"We have our next contract," Veronica Fox informed her little sister 
as she came into her plush private office in the balcony of the Fox 
Den. "Another Intelli-tech executive." 

She threw the file on the glass coffee table in front of the leather 
sofa where Victoria reclined smoking one of her favorite Davidoff 
cigars. Sung Lee, one of her favorites, stood behind her gently 
massaging her scalp. 

"Would you like a massage Ronnie? Sung Lee has the most talented 

"Read," ordered her elder sister.

Victoria, ever the drama queen, sighed and sat up waving the Korean 
girl away. Veronica took a seat in an over-stuffed leather chair. The 
33-year old had the same aristocratic features and commanding air as 
her younger sibling, but hazel eyes whereas Vicki's were blue, and 
straight jet-black hair that contrasted strikingly with her sister's 
golden locks. The brunette beauty pulled out a gold cigarette case 
and extracted a gold-filtered Sobraine `Black Russian' cigarette. 

Sung Lee, well-trained moll that she was, quickly produced a light 
for her. Her thanks was a face-full of relaxing smoke. The sensual 
siren then pointed a leather-gloved hand and the Asian dropped 
obediently to her knees. Veronica opened her red fox fur coat and 
uncrossed her legs. She was wearing a short black leather skirt, 
black silk stocking and stiletto heels. 

"Let's see if your tongue is as talented as your fingers, shall we?" 
she asked guiding the young girl's head between her legs.

Never one to argue, Sung Lee began licking her pussy with quiet 
efficiency. Queen Victoria, as her sister referred to her as, began 
to peruse the contents of the folder.

"Lance Tanner," she read. "35 years old, bachelor, ooh very 
handsome," she commented glancing at the enclosed photo. "Perhaps, 
I'll just handle this one myself," she mused.

"Remember what we discussed about keeping a low profile?" chided 
Veronica. "This is exactly why we are building our team. We'll plan 
the operation and the Vixens will carry it out."

"Oh pish-tosh, you're such a worry-wart. Now let's see what 
weaknesses our Mr. Tanner has. Any women in his life? Wife, fiancée, 
girlfriends? After all, the way to a man is though a woman."

"He's not married. No steady relationships to speak of. It seems that 
he's married to the job, as they say."

"Wrong again sister dear," Victoria informed her. "Any man who spends 
that much time at work, has a woman in his life that he sees more 
than most husbands see their wives."

"His secretary!" Veronica finished for her.

"Precisely. And here she is," continued the blonde brandishing 
another color photo. "Jane Reynolds – 32, single, lives alone. Like 
her boss, she works a lot," she read from the provided dossier on the 

"She's not unattractive," commented Veronica. "A bit mousy perhaps, 
but we can work with it. Secretly attracted to the boss, perhaps?"

"Not unless he has a pussy he hasn't told anyone about. It seems Miss 
Reynolds is a little dyke."

She slid the folder across the table to her elder sister.

"Visits the Rainbow Room, frequently after work for a glass of wine. 
Always leaves alone. Mr. Yamamoto's intelligence is very detailed as 
always. I don't understand why he doesn't do the abductions himself."

"Following people around taking pictures is one thing, but a 
kidnapping requires the skill and panache of true artists. Like us."

"Fine, so we have a lesbian, but a shy one."

"I think perhaps one of our girls can bring her out of her shell. 
What do you say Sung Lee, in the mood to seduce a dyke?"

The Korean cutie stopped her oral ministrations and nodded eagerly.

"What makes you think she could do it?" queried the brunette brothel 
owner. "She's not the best head I've ever gotten."

"No? Well, let's see about that. Sung sweetie, why don't you show 
Veronica that ancient Asian sex secret you do for me, hmm?"

The almond-eyed Asian smiled and dipped her head again. Seconds later 
Veronica's eyes flew wide open.

"Oh! Oh my god!"

This went on for several minutes as Sung Lee's swirling tongue worked 
it's magic. 

"Convinced now darling?" teased the blonde after her sister had 
slumped exhausted on the chair. She had been given four orgasms in 
less than ten minutes and it was apparent that the Korean could make 
her cum at will.

Veronica nodded tiredly and lit another cigarette. "Where did you 
learn how to do that?" she asked her sister's petite pet. 

"Family secret," the slim seductress replied simply.

"If you're done getting your trim tickled, I think I have an idea," 
interrupted Victoria. "Sung Lee, go clean up, my sister's cunt has 
made a mess of your face."

