Kerry, Bella. Pilar, and Marie were sitting home one day when the door bell
rang. Bella opened the door to find a pretty heavy-set woman with a black
bob haircut, holding a box. "Flower Delivery. Sign here please." The woman
said. Bella, an attractive shapely 19yr old girl of Brazilain descent, took
the box into the house and showed her friends. "Look what I got. Flowers."
"Ill. I'm so jel." Said Marie:a blond-haired blue-eyed 20yr old ,thickly
built with a large chest. "Who's It from?" Asked Pilar, a 21yr old hispanic
with olive skin and waist-length black hair. "Bring it here"says Kerry
gesturing to the coffe table in front of the couch. Kerry is thin, with Red
hair and Hazel eyes and looks younger then her 21yrs. The young women sit on
the couch with Bella in the center. Bella opens the box to reveal a rather
barren green plant with a large puff-ball at the end of each stem. Four
balls in all. "It's kind of ugly." Kerry says. Bella is kind of
dissapointed, She looks at the plant and notices a small card attached to
the flower pot. She picks it up and begins to open it. "What does it say?"
Mary asks impatiently. "Sweet dreams" Bella reads, confused. "Sweet Dreams?
What does that..." Bella is cut off as the puff-balls burst one right after
the other. A foul-smelling powder fills the Air around the four women. "
These Puff-balls are bursting! Some kind of Pollen?" Pilar says. "No! Not
Pollen! It's gas!Sleeping gas!" Kerry says observantly. "Damn! It stinks!"
Marie replies, making a face. "Cover your mouth! Try not to smell the gas!"
Bella says, burying her face in her hands. Pilar is confused by the
situation: "I don't get it. Why is some body giving us...sleeping...gas?"
The Women are becoming drowsy, when suddenly Pilar's question is answered "
To put you to sleep of course." The Girls look up to see the delivery woman
standing in front of them. " I hope you've enjoyed my present. Now all you
rest. We have a long day tommorow." Almost on command the girls
simultaneously sprawl out and fall back into the coach to begin their
unexpected nap.

The delivery woman smiled as she took a moment to admire her handiwork.She
watched Kerri, Pilar, Marie and Bella as they slept peacefully on the
couch.After a few minutes,She reaches into her pocket and picks up her cell
phone. "They're all asleep just like we planned. Bring everything and we can
get started." She hung up the phone and moved toward a mirror in the
bed-room. She stripped off her delivery uniform to reveal her special
outfit: A leather Bustier, black panties, thigh high stockings and a belt
with small metal canisters around it. The delivery woman walked back into
living room and sat on the couch awaiting the arrival of her friends.
The door bell rings and The delivery woman opens the door to find a
hispanic woman with short black hair, a caucasian woman with
waist-length red hair, Another caucasian women with long blond hair,
and a black woman with black hair standing there. The four have a heavy-set
build similar to the delivery lady and each of them is carrying a large
box.;"Excellent. You're all here, so we can begin" The other women enter
the apartment and take the boxes directly to the bed room. After
putting down the boxes, the Four all strip down to reveal outfit's similar
to The delivery woman. The delivery woman reaches into one of the boxes and
Pulls out what appears to be a gas mask with two long tubes potruding out
the back of the mask. The front of the mask has a long tube extending out of
it. The tube is in the area of the mask that cover the nose and mouth and
somewhat resembles and elephant's snout. The delivery woman places the mask
one her head. and attaches the tubes to the canisters on her belt. She
looks at her four friends: " Start moving, We have so many things planned
for the next few days and I want everything ready for our new friend's when
they awaken." The woman nod and begin unpacking the boxes.

