Carlos was only 18, but his position was an important one. Guarding
Baron Lechen's mansion was a full time task. The German Nazi-in-
hiding knew the Mossad was closing in on him, and he had doubled his
sentries. He and his partner Luisa, also 18, grasped their AK-47s as
they stood by the outer gate. Tonight was the night he would ask her
to be be his woman. His father had never taught him how to
finesse a lady, but she was too much to resist...those dark brown
eyes and black hair glistened.

(translated from Spanish)

"Luisa..." he started, admiring the way her body looked in the

"Yes?" she replied, AK at her side...smiling. He knew right then
that she felt the same.

"Would you...." he coughed a little. "

Her eyes widened a little, and he saw a tinge of sadness hit her
pupils...The answer, he imagines, will be no.

"Yes." she said, a smile making her way to her lips. She looked
down...switching from a smile to a confused grimace. Carlos followed
her gaze...elated, and then uncertain. What was wrong?

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small vial of perfume,
spraying a bit onto her neck and then putting it back. Such things
were prohibited, but Carlos said nothing. He awaited more....there
HAD to be more!

"Carlos..." She said, her eyes both powerfully sad and excited at
the same time. "Please kiss me."

He blubbered a little, almost dropping the AK, but he stepped close
and kissed her the way a woman should be kissed....long and hard. He
pulled away, breathing heavily.

"Now..." she said, pointing to her neck. "Kiss me here...."

He smiled and complied, kissing her skin...soft and tender....tan and
perfect. The perfume wafted into his nostrils, and in his ecstacy,
he didn't notice his legs start to lose their gravity....Luisa
caressed him, her fingers making their way to his own neck...she
suddenly took her thumb and forefinger and pinched a large chucnk of
nerve cluster exactly where he had been trained to pinch in order

"whu....?" he moaned....suddenly groggy. He could hear Luisa sniff,
as if holding back tears.

"Sorry, mi vida." She whispered. "The money was too good. I had to
accept her offer." She squeezed.

The nerve pinch lulled him to a near unconscious state as the perfume
cleared his mind.

"You will not wake up for quite some time..." she said softly.

"MMM hmm..yess..." he moaned. Carlos was no more. All that was left
was a blank slate for Luisa to program with her fragrance, which with
the neck pinch had put him in a perfectly suggestible hypnotic
state. She fought back tears.... eyes watched from the shadows.

She looked into the woods, holding Carlos up. "May I make it good
for him?" she called out.

A voice, sweet and feminine, yet tight and deadly, daid: "Very well."

She nodded....and turned to Carlos. "You are in bed...with
me....right now....I am naked, covered in oil...waiting for you to
enter me. You make your way inside...."

Carlos goraned slightly, eyes rolling, but the suggestion came
through loud and clear. His teenage cock hardened to its full
potential, pushing against Luisa's lower belly, begging to break out
of the fatigues.

She carressed his hair. "Mow mi niñ fuck me.
Hard....Pumping in and out of me..."

She could feel his cock stiffening, convulsing......against her.

"Yes...." she said softly...her own pussy moistening. She suddenly
realized that she loved him as her hand formed a perfct knife's

"This is not a blow of pain, love." she sighed....holding the hand
high and at a perfect angle. "It is your climax. And after you will
sleep afterwards, for as long as you have ever slept."

Carlos nodded, the karate chop came down,
connecting with his shoulder where it met the neck.

"UUGHHNNN!!!!" was his groan as his head snapped back. She released
him and noticed that his cock's head had escaped the outer edge of
his fatigues. He stood and started to fall back, convulsing as jet
after jet of his milk spurt and hit Luisa's chest. She closed her
eyes, trying to imagine it in a bedroom....trying to make her actions
more reasonable by putting herself in the same scenario she had
tranced into Carlos.

Carlos continued to spurt as he landed softly on the
grass...completely unconscious.

"It is done" Luisa said, lightly tapping the fluids on her chest.

From the dark, agent Faith Black made her way into the light, her
body wrapped in black leather...balck hair tied back...face
beautiful, green eyes knowing and wise.

She stood behind Luisa, a soft and thoughtful smile making its way to
her lips. She looked at the unconscious teen in the grass.

"Couldn't have done it better myself." She said. "The money will
reach your father's village tomorrow, as promised."

Luisa nodded.

"You know what is to come next, yes?"

Luisa nodded yet again. "Please....make it quick."

That same thoughtful gaze resting in her eyes, Faith reached into a
small belt compartment and pulled out a lipstick shaped tube. With a
slick and silent motion she pressed it to the side of the teen
Latina's neck, depressing a trigger. A silent "SSSSSSSSSSS...."
escaped the tube and Luisa's eyes went slightly crosseyed, her body
drooping back. Her eyelids fluttered as she was suddenly held up by
the powerful 6' Jewish beauty. "mmmmhmmmm..." she muttered.

"You will remember nothing" Faith whispered.

"nuh....nothing....nada..." Luisa droned softly.

"and the gate keycode?" Faith continued.


"Your ignorance will save you." Faith continued...then paused. The
actions taken by the young male and this sentry were touching. She
knew that they did what they did out of neccesity, and not due to
any allegiance to the swastika.

"As you fall asleep, lovely one." Faith said. "It will be the thrust
of Carlos' member into your pussy...."

And with that, Agent Black pressed her trained thumbs into the sides
of Luisa's neck, cutting the carotid arteries completely, the flow of
blood stopped to the lovely sentry's brain.

Luisa groaned, then she gasped. Her legs trembled, and a
dark stain formed on the crotch of her fatigues as her vaginal walls
produced fluids at lighting speeds. She quivered, her clitoris
suddenly engorged, her mind working her body as the sleeper thumb
press worked her consciousness. She suddered, orgasming like an
enraged animal, quivering....

"Yes...." Faith said passionately. "Duermate.....SLEEEEEEEEEP."

Luisa moaned a short "Si......" and came for the 4th time in the span
of 10 seconds...a feat that would have sent any other woman into
unconsciousness. She said a small "uhhh!" after each wave, and as
the 6th climax pulsated its way through her drenched pussy, the blood
deprivation finished its work. She was out cold. Unconscious. She
swayed, fell forward, and landed on top of Carlos, her head resting
on the still spurting shaft that bulged from his pants. Her ass
quivered as the last orgasm pulsated through her, and she
sighed....her face now crowded by a satisfied and restful smile.

"It's difficult..." Faith whispered. "...being such a good guy."

The agent smiled and looked towards the gate, her grin turning into a
determined and tight lipped scowl.

"Lechen...your time has come."