The Professor

Professor Markham drew up in the gravelled driveway of the impressive mansion and stepped out of his car. He still wasn’t really sure why he was here. He’d found a business card in his pocket after work last night and had felt compelled to go to the address embossed upon it.

These thoughts continued to swim through his head as he knocked on the imposing wooden front door. The door was opened by a stunning young blonde, no more than 20 years old, in a simple, very tight, very short black leather dress. The shiny black leather covered the whole of her upper body, accentuating her very well-endowed chest as it clung to her curves. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, keeping it away from her face. Her full lips were painted a glossy red colour and Professor Markham found himself staring into her deep blue eyes, lost for words and still not fully understanding why he was here.

“Hello Professor, I‘m Suzi” the woman said brightly, smiling playfully. “I see you found the place OK. Follow me please.”

The stunned man was about to say something to try and find out what was going on but before he had a chance to open his mouth the blonde turned on her 4” stiletto-heeled shoes and walked away. Professor Markham shrugged and followed her, admiring her smooth, toned legs and the way her ass moved in the tight leather dress.

The room the blonde led him to was obviously a sitting room. Large leather armchairs were arranged about the floor and a long couch was positioned close to the impressive fireplace. A woman rose from the couch and smiled warmly at the Professor. She spoke to Suzi briefly and the blonde turned and left.

Professor Markham was left alone with the new woman. She was dressed in a business suit, though the jacket was draped over the back of the couch. The soft silk blouse was a pristine white and the skirt was cut just above the knee, her legs sheathed in seamed tan stockings. She extended her hand to him.

“Good evening Professor.” Kristen said, enjoying the obvious confusion of the man.

“Um, y-yes, good evening…”

“I’m Kristen Shaw.” Kristen continued, indicating for the Professor to take a seat in an armchair across from the couch. “We spoke last night.” Kristen sat down on the couch, pushing a stray lock of brown hair from her face.

“Last night?” the Professor struggled to remember. Try as he might, he couldn’t remember meeting this woman last night, and he was sure he would remember meeting someone like her. Something did seem strangely familiar about her, though.

Just as he was about to ask what it was they had talked about and, more importantly, what the hell he was doing here, the blonde in the leather dress returned with a glass of whisky. Still confused, he returned Suzi’s smile and took a sip of the drink, still trying to figure out what was happening. He was slightly distracted watching Suzi leave the room and he only just managed to catch what Kristen said next.

“Yes, you remember? I know it was quite late and you were obviously tired,” Kristin barely managed to hide her smile, “but we talked about possibly working together on a project.”

“We did?” the Professor took another sip of his drink.

“Of course, don’t tell me you don’t remember?”

“Well…” the Professor realised that for some reason he really didn’t want to disappoint the beautiful woman sitting across from him. “Of course, erm, yes. Last night, of course.” The Professor drained the rest of his drink as he tried to compose himself.

“Good. I assume that you agree to my proposal then?” Kristen asked, revelling in the man’s obvious confusion.

“W-w-which proposal is that exactly?” the Professor asked. He was suddenly finding it difficult to concentrate. I probably shouldn’t have finished that drink so fast, he thought to himself. He looked up at Kristen, hoping she wouldn’t notice anything was wrong. He found that his vision was slightly blurred.  He shook his head to try and clear the fuzziness.

“The one where you help me develop more effective sleeping agents, of course.” Kristen knew he was feeling the effects of his spiked drink. The drug should act quickly, especially when combined with the alcohol.

“I-I-I don’t understand,” the Professor stammered, “more effective sleeping agents?” His vision was completely blurred now - try as he might, he couldn’t focus on anything. Gradually it dawned on him that he was being drugged. He tried to stand up but found that his legs would not support him. Instead he ended up slumped in the armchair, his body no longer responding as it should. He looked at the glass, the image appearing as little more than a blur. He grabbed for it but only succeeded in knocking it off the table. It landed with a soft, barely audible, thud on the carpeted floor.

“I know you don’t,” Kristen’s voice took on the soft, patronising tone she reserved for her victims, “but soon you will. Then you’ll do what I tell you to do and you’ll like it. You’re right, the drink was drugged. It should leave you very open to suggestion. If you just let it happen it will be much more enjoyable for you. All you have to do is listen to my voice and let me make you feel safe and relaxed.”

“Nnnnooo” the Professor moaned, his slowed mind barely comprehending what Kristen had just said but still worried enough to force him to make one last attempt to get away. He failed miserably, not even able to lift his body from the soft leather armchair. He could hear Kristen speaking to him again. This time the drugs got the better of him and he listened, allowing his mind to absorb what she was saying.