Pilar, Kerry, Bella, and Marie begin to stir. They gradually become more
aware of their surroundings, noticing almost immedietly that they are
sitting backwards in a chair. Their feet and hands are bound to the side of
the chair. Kerry and Marie are on one side. Pilar and Bella on the other.
Kerry is facing Bella and Marie is facing Pilar. They look around and see
all kinds of unusual furniture. "What's going on?" Marie asks. "I don't
know." Pilar replies; "Are you ok?" "I feel a little groggy." Kerry offers;
"Bella, how do you feel?" "Who cares how I feel? What the hell is going on?"
Bella asks. "Good Morning Ladies!" A Voice says "Did you enjoy your nap?"
The women look to the side to see the delivery woman standing to the right
of them."Who are you? What do you want from us? Why are you wearing that""
Kerry asks refering to the Delivery woman's lingere and gas mask. "Allow me
to introduce myself, My name is Dahlia. Now I'd like to introduce my
assistants" Dahlia gesters and the four women step forward "This is
Roselynn" motioning to the black woman. "Michelle" motioning to the woman
with blond hair. "Diana" pointing out the hispanic girl with Black hair.
"And Finally: "Angela" motioning to the woman with red hair. " Now as to
what I want. I run a mobile 'spa' if you will. I saw the four of you a few
weeks ago and decided you will be perfect candidates. I have some nice
treatments planned for you. You'll feel so rested with the extra sleep
you'll be getting, but it doesn't stop there. I have other treatment's that
are very...stimulating." Dahlia says, stressing the last word. "Please! Do
what you want, but please don't hurt us." Pilar says, frightened. Dahlia
walks to Pilar's chair. "Now Now, I can't have anyone lowering group
enthusiasm. I think you need more sleep." A red gas streams out of the snout
of Dahlia's gas mask and into Pilar's face. Pilar gasps, then slumps
forward. Her restraints keep her in the chair. The gas dissapetes almost
immediatly upon striking Pilar's face, leaving the other woman completley
unaffected. "I'm sure you'll be in a better mood when you awaken. Now, I
think we'll begin with some aroma therapy. Would my assistants please
begin?" Roselynn moves next to Pilar and Diana moves next to Bella. Dahlia's
assistants then place black, plastic asks over Pilar and Bella's faces.
Marie's eyes open wide "My God! What you doing to herrrmmmmppphhh!" Marie is
interrupted by Michelle placing a mask over her face. Not to be left out,
Kerry gets the same from Angela. Low moans fill the room as the assistants
move to reveal four pairs of tanks. Each pair is composed of two tanks. A
rubber tube with a valve on top connects each tank to each other while a
seperate line connects the tanks to the masks currently resting on each
girl's face. There is a pair of tanks next to each girl and each of Dahlia's
assistants have their hand on the valve, ready to begin. "Relax ladies. This
is just oxygen." Dahlia reassures them. The assistants move the valves to
the left. "This ,however, is gas." The assistants move each valve to the
right. A odor of heavy perfume hits each girl's nostrils and they each moan
louder. A minute later Dahlia says "Oxygen." The valves are moved to the
left. "Gas." The valves are moved to the right. Dahlia looks at Bella and
Pilar and says "Oxygen." Roselynn and Diana move Pilar and Bella's valves to
the left. Marie and Kerry still receive gas. Dahlia looks at Marie and Kerry
and says"Oxygen". Marie and Kerry's valves are turned to the left. "Gas"
Bella and Pilar are then given gas. Dahlia repeats her commands, alternating
between the two sets of woman.

For the first ten minutes of the treatment, The girls moan loudly and stare
nevously into each other's faces(except for Pilar,who still sleeps). After
about fifteen minutes, They begin to relax and cease their protest. After
twenty minutes, Pilar awakens and begins to moan into the mask. She ceases
soon afterwards. The girls are no longer frightened. As a matter of fact,
They are in a very good mood! Finally, a half-hour passes and Dahlia seems
satisfied "I think that's enough. Let's release them." The tanks are turned
off and each mask is removed. The Girls are then released from their bonds.
They stretch and look lovingly at Dahlia. "I hope you've enjoyed your first
treatment. Now I want you to change into the outfits I've provided in the
next room. Then we'll begin your beauty treatments." Each girl goes into the
bedroom, They emerge a few minutes later wearing nothing, but a bra and a
thong. The girls aren't at all uncomfortable. They are more then eager to
please Dahlia. Dahlia looks at her assistants and instructs them to "begin."
Over the next few hours, the girls get a manicure, a pedicure, a bikini
wax and a complete make-over. Dahlia is quite satisfied with the result.
"You girls look lovely!" She exclaims. "Tommorow, I have a special activity
planned for you, So you girls should get some rest. Now please head to the
bed room, I'll be there in a second." Each girl heads into the bedroom and
lays down. Dahlia then enters the bedroom and says "Good night" A green gas
sprays out of Dahlia's mask over the four girls. The girls gasp slightly and
then go to sleep without a complaint. Dahlia's assistants then wheel the
tanks into the room and again secure the masks over each girls face. The
valve on each tanks is turned to the middle and each girl gets a mixture of
oxygen and mood-altering gas. "Make sure you give them enough gas, I want
them to stay in a good mood for a few days." Dahlia instructs her

