It was a night in gotham, just like any night. The streets were
quiet, save for the sounds of a couple of people walking about, as
well as the sounds of car engines below. However, Robin wasnt exactly
doing what he was suppose to be doing. Batman had sent him to do some
patrolling, and well, lets just say that robin decided to go and do
something on his own. Its been weeks now, as he sat atop the roof of
a very well-to-do penthouse sweet of a woman known as Baroness Von
Reinbach. Batman had been keeping an eye on this soon-to-be jewel
thief. So far, there hasnt been too much activity.

Tonight, Robin's job was to keep watch upon the whole city instead
of keeping an eye on Ms Reinbach, like he has been, for the past
weeks. But alas, Robin found himself, staring through the glass
skylight roof at the incredibly delectable, black-haired minx. Of
course, the woman had the incredible physique of a supermodel-to-be,
but that was the least thing Robin was attracted to. It was a certain
object she held between her fingers with a certain flare for grace
and etiquette. A long, 6-inch black cigarette holder. Every puff she
took from the cylindrical object, Robin found it increasingly hard to
maintain some dignity, which was apparent through the rather large
bulge protruding from the spandex of his costume. His hands often
found themselves merely rubbing at his...extention, to say the least.

Down below, the woman known as the Baroness, somehow, knew exactly
who was up there this eve. After all, she knew the masked bird has
been watching ever so "stealthily" for the past few weeks now. A
rather wicked smile curled upon those delicious reddened lips of hers
as she placed the end of the cigarette holder between them, cheeks
caving in to their maximum hold. Lips parted ever so delicately to
release a long thin stream of smoke, only to be inhaled through the
openings of her nostrils, before it was let out in a thick,
unstoppable misty haze, exhaled skywards towards the ceiling. Little
did the boy wonder know, she had plans for this peeping little bird.
Her free hand, soon extended to a hidden button, right beside, and
behind the nightstand and she pressed the button. Causing the
skylight to open up, sending bird boy crashing into the room with a
rather loud thump, then out he went.....

A few hours later, Robin found himself tied to the bed with various
articles of black silk, and well, completely nude from the neck down,
save for the eye piece which served as his mask. When he fully came
to, he made a futile attempt at pulling at his restraints, only to
find out that he was securely fashioned to the bed, legs spread
eagle, exposing himself to the very world that was the Baroness'
bedroom. A few moments later, he heard the sound of high-heels
clicking upon the hardwood floor, and soon enough, he could literally
smell the object of his desire. The black-haired minx stood in the
doorway, wearing a black silken top and a pair of black laced garter
stocking, cigarette holder clenched between two rows of perfectly
white canines. Her eyes were done to perfection with black eyeliner.
She was absolutely stunning, and she possessed a rather unsettling,
and certainly nerve wrecking smile "My my, it seems that the little
bird somehow stumbled right into my home...You know, there is a
penalty for those who like to watch, my dear" She said in her thick,
european accent, followed by a perfectly thick cone of smoke, exhaled
skywards as she made her approach, seating her lovely rear right
beside the dazed and confused Robin "Wha-what the hell is this?" He
demanded. His answer would come in the form of a thick, opaque cloud
of smoke, exhaled point black into his face, striking him right
between the eyes as the misty vapors collided around the entire
perimeter of his face. As soon as he breathed in the intoxicating
aroma, he felt his body beginning to slow down, his eyes becoming
slightly half massed, and his head further relaxed onto the silken

The black-haired beauty simply gave him a rather unsettling smile
as she reached over towards the nightstand, taking hold of the
crystal ashtray before setting it upon his naked chest. "There there,
little bird, enough questions, its time for you to sleep, like a good
little bird. We arent having you become the nightingale anymore..."
She said with a rather unsettling tone, deep, husky, and certainly
entrancing. Robin slightly winced at the way she stared at him like
some kind of piece of meat, waiting to be devoured. Lips enclosed
around the end of the holder as she began a massive inhale. By now,
robin was rather rock hard at the moment as his manhood began to
twitch and swell, due to the smell that constantly surrounded him.
Jasmine and something rather ether-like, almost like chloroform.
Granted, not exactly the best smell, but it was still doing its job.
His eyes widened as the baroness's lips parted, mainly focusing on
the thick ball of smoke that floated slightly upwards before it was
directly inhaled into the back of her throat. This time, the Baroness
leaned forward, her face only inches away from him, and soon torrents
of smoke was exhaled in an unstoppable flow, directed at the Boy
Wonders lips, before spreading all around his neck and face. THe
cloud seemed to last forever, well, 15 seconds at the most before he
found himself completely without any will whatsoever. One more, and
it would soon be nighty night for the boy wonder. The Baroness sensed
this as she soon began inhaling once again, this time, a silken
gloved hand curled about the base of his manhood, stroking him all
the while as she inhaled. Again, lips parted as the cigarette holder
was plucked from those delectable lips of hers, and soon, robin found
himself in another misty fog that seemed to grow thicker and thicker
as the exhale continued. When it finally finished, Robin had
ejaculated for a good minute or so, and soon found himself in the
Land of Nod....