Party Girls: Special Agents - Pt 1

Scene: Etherarian College,

Samantha Sanders was having a mild anxiety attack. It was
finals week, and she was having trouble locating a copy
of "Hamlet" for her English exam. Samantha was an
attractive girl, about 5'9" well built, medium length brown
hair, dressed kind of conservatively, almost geeky, in
a supposed two her two wild roommates,
Sara and Jennifer. Samantha was rushing around the
library trying to find the literature section. She
stopped and asked to a library assistant to help her
locate a copy of the book. "I believe there is one copy
left on the top let me take you there".
Samantha followed the lovely library assistant to the
elevator. As the two entered the elevator, another female
student followed behind them. "Floor 7 please," the girl
said to the woman. The elevator closes and begins to
ascend. "I SO hope there's a copy of Hamlet left",
Samantha replies with an anxious look on her face. "I
believe there is one copy...ahhh-chew! Oh I'm sorry, my
allergies are acting up. Excuse me while I get my
handkerchief" The two girls make small talk as the library
assistant, pulls out a handkerchief to blow her nose. As the
girls continue to talk, the woman nonchanlantly covers
her nose and mouth with the handkerchief and presses
a red button on the keypad. Thick clouds of white
smoke poured down from the ceiling, above the girls'
unsuspecting heads. Samantha noticed a hissing noise above her
as she tilted her head up, only to be met with a
thick cloud of gas in the face. "What is all this
smoke?! We gotta get out of here!", she yelled. The girls
became excited but quickly calmed with each breath of
the sweet gas. Soon the entire elevator was filled
with thick white smoke; the girls started to cough
furiously as their eyelids began to grow heavier and
heavier. "I think it's..K-knockout gas...", Samantha
gasped. The library assistant stood in the corner and
snickered behind her handkerchief covered face. "Smart
girl, just breathe deep and it'll all be over shortly",
she remarked". The two girls could not longer fight
the sleepy effects of the gas and quickly succumbed,
slumping to the floor. The elevator stopped; the librarian
opened the door. "I think we've reached our stop", she
laughed as the two girls lie unconscious on the floor of
the smoke-filled compartment.

Party Girls: Special Agents - Pt 2

Scene: Etherian College, dormitory

Sara and Jennifer had just finished drinking their fifth
beer apiece. This was typical of these twins; while
their roommate studied her butt off, they coasted their
way through college, drinking and smoking at every
stop along the way. Sara and Jennifer had always been
wild girls and very popular because of their striking
good looks. Both have blond hair; Sara's being
straight, shoulder length while Jennifer's is long and
wavy. Unbeknowngst to them at this time, is the
kidnapping of their roommate, Samantha....

Samantha opened her eyes. Her head was still a
little foggy as she tried to look around the dark room.
She realized that her limbs are chained to the wall
and that she's in some sort of cell with about 5
other girls. As she tries to communicate with them, the
cell door opens. A beautiful brunette women, probably
early 30's, walks into the cell. "How are all my
lovelies doing today", she says. "Why are we here?! What
are you going to do with us?" one of the girls
exclaims. "You'll find out soon enough...after a little
'reconditioning' of course", she remarks. The girls start scream
and squirm. "Settle down ladies! This place smells, why don't you all take a deep whiff of my air
freshener". And with that she pulls out a spray canister and
places a handkerchief over her face. She walks along the
wall, spraying each of the girls in the face with a
thick, pink mist. Samantha notices that the mist is
making the girls sleepy and tries to squirm out of her
restraints. The woman reaches Samantha and depresses the
canister creating a thick pink cloud that engulfs her
head. Samantha tries to move but realizes it's useless;
she takes one deep breath of the sleepy mist and
falls in to unconsciousness...