Bella, Pilar, Marie and Kerry awaken to find Dahlia and her assistants
standing over them. After Last night's treatment, They are still in a good
mood and will remain so for a few days. "Good morning ladies. I hope you
slept comfortably. Today I have a treatment you're sure to love. But first
we'll get you prepared." Dahlia motions and her four assistants lead their
charges to the bathroom. One by One each girl is stripped and bathed. After
that, They are given another make-over. The women remain naked as they are
then brought to the couch in the living room. Dahlia sets in a chair in
front of them, she crosses her legs and rests her hands on her knee. Her
assistants stand behind her. showing no emotion, but secretly containing
their enthusiasm"I have something special for your girls. Angela, If you
would?" Angela brings over a special case to the girls and opens it. Inside
the case are four balls of fur, Which each girl takes into her hand. "What
are these for?" Marie asks."You'll figure it out soon. Now I have something
else for you." Dahlia looks directly at the girls and a pink gas streams out
of her mask and toward the four girls. "Are we going back to sleep Ma'am?"
Pilar asks passivley as the gas swirls around them. "No. Not at all." Dahlia
replies, her smile hidden under her mask. The gas has a very pleasent, sweet
odor, quite unlike the sleep gas, and each girl just sniffs away. The gas
also hangs in the air, It seems to take forever to desipate.

After a few minutes of sniffing, each girl starts to become aroused.
Dahlia notices and releases another stream into the air around the girls.
Each girl is now really turned on and have become very wet. "How do you
feel girls?" Dahlia asks. "Horny" Kerri replies matter-of-factly.
"Excellent. Do the rest of you feel the same way?" "Yes." The rest of the
girls reply ,almost in unison, their voices somewhat hoarse. Another stream
of gas fills the air around the four. Each finally realizes what the fur
balls are for. Kerry is the first to finally give in the urge to masturbate,
She begins to rub the fur ball against herself. Bella sees her and begins to
do the same. Marie rubs the ball across her large breasts, then against her
nipples and finally moves downward. Pilar is last, but not least, rubbing
herself intensely. Dahlia is quite satisfied with the situation, She loves
hearing each girl moan deeply and watching the pleasured looks on their
faces. She waits until the pleasure gas completly evaporates, then issues
another stream of gas. Kerry moans just upon seeing the gas and eagerly
breathes deeply as it envelopes her and her friends. Finally, Bella begins
to climax, she gasps and shakes as an orgasm goes through her. Marie also
cums, followed by Kerry and Pilar. Dahlia watches with satisfaction. She
herself is quite turned on, but maintains her cool demeaner. Dahlia waits
until each girl is finished then, simply asks: "Would you ladies like some
more gas?" Good god Yes!" Kerry replies. They watch intently at Dahlia's
mask, waiting for the gas to emerge from it's snout. Another stream of pink
gas is deposited in the air above the coach and then cascades down around
the four as they begin to use the fur balls again. The process continues
like this and so on and so on.

After what seems like hours, Dahlia is very aroused and eager to be taken
care of by her assistants. She looks at the four girls who each seem quite
fatigued after the day's activities. "Ok girls. I think that's enough. I
hope you've enjoyed today's activities. Remember it's important to keep in
touch with our bodies, so why don't each of you smell your...gifts." Dahlia
says searching for a word. each girl brings the fur ball up to their nose
and takes a sniff. Not only do they get a deep whiff of themselves, but they
each notices another strange odor underneath. Each girl realizes what the
other odor is, but all they manage to say is "uh" before they each fall
asleep. "Kerry. You were so enthusiastic. I have something special for you
tommorow" Dahlia gloats over the unconcous girls.

