that gives women all sorts of relaxing and/or stimulating treatments. I
decided that your mother and your friends would benefit from some of those
treatments." "Why did my mom gas us?" Karen interrupts. "I simply gave her
one of my treatments, then convinced her to put you and your friends to
sleep when you came home. Then I decided to do the same to your friends. I'm
sure it was quite confusing and scary for you, but I found it very amusing.
I would like to say that I am very pleased with your reaction. So I have a
reward for you.""Where are my mom and my friends?" "They are being
entertained by my assistants as we speak. It will be your turn soon, but

More Hypno-gas is sprayed into Karen's face, It seems to pour in an
endless stream from Dahlia's mask. Dahlia shuts off her mask after a few
minutes, then asks Karen if she has"any more questions?" Karen says nothing.
Dahlia is pleased- She know this means that Karen is under her spell.
"Excellent. Then Let us begin." Dahlia motions and Karen stands. Dahlia
reaches over and begins to remove Karen's clothes. Karen's beautiful body is
revealed. Her large breasts and beautiful Olive skin is revealed. Dahlia
takes Karen by the hand and leads her to the bathroom. Karen personally
gives Karen a bath, a bikni wax, and a Makeover. After a half-hour, Dahlia
is finished and looks over Karen with satisfaction. "You look very nice. I
feel it's very important to look your best when receving one of my
treatments. However we've spend enough time, if you'll come with me." Dahlia
takes Karen by the hand again and leads her to the bedroom.

Dahlia opens the door to the bedroom and leads Karen inside. The room is
filled with pink pleasure-gas. Dahlia's assistants (Four heavy-set women,
one is black, one hispanic, and two are white) are all wearing masks over
their mouths and noses. They are standing around in a circle watching the
floor. on the floor, Diane is laying on her back. Doris has her face between
Diane's legs. Vilma is on her knees, her ass resting on Diane's face. Nikki
is sitting next to them, sucking on a dildo (making sure it's lubricated for
use). Next to them is a smoke machine that spews gas every few minutes,
keeping Diane and the girls excited. Karen looks at the scene with
curiosity. "This is your mom's reward for gassing all of you so flawlessly."
Dahlia explains. The gas begins to get to Karen, She's starting to feel
aroused. Karen sniffs the air around her. "I like the way it smells." Karen
says to Dahlia. "Excellent. I'm glad you like it. Now if you'll excuse me,"

Dahlia walks over to the girls on the floor. Nikki is about to use the
dildo, when Dahlia stops her. "I think that's enough. Diane, would you stand
up please?" Vilma and Doris disengage from Diane and Diane stands in front
of Dahlia. "It is now someone else's turn. So rest." Diane knows what's
coming next and Dahlia doesn't disappoint her. Sleep gas spews from from
Dahlia's mask into Diane's face. Diane says nothing, her eyes close and she
simply falls forward into Dahlia. Dahlia catches her and takes Diane's
sleeping body over to the bed, resting her down gently. Dahlia looks at
Karen and instructs her to take her mom's place. Karen lays down on the
floor and Doris begins to pleasure her. Vilma assumes the same position as
before. Dahlia looks at Nikki "Please make sure that you keep that thing
lubed up." Nikki likes giving head, so she eagerly keeps sucking the dildo;
pausing only when Dahlia tells her to rub it against Karen's nipples.

This continues until the smoke machine is drained of pleasure gas. Diane
still sleeps on the bed a few feet away from all the activities. As soon as
the machine is drained, Dahlia tells the girls to stop what their doing. The
four girls stand in front of Dahlia. "I have to say you performed very well.
Now I would like you to join Diane in dreamland. Please lay on the bed."
Vilma gets on the bed and lays next to Diane, followed by Nikki, then Doris
and finally Karen. Dahlia leans over the girls and issues more of her green
sleep gas, spraying it into each girls face one by one. Each girl goes to
sleep without a word. Dahlia looks toward her assistants. "Make sure you
remove all of our possessions. When your finished, Just leave them to sleep.
No need for stasis.