Debbie and Doreen are upstairs in Debbie's bedroom, as
Debbie models her new mink coat.

"So what do you think?" says Debbie (a Shannon Tweed-look alike with
soft, shoulder length blonde hair) as she twirls

"Wow, that is SO beautiful and soft! It must
have been so expensive!", says Doreen (a curly redhead
Julia Roberts look alike with a beautiful body to

"Yeah, about $10,000 dollars", replies Debbie.

"10,000 dollars! Roland must have flipped when you
told him, especially since you just bought one two
weeks ago!", shouted Doreen.

Debbie giggled. "He doesn't know yet...hey, why don't you try on my other

"OK", as Doreen takes the mink coat and puts it
on, "ooooh, it feels SO soft, I love it!"

Debbie meanwhile lights up two cigarettes and extends one to
her friend.

"It's yours", Debbie replies as she blows
a thick cloud of smoke towards her friend.

"Oh thank you Debbie!" as Doreen takes a long drag and blows a
massive cloud towards Debbie, engulfing her head.

Debbie smiles and inhales. "MMMMMM, nothing like a
beautiful woman blowing beautiful clouds of
smoke...Scott must love it!"

"Oh HE does!" Doreen says coyly.

"We sure do look sexy, Doreen." says
Debbie, as they both model their coats in the mirror.

They both take long drags off their cigarettes and
exhale huge, billowing clouds of smoke towards the
mirror. The smoke softly bounces off the mirror back
towards them, surrounding them.

"Do you know what two beautiful women like us need? To buy a new wardrobe!"

Doreen frowns. "Debbie, as much as I'd love to, I
can't afford it. I gave all of our extra cash to
Scott for the boys' poker game downstairs"

Debbie smiles with an evil grin. "Maybe we should borrow the
money from them."

"How?" asks Doreen curiously. "We
can't just go and take the money, they'd be pissed!"

Debbie smiles and pulls a strange box of cigarettes
out of her nightstand. "Maybe they just need to
'relax'", as she dangles the box in front of Doreen.

Doreen giggles. "Good idea, Debbie! They probably
could use a little nap after that LONG game."

Debbie wraps her arms around Doreen and softly exhales a huge
cloud of smoke in Doreen's face. "Beautiful minds
think alike, don't you think, beautiful?"

Doreen replies softly, " girl", as she takes a
long drag off her cigarette, leans in, and kisses
Debbie, exhaling all the smoke into her mouth.

Debbie takes all the smoke in, rubs Doreen's face gently, and
blows the smoke back in her face, engulfing her head.

"Let's go 'withdraw' some cash from our banks" Debbie
giggles out as they walk downstairs.

Meanwhile downstairs, Roland and Scott are having
their weekly poker game with their buddies, Ralph and
Dana. The basement is covered in a cloud of smoke, as
the guys puff away on their cigars.

"Well Mark, are you gonna play?", replies Roland impatiently, as
exhales a massive cloud of smoke towards him,
engulfing the cards and his face.

Mark coughs and waves his hand. "It be easier to play if I could
see.", he laughs.

"I'm out" Roland smiles smugly, "What about you, Scott, are you in or out?"

Just as Roland finishes, the two women walk downstairs and
Debbie replies "I have a feeling you'll all be out

Debbie pulls out two cigarettes from the
unusual looking box and hands one Doreen.

"It's very smoky down here boys," Doreen replies as she recieves
a light from Debbie. "Do you mind if we blow our

Roland drops his cards and angrily replies,
"Ladies, we're in the midst of a game. Do you mind?!"

"Oh Roland", says Debbie as she drags on her
cigarette, "you just need to relax!"

She then blows a massive cloud of smoke towards the center of the
table. The cloud is so big and thick, it just hangs
like a fog underneath the ceiling lamp above the
table. The guys stop what they're doing and watch this
beautiful cloud. Not to be outdone, Doreen takes a
long drag and exhales a volumous cloud of smoke on to
the table. The cloud is about five feet wide, as the smoke billows
up and spreads across the guys chests and into their faces. They close
their eyes and breathe in the unusually sweet smelling

"Ladies," Roland says as he tries to clear his head, "what
are you doing?"

Debbie takes another long drag and exhales another
awe-inspiring cloud of dense smoke into the center of the

"Why don't you boys just sit back in relax? In fact, don't
you think these clouds of smoke are relaxing to watch?"

"Yesss" say the guys in unison.

Doreen exhales another gigantic cloud into the
already thick fog hanging above the table. "Oh yes, I find all this
smoke SO's hard to look away, but why would you want
to when you can just stare at all of these soft, mesmerizing clouds of

The women continue to blow massive, billowing clouds of
relaxing smoke into the center of the table. The guys are paralyzed,
entranced by the rolling clouds of smoke. Their eyes grow softer as
clouds of smoke swirl around their heads.

"Boys, can you hear me?" Debbie says softly between exhaling clouds of smoke.

"Yessss",they say in unison.

"Good, could you sleepy boys do us a favor and put
all of your money on the table?", Doreen says after finishing
another thick plume of smoke.

The guys empty their wallets and place all of
their money on the table.

Debbie smiles. "Thank you boys, we're gonna use this to go shopping, OK?"

"Yesss" they reply, staring at the clouds of smoke through half open eyes.

Their bodies are too tired to move, as clouds of knockout smoke swirl around their bodies
and faces.

"Good boys!", says Doreen softly, "you've all earned a
wonderful nap for your generosity".

Debbie then moves behind Roland and Dana while Doreen stands behind Scott and Ralph. The women each take long, double drags and exhale, what seems to be, a never-ending
cloud of smoke downward onto the guys, swaying their smoke in each
of their faces.

Debbie then straddles Dana, takes another long drag and
puts her arms around him.

"Nighty-night, Dana", as she exhales a dense cloud of smoke that engulfs his head. She follows it up with a soft kiss while Doreen straddles Ralph.

"Sweet dreams, Ralph" as she covers his head with a giant cloud of smoke and proceeds to softly kiss him.

The girls then move to their prospective husbands, look at
each other and decide to switch partners. Doreen blows massive
clouds of soft smoke in Roland's face, as she massages his crotch
with her fur cuff link. Roland quickly creams his pants. Debbie
does the same to Scott. The guys now slump into their chairs sound
asleep, as the women stand above them in this heavy, cloudy, smoke
filled room. Both women's eyes start to grow soft and they begin to

"All this sleepy smoke is starting to put us to sleep as well,
we better get out of her," Debbie says following a yawn.

Doreen has the wicked grin on her face as she takes a long drag and clouds
Debbie's face with some more sleepy smoke.

"I always thought you looked sexy sleepy anyway," she giggled.

"You're bad!" Doreen says with half-open eyes, "let's go shopping!"

The two women leave as the guys are left sleeping like babies in the sleepy smoke filled room.