March 14th, North Atlantic

The Typhoon class ballistic missile sub sped through the deep at 
twelve knots. The Dmitrij Donskoj was one of the few Russian missile 
subs in the Northern Fleet that was still seaworthy. They were 
passing through a narrow stretch of the Atlantic, known to 
submariners as the GIUK Gap. It was a choke point between Greenland, 
Iceland and the United Kingdom, the only way into the Atlantic from 
the North, which made it an ideal place for an ambush. The small 
black mini-sub had been waiting for her to pass through for three 
days. The mini-sub was state of the art German technology. It was 
completely silent to all but the latest SONAR systems making it more 
than a match for its outdated prey.

Sophie Kisilev skillfully maneuvered the craft against the vortex 
eddies trailing from the sail of the giant sub. It was no small feat 
to dock with a sub traveling at twelve knots, especially when the 
crew of the Dmitrij Donskoj was completely unaware of their 
intentions. If the captain of the sub were to order a sudden course 
change, it could mean the end of both subs. After ten minutes of 
intense concentration, Sophie was able to maneuver the mini-sub over 
the aft control room access hatch. Zhanna activated the docking ring 
pumps and the mini-sub made a soft seal with the Russian sub. She 
retrieved the laser torch from the tool compartment and began to cut 
through the hull, just aft of the hatch. Irina and Natalia dragged 
the large metallic tank towards the hole. The women were all dressed 
in black neoprene wetsuits and wore oxygen re-breathers. This was 
pretty much for show considering the pressure at this depth would 
crush them instantly should something go wrong.

The Captain Vasilii Sokolov and his navigator hovered over the chart 
plotting his approach into the Atlantic to avoid as much of the SOSUS 
warning net as possible. His mission was to shadow and take SONAR 
readings on the new class of American attack subs. His ship was the 
quietest in the fleet and although he still carried twenty-four SS-N-
20 ICBM's, the mission was one of peace. Even though the United 
States were considered allies, it was still part of the game to know 
as much about the other side as possible, not to mention the fact 
that it was a matter of national pride to be able to sneak through 
the other's defenses undetected. Having been a Cold warrior all his 
life, Vasilii was one of the best. Three men manned the maneuvering 
station, which controlled the sub's depth and speed, two crewmen and 
one officer, while another two officers monitored the sonar waterfall 
displays. They were concentrating so hard on the sounds outside the 
sub, they didn't hear the hissing sound of the torch cutting through 
the hull, a mere four feet from their heads.

Zhanna stowed the piece of the hull and began cutting the hinges from 
the hatch while Irina and Natalia lowered rubber hose through the 
hole, which she had just cut. A high-pressure jet of reddish-brown 
gas streamed through the hole accompanied by a loud hiss. The sonar 
operator looked up when he heard the sound, but was unconscious 
before his brain could even process the information. The other 
operator wobbled back and forth for a second before slumping onto the 
SONAR panel. It took only eight seconds for the oxygen in the 
control room to be replaced by the potent anesthetic. By that time 
Zhanna had completely cut the hatch away and the wetsuit-clad women 
slid down the ladder into the control room. Sophie immediately took 
control of the sub while Zhanna and Natalia headed for the 
engineering spaces with a smaller metallic tank.

The Chief Engineer was startled from his nap by the shrieking alarm. 
There was a contaminant in the environmental system. That was never 
a good thing on a nuclear submarine. He and Zhanna arrived at the 
console simultaneously. He stood there stunned by the sight of the 
beautiful stranger in Engineering. Zhanna broke the silence.


After a couple quick blasts from Zhanna's gas pistol, the Chief 
Engineer let out a moan and collapsed to the floor. She quickly 
disengaged the alarm while Natalia hooked up the tank and began to 
release more reddish-brown gas through the environmental systems. Gas 
spewed from every vent on the ship except for the control room. None 
of the men stood a chance, they were out in a matter of seconds. 
Zhanna and Natalia smiled at each other as they listened to the sound 
of the men dropping to the floor through the door to the reactor 
room. After a few seconds, she opened the hatch and surveyed the 
gassed men. She reached for the intercom.

"Engineering Secure."

In the control room, Sophie listened as the women reported in.

"Weapons Control Secure." Irina's voice stated.

Zhanna began accessing the schematics on the reactor and after a few 
minutes of study, increased the speed to twenty-six knots. This 
would put them at their destination in eight hours. After an hour, 
they had the whole crew bound and locked in the galley, all except 
for the Captain, who was brought to his quarters. Natalia bypassed 
the environmental systems and restored the environment except for the 
galley where they continued to pump in the gas to keep the crew 
unconscious during the journey.

