Zhanna, silently pushed open the door to Darius' office. The door 
creaked slightly, but not loud enough for anyone to hear it. She 
skillfully picked the lock on the desk drawer and began to search for 
any information she could find. She froze as she saw the manila 
folder, stained with blood. A rush of adrenaline filled her veins. 
Darius knew, but why hadn't he confronted her with it? Unless, Oh 
shit, he must think Sophie has betrayed him that's the only reason he 
would have hesitated. She had to get to Sophie before he did. She 
didn't want anymore blood on her hands. Darius' voice startled her 
from down the hallway. She locked and closed the door and planted 
the listening device on his office phone. Now to get out of here…

"Zhanna, what are you doing in here?"

"I was looking for you. Sophie sent me to give you an update on the 

She did her best to look calm, hoping he couldn't see through her. 
Darius gave her an odd look.

"Is there a problem? She just gave me an update twenty minutes ago."

"Just that our people are having some difficulty getting them 

"I know this. We may have to resort to other methods. Are you OK? 
You seem nervous." Darius walked around behind his desk. Zhanna 
tried to look normal, hoping he was buying all this.

"I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Fine then, tell Sophie to keep up the work and let me know if there 
are anymore problems." He waved his arms for her to leave. Zhanna, 
almost ran out of the office. Darius ran his hands across the desk 
drawer. That seemed odd, but he didn't quite understand why. His 
thoughts turned back to Sophie. He was conflicted. She was his 
adopted daughter, but she had betrayed him. He would have to deal 
with her. He was about to pick up the phone when it rang.


"I have new information for you." The male voice answered from the 
other end of the line.

Darius pushed the red button on his phone.

"I am secure."

"I have reason to believe there are more agents heading your way."


"I don't have any. I am out of the loop on this one. I just know 
two agents left from New York yesterday. Destination Paris."

"Do you have any names?"

"No, like I said, I'm out of the loop on this one. The director 
suspects someone on the inside is involved. Whatever he is up to I 
won't know this time."

"Find out. I don't pay you for `I don't know.' Get back to me when 
you know something."

Darius slammed the phone down. How could she do this to me? She 
will have to be dealt with, daughter or not. But I still need her to 
complete this mission.

Zhanna listened from her room. The implanted transmitter sent the 
information directly to her auditory nerve, via burst transmissions. 
No one could discover it unless they happened to be in the direct 
line of sight. She had to find a way to warn who ever the CIA had 
sent. But first, it was time to tell Sophie the truth. She just 
hoped Sophie would do the right thing.

5:00 P.M. Amsterdam, NL

Thalys, the high-speed train, thundered down the rail at over one 
hundred miles per hour. The trip to Amsterdam took only four hours. 
Checking into the hotel took almost as long. Cynthia sat alone in 
her room and pulled out the immunity agreement. How had the FBI 
known she would be there? It was obvious Peter didn't know, Jill 
would have known instantly. She opened her laptop and began to pour 
over the intelligence. It had to be a setup. Agreement or not, 
there was no way they would let her go when this was all over. The 
FBI's appearance was a definite sign of that. She had almost begun to 
believe she could trust the government when they had pulled their 
stunt. Fine, if that's the way they want it. They were on their own 
now and she would use anything she could to get what she wanted, that 
made the guys expendable. The girls had been asked to put their 
partners out of commission for a few hours and to meet her in the 
hotel restaurant.

It was early evening and Jenna was sitting on the balcony admiring 
the scenery. Rob was sitting on the bed in their room. He was 
glaring at Jenna. He hadn't said a word since they'd boarded the 
plane in New York.

"Ok, what's your problem?" Jenna said, finally breaking the 
silence. "Are you not going to speak to me for the entire trip or 

"I'll speak when it's necessary to the mission. I don't like you. I 
don't trust you."

"You think I'm a heartless bitch don't you?" 

Rob nodded.

"I get that a lot." 

Jenna turned towards him and let her legs open just a little as she 
sat on the couch. She was wearing her black latex pants with the 
silver zipper, an extremely tight white T-shirt, and the black 
studded neck collar, which she usually wore. Rob pretended not to 
notice her, although she had caught him sneaking glances at her 
earlier on the train when he thought she was sleeping.