The girl bowed humbly to her mistress and left. Veronica meanwhile 
had collected herself and was focused once again on the task at hand.

"So what's your grand idea Your Highness?"

"Now don't be petty because my girls lick pussy better than yours. 
After all, I did let you try her out."

"Fine, you were right about the girl. Her tongue is amazing. How is 
that going to get us Lance Tanner?"

"Well, while you were squirming and panting, I was studying. It seems 
that Mr. Tanner is quite vain."

"Aren't all men?"

"True, but he is even more so. Weekly appointments to a very frou-
frou spa, for manicure, pedicure, facial. I'm thinking we should give 
Mr. Tanner one of our relaxing beauty treatments."

"That sounds divine."

"Yes. Unfortunately, the salon frequented by our target is quite 
popular and busy. It would make a tough place for a grab," she 
admitted sucking thoughtfully on her cigar.

"So what would you suggest?"

"I have just the thing. There is a nice little spa called Salon 
Pierre in a much quieter part of town. We will lure our prey there."

"And how do you propose we do that?"

"Really Ronnie, must I think of everything. First, Sung Lee will 
entice that pussy-starved secretary of his into our ranks. Then Miss 
Reynolds will make him an appointment at Pierre's. However, instead 
of a gay Frenchman, he will find the Foxy Ladies and voila, one 
sleepy executive coming up!"

"You make it sound so easy Victoria."

"Not easy my dear, but it will definitely be fun. Round up the girls, 
we have a man to capture!"

Veronica went to her desk and buzzed her personal assistant. Moments 
later a very professional looking young woman with a short sexy 
blonde bob and fashionable glasses entered the room. Tiffany Sloane 
had the mind of an MBA and the body of one of her boss' strippers. 
Tiffany handled all of the clubs money issues as well as 
any `logistics' involved in their less legal schemes.

"You buzzed ma'am?" asked the blonde as she smoothed her short navy-
blue skirt.

"Yes Tiffany. Where are the Vixens?"

"I just saw Sung Lee going into the ladies room. The triplets are on 
stage, Nikita is in the `champagne room' giving a football player a 
blowjob, and Morgan is filming it in case you need to incriminate him 

"Excellent, I want them all to report to my office immediately. My 
sister and I will also need appointments at Salon Pierre for this 
evening. That will be all."

Soon after, the sisters Fox, had their lovely lackeys assembled 
before them. Sexy Sung Lee with face washed and makeup freshly 
applied; the terrific triplets Ava, Zsa Zsa, and Magda, dressed as 
naughty schoolgirls; pretty little Miss Morgan camera in hand; and 
the femme Nikita looking absolutely edible in a short black latex 
skirt and tube-top. The Czech chick looked bored as always, as she 
stood and smoked a long all-white cigarette. Tiffany, efficient as 
always, settled down with a legal pad to take notes.

"Thank you for coming ladies," began Victoria. "It seems that there 
is another gentleman from Intelli-tech who is in need of a nice long 
nap. Mr. Yamamoto is going to pay us a cool one million dollars to 
sing this little baby a lullaby."

That certainly got the ladies attention. They were all ears.

"I thought that might interest you. Now, here's the plan…"


Jane Reynolds arrived at the Rainbow Room at 8:00pm as usual. She 
ordered her customary glass of white wine and sat at a quiet table in 
the corner. She was a plain-featured woman, but not ugly, with 
stringy brown hair and little makeup. She was painfully shy, which is 
why she came to this establishment. Jane wasn't even really a 
lesbian. Women were just easier to put off than men were. And every 
now and then she actually found someone she could have a conversation 
with, unlikely in a straight bar. Jane was halfway done with her 
wine, when a quiet voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Excuse me, but would you mind if I joined you?"

Jane looked up to see a lovely Asian girl smiling at her. She had 
dark, almond-shaped eyes that glistened with amusement and a smoky 
complexion highlighted by exquisite makeup. Her shiny black hair was 
swept back and held in place by golden Geisha-style hair-sticks 
adorned with rubies.

"Er, were you talking to me?"

"Yes," replied the exotic beauty as she slid into the booth.

