*********** C.I.A. File# 759641 *************

Subject: Snow White
Age: unknown (30+?)
Description: 44DD-24-42 Hair:Red Eyes:Blue

She targets rich powerful people, both male and females have been her 
targets. Kidnapping, theft, blackmail, white-slavery have been her 
prime money making operations. She uses a wide range of knock-out 
devices to gain the upper hand on both her subjects and or agents.

We can fill a wing in the hospital from all the agents that have 
been "rocked" to sleep by her. Most will have to be put on desk duty 
because a side-effect of being "rocked" to sleep by her is the deep 
wanting to be put to sleep again and again.

Wire taps and other surveillance show that she is currently putting a 
group of elite females together to form her new gang. Seven in total.
The code names of her first three hopefuls are Doc, Sleepy, and 

There may be something about the names so we may be able to get a 
female agent to infiltate the group if we know what she will be 
looking for.

More info to come..........


An average day at the airport terminal, people coming and going. A flight disembarks and your typical group of travelers start to go through customs. A very pale curvy red head dressed in a full length fur coat and six inch snake skin heels comes off the plane last.

The click click of her gold tipped heels echo as she walks up to the female custom agent. A young girl in her early 20's with short black hair stares at her as she comes up to her booth. A polished removal of all the typical forms of I.D. were laid out for her to examine. "Purpose of visit?" she asks. "I am here to see my new Doc" the red head replies. "Length of stay, miss...", she looks down at she passport "Veronica Snow?". Five weeks will be about right, I do so miss my pets if I am away too much longer.

A red light comes up and the agent asks Ms. Snow to please step into a room close to the end of the gate. "Why?" Ms. Snow asks, "Have I done something wrong?"

"Well you look like you are wearing some contraband furs and your shoes also might be illegal to bring into this country."

"Well I think you are making a big mistake", as the agent walks her into the room.

"Please have a seat and my boss will be in to help you fill out the proper forms to get you on you way."

Ms. Snow reaches for her purse and asks If it was ok to smoke, "It helps me to relax, don't you want to relax?"

The agent grabs her purse and tells her that it is illegal to smoke in the airport. Just then her boss come in. A slighty older (by only a few months) woman enters.

"I have some bad news for you. Your wardrobe is to be put in storage untill you leave."

Just them her cell phone starts to ring. The agent's manager answers it. "Hello? No Ms. Snow is not ready to be picked up, she will be here for around an hour or so."

As the phone call is going on Ms. Snow tells the other agent that her wardrobe are knockoff's and not real.

"Sure looks real to me." Sandy the first agent replied.

Ms. Snow takes off her shoe and pulls the gold tip right off. "There you see want I mean, fake!" and starts waving the gold tipped tube in front of her nose.

"I still think they look real to me" Sandy says.

"Oh they are you see but I'm not" Ms Snow states as a jet of pink gas streams from the tube.

"Ohhhhhh" is all the Sandy can say as her eyes roll back and falls to the ground.

Ms Snow then looks over to Candy, the other's boss,and sees her start to fall over as another stream of pink gas comes out of the phone she was just talking on. She picks up the phone after it stops and tells her driver to pick her up in half an hour.

Candy and Sandy wake up a few moments later to find themselves bound and gagged to the chairs with Ms Snow looking at them with a very evil grin.

"Well since It looks like I will have to do some shopping on this trip to replace my clothes you impounded, you will be my first to try my newest sleep drug.I call it wet-dreams."

Snow goes into her bag and puls out a bottle of clear oil and some rubber gloves. "It will make you very horny and unable to think about anything else after your first orgasm and after your second you will crave another and another but you will slowly be getting sleeeeepy and will pass out total spent. Doesn't that sound like fun?" Snow asks as she dons the rubber gloves.

Grunts and sobs come from both girls as they try to get free.

"From the way the both of you have treated me it seems like you both need a little nap." Snow tell the girls as she pours some of the oil on each of the girls' nipples. More grunts and moans issue from the two. "Looks like I will have to start you off before I can leave you two."

A gloved hand pinches and rubs each girl until their first orgasm happens. A glassy look comes over the both of them and it looks like like they might fall asleep right then.

"Good girls. Now I can untie you and you will not stop me. A shame I can't stay to see who falls sleep first or how many orgasms it will take."

As if on command both girls eyes open and they start to masturbate without any concern for the red headed stranger leaving the room. "Have some very wet dreams, the both of you." Snow says as she walks out of the airport and into her limo. "No bags this time just some naughty girls needing some nap time." Snow tell the driver as it speeds into the night............

Snow White is here and going out shop! Heaven Help us All...........