Mark parked the white Chevy pickup in the circular drive in front of 
one of the more impressive homes he had ever scene. A tall, lean 20 
year old, he had been cleaning pools every summer for four years. In 
that time he had seen quite a few very nice houses, but this one was 
something else. It was quite literally a mansion. The young man, 
dressed in his work clothes of loose-fitting cargo shorts, a t-shirt, 
and sneakers, walked up the stairs to the impressive mahogany front 
door. He rang the bell and stood waiting. After several minutes, the 
heavy wood door swung open. A tall curly-haired redhead stood in the 
doorway. She wore a shiny black bikini under a filmy black robe that 
hung open to reveal her gorgeous figure. The high-heeled sandals that 
she wore enhanced her already impressive height. In one hand she held 
a long black cigarette holder, smoke trailing from its tip.

"What can I do for you cutie?" she asked with a sly wink.

"Um, pool," Mark replied lamely. 

"It's right out back. You can use the gate on the side of the 
house," the titian-haired temptress told him, gesturing with the 

Mark thanked her nervously and hurried back to his truck. 

Margaret watched him go, raising the holder to her lips and smiling 
to herself. She took a drag and blew a cloud of pink-tinted smoke 
into the air as she shut the door. There was a phone on the small 
table just inside the door, which she picked up.

"He's here," she told the person on the other end. "He's on 
his way out back now. Have fun."

She hung up with a wide grin and walked down the hall.

Mark grabbed his things and walked around the side of the 
house to a big wooden gate. It opened quietly on well-oiled hinges 
when he pushed, so he walked into the backyard. The lawn was huge and 
green, obviously professionally landscaped, with well-tended gardens. 
The highlight of the yard, however, was the enormous lagoon-style 
pool, complete with attached hot-tubs, rock cliff waterslide, and a 
large cabana that was bigger than his house. It was the most 
incredible thing that the young man had ever seen. He walked toward 
it, eyes wide and head swiveling in all directions. He was so focused 
he didn't see the gorgeous brunette lounging in the satin-cushioned 
chaise until she spoke.

"Hello darling, you must be the pool boy," intoned a husky 
feminine voice from behind him.

He nearly leapt out of his skin and turned around. Lying there, on a 
white satin lounge chair, was a woman. Of course, that was an 
understatement. The beauty before him had about as much in common 
with an average woman as the magnificent oasis behind him had with a 
child's kiddy-pool. The stunning femme was a brunette, with jet-black 
hair swept back and held in place by a stylish gold and diamond 
hairclip. Her features were super-model perfect, with high 
cheekbones, sensuously full lips, and the slightly upturned nose that 
all rich beautiful women seemed to possess. Her eyes were hidden 
behind fashionable dark sunglasses. Even so, the perfection of her 
face was nearly overshadowed by the body of a goddess. Mark's eyes 
moved over every inch of that oiled, glistening body, from her 
elegant swan's neck, down over her perfectly round, firm breasts, 
across her flat tight belly, the slim shapely hips, before finally 
traveling down the length of her seemingly endlessly log smooth legs 
which ended in cute little feet with perfectly painted toenails. 
Sadly for Mark, the mysterious woman's heart-shaped ass, perhaps her 
best feature was currently hidden beneath her. All of this lovely 
female flesh was covered, if one could call it that, by the tiniest 
of little bikinis that he had ever seen. The silky white top could 
barely contain the swell of her full breasts and he could see her 
large nipples straining against the fabric. The small matching thong 
was tight against her mouth-watering mound.

Mark stood there dumbfounded with his mouth hanging slightly 
open. The brunette was smoking from a 6-inch black holder. She 
nibbled the tip, teasing it with her tongue, while she stared at the 
boy from behind her sunglasses. Thin wisps of smoke drifted from her 
mouth to be carried away on the light breeze.

"Well pool boy?" she said mockingly. "Are you going to get to 
work, or were just going to stare at me stupidly all day?"

She delivered her sarcasm with a pleasant tone and a sexy 
smile, which certainly took the sting out of her words. Mark mumbled 
something incoherent and turned to begin his work, while the tanned 
temptress leaned back to resume her lounging. The main filter housing 
was by the side of the cabana on the other side of the pool. Mark was 
both relieved and disappointed that this put some space between 
himself and the sunning goddess. However, he couldn't get her out of 
his mind as he went about his work. Occasionally he would steal a 
glance in her direction, get a glimpse of her flawless skin shining 
in the sun, tendrils of cigarette smoke rising above her. The sun was 
very hot and reflected off of the glass-like surface of the pool. 
Mark was beginning to feel a little drowsy. He peeled off his t-
shirt, revealing his nicely muscled chest and abs, hoping it would 
cool him down some. He would have killed for a glass of water. 

