Mary and Stephanie were very excited. Mary, A heavy-set 20yr hispanic with 
olive skin and thick black hair, was awaiting the arrival of a special 
visitor. A ring on the doorbell told Mary that her guest had arrived. "Steph 
sit on the sofa and try to look relaxed." Mary instructed. Stephanie , a 
heavy-set 19yr caucasian with light reddish brown hair, obeyed Mary's order 
to sit down. Mary walked to the door and opened it to find two women 
standing in the dooorway. "Come in." Mary says to the women. The two women 
,Angela and Diana, enter Mary's house. Angela is a heavy set caucasian with 
red hair. She is wearing a long trenchcoat, covering her outfit underneath, 
and carrying a large purse. Diana is a heavy set hispanic. She is also 
wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a purse. Mary had meet Angela at a club 
two weeks ago and was completely smitten by her. They had talked on the 
phone that week and gotten to know each other. Last week, Mary was showing 
Angela pictures and ,upon seeing a picture of Stephanie, told Mary that she 
knew a friend who would love to meet Steph. Today, Angela has come over to 
"borrow" a CD and "just happened" to bring Diana with her. Mary had asked 
Stephanie to come over today, her visit conviently coinceiding with 

"I have that CD you wanted to borrow in my room, Why don't you come up and 
see if there's anything else you like." Mary suggests. "Sure, thanks a lot, 
I really love Snap-her." Angela replies. "This way." Mary leads Angela up 
the stairs to her room. They enter and Mary closes the door behind her. She 
walks over to her CD case and grabs the appropriate CD. "Here you go..." 
Mary turns around to give Angela the CD and is startled into silence. Angela 
has taken off her coat and revealed the outfit underneath: A black 
see-through lace body suit, bra and thong underneath, and thigh-high boots. 
With a "thank you" Angela takes the CD from Mary's hand. She then takes 
Mary's hand and pulls Mary toward her, embracing her firmly. "What about 
Stephanie and Diana?" Mary asks. "Don't worry, Diana will take care of 
Stephanie." Angela says with a simle.
Downstairs, Diana has heard everything through a micrphone hidden in 
Angela's clothes and realizes that she has heard her cue to act. She 
exchanges pleasentries with Stephanie, who is still sitting on the sofa. "I 
have a feeling they're going to be up there awhile." Stephanie says. Diana 
is happy with the excellent lead-in and says to Stephanie: "I think so too. 
You know: I have something to keep you busy." Diana reaches into her purse 
and pulls out a small cylinder spray can. Diana points the can at 
Stephanie's face. Stephaine looks at the can with a confused expression. 
Diana presses the button and a stream of foul-smelling, green knock out gas 
strikes Stephanie's face. Stephanie wrinkles her nose, then clenches her 
throat. She goes from sitting upright to laying sideways on the couch. "A 
little sleep will make the time go alot quicker" Diana says with a smile. 
Upstairs, Angela has heard everything and begins to make her move.

PT 2

Angela has something very special in mind for Mary. She looks at Mary and 
simply says: "Strip." Mary begins to remove her clothes, first her shirt, 
then her pants. After she has stripped down to her Bra and Panties,She 
pauses to look at Angela. "Don't stop there." Angela says. Mary then removes 
her underwear and is completely naked. Angela walks around Mary ,looking 
her up and down, and reaches out to stroke Mary's cheek. Her hand travels 
down, Slowly brushing across Mary's breasts, then around her back to her 
ass, then finally to her bald mound. Angela is happy to find that Mary is 
already shaved. That will make her job a lot easier later.

Mary is breathing heavy and quivering with excitement. "Close your eyes. I 
have a suprise for you." Those words make Mary even more excited. She 
obidently close her eyes. Angela walks over to her purse and pulls out what 
looks like a cane and a small mask. The cane has a handle with two buttons 
and three cylinders, one on top of the shaft right next to the handle and 
one on either side. The cylinders are colored white, pink and green, with 
the white one on top. She walks over to Mary, who still has her eyes closed, 
and points the cane at Mary's face. Angela presses a button on the cane 
-causing white hypno-gas to strike Mary in the face. Mary eyes fly open. 
She stumbles back and waves her hand back and forth in front of her face. 
"Stop that." Angela commands. Mary obeys. "Walk to your bed and stand in 
front of it" Mary does as she's told. The concentrated Hypno-gas will ensure 
Mary's obidence for a half hour, plenty of time. "Now bend over." Mary 
bends over her; hands resting on her bed.