Zhanna returned to take over at the maneuvering station, while Sophie 
went to visit the Captain in his quarters. He was unconscious on his 
bed in his quarters. Sophie revived him with a slap. He jerked 
awake, only to find himself bound to his bed.

"Easy Captain, don't strain yourself"

"What is the meaning of this?"

"We have relieved you of your command." Sophie responded in her deep 
Russian accent.

"What did you do to my crew?"

"They're resting peacefully. Now let's get down to business." 

Sophie took a candle from her bag, lit it and set it on the shelf 
above the captain's bunk, rubbing her neoprene covered breasts in his 
face as she leaned over him. The smoke from the candle wafted into 
the Captain's face. 

"Do you like scented candles captain? I think you'll like this 
particular scent."

She unzipped her wetsuit slowly exposing her large breasts, then the 
rest of her curvaceous body. The candle was smoking heavily and 
producing its desired effect. The captain's struggling against the 
leather straps diminished as he gradually drifted into a hypnotic 
trance, while at the same time becoming aroused. Sophie, becoming 
impatient, decided to help him along. She unzipped the front of his 
naval jumpsuit and began massaging his cock. After she had him fully 
aroused, she mounted him.

"We already have your sub Captain. What I want is the launch codes 
for the weapon systems."

"It won't do you any good, the warheads are deactivated…" He drifted 
off into unconsciousness. She slapped his face to bring him back 
around while she rode him.

"Then you won't mind giving them to me."

His mind was totally broken. He tried to concentrate, to resist, but 
the candle's scent put him deeper into his trance. 

"The codes?"

"Over there in the safe."

"The combination?"

"The combination is 16-42-7-19."

"Very good." She began to pump him faster. "Now, cum and sleep."

He let out a deep sigh as she finished him off, her post-hypnotic 
suggestion caused him to fall into a deep sleep. She blew the candle 
out and waved the smoke away from her while squeezing back into her 
black wet suit.

Sophie returned to the control room with the red code packets and the 
two launch keys.

"One day maybe someone will offer me a challenge. What's our status?"

"Depth eight hundred meters, speed twenty six knots, three surface 
contacts reported, nothing military, we are a little noisy, because 
of the mini-sub, but I don't think anyone will hear us. Estimate 
time to extraction point two hours, twenty three minutes."

"Good, stay deep until we reach the rendezvous coordinates."

3:00 P.M., March 17th

Darius Simanovich sat at the desk in his ornate office. He stared at 
his computer monitor, which displayed a picture of his son, 
Aleksandr. The fifty-three-year-old man clenched the silver 
medallion in his hand so tightly that his hand began to bleed. The 
tears were welling up as he thought about his son and the life he had 
before. His son was gone, had been gone thirty years, and all he had 
to show for it was this award. The Order of Ushakov 1st Class had 
been awarded to him for his bravery, but how could the government 
think this could even begin to replace what the American bastards had 
taken from him. Darius pulled a tissue from the box on his desk and 
wiped the blood from his hand, then placed the medal back in his desk 
drawer. He clicked the picture of Aleksandr off the screen and 
pulled up the technical specifications of the SS-N-20 
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Sophie knocked on the door and entered, followed by Zhanna, Irina and 
Natalia, all still dressed in their wetsuits. They stood at 
attention in front of his desk.

"Were you successful in retrieving the launch codes my dear?"

Darius walked to her and kissed her on the cheek. Sophie handed him 
the red wax-coated cards and the two brass keys.

"Not even a challenge." Sophie responded confidently.

"Great. Ladies, it's been a rough couple of days, why don't you go 
freshen up. Sophie would you stay for a moment?"

The rest of the girls relaxed and left the room, leaving Sophie 
standing alone. She was a little nervous. She had never been 
nervous before, but he had been acting strange of late and she 
couldn't quite put her finger on why he was making her 

"I have another job for you. It seems the CIA is attempting to 
meddle in my affairs again." He handed her a manila folder 
containing photos of two men. "You've done so well so far I want to 
reward you with some new responsibilities. I want you to handle this 
for me."

Sophie had joined in his illegal activities by choice. She was a 
daughter to him and he never had asked her to do anything she was 
uncomfortable with, until now. She suspected he probably killed or 
at least had had people killed, but she never asked about those 
things, nor did she have any desire to participate in them. She had 
lived with Darius since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Originally 
from Arkhangelsk, a port city in Northern Russia, she had lived on 
the streets since she was fourteen. Darius treated her as if she 
were one his children, even putting her through school, where she 
earned a dual degree in chemistry and molecular biology from St. 
Petersberg State Polytechnic University.