At one point Mark was behind the cabana for a few minutes 
working. When he came back he looked across the pool. Another woman 
had joined the brunette on the chaise next to her. They were lying on 
their sides facing each other, apparently talking. The brunette sat 
up and waved in his direction. 

"Oh pool boy," she called.

Mark dropped what he was doing and fairly ran over. Sweat was running 
down his chest as he arrived and he stood breathing heavily. 

"He pants like a dog," commented the new woman, a blonde with nice 
tits encased in a pink sequined bikini.

"And sweats like one as well," agreed the brunette. They talked like 
he wasn't even there.

"Oh, how rude of me," she continued. "I haven't made any 
introductions. Darla this is the pool boy. Pool boy this is Darla. 
And I, of course, am Veronica Fox. There now that's done. Won't you 
be a dear, pool boy and open that champagne?"

She indicated an expensive bottle of Cristal that was chilling in an 
ice-bucket on a low table between the two sunbathing beauties. Mark 
was confused by the way the women were talking to him. They smiled 
and talked in friendly tones, but he had a feeling they were making 
fun of him. Still, he didn't know what else to do, so he began 
peeling back the gold foil that covered the top of the bottle. 

Veronica, meanwhile, fitted a fresh cigarette into her holder and lit 
it with a gold lighter.

"Why don't you take a load off darling?" offered the blonde, patting 
the immaculate white satin cushion on which she lay.

Mark didn't want to be rude so he sat down next to her and continued 
to struggle with the champagne. Finally, the cork came out with a 
loud POP, spraying champagne everywhere. The ice-cold bubbly splashed 
on the blonde's legs and she gasped.

"I'm so sorry," he insisted, very embarrassed at what he had done. He 
went to help her wipe her legs but she slapped his hands away.

"Clumsy pool boy!" she huffed.

"Relax dearie," replied Veronica toying with her holder. "What else 
can you expect from a silly boy?"

She exhaled a cloud of smoke towards Mark with a flourish. It was 
sweet smelling and made him feel a little lightheaded.

"It's alright sweetling," she told him. "Just go ahead and pour."

Mark complied and filled two champagne flutes handing one to each of 
the women. They accepted them wordlessly, as if he was a servant. 

"A toast!" declared the brunette. "To sweaty, sleepy pool boys,"

"Here, here," agreed the blonde, and the two women drank.

"The sun is awfully hot Darla," commented Veronica. "I think you need 
some lotion. Pool boy," she ordered, handing him a tube of suntan 
oil, "rub some of this on Darla's back."

Dazed from the heat and the smoke, Mark took the tube and spread some 
lotion on his hands. Darla knelt on the cushion and turned her back 
to him. She pulled her glossy blonde hair over her front shoulder out 
of the way. 

Tentatively, he began to spread the white lotion on her back, while 
Veronica slid her sunglasses up on top of her head and watched 
smiling. Gaining confidence he moved from her shoulders downward 
coating her upper back. When he got to her string bikini laces, he 
hesitated, not sure if he should reach under them. But the blonde 
bombshell just giggled and reached back to undo the string. She 
caught the filmy fabric and held it to her breasts.

"We wouldn't want any tan lines," she cooed.

Mark continued applying the cream. His breathing was getting a 
little quicker as he worked toward her lower back and he prayed that 
they wouldn't notice the growing tent-pole in the front of his 
shorts. With relief he finished and started to get up.

"Not so fast," said Darla, turning back to face him and letting her 
bikini top fall. "Aren't you going to get my front too?"

Mark gulped and moved his hands slowly towards her. He started at the 
hollow of her neck and she sighed peacefully. His cock was now fully 
rigid and he was sure that the beautiful blonde would notice. Darla, 
did indeed notice, and let her hand `accidentally' brush against the 
front of his shorts. His body stiffened in embarrassment and she 
giggled softly. 

"Mmmm, so hard," she cooed she letting her hand linger. She took his 
oily hand in hers and guided it to her tits.

Veronica pulled off her own top and ran a hand over her hardening 
nipples. She picked up a pink plastic tube from the glass table that 
had `Crème de Sommeil' written in white lettering on the tube. She 
moved from her lounger and sat on the end of Darla's, behind the 
young man.

