I looked over at the clock and saw it was three AM.  I listened for a 
moment wondering if I had been dreaming or there really was a noise 
downstairs.  All was silent and just as I turned to go back to sleep 
I heard a distinct crash, like one of the glass balls had fall or 
been knocked from the tree.  Leaning over I grabbed my gun from the 
night table and made my way downstairs.

I crept softly towards the family room where the Christmas tree was 
and saw a shadow playing across the floor as I approached.

"Whoever you are hold it right there!  I've got a gun!"

I was shocked as I flipped on the light switch and saw an incredibly 
beautiful young woman dressed in what looked like a 'Santa's Helper' 
costume although it was much sexier than those the girls at the mall 
wore.  It was a red satin bikini top with white fur trim along with 
red satin hot shorts also trimmed in white fur.  A red ribbon tied 
her long blonde hair off her face and sent it cascading down her 
back.  Red fishnet stockings and thigh high red boots completed the 
outfit along with a short pair red gloves.  Both boots and gloves 
were trimmed in the same white fur.  She stood before me hands 
raised, but with a sexy smile on her red lips that exuded more 
confidence than surrender.  Her breasts seemed to swell against the 
shiny top and I couldn't help noticing her well toned curves the 
outfit showed off.

"Who are you and what you doing in my house!"  I demanded.

"Why I'm Santa's little helper and you're being a very naughty boy 
right now.  Little boys like you are supposed to be asleep on 
Christmas Eve."

"I'm not a little boy and I don't like games.  I'll ask you once more 
before I call the police.  Who are you?"

"I told you I'm Santa's little helper and here to give you a very 
special Christmas gift."  The woman's voice was almost musical and I 
found myself put a little at ease by her beautiful smile and melodic 

"Great, which one of the guys put you up to this?" I asked lowering 
his gun.

The woman strutted towards me with an air of grace and confidence.  
She held out her soft gloved palm and blew.  Tiny pieces of glitter 
flew from her hand into my face.

"Wh-what wass that?"  I asked felling suddenly very sleepy.

"Just some elven magic to make you sleep."  She laughed as the gun 
tumbled from my suddenly weak hand.

"Poor baby too sleepy to play now?"  She cooed picking up the gun and 
sliding the barrel down between her ample cleavage.  "Mmmmm, I'm sooo 
good at what I do."  She licked her lips continuing to tease her 

I was fighting with all my strength to keep my eyes open when I felt 
her gloved hand slide inside my boxer shorts.  Her fur encased 
slender hand felt incredible on my skin.

"My my Mr. Stark it seem being put to sleep by a sexy thief is quite 
a turn on for you.  I'd love to stay and try to keep you awake, but I 
really must finish cleaning out your safe."

The woman leaned in and kissed me deeply while her soft fur lined 
hand continued to play with my manhood.

"Nighty night."  She whispered breaking the kiss.

I struggled with all my will to open my eyes.  As they opened I saw a 
pair of beautiful deep red lips pucker and blow.  Glitter filled my 

"I really am good at what I do."  The woman purred as Johnathon's 
body slumped to the floor.