"Darius, I won't kill for you." She handed back the folder.

Darius flashed rage and balled his fist reopening the cut on his 
hand, but then suppressed it as he stepped towards her. Sophie took 
a step back not knowing what to do.

"Sophie, I need you to take care of this. It's time you grew up." 

He put his hands on her face firmly and brushed the hair from her 
eyes. Sophie turned aside, trembling in fear. Although he spoke 
calmly, she could see the anger in his eyes, the man she knew as her 
father was gone. 

"I don't care how you do it, but make them disappear."

He reached for her hand and she pulled away. 

"What's the matter with you, you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt 
you, now take this," he handed her the folder, "and take care of this 
for me."

Sophie took the folder and left the room trying to hide her tears. 
Darius watched her leave, then picked up the phone.

"Yes." The male voice answered.

"I have a job for you."

"I'm listening."

"I want you to follow Ms. Kisilev tonight."

"I'm not a baby sitter."

"I hope I'm wrong, but I want you there to clean up any mess she 
might leave. Don't let her know you're there."

"Understood." The phone clicked.

Sophie sat in her room and stared at the pictures of the two agents. 
Maybe Darius was right, it was time she grew up. But she couldn't 
kill, she just couldn't do it. 

Zhanna heard her whimpering through the door and went to 
investigate. Zhanna knocked on the door.

"Come in." 

Sophie hid the folder under her pillow and tried to wipe the tears 
away. Sophie had met the girls while in college, they were like 
sisters, but she especially liked Zhanna. She was for all practical 
purposes her older sister.

"What's wrong?" She spoke softly noticing her tears.

"I can't"

"I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong."

Sophie thought about what Darius would do if she told Zhanna about 
his plans, but at the same time, it would feel good to let someone 
else in. 

"He asked me to kill someone."

Zhanna wasn't expecting that at all. 


"These men." She said handing Zhanna the folder. "We're supposed to 
meet them tonight. They think Darius is going to bring them in to 
the group. He told me he didn't care how I did it, just make them 
disappear. He told me it was time to grow up. Zhanna I have to do 
it, there isn't any other way."

"You can't do it." Zhanna commanded. She didn't expect Sophie's 
reaction. Her eyes got cold and the tears turned to anger.

"I owe him my life and I will take care of this for him, whether I 
like it or not. I have to grow up."

Zhanna studied the photos trying to think of a way out of it, then 
she had an idea.

"He said he didn't care how you did it right? Just make them 


"Sophie, you've made people forget before haven't you? Like you did 
to the captain? Do it again…they're men, it should be easy. 
Convince them they're here on a vacation or something like that, you 
can put any thought into their heads you want…Problem solved."

Sophie thought about it and started to feel better. She could solve 
both problems at once. She filled Zhanna in on the rest of the 
operation and then swore her to secrecy. Zhanna was secretly shocked 
by what she heard, but she didn't let on that she was concerned. She 
still wasn't sure where Sophie's loyalties lie and she couldn't risk 
being wrong. 

"Tell the girls we're going clubbing." Sophie smiled.

Zhanna hugged her and left the room.


10:00 PM, March 17th , Amsterdam, NL

De Melkweg was one of Amsterdam's most famous clubs. It sprawled 
over two floors of the old dairy factory. Agent Phil Settle looked 
out over the balcony at the dance floor. 

"I'm goin' in, cover me." Phil said grinning.

"I'll be upstairs in the bar. Good luck." Jim answered back. He 
maneuvered up the stairs through the masses and found a seat 
overlooking the dance floor. He watched Phil strike up a 
conversation with a couple of women. He shook his head in 
disbelief. He ordered a drink and checked his watch. He was told to 
meet his contact at the bar, but the contact was late.

It couldn't have been going much better for Phil, he was surrounded 
by two lovely women in tight red latex dresses and thigh-high latex 
boots. He didn't realize it yet, but this was no accident. Natalia 
was grinding on him from the front, while Irina had her hands under 
his shirt and her chest pressed against his back. Phil felt a sharp 
prick in his back. The needles retracted quickly into Irina's rigged 
top after delivering the fast acting drug.

"Ow! What the…" He shook his head trying to clear the fog. The girls 
started to giggle while they continued to dance with him. His vision 
began to blur. He turned to look at Irina, with a startled but 
relaxed look on his face. She had an evil grin on her face.