Party Girls: Special Agents - Pt 3

Sara and Jennifer sat in their dorm room
wondering what was taking their roommate so long. Hours had
passed since Samantha had told them she was going to the
library for a book. As they sat in their room, the phone
rang. Sara picked up the phone. "We have reason to
believe that your roommate has been kidnapped," the voice
on the other end of the phone spoke. "What are you
talking about?," Sara exclaimed. "Listen," the voice
said, "this is important. We can't disclose any more
information over the phone. Meet me at the football field at
midnight and please tell no one! This is serious..." Sara
was about to speak back as she heard a dialtone in
her ear. "Who was that?" asked Jennifer. Sara
replied, "There's a possibility that Samantha has been
kidnapped." "What!?", Jennifer screamed. "The voice said to
meet at the football field at midnight for more
information" said the confused Sara. "Holy sh*t!, remarked
Jennifer, "we better go and find out what the deal
The girls arrived at the football field at
exactly midnight. "Where the hell is this person we're
supposed to meet?" Jennifer asked. "Right here," said a
male figure walking out from the shadows. "Who are
you?" asked Sara. "The name is Larson, I'm an operative
for a top secret organization called A.A.T.W.D. (the
Alliance Against the Threat of World Domination). We have
reason to believe that your roommate Samantha has been
kidnapped." "Kidnapped? Why? Who?..." Jennifer asked. The man
replied, "We have reason to believe that Samantha has been
kidnapped by the S.L.E.E.P organization (Sexy Ladies
Extorting and Eliminating for Profit). The organization is
run by the Diana Summers, otherwise known as the
Knockout Queen. She enjoys using sleep-inducing methods in
her schemes. It seems lately she has been kidnapping
college girls to brainwash them into being her thieving
slaves." "What does she want with Samantha?, asked Sara.
Larson continues,"As you know Samantha's father is a
wealthy merchant. The Knockout Queen is going to
brainwash Samantha so she can extort her father's money
from the inside." "What do you need us for?" asked
Jennifer. Larson paused and replied, "We want you to help
us infiltrate their organization and help us capture
the Knockout Queen." "What? No way!" yelled Sara.
"Please," Larson begged, "we need your help!" Jennifer
replied, "OK..what do we have to do?" Larson smiled, "We
need you to gain access to her organization, we will
provide you with some training and necessary equipment."
Sara sighed," OK, we'll do this for Samantha! "Good!",
exclaimed Larson, "We'll talk more when you wake up..."
Before the girls could speak, a tranquilizer dart was
shot into their necks. The drug quickly to effect as
their eyes rolled back and they slumped to the

Party Girls: Special Agents - Pt 4

"Wake up sleepy head..." Samantha groggily opened her eyes and saw 
the beautiful brunette woman standing in front of her again. Except 
this time she was seated, strapped in a salon-style hairdrying 
chair. "Huh, w-where am I?" "Why you're in my special brainwashing 
room, sweetie!" the brunette replied. "Allow me to introduce myself, 
I am Diana Summers, head of the S.L.E.E.P organization." Samantha 
looked confused, "S.L.E.E.P organization?" Diana lit a cigarette and 
laughed, "It stands for Sexy Ladies Extorting and Eliminating for using pretty girls like you and lots of..." takes a long 
drag and caresses Samantha's cheek while softly blowing a thick 
cloud of smoke in her face "...sleepy methods". Samantha breathes 
in the smoke and becomes a little more relaxed. "I guess that's why 
some people call me the Knockout Queen," Diana laughed out. Samantha 
tried to speak. "W-what do you want from me?" "You're gonna help me 
get your daddy's money, Samantha." Diana laughed, "Now, I need you 
to sit there and relax while my little machine does it's work, 
sweetie." Samantha tried to free herself, but it was futile. Diana 
placed the hairdryer-like contraption over Samantha's head and 
pressed a button. Thick clouds of purple smoke started engulfing 
Samantha's head. "Oh no, not more knockout gas!" she gasped. "No, 
baby, it's just some of my special hypno-drowsy smoke. It'll make 
you feel nice and sleepy but awake enough to listen to this little 
CD I made for you, OK? Samantha was starting to feel very relaxed 
and floaty as the smoke continued to pour out all around her 
face. "OK" she mumbled out, too tired to move. Diana leaned in and 
whispered, "Good girl, just sit there, breathe deeply, and listen to 
the CD. If you're really good, I'll come back and blow some more of 
my smoke, k". "K" Samantha replied, in a distant hazy state. "Bye 
for now, sweetie" Diana said while walking out the door laughing to 
herself. "The Johnson fortune will be mine!"

