Gretchen Carlson maneuvered the silver BMW convertible that dad had 
gotten her for her sweet 16 through the affluent neighborhood. 
Brittany blared from the radio, the four pretty teens singing along.

"Where are we going Gretch?" complained Candace O'Rourke, a 
tall, freckle-faced beauty with curly red hair.

"I told you already, Sarah got invited to a party," the 
gorgeous blonde shot back. "It's supposed to be the bomb!"

"I hope there are some cute guys there," added Emma Saunders, 
her green eyes flashing. Emma was a tiny little bundle of energy, 
with short, jet-black hair and a constant smile on her extremely cute 
face. "Will there be Sarah?" the head cheerleader asked her friend.

"I would imagine so," replied Sarah, enjoying the attention 
she was receiving. Even Gretchen seemed to be impressed that she had 
scored the invitation to a party in such a Tony neighborhood. "Miss 
Fox is an absolute hotty," she continued, "and her friends Darla and 
Maggie are babes to. The place will probably be crawling with guys."

This satisfied all of the girls who went back to singing that 
they're `not that innocent'. Pretty soon they pulled into the 
circular driveway of the Fox mansion. Candace, jaded as she was by 
having a famous daddy, gasped in awe.

Gretchen gave her an amused smirk as she got out of the car. 
The blonde was impressed as well, but you'd never see her acting like 
a tourist.

The fantastic foursome made their way to the door, dressed in 
enough leather to shame a biker gang. All the girls were wearing 
either leather pants or skirts, and several had on expensive leather 
boots as well. There were no animal rights activists in this group.

From the porch, the girls could hear the sounds of the party, 
festive dance music and a loud hum of conversation. Sarah ringed the 
bell and the door opened immediately. Tiffany, Miss Fox' cute, 
efficient assistant, must have been waiting just inside.

The shorthaired blonde stood aside and spread her arm in a 
silent gesture of invitation. The sexy secretary was wearing a short, 
sexy pink teddy; so short in fact that the pale blonde hair of her 
bush was quite distinct through the transparent fabric.

The girls all filed in quietly and stood just inside the 
door. The scene inside the house was reminiscent of a Roman orgy. 
There were women everywhere, all in exotic sexy lingerie of one kind 
or another. The four teens, in fact, were the only ones wearing more 
than their underwear.

"Sarah," called Veronica Fox from across the room, "I'm so 
glad that you could make it." The attractive gentleman's club owner 
glided over to greet her guests. She was dressed in a black satin 
bustier, which highlighted her tremendous cleavage, a black satin 
garter belt, and a matching pair of thong panties. The brunette 
beauty was smoking one of her classy black cigarettes in a 5-inch 
gold holder. 

"And these must be your friends," she continued indicating the other 
teens. "But where are your jammies? I did tell you that this was a 
slumber party didn't you?"

"Um, I don't think so," mumbled Sarah in embarrassment. Her friends 
were glaring at her, angry that she had embarrassed them as well.

"Don't worry ladies, I think I can find something suitable for each 
of you."

She swept elegantly away smoke trailing behind her. The teens quickly 

She led them up the regal white marble staircase, her stiletto-heeled 
slippers ringing loudly. At the top of the stairs she went down a 
long hallway lined with doors on both sides. Most of the doors were 
closed, but a few stood open. Strange scenes were being played out 
behind those doors, and the girls caught a few glimpses as they 
hurried after the tall brunette. 

In one room a woman was putting on her makeup, while sitting on the 
back of another woman. In another, a woman, naked, was being spanked 
by a leather-clad femme. In a third, two women were lounging on a 
couch while another woman did a sexy striptease for them. Emma, an 
aspiring dancer herself, stopped at the door and stared, mesmerized 
by the stripper's sensuality and grace.

"Come along dears," Veronica called loudly, and Emma ran to catch up.

Finally, their hostess stopped at a large set of double doors. She 
threw open the doors and stood aside. The girls walked into a room 
like something out of a fairytale.

Or maybe a porn film.

First of all the room was huge. And round. The floor was carpeted in 
thick black mink, the walls draped in crimson velvet wallpaper. The 
ceiling was high and dome-shaped, a magnificent crystal chandelier 
hanging from its center.