"Time for your nap." Irina cooed in her heavy Russian accent.

Natalia and Irina walked him off the dance floor. Sophie held the 
Emergency Exit door open for them.

"Watch your step." She said waving the blue mist from her face. She 
nodded at the unconscious bouncer at her feet.

Jim scanned the dance floor looking for Phil, but he lost him. He 
better go find him, the contact should be here any…


He turned to see Zhanna Ushakov standing before him with two drinks. 
He barely recognized her. She wore a dark red wig and a shiny red 
back-less Lycra catsuit. The midsection was cut out of the front, 
revealing her pierced naval. Knee-high black leather platform boots 
completed her outfit.

"You're my contact?"

He had met her three months before when he had first arrived. They 
had been seeing each pretty regularly for about two months before she 
had mysteriously disappeared. It had been a great relationship, one 
he had hoped to continue, but now it was seemed that their chance 
meeting had been planned all along.

"You've got to be kidding." Zhanna said astonished.

"Cut the shit Zhanna. I'm not that gullible."

"I swear Jim. I had no idea. You've got to believe me." She said 
looking over her shoulder, nodding at Sophie who was tapping her 

Jim stared in silence at her. She poured his drink out and waved to 
the waiter for another.

"You better not drink that one." She waited for him to say something 
but he still had nothing to say. "Jim, I'm an agent with the SVR…"

"Great, I was double used."

"You've got to listen to me, your life depends on it. I was sent 
undercover last month to infiltrate Darius Simanovich's 
organization. That's why you haven't heard from me. Everything 
before that was real. I'm not lying to you. Verify it when you get 
back, Please."

The pulse of the techno beat was mesmerizing as Jim Henderson sipped 
his new drink, trying to comprehend what was happening. Zhanna sat 
opposite him at the table. As he stared at her, he realized he 
believed her. He probably shouldn't, but he did.

"Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but we're here for the 
same reason and I am your contact. We were sent here to find out if 
you were legit. I need you to play along. If I don't walk out of 
here with you in the next couple of minutes, they'll get suspicious."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was going to drug you with that drink, but since I threw it 
out…" She reached into her purse and pulled out her gas gun. 

"Sorry." Her lips pouted. 

A jet of reddish-brown gas hissed from the pistol. Wow, he thought, 
something about the way she looked when she did that just turned him 
on. He would have to…

Jim collapsed forward on the table. Zhanna signaled for Sophie to 
come help her.

Phil woke up to find Natalia and Irina lying on either side of him. 
They were both dressed in red sheer teddies and thong panties. His 
pants were unzipped and Irina was stroking his cock. He tried to get 
up but the girls had his arms pinned.

"Shhh!" Natalia put her finger on his lips. "Don't move."

She began to suck on his neck and then moved to his lips. He didn't 
fight at all. He wasn't sure about what had happened earlier, maybe 
he'd had too much to drink. She moaned as she kissed him. His cock 
snapped to attention. Irina stood up and let her teddy drop to the 
floor. She knelt beside him and began to suck his cock. He was 
overwhelmed by the sensations. His training hadn't prepared him for 
Irina's amazing tongue. She felt him start to tense up and backed 
off a little. After a few minutes, Irina quit. She and Natalia 
switched places. Natalia slid her panties aside and mounted him. 
Phil let out a slow moan as Natalia slid slowly down on his cock. 
She started to pump him slowly at first then picked up speed. Irina 
began to kiss him as Natalia rode him.

Sophie entered the room wearing powder blue satin pajama set. The 
top was unbuttoned to show off her cleavage. She was holding a 
candle, which she set on the headboard above Phil's head.

"Sorry ladies, it's my turn."

"Aw" they whined simultaneously.

"You can have him later."

The girls quit leaving Phil very unsatisfied. Irina picked her teddy 
off the floor and waved to Phil. He waved back checking out her ass 
as she walked away. He then focussed his attention on Sophie. Wow 
three, wait `til Jim hears about this.

"Do you like scented candles?" Sophie asked him lighting the candle 
while she straddled him. "I think you'll like this one." 

The candle began to smoke excessively as she wafted the smoke into 
Phil's face. Phil suddenly realized this wasn't just a dream come 
true. He started to fight a little, but it was too late. Phil 
started to drift into a trance. He enjoyed the feel of the satin on 
his cock as she rubbed her body against him.

"Why don't you tell me your real name." She asked in a huffy voice.