"It's awfully hot," she murmured in his ear. "I think you need some 
lotion as well."

Clenching her holder between her teeth, she squeezed some of the pink-
colored cream into her palm and began to rub it gently onto his back. 
She handed the tube to Darla and the beautiful blonde proceeded to 
coat his chest with the sweet-smelling stuff. A moan escaped him as 
her hands traveled lower, past his flat abdomen and into the front of 
his shorts. The brunette reached around his waist and unbuttoned him, 
then slowly pulled down his zipper, eliciting another low moan.

"Yes, you like that don't you?" Veronica teased. She drew on her 
cigarette holder and blew a cloud of smoke into the air. "This is my 
special lullaby lotion," she continued. "In a moment you will start 
to feel very drowsy. It will be very hard to keep your eyes open."

As she spoke softly into his ear, she began to rub her tits against 
his back while she stroked his cock lazily. Darla leaned back in her 
seat and began to fondle herself as she watched her Mistress seduce 
the young fool. The villainous vixen was quite correct. Already Marc 
was becoming quite sleepy. A warm languor seemed to be spreading 
through his body. Ms. Fox' devious sleep cream was designed to put 
her victim into a state of utter relaxation, but not quite asleep. In 
this condition someone would obey her every command. The brunette 
pushed the aroused pool boy into a prone position, his head resting 
at the foot of the chaise. He futilely tried to raise his head, but 
slumped back onto the silky white cushion. 

"That's right dearest, just close your eyes and relax. It's sleepy-
bye time. But Darla and I are going to ensure that your dreams are 
pleasant ones. Darla, fuck the pool boy," she commanded.

The blonde smiled sleepily and slipped out of her pink thong. The 
lullaby lotion was affecting her as well. She had been fingering her 
cunt, so she was nice and juicy, and his well-oiled prick slid easily 
into her. The languid lovers let out a simultaneous sigh as their 
slippery bodies intertwined. Darla began to slide up and down on his 
young hard dick while Veronica watched in amusement. However, there 
was business that she needed to mix with this afternoon's pleasure.

"Oh Mark darling," she said, using his name for the first time. "Can 
you hear me sweetums?"

"Yes," he replied wearily.

"You may call me Mistress Fox," she told him.

"Yes Mistress Fox."

"Excellent. Tell me dear, you have a girlfriend, do you not?"

"Yes Mistress Fox."

"A high-school girl, isn't she? Sarah Cummings, I believe, a 
hot little piece of ass."

"Yes Mistress Fox."

"Good. Tomorrow you will bring her to me, do you understand 

"Yes Mistress Fox."

"Perfect. Now I think it's time a certain young man had a nap."
She snapped her fingers and her ever-attentive assistant Tiffany 
appeared as if from nowhere.

"The dozing dust please Tiff," ordered the bewitching brunette. 
The bob-haired blonde nodded and opened her purse. She extracted a 
black compact and a make-up brush, which she handed to the 
malevolently magnificent Veronica Fox. The devious dame took them 
wordlessly and popped open the compact. Inside was a layer of 
shimmering pink powder. Veronica ran the brush through the dust and 
snapped the compact closed. Mark, being ridden like a pony as he was 
by the delectable Darla, never saw his dreamy demise coming. The 
fabulous Fox glided the brush gently under his nose. He sneezed, 
came, and then nodded slowly off to sleep. His well-timed sneeze 
instigated Darla's own orgasm and she collapsed sweaty, oily, and 
satisfied onto his chest.

"Sweet dreams pool boy," she cooed in her breathy voice. "I'll see 
you and that wonderful cock of yours tomorrow."

It was well after dark when Mark awoke. He was surprised to find 
himself on one of the sensational satin chaises by the pool. He was 
also embarrassed to find that he had been jerking off in his sleep. 
His shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped and his right hand was 
wrapped around his swollen member. Guiltily, he looked around to make 
sure that nobody had noticed before zipping up his pants. He hastily 
gathered his tools and snuck out through the side gate. His truck was 
still there in the circular drive. He got in as quietly as possible 
and drove away.

"Your little sleepyhead is gone sister dear," commented Victoria as 
she watched him through one of the front parlor windows.

"Good," replied Veronica from across the room as she lounged on a 
sofa. "Tomorrow our little pool boy will deliver us his girlfriend. 
And she will deliver us her best friend, Gretchen Carlson."

"Who will deliver us her very rich daddy," finished Victoria.
Both sisters smiled.