The staid secretary could only stare at the mysterious creature. 
Unlike her own boring business attire, her new companion was a vision 
of Oriental elegance. Her dress was scarlet red silk embroidered with 
golden flowers in the Asian style, very tight and very short. Her 
long legs were encased in sheer white stockings, more flowers 
decorating their length. Black garters were plainly visible, running 
from her stocking tops to disappear under her dress. The girl noticed 
Jane staring at her legs and raised a perfectly penciled eyebrow. 

"I'm Jade," said the scarlet temptress extending a hand covered in 
sheer, black elbow-length gloves.

"I'm Jane," came the nervous reply. "It's, um, nice to meet you."

"Jane and Jade. What a coincidence."

The girl had a friendly demeanor that belied her glamorous looks and 
put Jane at ease. She opened her red silk purse and pulled out a 
black metallic cigarette case and shiny gold lighter. She extracted a 
long white cigarette and prepared to light it.

"I'm sorry, how rude of me. You don't mind if I smoke do you?"

Jane in fact did mind, or at least she normally would, but she could 
only shake her head mutely as the girl lit up. 

"Would you care for one?" she asked holding up the obviously 
expensive case.

"I… don't smoke," replied Jane staring raptly at the girl as she 
exhaled a white plume above their heads. For some reason she felt 
disappointed when the girl gave a small shrug and placed the case 
back in her bag. Inexplicably, Jane felt an urge to please this girl. 

She attempted to flag a waitress down, but was ignored until Jade 
raised a gloved hand. A perky blond waitress materialized as if from 
thin air.

"What can I get for you sweetie?" she asked batting her eyelashes at 

"Shanghai surprise. And one for my friend as well."

Jane started to protest that she didn't want one, but the waitress 
was already gone.

"So Jane, what do you do?" asked Sung Lee, aka Jade, once they were 

"I'm an administrative assistant for a technology firm," she 
replied. "It's rather boring really. And you, Jade?"

"I'm a lingerie model," she told her exhaling another cloud of smoke 
into the air. She made a show of blowing the smoke away from Jane, as 
if to be polite, but she held the cigarette at an angle expertly 
calculated so that the smoke trailed into her face.

"That sounds… exciting."

"It can be."

Jane was at a loss for words and was almost relieved when the 
waitress arrived with their drinks. They were pink and fruity with 
little umbrellas in them, the kind of drink Jane normally couldn't 
stand. Tonight however, the concoction seemed very festive to her and 
it tasted delicious. Perhaps it was the presence of her intriguing 
new friend.

"Are you alright dear? You look a little flush."

Jane looked at the dark-haired girl whose face was an inscrutable 
mask. Her head felt like it was full of cotton and her face was hot. 
She went to take a sip of her drink and was surprised to see that it 
was empty. She couldn't have drunk it that fast, could she?

"I think I need some air," she said weakly.

Jade nodded and helped her up. She took the unsteady girl's arm and 
led her to the door. She handed one of the women working the door her 
valet ticket and a fifty.

"Waited here sweetheart, I'll get our coats."

Jane did as she was told and leaned against the building taking deep 
breaths of the cool night air. Jade returned just as her black Viper 
pulled up at the curb. She was wearing a short, luxurious white mink 
jacket that just barely covered her cute ass, but did nothing to hide 
her shapely legs. The sexy siren's red stiletto sandals rang on the 
pavement as she strode to the car. She opened the passenger door and 
threw Jane's plain wool coat into the back.

"Get in sweetie," she ordered as she walked around to the driver's 
side. She gave the female valet an outrageous tip and a kiss on the 
cheek before climbing behind the wheel. 

Jane got in and settled into the plush leather seat just as the car 
lurched forward tires smoking. 

"Feeling better dumpling?"

"Yes I don't know what came over me. I was very hot all of a sudden."

"Yes I have that affect," replied Jade smiling.

Jane blushed and grew silent while the Korean beauty lit another 
cigarette. She felt very tired and had to stifle a yawn.

"That's right dear just relax. I'll have you home in a jiffy." She 
exhaled filling the car with smoke.

Jane was to fuzzyheaded to realize that she hadn't told the girl 
where home was. She leaned back and closed her eyes. She awoke to 
find that the car had stopped. Jade was sitting in the driver's seat 
staring at her.

"Welcome back sleepyhead. We're here."

"We're where?"

"Why, at my place silly," the foreign femme told her leaning closer. 
She rested a hand on the drowsy girl's knee.