"Look, it's not personal. It's the job. I just figured since we're 
on the same side now, you could give me a chance?" She smiled 

It was working, she saw Rob start to relax a little bit. She took 
the opportunity to move next to him on the bed. Rob leaned away from 
her, but at least he didn't get up.

"I know we got off on the wrong foot, with the way we met. But we're 
going to have to spend a lot of time together on this trip and I need 
to at least be able to talk to you. I mean were supposed to be newly-
weds, right?"

Jenna leaned closer to him, not leaving him anywhere to move. Her 
hot breath on his face mixed with her perfume was making him more and 
more tense.

"And besides. It isn't that bad is it? To talk to me?"

They were practically touching, but Rob held his space. The 
unresolved tension was starting to mount. 

"No I guess not." He answered more softly, staring into her eyes. 

"Well do you think you could…" He leaned forward, kissing her on the 
lips, taking them both completely by surprise. He hadn't intended to 
do that, but he couldn't help himself. Jenna's eyes widened, just as 
surprised by the move. She didn't know quite what to do, she wasn't 
used to the guy making the first move. She decided to go with it. 
Although she fought the notion that she could be attracted to him, 
she found herself excited by his kiss. She grabbed the back of his 
head, letting her thoughts go for a minute. She gradually applied 
pressure until she had leaned him back onto the bed straddling. She 
sat up and peeled off her T-shirt. Rob was working to pull her pants 
down but they were too tight. She guided his hand to the silver 
zipper and leaned forward so he could unzip them. She parted her 
latex pants and sat down on him. She rode him for what seemed like 
an eternity. Rob could feel his climax building but became very 
frustrated when she pulled off him. Jenna rolled onto her back 
spreading her legs for him. She wasn't the type who liked to be on 
the bottom. She didn't like losing control, but what the hell, this 
was new for her. Under ordinary circumstances she would never have 
let him get this far. Rob positioned himself between her legs and 
began to thrust into her. She started to moan louder with each 
thrust. Jenna wasn't faking anything at this point. She felt 
herself start to cum and let out a very loud scream. Her body 
shuddered as she came. Rob responded with a grunt as he closed in on 
his climax. With the tension relieved, her traumatic childhood 
memories came back to her in a rush. As Rob continued to thrust into 
her, all she could think about was being pinned against her will. 
She no longer saw Rob, but the man who had raped her when she was 
fifteen. Any chance Rob had for relief and happiness disappeared for 
good as her wicked smile returned. She reached up and pulled Rob's 
head down into her chest. The collar around her neck began to hiss, 
clouding Rob's face with wisps of pink gas. She made sure to time it 
just right, causing him to pass out just short of cumming.

"I guess I am a heartless bitch, you're too gullible, we'll have to 
work on that." She whispered to herself, feeling doubly satisfied. 
She wasn't scheduled to meet Cynthia for another hour and the jet lag 
was getting to her. She closed her eyes and decided to take a nap, 
stroking his hair as he slept on top of her.

Two rooms down, Lori was lying on the bed, plotting how best to 
satisfy herself while putting James to sleep. She got her answer 
when James decided to take a shower. She opened her suitcase and 
took out a bottle of massage oil. She stripped off everything and 
began to pour the oil all over her body. Her six-foot-two body 
glistened under the overhead lights as she rubbed the anesthetic oil 
over every inch of her body. She had built up a tolerance to the 
stuff over the years, but the effects on James should be quite 
enjoyable. She figured that this was a good a time as any to figure 
just how waterproof this stuff was. She slid the door open to the 
bathroom. The steam was very thick. Lori watched him through the 
sliding transparent shower panel. She slid her fingers into her 
moistening vagina and began to pleasure herself while she watched him 
shower. James startled as she slid the panel back. She slicked her 
wet hair back with both hands as James reached his arms around her. 
She pulled him into her making full frontal contact. The water 
mixing with oil created an extremely erotic slippery feeling. She 
let James take the initiative. Lori was an expert, as were all the 
women in the organization, at making it seem as if this was his 
idea. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her. The oil 
allowed him to slide in easily and she wrapped her legs around him as 
he pushed her up against the cold marble. He slowly pushed farther 
into her. She let out an extended sigh as he started to thrust. The 
hot water fell all over her body mixing with the coldness of the 
tiles causing waves of pleasure to course through her. She hadn't 
seen any indications that the oil was working, but who cared, she 
could always knock him out later. Lori stopped him and turned around 
tilting her hips to display her perfectly toned ass. James took the 
hint and entered her. Lori bit her lip and moaned as she came. Five 
seconds later, she felt him explode all over her ass. She turned 
around to meet his gaze and giggled as his eyes rolled into his head 
and he fell against the shower wall and slid down into the tub. She 
stood in the shower for a few minutes longer rinsing the rest of the 
oil off. She left him asleep in the tub, and got dressed for her 

