As the president stepped off the stage and greeted some of the 
people gathered for his speech a gorgeous blonde made her way 
through the crowd. She pushed through on a diagonal path heading 
straight for the exit the president would be leaving through. She 
knew security was too tight to make any real move here, but she had 
a plan. All she had to do was get close enough. She managed to 
make her way to the front of the line just as the president reached 
the door where he paused to shake a couple extra hands. The blonde 
immediately caught his eye when she reached out her hand. As the 
president shook her hand he felt a tiny prick. The woman held on to 
hand as he moved to pull away and at the same time held his eyes 
with hers. She smiled and after a moment handed him a business 
card. The president returned her smile and politely took the card 
slipping it in his pocket as he did with so many others.

"Time to go Mr. President." A black suited secret service agent 
said ushering him out the door and into his waiting limo.

Delilah smiled as she pushed back through the crowd and out the door 
on the opposite side of the building. She was a bit nervous about 
being able to get close enough or whether he would take her card, 
but in the end it all went the way she planned and if things 
continued to go her way she would be receiving a call in a few 
hours. She climbed into her red Lamborghini and removed the 
gimmicked ring. She paused to look at the tiny needle protruding 
from the band then examined the fake sapphire, which held the drug, 
to ensure that it was empty. She dropped the ring into her purse 
and drove off content that phase one was complete.

The president climbed into his limo absently rubbing his palm and 
was greeted by the head of the CIA and the secretary of defense.

"Mr. President, here is tonight's options for operation 
Diamondback." The secretary of defense said handing the president a 
file folder.

Operation Diamondback referred to a top secret joint U.S. British 
operation. A joint team of the allies top special forces agents 
have been assembled and are operating from within the Middle East. 
The team has been sent to destroy several Iraqi weapons and weapons 
manufacturing facilities in secret while publicly the U.N. continued 
to play its political games. There were only six people in the 
world that were suposed to know about the operation and three of 
them were in the president's limo. The other three were their 
British counterparts. The team receives their orders from the 
president only hours before the strike after the president chooses 
the target from a list of potential targets. So far the operation 
has been flawless. The element of surprise has ensured victory at 
every strike and limiting the choice of the targets to only the 
president has ensured that level of surprise.

"I'll look over the choices when I get to the room, then make the 

"Very good sir. And may I say the speech was excellent."

Delilah walked into her suite and found Tiffany lounging on the 
couch painting her toes.

"How did it go?" The red haired beauty asked her partner turning 
her bright green eyes from her toe nails.

"Perfectly." Delilah replied dropping her purse.

"If things go the way we planned we should have a date tonight. I 
better go get ready."

The president sat in his room reviewing the lists of targets. It 
was about two hours after he returned when he began to feel a bit 
warm. He got up and turned down the heat then returned to his 
work. He finally chose a pesticide plant that was actually 
producing chemical weapons. He sent the orders via secure satellite 
transmision to the Diamondback team when he felt himself becoming 
very horny. He pulled out the budget file and began going through 
the numbers. This was his sure fire cure when he was away from 
home, but the longer he stared at the numbers the harder it was for 
him to concentrate. He didn't know what came over him, suddenly he 
felt very strange. He hadn't been this worked up in years.

"Maybe I'll take cold shower." He thought finally putting the files 
away. He tossed his jacket onto the bed and headed into the 

Delilah and Tiffany turned every head as they walked down the hall 
of their hotel. Delilah was wearing thigh high red leather boots 
which stopped just below her black leather mini skirt. She also 
wore a short black leather jacket that hung open revealing the red 
satin bra top underneath. Her crystal blue eyes seemed sparkle 
under her teased platinum blonde hair. Her partner was equally as 
stunning in her thigh high white leather boots and matching tight 
leather mini-dress. Like Delilah her creamy thigh was visible 
between her boot tops and the bottom of her short skirt. Her make 
up was also very sexy highlighting her deep green eyes and full red 
lips. Her gorgeous red hair was teased as well in an incredibly 
sexy style. There was no doubt that that these two sex kittens were 
going to devour some luck man tonight, but nobody guessed that it 
would be the president of the United States.

The red Lamborghini sped away from the hotel leaving only the faint 
traces of perfume and the unforgettable sensuality for those luckily 
enough to have been in the lobby to remember the two goddesses by.

The president came out of the icy shower more excited than ever as 
he sat down on the bed dripping in his towel. He had pleasured 
himself twice, but still could not find relief. Nothing seemed to 
be working. Frustrated he picked up the card that had slid out of 
his jacket pocket.

Delilah's Discrete Escort Service to the Stars.
We keep private for those whose life is public.