"Um, it was nice of you to give me a ride Jade, and you're a very 
pretty girl but…"

"Shhh," replied the silky seductress. She leaned over and kissed the 
girl on the lips, her tongue probing for an opening. Her hand slid up 
the girl's smooth nylon-covered thigh. Finally Jane surrendered to 
the kiss. Her mouth opened and her own tongue tentatively explored 
the sensual stranger's lips. All she could smell was Jade's exotic 
perfume, enveloping her like a cloud of opium. The mink was thick 
with the scent and heavenly soft as it brushed against her face. 
Abruptly, Jane pulled away and Jade sighed in annoyance. She had been 
sure that the girl was ready.

"I'm sorry Jade, but I just can't."

"It's ok baby. I know you want me, just come up to my room. You won't 
regret it."

"It's just that, I've never been with a woman before."

"Tell you what. Let's make a bet. I think you want me. I think you're 
wet just thinking about me. So, you're going to take off your 
panties. If you're the naughty little girl that I think you are, they 
are going to be all damp and sticky. If they are you're going to come 
upstairs with me and let me put you to bed. If not, well, I'll take 
you home no questions asked."

The whole time she had been talking, her gloved fingers traced light 
circles on Jane's leg. The inexperienced secretary gulped. As if her 
body was moving on it's own, she slowly began to wriggle out of her 
boring white panties. Jade held out her hand and she sheepishly 
handed over the full sized briefs. Sure enough, there was a large 
damp spot on the front of the white cotton undies.

"Tsk, tsk," scolded the Asian lovely. "Just as I thought, a very 
dirty girl. As punishment, you will come upstairs with your panties 

Without another word, Jade slid from the car. She walked over to the 
sidewalk and waited with her hands on her hips while Jane got out. 
Without a word she spun and walked into her apartment and past the 
doorman without even acknowledging him. She carried Jane's panties 
quite visibly in her hand. Jane could only hurry after her like a 
chastened child, offering a mumbled `thank you' to the man holding 
the door for her. They crossed the lobby and got into a waiting 
elevator, where Jade wasted no time in pushing the button for the 
penthouse. Jane was confused by her sudden dominant behavior. As if 
sensing her discomfort, Jade smiled and moved closer. She enveloped 
the girl in a furry hug and kissed her deeply. Jane melted under the 
girl's attention until the doors opened and the temptress broke the 
kiss and waltzed into her apartment, once again leaving Jane to 
follow behind like a lost puppy.

The apartment was magnificent, and very nicely decorated in an 
Oriental motif. Jade threw her coat onto a chair and sat on an 
elegant red silk divan. She crossed her lovely legs and patted the 
seat next to her. Jane sat down shyly. The Asian girl smiled and 
pulled the adornments from her hair, letting the glossy black mane 
fall over her shoulders.

"Those hair pieces are exquisite," remarked Jane, hoping to slow 
things down with conversation. "Wherever did you get them?"

"These are very special heirlooms. They have been in my family for 

"That sounds fascinating. Tell me about them."

"Very well. My great-great-great-great-great grandmother was the 
nursemaid to a Princess. She was a very naughty girl and very 
spoiled. She would never go to bed when she was told to. The Princess 
was willful and stubborn and would force herself to stay up all 
night. Then she would fall asleep the next day at court. This 
infuriated her mother the Queen! Falling asleep at court just 
wouldn't do. She tried punishing the girl and even the servants, but 
nothing would work. Finally she decided to offer a reward. The 
servant that could make the princess sleep at night would be elevated 
to the position of Royal Concubine, a revered position in that 
culture. There was no king, so the concubine's only job was to 
pleasure the Queen, who was a very beautiful woman. Furthermore, the 
woman clever enough to make her daughter sleep would receive the 
Queen's very own ruby hair adornments. A veritable fortune to any of 
the servants back then, and priceless today." She held the golden, 
jewel-encrusted items up.

"Now my ancestor wanted very much to own these, and even more to be 
the Queen's concubine for it was a position of great respect. She 
went to the Queen and asked to borrow the hairpins. She said that if 
the Queen came to the Princess' bedchamber that evening she would 
find the child fast asleep. The Queen agreed and sure enough, when 
she visited her daughter, the girl was in a deep sleep. The Queen 
immediately decreed that the nursemaid would keep the cherished pins 
and would be her new concubine, a post that the women of my family 
continued to serve in for many, many years."

"That's a remarkable story," Jane told her. "But how did she make the 
Princess sleep?"