Angela walks over to Mary. She leans over and looks at Mary's spread up 
close. She sniffs Mary and a smile comes to Angela's face. "You smell nice, 
but this will make it even better." Angela points the cane at Mary's face. 
She presses the second button on the cane, causing the cylinders to shift 
until the pink one is on top. Angela then slips the small mask over her 
mouth and nose. Turning her attention back towards Mary, Angela presses the 
first button on the cane and pink pleasure gas envelopes Mary's whole head. 
"Sniff it." Angela orders roughly.

Mary sniffs the gas now covering her face. The gas hangs in the air for what 
seems like forever and It's begining to make Mary sexually excited. Angela 
notices that Mary is starting to become wet. "Mary," Angela says: "You know 
how good it feels when someone is about to go down on you and you can feel 
their hot breath on you?" "Yes." Mary says in voice hoarse with arousal. She 
points the cane towards Mary's ass and sprays Mary's crack with the pink 
gas. "Oh." Mary exclaims, pleasently suprised by the feeling. "Well this 
feels even better."

Angela sprays again. This time starting from the top of Mary's ass down to 
her clit. "Ohhh!" Mary moans with pleasure. Angela sprays again; eliciting 
an "Mmmm" from Mary. Mary is so excited by Angela's spraying and the 
pleasure gas filling the air around her that she reaches over with her hands 
and spreads her lips in an attempt to give Angela more access to the most 
sensitive areas of her pussy. Angela excepts the invitation and sprays Mary 
yet again.

On and on, Angela continues the stimulation. Mary is very close to cumming, 
but alas, She will not be able to. Angela has noticed the time and needs to 
finish this up before the Hypno-gas wears off. Angela presses the second 
button on the tube again this time causing the green cylinder to move to the 
top of the cane. Mary has her eyes closed and a slight smile is etched on 
her face. Angela points the cane at Mary's face and rudely suprises Mary 
with a burst of Knockout gas. Mary says "Uh" Then falls to her knees. She 
stays like that for a second, Then falls forward, her upper body resting 
against her bed. Angela picks Mary up and lays her over her shoulder. She 
then takes her downstairs, Where Diana is sitting on the couch, next to a 
sleeping Stephanie. Angela lays Mary next to Stephanie. She then reaches 
into her pocket and gets her cell phone. "Dahlia. Everything is ready for 
you and the others. "Excellent" Dahlia replies from a van outside. "I'll be 
right there."

PT 3

A knock on Mary's door informs Angela that Dahlia is here. Angela opens the 
door and in struts Dahlia and two more of her assisstants: Michelle , a 
blond haired caucasian, and Roselynn, a thickly-built black woman. Michelle 
and Roselynn are carrying two boxes. They set the boxes down and begin to 
remove the items inside. Four tanks are set up next to Stephanie and Mary 
who are still sleeping on the couch. Several knobs are adjusted, masks are 
secured over Mary and Stephanie's faces and -presto! The girls hypnosis 
begins. Mary and Stephanie are made to breathe mood-altering hypno-gas as 
they sleep. When they awaken, they will be in such a good mood that they 
will eagerly do what ever they are told.

Dahlia keeps careful watch over the sleeping girls. She is quite pleased 
that yet another plan is coming together quite well. Patiently she monitors 
the girls for about four hours after which time they begin to stir. "Good 
Morning my darlings. Did you enjoy your nap?" "Mmmph. mmmm." Is they only 
reply that Mary and Stephanie are capable of-as the masks are still securly 
over their faces. Dahlia is pleasured by the girls bewilderment and their 
muffled moans. She leaves the masks on for a few minutes. "I don't 
understand why your upset. You should be feeling great after such a nice 
nap." Dahlia teases them. "I think you should stop all that fusing right 
now." Dahlia wish is the girls command. While they were vocal before, they 
now fall completely silent. "Angela. Diane. Make our friends a little more 
comfortable." Diane and Angela slip the masks off of Mary and Angela 
respectively. However they replace the masks with tubes that run under Mary 
and Stepahnie's noses. "I 'm so happy to finally meet you." Dahlia admits. 
"I have to say you are both as lovely as Angela described." "Thank you." 
replies Mary. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun over the next few 
days. I just need you to do me a little favor." Dahlia reaches over and 
hands Mary the house phone. I need you to call your two friends. Arlene and 
Yasmeen. Would you do that for me?" "Of course." Mary replies. Dahlia is 
pleased, she has now confirmed that Mary is in her power. "Tell them that 
you have some people you'd like them to meet." Mary dials Arlene's number. 
"Hey Arlene, This is Mary. Could you come over? And bring Yas'. I've got 
some people I'd like you to meet."

