"Where are we going? I thought you were taking me to a movie?"

"I have to make a stop at a customer first," explained 
Mark. "Their filter is broken. Besides we have plenty of time to make 
the second showing and this house is incredible."

Sarah Cummings, a pretty, petite 17 year-old with long honey-
brown hair and big brown eyes sighed and began to pout. This was the 
spoiled girl's usual method of getting Mark to do whatever she 
wanted. Today he simply ignored her and continued driving through the 
posh neighborhood. When he pulled into the mansion's long circular 
driveway his girlfriend was indeed impressed. He smiled when she 
immediately accepted his invitation to see the pool while he worked. 
Usually, when Sarah was in one of her moods, she could be quite 
stubborn. This time the sheer fabulousness of the place was enough to 
entice her. 

Mark led his unsuspecting sweetheart through the side gate 
and into the backyard. Sarah was as amazed as he had been, especially 
when she saw the magnificent lagoon pool.

"Wow, this place looks like the Playboy Mansion!" she 
commented awestruck.

"When were you at the Playboy Mansion?" he teased.

"I've seen pictures," she replied testily.

"Maybe you can be a Bunny," he told her grabbing her around 
the waist. She was wearing very short khaki shorts and a midriff-
baring white tank top. She had a cute little bum and very nice tits.

"Mark, stop it," she giggled, but didn't try to move his hand 
from her ass. "Oh!" she exclaimed, surprised when she noticed the 
glamorous brunette watching them from her luxurious satin chaise.

Mark, of course, knew that Veronica Fox would be there waiting. She 
rose and sauntered gracefully over to them, shapely hips swaying as 
she walked. The femme fatale was clad in a shiny gold lame bikini, 
and was smoking a black cigarette from a long gold holder. She took 
Mark's hand and kissed him lightly on the cheek, leaving a slight 
crimson stain. The young man grinned like a fool, ignoring the 
glowering look that his girlfriend shot at him.

"Hello Mark darling, so lovely to see you," purred the brunette in 
her smoky, sexy voice. "And this lovely young thing must be Sarah," 
she continued eyeing the girl from behind her dark glasses. She ran 
the tip of her holder over her tongue and extended a smooth, soft 
hand towards the girl. "I'm Veronica Fox. Mark has told me so much 
about you."

Sarah took her hand politely and shook it, noticing the woman's 
perfectly French-manicured nails. She was somewhat intimidated by the 
glamorous older woman, and embarrassed by the way Mark was staring at 
her. She was going to kill him if this woman noticed his boner. 
Actually she was going to kill him anyway.

"I'm Sarah Cummings," she replied properly. "But I'm afraid Mark 
hasn't told me anything about you." She gave her boyfriend a pointed 
look, which he either didn't notice or simply ignored.

"Well then, we'll have to get more acquainted while Mark sees to the 
pool." She took a drag on her holder and blew a gentle cloud that 
drifted into Sarah's face. She took the girl by the hand and led her 
over to the satin-cushioned lounge chairs. Settling into one, she 
motioned the girl to take the other.

Sarah lied down and sank into the thick silky pillows. She gave a 
contented sigh and ran her hand along the expensive fabric.

"Comfy?" asked her lovely host.

"Mmm, this is amazing," enthused the girl.

"I'm glad you like it. Cigarette?" offered the bikini-clad babe 
holding up a gold cigarette case. 

"Sure," replied Sarah, who smoked only occasionally but didn't want 
to appear unworldly to the obviously elegant woman. She selected one 
of the unusual black cigarettes with the gold filter-tip. "What kind 
is it?" she asked as she accepted a light.

"It's a Sobraine Black-Russian," Veronica told her fitting a fresh 
one into her own holder. "They're French. I have them imported 
specially." She lit it and exhaled a lazy cloud in the air. She 
watched as the girl copied her, trying to be sophisticated. She was 
really quite adorable. "You smoke very sexily," she said. 

"Thanks," answered Sarah blushing prettily. She took another puff 
under Veronica's watchful eye. The sun was very hot and she was 
feeling drowsy. She stretched her arms and yawned.

"Sleepy are we?" asked Veronica exhaling a cloud towards her 
unsuspecting prey.

"Mmmm," agreed Sarah yawning again. "It's awfully hot."

"How about a nice dip in the pool?"

"I don't have a suit."

"Don't worry dear, I'm sure I have something suitable for you to 
borrow. Tiffany, take her to the cabana to change."

Sarah hadn't even seen the cute bob-haired blonde approach. She 
seemed to just materialize next to her chair. The girl looked 
glamorous but business-like in a beige linen skirt and white silk 
blouse. She groaned as the blonde took her hand and pulled her up 
from the chaise. It was so comfortable and she just wanted to take a 
nap. But Tiffany put an arm around her and led her to the large 
cabana, which was as big as a small house. Once inside she rummaged 
in a dresser and came up with an itsy-bitsy pink string bikini. She 
handed it to Sarah and pointed her towards a dressing room. The brown-
haired babe went in, took off her tank top, and began wiggling out of 
her tight shorts. She slipped into the teeny bikini and stood 
admiring herself in the mirror. The suit was a tad small, and it 
could barely contain her burgeoning breasts. The door opened and 
Sarah turned, covering herself as she did so. She was a little 
embarrassed by showing so much skin. 