When Cynthia arrived, Lori and Jenna were sitting silently at the 
table drinking coffee. They both had that glow about them.

"I see we're enjoying ourselves. I wish I had a boy toy to play 

"OK what's the plan?" Jenna said defensively feeling guilty for 
allowing herself any pleasure. Cynthia was well aware of her past 
and didn't push any further.

"Erin is here already. She has made contact with one of Darius' 
henchmen." Cynthia said passing out briefs to the girls.

"How is it going?" Lori asked.

"Let's just say the man is more willing help us than he knows. She 
has a meet set up."

"With Darius?" Jenna asked.

"Probably not. I don't expect him to meet with me right away. I 
would imagine I will have to do something to prove our worth before 
we meet. That's where the boys come into play. How better to prove 
our worth than to hand him two members of the CIA."

The girls spent the next hour refining the mission and plotting their 
escape should either side decide pull anything unexpected.

"That should do it. You ladies have a nice night. I'll be along 
later." Cynthia nodded towards the man eating by himself at the table 
behind them. "Don't wait up for me." Cynthia smiled and motioned 
to the waiter.

"Can I get you anything else?"

"That man over there. Who is he?" Holding up a hundred dollar bill

"That is Mr. Anderson ma'am. He lives in the Penthouse."

"Thank you." She said putting the large tip into his hands. "The 
service was excellent."

The manager finished cleaning up the desk in his small office and 
turned off the light. He closed the door and turned around into 

"Hi", she said with her sexiest of voices.

The manager stood speechless, staring at the way she filled out her 
black short form-fitting dress. He paused a little longer on her 

"Could you help me?" She cooed as she walked him backwards back into 
his office.

"I'll sure as hell try." He said trying to control his erection.

"Mr. Brian Anderson…What room is he in?" 

The manager had run out of space to backup. She took another step 
pushing her entire body against his.

"I can't give that information out." 

She smiled putting her hands around his neck. She uncapped the 
needle hidden in her ring and punctured the skin on the back of his 

"That's OK. I just need your keys." 

She tilted her head to one side and watched the expression on his 
face change.


She took a step backwards letting him fall to the floor. She 
retrieved his keys and headed for the Penthouse.

Brian Anderson was the CEO of a major finance company. He was in his 
late thirties with the build of a man who worked out daily. He was 
probably very rich, but Cynthia didn't know any of that, nor did she 
care. She was only interested in one thing. He opened the door to 
his cabin and started to hang his coat on the hook, when he suddenly 
dropped it to the floor.

"How was your day dear?" Cynthia asked. 

She was lying on the edge of the bed propped up on her elbows. Her 
dress was pushed up revealing the top of her sheer black thigh-high 

"Who are you?" Brian inquired hesitantly.

"Does it matter?" She huffed getting up off the bed and walked up to 
him. "I'm here to have some fun, if you're interested."