The president stared at the card as memories of the gorgeous blonde 
flooded his mind. Her sexy smile, the smell of her perfume, and the 
feel of her soft hands all conspired to get him more and more 
excited. Her reached for the phone and quickly dialed the number.

Delilah pulled the phone out of her purse with a knowing smile.

"Right on time." She said before answering it.

"Hi, baby this is Delilah." She purred into the phone.

Her voice sent chills down the president's spine and caused his cock 
to throb. He quickly explained who he was and made the 
appointment. AS soon as he hung up the phone he called down to 
security and informed them he would have female company joining him 
tonight. The president had never done this before, but the drug 
coursing through his body was driving him wild and clouding his 
judgment. As for the secret service, the request wasn't strange at 
all and was actually common amongst the other presidents they served.

The women arrived in minutes having been already on their way. They 
timed the whole thing perfectly. If the secret service had any 
suspicions they were forgotten, along with everything else, when the 
two supposed hookers arrived.
The women strutted towards the lobby security flashing seductive 

"Hi, gorgeous. I believe we're expected." Tiffany said running her 
hand down the agent's chest.

Her perfume filled his head with desire as he drown in the green 
pools of her eyes. He paused for a moment captivated. The other 
guard was similarly befuddled by Delilah who boldly walked up to him 
and began to stroke his crotch. He was caught off guard and 
speechless until his partner snapped out of it and hit him on the 

"Hey we've got to check these girls and then send them up."

"What...ah're right."

"Should I assume the position?" Delilah asked turning around, 
bending over, and thrusting her heart shaped ass in his face."

"Yeah, are you going to frisk us?" Tiffany asked seductively as she 
ran her fingers through his hair.

The agent with Delilah took a deep breath and stated frisking her. 
She backed up, thrust her ass into his crotch, and began to grind 
into him. The agent moaned as he reached around and grabbed her 
satin covered boobs. Her sexuality had overwhelmed him and she knew 
it. She felt his cock throbbing through his pants as she pressed 
her ass harder not letting up. It wasn't long before he thrust his 
crotch into her and she felt him cum in his pants.

His partner was having the same trouble with Tiffany.

"Let me check those boots?"

"Certainly officer." Tiffany purred lifting her leg and pushing the 
toe of her boot into his crotch.

The agent tried to ignore her obvious advance and began to run his 
hand along the length of her boot checking for concealed weapons. 
Tiffany began stoking his crotch with her toe as he checked. The 
agent was stronger than his partner however and managed to continue.

"The other boot."

Tiffany switched legs, but continued to toy with him using her other 

The agent continued to resist and dropped her leg after checking it 
out. He took a step forward and began to frisk her body, running 
his hand along her curves. She took an additional step forward 
pressing her chest into his and kissing him deeply on the lips. Her 
hands quickly snaked down to his pants and began to rub his crotch. 
She heard the moans Delilah was coaxing out of the other agent and 
increased her efforts. The guard was tough, but there wasn't a man 
Tiffany couldn't seduce. With in moments she made him cum. The two 
women took a step back and admired their handiwork. Both agents 
were completely disheveled with matching stains across their 

"So I guess we'll just head up while you boys clean up."

They blew the befuddled agents a kiss as they got into the elevator.

When the door opened at the penthouse the two women were met by two 
more agents. These two were obviously more experienced and would be 
harder to crack than those downstairs.

"Ladies, the president is in the bedroom. We have to check you two 
one last time before you go in."

The agents frisked the women in a very business like manor.

"Alright, you're clean, leave your purses here and go in."

Tiffany and Delilah left their purses and walked into the bedroom. 
They found the president pacing nervously.

"Wow. You two are gorgeous! I've never done anything like this 
before, it just that..."

Delilah cut him off by placing a perfectly manicured finger on his 

"Shhhhh. It's OK sweetie, we'll take good care of you." Delilah 
cooed in his ear pressing her body against his side.

Tiffany joined her on his other side and began unbuttoning his shirt 
while Delilah began kissing his ear. Her hand slid down to his 
crotch and began to message his cock through his pants. Tiffany 
worked his neck and other ear as her skillful hands removed his 
shirt. Her hands then went to work undoing his belt while Delilah 
took a step back and removed her leather jacket. Her satin covered 
breasts seemed to defy gravity as she ran her hands across the front 
of them. She squeezed them and pushed them together leaning forward 
slightly. The president's eyes were glued to her luscious boobs 
while Tiffany somehow managed to remove his pants leaving him 
standing in his boxers. Delilah reached around and unclipped her 
bra fully exposing her boobs as it fell to the floor. She took a 
step forward and pushed the president backward onto the bed and then 
slid on top of him. She rubbed up his body brushing hers across his 
cock as she did. She brought her breast up to his face and forced a 
nipple into his mouth while she continued to move her body back and 
forth on top of him.