Kerry, Pilar, Bella and Marie awaken after a good night's sleep. They look
over and see that Dahlia and her four assistants are still there. "I hope
you feel good after yesterday's activity. Kerry, I was so pleased with your
enthuisastic reaction that I have something special planned just for you."
Dahlia says pleasently "Really?" Kerry asks, excited by the idea. "Don't
worry ladies, The rest of you will get to participate. Now let's get the day
started." Each girl is led to the bathroom to receive another bath and
another makeover. Afterwards, each women is given a black thong and a bra,
except for Kerry, Who remains naked. "Ok Ladies. I would now like the three
of you to stimulate Kerry for a few minutes." "Stimulate?" Marie asks,
Confused. "Play with her, turn her on, Do I have to be more specific?"
Dahlia explains, annoyed. Bella decides to intiate things. She leads Kerry
to the couch and sits down. Kerry sits lengthwise on the couch and on top of
Bella. Bella reaches over and puts her hand between Kerry's legs, rubbing
her lips and clit, then sticking her finger inside Kerry. Kerry hisses and
sucks in the air around her. Bella then begins to suck on Kerry's nipples.
Marie decides to join the action and begins sucking on Kerry's other breast.
Kerry moans with pleasure.

After about ten minutes, Dahlia orders to girls to stop. She reaches over
and probes Kerry's crotch. "You feel ready. I think it's time." Dahlia's
assistants leads the girls over to the bed and begins issuing instructions.
Kerry is instructed to get down on all fours in the center of the bed. Bella
is instructed to kneel in front of Kerry and to begin making out with her
when Dahlia gives Bella the signal. Dahlia then straps on a dildo and gets
on the bed behind Kerry. Pilar and Marie are told to lay down on either side
of Dahlia and to look directly at Kerry's mound so they can see (and of
course smell) what's about to happen up close. Dahlia's assistants are at
the foot of the bed. Dahlia leans forward and rubs the head of the dildo
against Kerry's lips. Kerry smiles and begins to purr. Dahila looks at Bella
and tells her "Now". Kerry and Bella begin to kiss passionatly. Dahlia then
enters Kerry. Kerry's eyes fly open and her pleasured moan is muffled by
Bella's kiss. Dahlia thrusts the dildo back and forth. Kerry excitedly
thrusts her hipsback, counter-thrusting Dahlia. Marie and Bella are
completly transfixed by what their seeing. They even being to breathe
through their noses.

Dahlia is quite satisfied with what the events. After about thirty minutes,
Kerry begins to climax. It is at that moment that Dahlia springs a naughty
suprise. A stream of her green sleep gas emerges from the snout of her mask
and is directed right at Kerry's ass. The gas bounces off and envelopes
Pilar and Marie. "No fair...uh." Pilar manages to say before she collapes to
the bed. "We wanted to watch...ohh."Marie tries to protest before she falls
asleep. Dahlia's assistans dawn gas mask to keep from breathing in the
fumes. Kerry and Bella are oblvious to what just happened. In one smooth
motion, Dahlia gently pulls out of Kerry and issues another cloud of gas
toward Kerry and Bella. Kerry and Bella's eyes fly open. They stop kissing
and gasp as Bella cluthes her throat and falls forward onto the bed, while
Kerry just plops down. Dahlia is pleased and gets off the bed. She waits for
the gas to desipate then removes her gas mask. Her pretty face is revealed
as She looks at her assistants. "I think that's enough. I would like you to
get the stasis equipment ready." Her assistants nod and leave the room.

Kerry, Bella, Pilar and Marie are placed side by side on the bed. Angela and
Roselynn secure masks over each of their faces. The masks are connected to
two huge tanks on the right side of the bed. Dahlia looks at Diana and nods.
Diana moves a lever and hissing sound fills the room as a mix of oxygen and
sleep gas fills the masks. The girls will now sleep for about a month, to
awaken only when Dahlia feels like giving them a treatment. Dahlia and her
assistants change into street clothes and begin to leave the apartment.
Dahlia pauses to say "sweet dreams" as she leaves the four girls behind to