PT 4

Mary answered her door with a warm smile: "Come in, I have something to show 
Into Mary's house steps Arlene and Yasmeen. Arlene is a short, 18yr. old 
white girl. She has dirty blond hair, thickly built with large breasts and 
big ,Child-bearing, hips. Yasmeen is a 21yr. bi-racial girl with light 
brown skin. She has thick black hair ala Alecia Keys and is also endowed 
with big hips and nice size breasts, but is much taller then Arlene and 
therefore proportioned differently. Mary leads Arlene and Yasmeen into a 
dining room where Stephanie and Dahlia are sitting. "Is this a party or 
something?" Yasmeen asks. Arlene is a little annoyed: She doesn't really 
like Stephanie. She decides to ignore her and turn her attention to Dahlia. 
"Hi." "Hello." Dahlia says with a big smile. "Are you Mary's friends I've 
heard so much about?" "I'm Arlene. Behind me is Yasmeen." "Nice to meet you. 
I'm Dahlia." "Hey Arlene" Mary says. "I've got to show you this thing Dahlia 
brought over. Take a seat" Mary reaches over and places two boxes in front 
of the now seated Arlene and Yasmeen. "Open It." Dahlia says. "I'll bet 
you'll get a kick out of it."

Arlene and Yasmeen open the boxes and pull out a pair of gasmasks. 
"Gasmasks?" Yasmeen asks, confused. "Yes. Their for a little art project I'm 
working on." Dahlia says. "Cool!" Arlene says enthusiastically. Arlene 
studies the mask up and down. She looks at Dahlia: "Can I try it on?" "Sure" 
Dahlia says nicely. Arlene slips on the mask. It covers her entire face. 
"Yas' Why don't you put yours on?" Mary says. Yasmeen gives Mary a strange 
look. Then says: "Well...ok." Yasmeen says. She too dawns a mask. "You two 
look so cute. I was hoping you would put those on." "Dahlia says. "Really? 
why?" Arleen asks, now also confused. "Why for this." Dahlia raises her hand 
and presses a button on a remote control that she is carrying. A hissing 
sound is heard and Arlene and Yasmeen begin to cough and gag as their masks 
fill with sleep gas. Arlene and Yasmeen reach for their masks, but they are 
coughing so heavily that they can't summon the strength or concentration to 
remove the masks. Their hands go to their throats. "Your gas masks really 
are gas masks." Dahlia gloats. "The art project I have in mind has you both 
experiencing a picture-perfect sleep." Arlene and Yasmeen continue to cough 
as their heads begin to slowly fall to the table. Arlene head falls to the 
table first, her hand falls to the side and she slumps foward resting on the 
table. Yasmeen then joins her, She rests her head on the table and lets out 
a final cough before her body becomes still.

"That went well-even though this isn't the picture-perfect sleep I had in 
mind." Dahlia comments. She walks over to Arlene and Yasmeen and unscrews a 
white cap from their masks, causing the sleep gas to vent out and evaporate 
in the air. Dahlia assistants have watched everything on a view screen and 
they now enter the dining room to get started. Now that everyone is here, 
Dahlia strips down and puts on her ceremonial outfit: Bustier, panties, 
stockings and her gas-projection mask. Her assistants are already dressed 
for business. They place four tanks near Arlene and Yasmeen, Two tanks of 
oxygen and two tanks of hypno-gas. Michelle connects a tube to Arlene's 
mask, where Dahlia removed the cap before. Roselynn also does the same to 
Yasmeen. A mixture of oxygen and hypno-gas is pumped into the sleeping 
girl's masks, insuring their obidence when they wake up. Dahlia turns her 
attention to Mary and Stephanie: "Now what to do with you. You both did very 
well. You must be so tired after your perfomance. Why don't you get some 
rest?" Dahlia's mask spews a stream of green gas toward Mary and Stepanie. 
They also drop their heads to the table. "Ok. Ladies.Let's get everything 
ready for tommorow." Dahlia's assistants begin preperations for the four 
captives repaxing day tommorow.

PT 5

Dahlia walks into the bedroom in Mary's house. Mary, Stephanie, Arlene, and 
Yasmeen are sleeping on the bed. Dahlia looks at her watch; "Any second now" 
She says to herself. Almost on cue, the four sleeping friends begin to stir. 
"I hope you all enjoyed your nap." "What's going on?"Arlene asks. "Going 
on? You and your friends are very lucky. I've decided that you'll all be 
clients of a mobile spa that I run." Dahlia explains. "Your going to feel so 
good after the extra sleep you'll be getting, but right know, I'd like to 
get you ready for the day." Dahlia's assistants enter the room. "I want all 
of you to follow my assistants. They're going to take good care of you." 
Dahlia's assistants move to the bed. Each assistant takes a girl's hand and 
leads them out of bed and out the room. Mary, Stephanie, Arlene and Yasmeen 
are each given a bath, a make-over and a bikini-wax. They are then lined up 
in front of Dahlia.