"Easy. She waved these hairpins in the Princess' face," Jade replied 
demonstrating by slowly running them under Jane's nose. As she did a 
red gas wafted from the tips of the ruby hairpieces. The gas smelled 
spicy like Jade's perfume. Jane's vision wavered and she saw the 
devious young dame smiling at her as if through rose-colored stained 
glass. Then she simply collapsed on the silk-cushioned sofa.
Jade placed her tricky gadgets on the end table and selected a 
cigarette from a black-lacquered box. She lit it and exhaled 
luxuriantly towards her sleeping captive. She picked up the phone and 

"Hello my Queen, the Princess is asleep."


Lance Tanner was in early as usual. He had been working for well over 
an hour when he buzzed his secretary, Miss Reynolds. There was a 
light knock on the door.

"Come in," he said, without looking up from his work. 

"Good morning Mr. Tanner." 

The voice was very sexy and yet professional at the same time. He 
looked up and saw that the voice belonged to a petite blonde. She was 
very attractive, with bright blue eyes behind her stylish glasses, 
and her hair trimmed in a short, sexy bob. Her navy blue skirt was a 
bit on the short side, the heels of her black leather shoes a tad 
higher than appropriate. Her blouse was a filmy, almost transparent 
white that did little to disguise the black satin and lace bra 

"You're not Miss Reynolds," he said, stupidly stating the obvious.

"No I am not. Miss Reynolds called in sick today. I am Tiffany Sloane 
and I will be taking care of all of your needs until Miss Reynolds is 
feeling better."

The young executive blushed a little. He was sure that her tone had 
been a bit suggestive when she said that she would fill his `needs'.

"Shall I sit while we go over your schedule?" she asked, not 
bothering to wait for his mute nod before settling herself on the 
corner of his desk. She crossed her slim stockinged legs and fixed 
her ice-blue eyes on him. 

He swallowed and tried not to stare at her legs. He risked a quick 
glance and was rewarded by a glimpse of creamy white skin above her 
stocking tops, the pale flesh framed by black garters. She was 
wearing garters! Tanner forced his eyes back to meet hers, fighting a 
growing erection in his pants. In any case, the girl didn't seem to 
notice, she continued to stare at him with a decidedly superior air. 

"Yes, well, what is my schedule for today Miss Sloane?" he asked, 
trying to re-assert himself. 

"You have a 2pm appointment at Salon Pierre."

"Salon Pierre? But I always go to Tristan's for my treatments."

"Really Mr. Tanner, Salon Pierre is the hottest spa in town."

"Hmm, interesting. Why do you suppose Miss Reynolds didn't know that?"

"Well, Jane isn't exactly what you'd call stylish now is she?"

"You have a point. So, what does the rest of my day look like?"

"Completely empty."

"Empty! That can't be. I'm usually in meetings all day!"

"Yes, I know. I've been going over your appointment book and you've 
been working too much. You need a nice quiet day to rest."

"I don't have time to rest!"

"Nonsense," she told him getting up from the desk. There was 
a fresh bouquet of flowers in a vase on the windowsill behind him. 
She selected one and held it to her nose.

"Lovely," she remarked inhaling the fragrance. "You know what they 
say darling. You need to stop and smell the roses."

She held the blossom up to his face and he leaned forward to take a 
sniff. As he did so a green gas drifted up into his face. He looked 
at Tiffany in surprise and she smiled at him. 

"Why," he gasped, struggling to get out of the chair. His head was 

"I told you, you need a nap," she told him, pushing him back into his 
chair as sweet-smelling gas continued to pour out of the flower.
His head sank to the desk. 

"That's right baby, beddie-bye time," Tiffany cooed softly as his 
eyes fluttered and closed. 

Jane Reynolds heard voices murmuring in the background when she 
awoke. Considering that she lived alone, this fact would normally 
have disturbed her greatly. But she was so warm and sleepy that she 
didn't even want to open her eyes. The smell of cigar smoke, 
surprisingly sweet, tickled her nostrils. She nestled her head into 
the soft satin pillow and pulled the mink comforter snug under her 
chin. Something was rubbing her cheek and she tried to shrug away, 
not wanting her glorious nap to end.

"Someone is a lazy girl, aren't they? Wake up, little lazy bones," 
chided a sweet feminine voice.

"Why don't you just let the slut sleep Vic?" interjected another 
female in a deeper more sultry tone.

"Because Ronnie, she's my toy and I want to play with it," insisted 
the first woman. 