“Just relax Professor,” Kristen purred reassuringly, looking at the helpless man slumped in the chair, “listen to my voice and relax. You are safe here. You feel safe and secure listening to my soft, seductive, sexy voice. As you listen to my voice you feel yourself relaxing further, allowing the drugs in your bloodstream to overpower you. Allowing my soft, seductive, sexy voice to overpower you.

“And now, you can feel yourself drifting downwards, isn’t that right Professor?” Kristen continued.

“Yessss…” came the reply after a brief moment of internal struggle.

Professor Markham’s eyes were barely open now, his whole body seemed to be totally outwith his control, which was, of course, the case.

Soon, thought Kristen, the same would be true of his mind.

“Yes, drifting downwards, letting my voice guide you down to relaxation and obedience. The more relaxed you become the more obedient you become, the more eager to please me you become.”

“Yesss. Relaxed, obedient.” The Professor was clearly completely under now.

“Very good. Feel yourself fall deeper down now. Deeper into relaxation, deeper under my control. Deeper. Deeper. Letting go of everything now. Hearing and obeying only my voice. Totally obedient and subservient now. No will of your own.”

“No will. Obedient. Subservient.” the Professor repeated, his lips barely moving.

Kristen smiled to herself - some people were too easy. She stood up and walked across to the drugged and hypnotised man and stared down at him for a few moments, feeling her arousal growing as she did so.

Then, with a sigh, she reached down under the chair and took out a portable CD player and a pair of headphones. She put the headphones over Professor Markham’s ears and pressed the play button. After an hour or so of her CD he’d be more than willing to help her perfect her various drugs.

Kristen crossed to a small table and pressed a button on the phone sitting on top of it. Moments later Suzi reappeared.

“Would you see that the Professor is kept comfortable for the next few hours, my dear? Do make sure he is kept entertained if he wakes up early.” she said to the eager young woman.

“Of course, mistress.” Suzi said, a wide smile on her ruby red lips. She went and sat next to the drugged, entranced man. Her hands gently caressing his body, causing him to twitch slightly even in his helpless state.

Kristin turned and left Suzi to play with her new toy. She was satisfied that everything was going to plan. She opened the large double doors to her lavish bedroom and started to strip, preparing for bed. By the time she woke up tomorrow she would have a new slave ready to go to work on improving the tools of her trade.

Two weeks later Kristen stepped into the lab she had built in the basement of her mansion. As usual Professor Markham was busy working on perfecting one of Kristen’s formulas. Kristen had a talent for chemistry which had obvious advantages in her line of work, but the Professor had real expertise and that was indispensable. He had made great progress in the last two weeks, accomplishing more than Kristen could have in two months of hard work.

She made her way to the testing chambers. There were three in total. These chambers were small glass cubicles, each one containing a sturdy chair with numerous restraining straps attached. Each chair was bolted to the floor. Each also contained a man. Kristen had taken them to be her test subjects. They were all strong, healthy young men - exactly the sort of person that was best able to resist the sort of drugs Kristen used.

One of the men was already unconscious and had been for some time. The initial test carried out on him indicated that the originally projected doses had been too high. More testing had ensued on the other two subjects.

“Good morning, Mistress.” the Professor bowed his head when Kristen approached. “I am completing the final tests now.”

“Good. I knew you’d come in useful.”

Kristen stood back and watched the Professor press s button on a control panel in front of him. There was a short hissing noise and a jet of gas was expelled from a vent into the middle test chamber. The gagged and bound man inside screamed into his gag for a moment. Then the gas reached him and his eyes dropped shut, his body sagging in the chair.

“Excellent work Professor!” Kristen said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. Such an instant effect from such a small amount of gas was exactly what she had been toiling to achieve for so long. “I assume the antidote is also ready?”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, indicating a vial of liquid on his desk.

“Good. Now continue work on the other projects. You have done well. I may have to reward you later.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Kristen left the lab and went upstairs to find Suzi. She was in her room, dressed in only a satin negligee. The blonde looked up when she heard the door opening.

“Get ready Suzi. We’re going out tonight.” Kristen had received a job offer to get close to a heavily guarded witness for an upcoming trial.

A wide smile appeared on Suzi’s face.

“And Suzi,” Kristen called over her shoulder as she turned from the room “wear something trashy.”

Suzi’s smile widened.