A set of gilded French doors opened onto a balcony that gave a 
spectacular view of the backyard pool and gardens. Sounds of the 
festivities drifted up from below, music and the giggles and splashes 
of women in the pool. 

The furniture was all gilded as well and obviously expensive. 
However, the room was dominated by one particular piece – the bed. It 
was a four-poster monstrosity, as ornate as it was massive, with hand-
carved ebony posts and a canopy of black lace and velvet curtains 
that could be pulled shut for privacy. Currently they hung open, 
giving the girls a peek at the sexy black satin sheets and naughty 
leopard-skin comforter.

The doors banged shut behind them and the teen queens whirled around 
startled by the sudden noise that interrupted their open-mouthed awe.

Veronica Fox was leaning with her back against the door, puffing on 
her ever-present holder as she studied the girls pensively.

"Yes, I think I have something for everyone," she decided striding 
across the room to the closet. 

She pulled open the doors and the girls were amazed all over again. 
The walk-in closet was as big as a garage. There were rows upon rows 
of glamorous gowns, most in Veronica's favorite color – black.

Going farther in they saw similar collections of more casual clothes, 
plus furs and an assortment of shoes that would put Imelda Marcos to 

Finally they stopped in front of a huge armoire, which Veronica used 
as her `lingerie chest'. The brunette beauty pulled it open, 
eliciting gasps from the girls, as they stared in wonder at the 
collection of feminine garments.

She began rummaging through drawers pulling out various outfits. She 
would periodically stop and examine one of the girls before 
continuing her search.

Soon she was satisfied, and marched back into the bedroom with an 
armload of clothes, the teens following in her wake.

She threw the clothes onto the bed and began picking through them. 

"Emma dear," she said. "Take this and try it on. You can use the 
dressing room."

The perky brunette complied, taking the proffered garments and going 
through the door that Veronica indicated. Next she sent Candace into 
the bathroom and Gretchen into the closet to change as well. 

Once they were gone she laid down on the bed and wordlessly beckoned 
Sarah to come closer. The enraptured young lady complied, snuggling 
gratefully next to her Mistress.

"You did well darling," Veronica whispered in her ear. "Soon your 
little friends will be as devoted to me as you are."

Sarah grinned happily, thrilled to have pleased Ms. Fox. 

"Now, run down and let the girls know that everything is ready."

The girl jumped up and was about to leave when Veronica stopped her.

"Are we forgetting something sweets? This is a pajama party. Take off 
your shirt."

Sarah slowly pulled her blouse over her head. She was wearing a white 
lace bra underneath. It was like any bra a teen might wear, except 
that it had slits through which her erect pink nipples protruded.

"And the skirt."

The teen unzipped her brown leather skirt and let it drop to the 
floor. The panties she was wearing matched the bra. Once again these 
were average, except for the fact that they were crotch-less, 
flaunting her pretty young pussy. 

"Excellent," purred the femme fatale. "Now run along and alert 
Tiffany. And then when you're done, meet me in my office. You've been 
such a good girl that you deserve a reward."

The girl left the room and Veronica was neatly folding the blouse and 
skirt when Emma came out of the dressing room. The pretty, button-
nosed brunette peeked out shyly before slowly entering the room.

"Don't you look adorable," cooed Ms. Fox when she saw her. 

And she was right. Young Emma was completely adorable in a pink and 
white bunny outfit. It consisted of a white satin bustier, pink satin 
panties complete with white, cotton tail, pink satin wrist-length 
gloves and furry white rabbit ears. 

"I feel stupid," admitted Emma.

"Nonsense," declared Veronica. "Now hop on down to that party, and 
have some fun. Everyone is going to love you."

The brunette obeyed, slipping hesitantly from the room. Next out was 
Gretchen. The blonde babe certainly wasn't shy, strutting from the 
closet in her leopard print catsuit. Black leather gloves and 
perilously high-heeled pumps completed the outfit. The toned teen 
moved like a stalking jungle cat.

"Rrreeoowww," growled Veronica throatily. "Aren't you the cat's meow?"