"Look I don't know who you are, but…"

"I guess not, Oh well." Cynthia depressed the top of her mini 
aerosol can and sprayed a haze of pink gas into the air above his 
head. He fell into her arms. She dragged him over to the bed, he 
was just barely conscious. She undressed him as he sluggishly tried 
to prevent it. She sprayed some more gas into the air above him 
until he quit fighting. She knelt down and licked the base of his 
cock. After a few licks, it got hard and stood up. He stirred a 
little as she worked on him. She took a bottle of de-sensitizing 
cream from her purse and rubbed it into his penis. The feeling 
started to leave his cock. She mounted him and started to ride him 
wildly. Knowing he couldn't feel it made it even better for her. 
She would pause every few minutes to spray more gas into the air 
before starting up again. She kept him in this state for four 
hours. She was spent and decided to retire for the evening. She 
bent over and kissed him.

"Thanks, that was fun." 

She reached down and touched his cock. He responded, indicating the 
feeling had returned. She wrapped her hand around his penis and 
jacked him off, taking great delight in watching him spurt into the 

"Sleep tight." 

She blew him a kiss before spraying him another blast of gas, this 
time directly into his face. His eyes closed and he started to snore 
a little. She dressed herself and tossed the managers keys onto the 
bed. She took one final look and headed back to her room.

It was midnight and the jetlag was really taking its toll. All she 
wanted to do was get some sleep. Jenna paused at the door when she 
heard a woman moaning loudly. She entered the room and found Rob 
lying on the bed nude. He didn't even respond to her. He had 
ordered some porn from the hotel's entertainment system and was 
desperately trying to get himself off, but to no avail. She laughed 
devilishly as she got between him and the television.

"What's a matter Baby, can't get off?" She teased as she slowly 
peeled off her latex pants and T-shirt.

"Bitch. What did you do?" Rob was stroking frantically trying to 
get some feeling.

"Don't worry, it'll come back in..Oh…" She looked at her watch. "Ten 
minutes or so. I didn't want you to start without me."

Jenna bent over and took her time turning off the television all the 
while giving Rob a nice view of her ass. He continued to stroke 
himself, but he felt nothing. She leaped on top of him before he 
could react. Rob fought her as best as he could, but she was much 
stronger than he would have guessed. He eventually gave up.

"Aw come on, it's not fun if you don't fight."

Rob twitched a little, the feeling was starting to come back. Jenna 
rode him until she felt him tense up, then she stopped. Rob flailed 
against the bed in utter frustration. 

"Believe it or not, this is to help you."

"Please stop helping me." Rob was angry and very frustrated. 

"Look, what if something goes wrong and you're caught? You have a 
weakness. And if they find out who we are, then we're all dead. If 
I can show you how to resist this form of interrogation, we can 
accomplish what we're here to do."

"So this is training?"

"I could think of worse ways to spend an evening." 

Jenna was becoming increasingly conflicted. She was feeling remorse 
again for torturing him. But she was right, she had to teach him how 
to resist women or they were all in trouble. She pulled off of him 
once again leaving him completely unsatisfied.

"OK, How do I beat it?"


She opened the drawer on the nightstand and took out her silver 
vibrator. She needed to do something to get rid of the feelings she 
had for him. 

"What's with the…"

"Shhh, you need to get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow."

She depressed the end and blasted Rob in the face with a stream of 
pink gas. It took a little longer this time. Rob was starting to 
build up a little tolerance she would have to start using different 
means. Rob groaned and passed out. She turned her vibrator on and 
after another orgasm, fell asleep.


The waiter led Cynthia to the private room in the back. Darius, Oleg 
and Erin sat at the table. Oleg was the second cousin of Darius and 
had no idea what he really did for a living. Darius had agreed to 
meet her as a favor to his cousin, who believed she was looking for a 
job in his fishing business. Darius wanted to get this over with and 
get back to his real problems. They were still unable to re-activate 
the warheads. Cynthia wore an eloquent black evening gown, black 
nylons and heels. Darius and Oleg stood up as she arrived at the 

"So nice to finally meet you." Darius said as he took her hand and 
kissed it gently. "Please sit, we have much to discuss."

Cynthia and Erin exchanged glances, then she sat down opposite Darius.

"Would you both excuse us? It was nice meeting you Erin, you two 
make a lovely couple. Oleg I will speak with you later." 