Two women were standing in the doorway, a very buxom blonde in a 
white bikini, and an equally well-endowed redhead in an emerald-green 
suit that matched her eyes. 

"Hi," said the blonde. "I'm Darla, and this is Margaret."

"You can call me Maggie," added the redhead.

"Nice to meet you," replied Sarah. "Are you friends of Miss Fox?"

"Oh, yes," agreed Maggie with a grin. "Very good friends."

The two large breasted women standing there staring at her and 
smiling made Sarah a little nervous. She started to try to walk out 
of the room, but they stood there blocking the way.

"Excuse me," she said a little petulantly.

The tall redhead stepped forward into the room. "Such fair skin," she 
commented caressing one of Sarah's bare shoulders.

"She'll need protection from that harsh sun," agreed Darla producing 
a pink tube. She squeezed some pink cream into her hand and began 
rubbing it onto Sarah's shoulders. The teen gasped and tried to step 
away but Maggie held her fast. 

"What are you doing?" she demanded trying to get out of her grip.

"Shhh sweetie, don't squirm," the flame-haired femme whispered. "I 
guess she didn't get enough sleepy smoke," she added to Darla.

The blonde nodded and moved her oily hands down to the girl's 
chest. "That's ok, the lullaby lotion will settle her down shortly."

Her prediction proved correct as a warm tingling began to spread 
through Sarah's body. Her limbs felt heavy and lethargic, and she 
could barely keep her eyes open.

"That's better," declared Darla, her hands moving down the front of 
the girl's bikini bottom. "Mmmm, nice and wet," she cooed sliding her 
lotion-slicked fingers through the girl's bush and between her lips 
earning a moan from Sarah.

"Let me feel," insisted Maggie, running her hand over their captive's 
bum and between her legs. "I just love wet pussy."

The two bikini clad babes busied themselves with feeling up young 
Sarah, over and under her bikini. She was quickly oiled, aroused… and 
extremely sleepy. 

"Sorry to interrupt ladies, but Ms. Fox would like to see the little 
slut," said Tiffany from the doorway.

The women were disappointed, but knew better than to keep their 
Mistress waiting. They led the deliciously drowsy damsel outside. 
Veronica Fox was waiting poolside, lounging naked on a thick velvet 
towel. Mark lay prostrate on his belly between her long tanned legs, 
his hands bound behind his back. He was eating her pussy while she 
smoked languidly from her holder. She looked up when the female 
foursome came out of the cabana.

"Does she like the sleep cream?" she asked. "Her little boyfriend 
certainly does."

"Oh, her cunt is nice and creamy," replied Darla.

"Good. Why don't you and Margaret fuck her in the water? Tiffany, 
they'll need the pool toys."

Darla and Maggie led the drugged damsel down the steps and into the 
cool water. They removed their tops, releasing their massive 
mammaries, which acted like huge flotation devices. They sandwiched 
young Sarah between their bodies and began kissing and touching her, 
quickly getting rid of her pink bikini. 

Tiffany arrived with a large plastic pail and emptied the contents 
into the water. The collection of brightly colored dildos floated in 
the pool. Darla grabbed one and began easing it into Sarah's swollen 
slit, while Maggie rubbed another over her tits, causing her nipples 
to harden. Veronica watched interestedly as her vixens molested the 
tempting teen. The girl was unimportant by herself, popular and 
pretty, with a nubile body, but nothing spectacular really. However, 
the girls she hung out with were a different story. Rich and 
gorgeous, they were the crème de la crème of the debutant set. 
Emma Saunders, 17, daughter of Sam Saunders who was the biggest 
furrier in town. Candace O'Rourke, also 17, had a famous actor for 
her daddy. And the prize, Gretchen Carlson, the youngest at just 16, 
and heiress to a make-up fortune. It was for them that all of this 
had been arranged. For their seduction, abduction, and subjugation. 

The crème de sommeil was working perfectly, making Sarah sleepy, 
obedient, and very, very horny. She was ready for her instructions. 

"Tiffany, untie our amorous young man," she ordered getting up. She 
fitted a fresh cigarette into the holder and let Tiffany supply a 
light. Once the naked pool boy was on his feet, she pushed him into 
the pool before sliding in herself. Darla and Margaret had the girl 
squirming and panting as they reamed her with the plastic cocks. They 
ceased their activities and parted to give their Mistress access as 
she glided toward them. 

"Hold her up," Veronica ordered, sliding in front of the sleepy 
Sarah. She inhaled on her holder and placed her lips over the girl's. 

She gave her a long, wet kiss, white smoke mingling with their 
tongues and drifting lazily from their mouths. Sarah's deep brown 
eyes were glazed and vacant, but she wasn't quite asleep.

"Oh pool boy."

"Yes Mistress Fox?"

"Have you ever fucked this little slut in the ass?"

"No Mistress Fox."

"Well why not? She looks like she'll love it. Put your dick in her 

Mark moved behind his girlfriend and slid his rod up her tight hole. 
She grunted and began to push back against him.

"You like that, don't you slut? I thought you would. Now be a good 
little whore and listen. I have a job for you." She blew more smoke 
into Sarah's face. "Relax and let my sleepy smoke take you to 
dreamland slut, while I tell you what to do. I'm having a little 
party this weekend…"