Party Girls: Special Agents - Pt 5

Sara and Jennifer awoke in a small office on a couch. "Where the
hell are we and what the hell happened?", Jennifer spoke as she rose
off the couch. Larson walked into the office. "I see you girls are
awake. Sorry about having to put you to sleep, just in case you
were ever captured, we don't want the location of our headquarters
ever released during an interrogation." "I guess that's
understandable," Sara replied, "so what do you want us to
do?" "Well, as we told you we want you to infiltrate Diana Summers'
headquarters. We feel you can gain access by letting Diana try to
recruit you. "But how?" Jennifer asked with a confused look on her
face. "Well we're gonna send you to at a very popular night club
she frequents. The only thing she enjoys more than wealthy men's
money is recruiting beautiful girls to join her organization. We
feel you are the perfect girls to be the next recruits...young and
sexy." Both girls blushed. "Do you girls smoke?" Larson
asked. "Yeah, why?" the girls asked in unison. "Diana has fetish
for beautiful girls smoking. So we want you girls to be able to
smoke very sexily and blow huge, billowing clouds of smoke, OK?"
Larson replied, with a little twinge in his voice, almost seeming a
little excited. The girls smiled, "We can definately do
that!" "Excellent!" Larson opened, the door. Here let me give you
a quick tour and take you to a special room where you can practice
your smoking for a bit. The girls followed Larson around the
headquarters and into a small room with mirrors and very large,
plush couch. Also, on either ends of the room were two lifelike
statues of screen goddesses, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, both
coincidentally holding cigarettes. "OK, girls. You can sit here and
practice your smoking. Feel free to watch yourselves in the mirror
to make sure your smoking sexily. Oh, and before I forget, here's
some purses with some gadgets and some information. So you girls
just blow lots of smoke and I'll let you know when we need you,
ok?" "OK", the girls replied in unison as they sat on the soft
couch. Larson, closed the door and left the room. The girls looked
on the coffee table and saw some cigarettes, lighters and an
ashtray. They both simultaneously lit up their cigarettes and blew
thick clouds of smoke into the air. The started watching themselves
in the mirror and start having a contest on who could blow the
largest clouds of smoke. Jennifer turned to her twin, "Isn't this
great, sis? Smoking seductively and blowing huge clouds of smoke
for our country?" Meanwhile, Larson walked into a room that was on
the other side of the mirror. A man sitting behind a behind a
control panel and looked up at Larson. "Isn't this great, Larson?
Having two beautiful women smoking seductively and blowing huge
clouds of smoke for our country? Larson laughed and watched the two
gorgeous twins blow enormous clouds of smoke into the mirror. "Yes,
very good." Larson sat down next to the man and they both watched
the girls smoke and started rubbing themselves a bit. The room
started to have a very smoky haze to it. Sara turned to her
sister. "Wow, Jennifer I must admit you are very sexy when you
smoke." "Really, Sara?," Jennifer replied as she smiled
mischeviously. She took a long drag and blew a massive cloud of
smoke in her sister's face as she stroked her hair. "Does that turn
you on, sis?" Jennifer asked coyly. Both girls started giggling.
At that point, Larson and the other man in the control room lost it
in their pants. "Man, that was awesome!" Larson spoke with relaxed
look on their face. "It is time, though. Let's make the room a
little cloudier. Knock them out until showtime." The other man
nodded and pressed a button on the control panel. Meanwhile as the
girls continued to smoke, clouds of smoke started pouring out of the
mouths of the two statues. "Wow, sis" Jennifer yawned, "all this
smoke we're blowing is starting to make me a bit tired." She laid
down and placed her head in Sara's lap, blowing a huge cloud up
towards her sister's face." Sara nodded, and blew a billowing cloud
of smoke into the center of the room as she stroked her sister's
hair. "Yeah, we've blown a lot of smoke...look how foggy this room
is". Smoke clouds continued to pour out of the statue's mouths.
Sara looked at the statues. "J-Jennifer, I don't think it's our
smoke that's putting us to sleep...look at the statues. Jennifer
lifted her head and noticed the statues were spewing tons of smoke
into the room and it was filling it up pretty quickly. Both girls
felt to heavy to move. Sara's eyes were getting very heavy and had
trouble speaking "I g-get it sis, they're putting us to sleep with
*yawn* knockout gas" "Mmmm hmmm", Jennifer mumbled as she drifted
to sleep on her sister's lap. Sara raised her cigarette to her lips
and stubbed it out. She blew out one last cloud as the clouds of
gas took over her senses and sent her off to sleep....