"Wake up little one," teased Victoria Fox, tickling the sleeping 
Jane's cheek with her feather boa.

Jane opened her sleep-blurred eyes and yawned. She looked around 
dazedly and stretched; shook her head to try and clear the cobwebs 
from it. She was in an immense round bed, draped in black satin 
sheets and black mink comforter, a huge mound of pillows in all 
shapes piled atop it. And there reclining next her, like a modern day 
Cleopatra, was Victoria Fox. She was clad in a shimmering gown of 
silver satin, with long matching satin gloves and a white ostrich-
feather boa. She was smoking a long cigar. 

"That's better," cooed the blonde sliding closer on the bed. "I 
thought you were going to sleep all day and that's no fun."

The sleepy secretary sat up in surprise. The sheets fell away and she 
saw, to her horror, that she was naked. Embarrassed she ducked down 
and pulled the mink comforter up over her head.

"Aw, don't be shy, you have cute little tits," insisted Victoria 
ripping the covers away.

"Who are you? Where am I?" demanded the scared girl as she tried to 
cover herself with her arms.

"Both very good questions," approved the blonde as she leered at her 
naked captive. "However, I am not inclined to answer either of them." 

She blew a cloud of fragrant cigar smoke into Jane's face.

She went to wave the fumes away and when she did, the fantastic femme 
reached out and grabbed a now unprotected tit. Jane squealed and 
tried to cover herself but Victoria was determined. She rolled over 
and on top of the girl. She straddled the smaller female's belly and 
began to fondle her tits. Jane struggled weakly against her gorgeous 
tormentor, but was obviously no match. The blonde treated her to 
another face-full of cigar smoke and Jane found herself becoming 
oddly relaxed. 

"There, isn't that better?" she soothed. "Breathe my sleepy smoke and 
stop fighting."

She drew on the cigar and leaned down to kiss the now 
helpless honey. Her tongue coaxed the girl's mouth open and then 
their lips met. A ball of white smoke drifted lazily past Victoria's 
lips and into Jane's yearning mouth. The girl inhaled the sensual 
cloud and Victoria felt all the tension melt from the girl beneath 
her. She finished her exhale into the girl's face.

"Excellent," she purred. There would be no more fighting from this 
one. "Veronica darling, could you hand me that dildo please? The big 
silver one?"

The brunette belle sighed loudly and lowered the magazine she 
was reading. It was called `Men: The Weaker Sex' and featured a 
blonde in a cowboy hat and leather chaps `herding' a number of naked, 
cowering men into a pen with her bullwhip. Veronica was more serious 
than her younger sister, certainly more ruthless. She was a kidnapper 
because it paid very well, while Victoria seemed to view the whole 
thing as a lark; a turn-on.

"I don't know what you even see in that little cow anyway," 
she commented icily taking the 8-inch metallic cock from the table 
and tossing it on the bed. "She's not even that attractive."

Victoria took the phallus and stuck it in the girl's mouth, 
giving her the choice to suck or choke. She gagged a little but 
quickly caught on and began sucking like a hungry baby.

"You're right of course," replied the young blonde. "She's 
rather scraggly. But if we clean her up some, new hair, makeup, wax 
the legs and that overgrown cunt of hers – why she might make at 
least a decent maid. Yes, we'll take her with us to the salon and 
give her a makeover. It'll be fun. And won't Mr. Tanner be surprised 
when he sees his new and improved secretary sitting next to him when 
he gets put to sleep. Delicious!"

As if on cue, Tiffany waltzed into the room. Her Mistress, 
sheathed from head to toe in supple black leather, immediately turned 
to her. 

"Everything is set," announced the business-like blond. "Mr. 
Tanner is currently enjoying a nap, but he will be to the salon by 

Veronica checked her watch, 10:45am. That gave them plenty of 
time to commandeer Salon Pierre for their nefarious purposes. 

"Time to get dressed sister dear," she ordered. "You can play 
with your slut later."

Victoria sighed and pulled the dildo from the girl's mouth.
"Time for sleepies wittle Janie-poo," she cooed squeezing the 
base of the silver cock. 

It erupted in an orgasm of sleep-spray, a fine liquid mist that 
coated the secretary's face. The girl tried ineffectually to wipe it 
away, but quickly succumbed to the potent chemical. Victoria nodded 
happily as the girl nodded off. She slid off of the bed and slinked 
towards the door.	