Dahlia looks over the assembled women. "You all look so lovely." Dahlia 
walks over to Yasmeen and begins to play with Yasmeen's thick head of hair. 
"You have lovely hair." "Ill! you think so?" Yasmeen replies, somewhat 
embarrased. "You don't agree?" "I've never really liked my hair." Yasmeen 
confesess. "You have beautiful hair. You should be proud of it." Dahlia 
admonishes. "You should also be proud that of the fact that I've chosen you 
to be the first to experience a new treatment I've divised. It was your mane 
that inspired me. Now come, I'd like to show you something." Dahlia walks 
over to a piece of furniture that is covered by a sheet. She lifts up the 
sheet to reveal what looks like a hair drier. The hair drier has a "helmet" 
for drying hair, However, it also has a pair of stirrups attached to the 
seat and a tube that points directly in the center of the stirrups. 
"Yasmeen. I'd like you to take a seat." Dahlia says pointing at the chair.

Yasmeen sits in the chair and puts her feet on the stirrups.. "Roselynn. 
Come over and set everything." Dahlia orders. Roselynn (Dahlia's black 
assistant) comes over and stands behind Yasmeen. Roselynn secures a gas mask 
over Yasmeen's mouthand nose. She then lowers the "hair dryer"onto 
Yasmeen's head. She then adjusts the tube in the middle of the stirrups so 
that it is pointed directly at Yasmeen's crotch. Dahlia's assistants also 
stand behind Mary, Stephanie, and Arleen. They each place masks over each 
girl's face, eleciting an "Mmmph." from Arleen. "Just relax. I want to make 
sure your all awake to watch the show." Dahlia says. Dahlia's assistants 
also place gasmasks over their mouths and noses. "Perfect. I think we're all 
ready. So I'll do the honors." Dahlia walks over to the air dryer and flicks 
a switch...

PT 6

A blue mist begins to pour out of the hair dryer directly into Yasmeen's 
hair. At the same time, a steady stream of gray gas strikes Yasmeen's 
private area, causing her to groan slightly. Much like Mary before, Yasmeen 
is pleasently surprised by the feeling. Arlene, Mary and Stephanie watch 
Yasmeen receive her treatment. Mary is quite stimulated ,knowing what 
Yasmeen is going through, and begins to rub her clit slowly. Dahlia is quite 
pleased with Mary's reaction. Everything is going according to plan.

Like all her visits, Dahlia takes her time and let's Yasmeen's treatment go 
on for a few hours. The room is layered with mist, but gas masks protect 
everyone from the fumes. Yasmeen has lost it several times during her 
treatment and just as she feels she can't take anymore, the "hair dryer" 
runs out of mist. "That was quite enjoyable." Dahlia says. "Everyone keep 
your masks on for a few minutes. We need to let the fumes evaporate. In the 
meantime, I want you to get into the following positions..." Yasmeen is led 
out of the chair and is instructed to sit in the middle of Mary's couch. 
Arlene is placed on Yasmeen's right and Stephanie on Yasmeen's left. Mary 
is on her knees in front of Yasmeen; her face just inches away from 
Yasmeen's mound.

"Ok, my dears. First, I would like you to remove your masks." Arlene, 
Stephanie, Mary and Yasmeen remove their masks and immediately notice the 
pleasant odor around Yasmeen. "Doesn't Yasmeen smell just lovely?" Dahlia 
asks coyly. "Don't you two just want to smell Yasmeen's beautiful hair?" 
Arlene and Stephanie lean forward and begin to sniff Yasmeen's hair. A smile 
comes to each girl's face as the inhale the sweet odor. They begin to feel 
very relaxed as they continue to sniff. Gradually, their eyes gently close. 
Each girl falls asleep with their face resting in Yasmeen's hair. "Your turn 
Mary." Mary obeys Dahlia's instructions. She begins to sniff Yasmeen, 
eagerly taking in the mix of Yasmeen's aroma and the sleeping perfume. She 
also leans forward , then Mary peacefully falls to sleep; Her face pressed 
against Yasmeen's intimate area. Yasmeen herself is not immune to the odor 
and after breathing it in for a few minutes, She rests her head back on the 
sofa, Dahlia's assistants Michelle and Angela place their hands on the back 
of Arlene and Stephanie's heads making sure they continue to sleep in 
Yasmeen's hair. Yasmeen's eyes close and her mouth opens slightly, telling 
Dahlia that she has fallen fast asleep. Dahlia's plan has come to fruition 
quite nicely- Yasmeen has been turned into a living sleepy weapon to be used 
on her friends. "Now that is what I call a picture perfect sleep." Dahlia 
says admiring her work.