They both left leaving Cynthia and Darius alone to talk.

"Let's get right to it shall we. My cousin asked me to meet with 
you, apparently he is quite high on you. I'm sorry you've come all 
this way, but we are not currently hiring. Please enjoy your dinner."

Darius started to get up from the table. Cynthia cocked her head 
and laughed.

"You might want to see my resume first. I understand you are having 
problems with your latest shipment. Something about cold fish?"

Darius stopped cold. Cynthia turned her head to talk over her 

"I might be able to help as well as providing information on the 
activities of your competition."

Darius sat back down.

"Perhaps I was a bit too hasty…Continue"

Cynthia set her purse on the table and opened it. The waiter came in 
with more drinks, but Darius waved him away. Cynthia pulled a folder 
from her purse and removed the pictures from it. They were photos of 
Rob and James.

"CIA. You'll find them at the Bilderberg Garden Hotel, under the 
names Sanders and Rodden. The girls work for me, leave them out of 

"If what you are telling me is the truth, we will talk again. If you 
are setting me up, you will not see tomorrow." 

Darius grabbed the photos and rushed out. The corner of her lip 
started to curl into a smile, knowing her plan was working 
perfectly. She dialed Erin's pager number and entered "86".

Erin and Oleg were riding back to her apartment when her pager went 
off. She read the numbers off the pager. A few minutes later they 
arrived at her apartment. Oleg got out and opened the door for her.

"Do you want to come up?" Erin said as she leaned into him.

"Not tonight. I'm very tired."

"Not as tired as you're going to be." She muttered to herself. "This 
could have fun, but oh well. Goodnight."

Erin extended her hand for Oleg to kiss. When he brought her hand to 
his face to kiss it, her ring puffed a cloud of blue gas. He dropped 
to the ground instantly. She looked around to make sure no one had 
seen her, then popped the trunk on his car. She dragged him around 
back and into the trunk. He had to disappear for a few days.


The Next Afternoon:

James sat at the desk in his hotel room. He was monitoring Darius' 
cell phone frequency on the surveillance equipment. 

"Housekeeping." The accented voice yelled through the door.

James closed the laptop and pulled the blanket over the rest of the 
equipment. He opened the door to find an extremely attractive woman 
standing in the hallway. Sophie was wearing a French maid's 
uniform. Black short skirt with white apron, thigh-high's and not 
much else. 

"Here are the new linen's for you." She said handing him some towels.

"Thanks" James grabbed them, turned around and set them on the 

"Would it be possible to get some…" 

She held up the cleaning bottle and spritzed him in the face a few 
times. James blinked a couple of times, he couldn't move. He felt 
so happy, he started to giggle. Sophie giggled back, and then the 
secondary effect kicked in. His knees weakened and his vision began 
to blur. Her smile faded back into her cold business stare as she 
put her arm around him.

Rob held his arm across the elevator door and waited for the family 
of four to exit. He pushed "12" and rocked back on his heels waiting 
for his floor. The elevator stopped on floor two. Zhanna smiled at 
him as she got on. The thirty-year-old Russian woman was wearing a 
short jet-black wig, skin-tight black leather pants, a red shiny 
halter-top partially covered up with a full-length black leather 
jacket. She had her purse slung over her right shoulder and was 
wearing red tinted glasses and a red scarf around her neck. 

"What floor?" Rob said as he moved over to the panel.

"Six please." She said in her heavy Russian accent.

She covered her mouth with scarf as Rob hit the "6" button. A stream 
of pale blue gas blasted from the panel covering his face in a 
cloud. Rob covered his face, but it was too late. Zhanna forcefully 
pushed him against the front wall, using the whole front of her 
body. She reached around and pulled his gun from his jacket holster, 
letting her arm brush across his hardening cock.

"We've been expecting you Mr. Walker. Now just relax and come with 

Rob moaned back. The elevator doors opened onto the roof. She 
walked the drowsy agent over to the waiting Helicopter. James was 
unconscious on the seat with head buried in Sophie's lap. Natalia 
pulled back on the collective and the helicopter disappeared into the