"Have her put in the car," she instructed Tiffany on her way out. She 
turned and struck a super-model pose in the doorway. "It's time for 
the Foxes to prowl!"


Lance Tanner awoke to the shrill ring of the telephone. Lifting his 
head off of his desk he picked it up.

"Hello," he said, still somewhat disoriented.

"Hello Mr. Tanner," replied a female voice. "This is your one o'clock 
wake-up call."

"Wake-up call?" he asked dazedly.

"Yes you don't want to be late for your 2pm appointment."

"Right," he agreed. 

The line went dead. He hung the phone and looked around his office. 

Looking down he noticed that there was a note on his desk. It was in 
a flowery feminine hand and smelled faintly of perfume. He read:
`Lance Darling,
I hope you enjoyed your nap. I'm off lingerie shopping. Don't forget 
your appointment at Pierre's.
Hugs and Kisses – Tiffany'

A sheet of directions accompanied the note, so he took them and left 
the office. He went to his car and began to drive. He was beginning 
to wake up, but was still feeling muddle-headed - the after-effects 
of his sleep-gas hangover. The drive was a long one, clear across 
town, to a nice but quiet neighborhood. He parked his Mercedes out 
front and went inside. There was a very attractive young Asian girl 
at the receptionist's desk, smoking a cigarette while thumbing 
through a fashion magazine and looking thoroughly bored. He stood 
there for several moments while she ignored him.

"Excuse me," he finally interrupted. "I'm here for my appointment."

She pointed to a velvet couch in the waiting area. "Sit," she 
commanded without looking up.

He was tempted to walk out but he was also curious as to why this was 
such a hot salon. It obviously wasn't the service, he thought as he 
took a seat. His butt had barely touched cloth when a gorgeous blond 
in a glamorous silver sequined evening gown swept into the waiting 

"You must be Mr. Tanner," she said warmly. "I am Victoria, the 
hostess. Please come with me," she continued offering a silver satin-
gloved hand. 

Considerably enthused by the magnificent woman's reception, he let 
himself be led down the hall to a dressing room. She handed him a 
black silk robe and told him to undress. The robe was very 
comfortable but he felt slightly uneasy because it was so short. He 
went back into the hall where the silver sequined siren waited for 
him. Once again she took his arm, this time bringing him through a 
black velvet curtain and into the salon area where there were three 
comfortable looking reclining leather barber chairs. The on the left 
was occupied by a young woman clad only in a black robe like his own. 
He couldn't tell what she looked like as her hair was wrapped in a 
towel and a black velvet sleep-mask covered her eyes. A pretty 
brunette was lathering the woman's legs with shaving cream. Her hands 
moved over the girl's thighs. She began to loosen her robe…
Lance's view was suddenly obscured as Victoria pulled a curtain 

"I thought you might enjoy some privacy during your treatment," she 

"Of course," he replied, trying not to show is disappointment at the 
untimely interruption. "What exactly does this `treatment' consist 

"Oh, manicure, pedicure, scalp massage. Perhaps a shave, hmm?" she 
said caressing his cheek.

He reddened in embarrassment and hoped that she wouldn't notice that 
he had a growing erection beginning to peek through his robe. Luckily 
for him a trio of identical looking blondes came bustling through the 
curtain, all dressed in matching white beautician uniforms with their 
names embroidered in pink thread on their chests. Or perhaps it was 
unlucky for the sight of the buxom blonde triplets in their short, 
tight-fitting aprons did little to quell his mounting arousal.

"Ok girls, do your thing," order Victoria. She turned back to 
Lance. "Cigar darling?" she offered. 

He nodded, pleasantly surprised. There was a small wooden humidor on 
the counter and she selected a large Cuban and handed it to him. The 
beautiful beauticians, meanwhile, had gone to work. Ava was preparing 
his feet for a pedicure, Magda was filing the nails on his right 
hand, and Zsa Zsa was slowly massaging his neck and shoulders. 
Victoria produced a gold butane lighter and soon Mr. Tanner was 
puffing away happily on his Cohiba while the tempting triplets 
thoroughly pampered him.

"You just relax and enjoy darling," the blonde hostess told him. "I'm 
going to leave you in their talented hands."

She slipped out through the curtain while Lance relaxed under the 
trio's indeed talented hands. They were so good in fact, that he was 
getting a little drowsy. His vision blurred a bit and he yawned. The 
girl's all watched him with expectant smiles as his chin dropped 
slowly down to his chest. His eyes fluttered and he nodded off.