"Phil Settle"

"Good." She rewarded him by rubbing her body against him. Phil let 
out another moan. "That feels so good doesn't it? How about another 
question." She stopped rubbing.

"Who do you work for?"

Phil started to talk but then quit. She wafted some more smoke into 
his face causing his eyes to glaze over some more.

"Who do you work for?"

"Central Intelligence Agency."

"It feels good to cooperate. You want to tell me everything." She 
started to rub her satin covered pussy against his cock. 

"What is your assignment?"


She stopped again. Phil tried to rub his dick against her, but she 
lifted herself out of reach.

"I know you don't want me to stop? I don't want to stop either but 
when you don't cooperate, you leave me no choice. What is your 

"To get to Darius Simanovich, find out what his agenda is, and stop 

"You see, it wasn't that hard. Now you can rest." She began to rub 
her pussy against his cock. The candle had almost put him to sleep. 
The dosage was just enough to keep him conscious under normal 
circumstances, but cumming would definitely knock him out. She began 
to suck on her finger as she slid back and forth against his cock. 
Phil let out a giant moan as his cum soaked into her satin pajamas. 
She continued to rub him until he passed out. She leaned over and 
whispered in his ear.

"You will forget all about your mission. You will forget that you 
are an agent for the CIA and you will forget all about me. You are 
in Amsterdam for fun. You went to the club, you had the best sex 
ever with Irina and Natalia, now it's time for you to go home."

Jim woke up in a small room. The walls were completely bare. He 
couldn't tell what time it was or how long he had been asleep. He 
couldn't get the image of Zhanna gassing him out of his head. He was 
becoming aroused just thinking about it. Zhanna opened the door. 
She was still dressed in her Lycra outfit from the club.

"Sorry I had to do that, but I was being watched."

"It's OK." Do it again, he thought.

"This is the part where I'm supposed to interrogate you to find out 
what you know. Then I'm supposed to blank your memory."

"How do you do that?"

"It's complicated, but don't worry, I'm not going to do that."

"I'm sorry I doubted you earlier."

"It's understandable."

"Fill me in on Darius."

Zhanna stripped out of her catsuit, leaving her boots on and crawled 
onto the bed next to Jim. Jim got undressed and lay down beside her.

"Darius is planning to unleash a missile on the United States. He 
hasn't filled us in on all the details yet, but I know he has the 


There was a knock on the door. Zhanna quickly rolled him over and 
got on top of him.

"Play along. Act like you've been drugged." She whispered, guiding 
his cock into her.

Sophie entered. Zhanna rode him for a few seconds and stopped.

"What is your name?"

"Jim Henderson." He answered groggily. 

"Good boy." She cooed riding him some more. Zhanna turned around 
and smiled at Sophie. Sophie grinned back at her and left the room. 
Zhanna stayed on top of him.

"How do you know?" He whispered.

"I helped him steal it. The girls and I hi-jacked a Russian missile 
sub three days ago."

"What about her?" Jim asked

"Sophie? She's confused. She knows he isn't the man she thought he 
was, but her loyalty and guilt run deep. I'm not ready to test that 
yet, there's too much riding on it. But you should know, she decided 
not to kill you."

"That's great, thank her for me later." He said sarcastically.

"Now where were we?" She smiled at him and rubbed his chest.


"The CIA has been compromised. You need to stop sending agents."

"Do you have a better plan?"

"Let me take him out from the inside. Go back home, pretend like I 
was successful in making you forget. Let me handle this. I'll keep 
you in the loop."

"I'm going to need to clear this with my superiors and verify 
everything you've said. How did he know?"

"The order came from Darius through Sophie. I don't know how he 
knew, but I will find out. He had that." She pointed to the folder 
on the table. "It contains information that could have only come 
from inside the CIA. I'll let you know when I have more. Now let's 
finish your interrogation. It's been too long."

Zhanna started to ride him again. Jim felt her breasts as she 
bounced on top of him. She was starting to close in on her orgasm. 

"I'm assuming I'm going to leave here unconscious?" She nodded as 
she continued to bounce on him. "In that case, Could you do that 
again?" He said pointing to the gas gun on the headboard.

"You want me to gas you again?" She said smiling and breathing hard.

Jim nodded as she brought him closer to climax. She continued to 
ride him while she leaned forward to grab her gas pistol. She 
pointed it at him and smiled.

"Dream of me baby." She leaned forward and kissed him. She 
depressed the trigger as she orgasmed. The reddish-brown gas swirled 
around both of their faces. Jim moaned loudly and came as the gas 
filled his lungs. He felt her go limp and a second later, he was out.