Meanwhile Tiffany reached down into her boot and pulled a syringe 
out of a secret pocket. She glanced back at the president who was 
lost in Delilah's boobs as she held up the needle and gently tapped 
it forcing the air bubble to the top. She pressed the plunger 
slightly forcing out the air and shooting a stream of the potent 
truth serum into the air. Satisfied that the injection was ready 
she slid onto the bed next to the lovers and pushed the needle into 
his arm. Licking her glossy lips she pushed the plunger forcing the 
diabolical drug into the president's system. Quickly returning the 
syringe to its hidden spot in her boot she joined Delilah on top of 
the president.

It didn't take long before the tell-tale signs of slowed breathing 
and glassy eyes manifested themselves. The women smiled at each 
other as they sat up.

"Mmmmm, you look like you're ready to tell us anything we want to 
know Mr. President."

"I will tell you anything you want to know." He answered almost 

"That's very good sweetie." Delilah cooed.

"Tell us all about operation Diamondback." Tiffany asked as she 
clicked on the micro recorder built into her boot.

After they had gotten information on operation Diamondback, and 
several other secrets the president knew, they switched the recorder 
off and Delilah reached into her boot where she had hidden a syringe 
just as partner did.

"In a few minutes you're going to get very sleepy baby. When you 
wake up the only thing you'll remember is you had an extremely wild 
night with a couple of hookers. You won't remember our names or 
faces and will think you simply found us in the phone book." 
Tiffany whispered in his ear while Delilah readied his injection.

She pushed the needle into his arm and presses the plunger sending 
the sleep drug coursing through his body. Both woman leaned over 
and kissed his cheeks as his eyes fluttered and he passed out. 
While Delilah got dressed Tiffany came out of the bathroom with a 
roll of duct tape.

"What are you doing with that?"

"Having a little fun."

Tiffany began duct taping his mouth, hands, and feet. Leaving him 
in a hog tied position on the bed.
"Imagine how humiliated he'll be when they find him."

The two women laughed as the walked out of the bedroom.

"Hold it right there."

The started women stopped in their tracks having forgotten about the 
agents outside.

"We need to check on the president before you leave."

"He's sleeping right now."

"Yeah, we kind of wore him out."

The agent eyed them suspiciously.

"I'd better check." He said pushing past the two beauties.

"Wait here till my partner gets back."

"Now what?" Delilah asked Tiffany under her breath.

"I'll take care of him, you handle the partner."

Tiffany followed close behind the agent and kicked the back of his 
knee as he entered the bedroom. The agent fell from the unexpected 
attack and Tiffany was on top of him in an instant.

"What's going on?"

"Shut up! That worm passed out before making me cum! Now you will 
pleasure me in his place! Lick my leather covered tits!" She 
exclaimed grabbing his cock and trusting her tits in his face.

At first the agent was at lost, but her perfume mixing with smell of 
leather was turning him on. That coupled with the fact that he was 
a closet submissive who has dreamed of this worked in the fiery 
haired seductress's favor as the overwhelmed agent began to lick her 
dress. Tiffany felt relief and confidence wash through her, her 
quick thought had worked. Her white leather mini-dress was sprayed 
with a special sleepy drug. The more the agent licked the sleepier 
he got. He continued to lick every inch of her dress slowing as the 
drug kicked in until finally he fell asleep no longer able to cling 
to consciousness.

"Nighty night fool!" Tiffany said getting off the sleepy agent.

Meanwhile outside the bedroom Delilah had grabbed her purse just as 
the second agent emerged from the bathroom.

"Where's the other agent?" He asked looking around.

"Probably drifting off to sleep." Delilah replied taking a small 
perfume atomizer from her purse.

"What?" He asked confused as Delilah stepped closer and raised the 

She spritzed him a couple times in the face with the sweet smelling 
drug until his eyes rolled up and he slumped to the floor. Just at 
that moment Tiffany came out of the bedroom and eyed the agent on 
the floor with a smile.

"Well?" Delilah asked.

"He fell asleep licking my dress."

A wicked smile crossed Tiffany's lips as she held up the roll of 
duct tape. The women stripped the agents and taped their mouths, 
then taped them up hog tied like the president.

"Those three are in for a humiliating morning."

The two woman emerged from the elevator laughing and met with the 
usual open mouth stares they'd become accustom to. There were two 
new guards in the lobby who eyed the women as the walked out. 
Minutes later the red Lamborghini was speeding to the airport as 
Delilah took out her cell and dialed.

"The location of tonight's attack is the pesticide plant."

"Now it's off to sell the rest of the stolen secrets!"

The women laughed.