When Lance Tanner awoke for the third time that day, a gorgeous 
brunette was lathering his face with a shaving brush. He almost 
thought he was asleep and dreaming because the woman leaning over him 
was sheathed in a tight-fitting black leather dress and matching 
elbow length gloves. Her straight jet-black and flawless makeup made 
her look like a high-fashion model.

"I, um, must have dozed off for a bit," he stated nervously. 

The brunette ignored him, put the brush down and selected a gleaming, 
silver straight-razor from the counter. She saw the worried look in 
his eyes and smiled slightly. 

"Don't worry dear," she said, finally speaking in a voice like silk 
rasping over stone. "Maybe we should put you back to sleep during 
this part," she teased.

"No, that won't be necessary," he was saying when Victoria made her 

"I see our little sleepyhead is up," she commented cheerfully. "Just 
in time for the big presentation."

She pulled back the curtain and there was a woman in the chair next 
to his. He was shocked to see that she was nude. Her legs had been 
recently shaved, as had her pussy. Her dark hair was stylishly teased 
and her makeup was heavy. She stared at him through glassy, heavy-
lidded eyes. The young woman looked oddly familiar but Lance couldn't 
quite place her. That is until she spoke.

"Hello Mr. Tanner," said the girl woodenly. "Did you enjoy your 

"Miss Reynolds?" he asked incredulously. He started to rise but the 
leather-clad femme stopped him.

"Why don't you sit back and relax sweets," suggested Veronica. To 
reinforce the suggestion she grabbed a handful of his hair and placed 
the razor threateningly against his neck.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" he demanded.

"Who we are is unimportant," declared Victoria airily. She picked up 
his unfinished cigar, which was smoldering in an ashtray on the 
counter. She waltzed over to him rolling the Cohiba sensuously 
between her lips. She blew a cloud of blue smoke at him. "Why is 
quite simple really. Money. One of your competitors decided that 
instead of spending millions on R and D for new products, it would be 
cheaper to just steal yours. So we agreed to kidnap you. For a 
handsome fee of course."

"You can't do this!" he insisted angrily.

"Nonsense!" she replied crossly. "We can whatever we wish. And your 
childish attitude says to me that you need more sleep! But first… 
little Janie is going to show you what a big girl she is now."

She snapped her fingers and pointed and the sleepy secretary got out 
of her chair. She walked over to her boss' side and robotically 
opened his robe. Scared as he was, his dick was still semi-erect. She 
took it in her hands and began to jerk him off. She then bent down 
and started sucking his cock, while the brunette beauty standing 
behind him started to shave him.

"Stay still sweets," she whispered sexily in his ear. "We don't want 
to have an accident."

Her sister leaned against the counter smoking her cigar and enjoying 
Lance's obvious discomfort. After several minutes his face was clean 
and smooth, the excess cream washed away. His cock was quivering, 
obviously about to explode. 

"Tiffany," called Victoria. "I think it's time to put this baby to 

The hot little blonde, still in her short skirt and silk blouse, 
waltzed into the room. She came over to the helpless man and gave him 
a chaste peck on the cheek, before holding up her hand so he could 
see. She held a small pink capsule in her palm.

"What's that?" he fairly croaked.

"You've heard of smelling salts. Well these are exactly the 
opposite," explained Victoria. "These are sleeping salts. Instead of 
helping you wake up, they will help you fall blissfully asleep. Go 
ahead Tiff."

The bobbed-blonde nodded and broke the capsule open. A pink gas 
started to drift from the open ends.

"No, you can't do mmmmf!"

Veronica clamped a gloved-hand over his mouth cutting of his 
protests. Her efficient assistant moved closer and shoved the ends of 
the sleep capsule into his nostrils. He tried to shake free and take 
a breath, but instead of air he got only the Foxy Ladies' sweet-
smelling sleeping salts. It was like trying to breath underwater. He 
fought for consciousness, but it was a losing battle. His vision 
narrowed until he could see nothing but Tiffany's pretty face, her 
expression patient and business-like, as if she were explaining 
something to a child. Victoria's pleasant voice floated through his 
head. She was singing softly, a lovely lullaby. His secretary, Miss 
Reynolds, was deep-throating him eagerly. His cock exploded in orgasm 
and everything went black…