Gretchen smiled proudly, enjoying the attention of the older brunette 

"Now why don't you join the party little kitty?" she suggested.
"Where are the others?" the blonde asked.

"Sarah and Emma liked their outfits so much that they ran downstairs 
to show them off. Those two are probably the center of attention by 

Gretchen would not abide her friends getting more attention than she, 
so she thanked Veronica for the outfit and hurried out to join the 
party. That left only Candace.

"Is everything all right in there, sweetheart?" called Veronica going 
to the bathroom door. She peeked in and saw the tall redhead standing 
in front of the mirror, obviously unsure of herself.

"What's the matter dear? You look fabulous," said the brunette going 
to her.

"I don't know," replied Candace. "Don't you think it's a little… 

Her outfit was simply a pair of white undies, with little yellow 
duckies printed on them. Her bra was a tiny little thing, white 
strings and furry yellow cups. There was also a yellow feather boa 
that she was trying to position to cover as much as possible. That 
wasn't very much.

"I think you look delectable duckling," Veronica told her. "Now stop 
being such a silly goose, your friends are already down at the party."

Candace still had her doubts, but Veronica herded her out of the room 
like a sexy mother hen.

Then she was alone in the room. She went to the nightstand and took a 
cigarette from a black lacquered box. She fit it into her empty 
holder and lit it with an ornate crystal lighter that was on the 
nightstand as well. She exhaled a lazy cloud into the air.

"It's party-time," she whispered.


Little bunny Emma hurried down the hall, not taking the time to look 
in any rooms. She was still a little anxious, but surely Ms. Fox was 
right, she did look cute.

She reached the stairs and carefully made her way down, balancing on 
her fluffy white high-heeled slippers. Tiffany, the blonde in the 
pink teddy, was waiting for her at the bottom.

"Hello little bunny," she greeted. "Sarah asked that I send you into 
the `Disco Room'. She's in their waiting for you."

"The `Disco Room'?"

"It's Ms. Fox' dancehall. You do like to dance don't you?"

"Oh yes, I love to," replied Emma enthusiastically.

"Good, it's right down that hall. Just follow the music."

Emma did just that, fairly bounding down the hallway towards the 
source of the driving techno beat that she heard. At the end of the 
hallway was a curtain of silvery beads. The music coming from behind 
them was nearly deafening, so it was obvious that this was what she 
was looking for.

She parted the beads and walked inside. There were women everywhere; 
all dressed in very little if not less. Comfortable looking couches 
and chaired lined the walls, filled with lingerie clad babes. They 
were drinking and smoking and some were even making out, right in 
front of everyone.

Emma made her way through the crowd, intent on finding Sarah. She 
walked towards the dance floor, enticed by the entrancing rhythm. 
There were flashing strobe lights and even a huge disco ball spinning 
over the dance floor. It was amazing.

"Hi there," said a feminine voice in her ear. "You must be Emma."

She turned and found herself facing a gorgeous blonde woman. She was 
tall and regal with beautiful blue eyes. She was dressed very 
erotically in a silver satin basque, silver satin gloves, and 
shimmering silk stockings. A filmy silver robe of gossamer silk, 
which did little to cover and only seemed accentuate her amazing 
body, hung open and dragged along the floor like a bride's train.

"I'm Victoria Fox," continued the amazing blonde. "Veronica's sister."

It was so loud that Emma would have thought you needed to shout to be 
heard, but the woman never raised her voice. Just spoke in her slow, 
sexy drawl, her mouth just inches from Emma's ear.

"Why don't you come sit with me," she suggested. "Sarah will be along 

The woman took her hand and Emma felt a surge of sexual electricity 
bolt through her body, even though they both wore gloves. This was 
the most incredible lady that Emma had ever met.

She allowed herself to be led through another set of heavy velvet 
curtains. The room must have been well insulated because the loud 
music could only be heard faintly in here. Victoria led her over to a 
mound of pillows piled on the floor. The blonde sank onto the silk 
cushions pulling the little bunny down next to her. The air was thick 
with the sweet smell of incense and reminded Emma of an opulent opium 
den, or rather what she thought one would be like.

This image was enforced when a sultry Asian, dressed like a harem 
girl in brightly colored scarves, arrived. She carried a silver tray 
with an ornately carved ivory humidor on it. She knelt down and 
allowed Victoria to select one of the cigars, before silently 
offering one to Emma as well. The young lady had never smoked a 
cigar, but Victoria smiled encouragingly at her, so she took one.

"Watch me," instructed Victoria as the Asian girl held up a silver 
butane lighter for her.

Emma did as she was told and watched the blonde beauty bring the 
cigar to life with deep puffs. Sung Lee held the lighter for her next 
and she tried to emulate her hostess. The smoke was surprisingly 
sweet, rather like the incense in the room. She was surprised that it 
didn't make her choke, although she was a little light-headed.

She lay back, letting her head rest on a velvet-trimmed satin pillow. 
The music had changed now, to a haunting Indian melody, and was much 
louder. There must be speakers in the ceiling.

Victoria clapped her hands and as if from nowhere a trio of beautiful 
blondes appeared. They were all dressed like harem girls, in sheer 
gauzy outfits with veils over the lower parts of their faces. Emma 
could only see their eyes clearly, but had the sense that the women 
all looked identical to one another. The ladies sparkled with gold 
bracelets, diamond rings, and dazzling emerald necklaces that hung 
down between their impressive tits.

With no instruction the women began to dance, a sexy, seductive 
swaying of their bodies. Their movements were slow and sultry, 
obviously meant to allure and titillate. 

Emma watched the dancers in a daze, the cigar smoke making her feel 
sexy and lethargic. She took a drag and exhaled, savoring the sweet 

The dance had become more intense, more urgent. The tempting trio 
began to remove parts of their clothing, letting their silky scarves 
float to the floor. One of the dancers dropped hers over Emma's head 
and pulled it slowly over her face. Emma could smell the woman's 
sweet perfume.

Lying there on silk cushions, smoking a cigar, Emma felt like a 
Persian Princess being entertained by her servants. She was quickly 
becoming a very sleepy Princess.

Victoria could see that the sleepy smoke was having the desired 
affect. She took a pull on her cigar and sent a heavenly mist of 
sleep towards Emma.

"I want you to dance for me pet," she told the girl. She snapped her 
fingers and the three dancing girls bent to help the drowsy damsel to 
her feet. They were almost completely naked now and they quickly 
surrounded the girl.

Emma was in heaven, surrounded by beautiful women while they 
performed their alluring dance for their Mistress. She joined her 
body to their rhythm, sleepily swaying her hips. Magda, one of the 
dancers, slowly pulled the last scarf from her breast and ran it over 
Emma's face. She slid the silky gauze behind the girl's head and used 
it to pull her face into her tits.

The others, Ava and Zsa Zsa, moved in behind the girl and began to 
feel her up. Their hands roamed over her nice young body causing her 
to sigh in pleasure.

"I think it's bedtime for the bunny," commented Victoria from her 
comfortable position on the cushions.

The trio crowded even closer to the girl. She was very short, only 5' 
2", so her face was at chest level of the taller femmes. With them 
pressing in close, it seemed that she was surround by a mountain of 

"Nightie-night little one," cooed Magda and her emerald pendant began 
to spray a green gas into Emma's face. The girl gasped and tried to 
turn her face from the sweet-scented spray but the other's necklaces 
began to spew the same sickly-sweet gas.

The girl had nowhere to go, surrounded as she was by enormous tits. 
She had no choice but to breathe in the narcotic fumes. Her eyes 
fluttered and closed and her body went limp. Her head came to rest 
gently on Magda's cushy breasts, fast asleep.

Sarah came when she saw her friend's eyes finally close. She was 
lying on a leather sofa in Veronica Fox' office, with her hands 
between her legs. Her crotch-less panties gave easy access to her 
sopping wet pussy.

She was watching a large video monitor that was attached to the 
house's security cameras. This was her reward, to watch her friends 
get knocked out while she fingered herself. The only rule was that 
she was not to cum until the moment that they succumbed to the gas. 
Sarah had obeyed perfectly, waiting till the precise moment that 
Emma's eyes shut to gain her release.

"That was exciting wasn't it?" asked Veronica Fox, from her perch on 
the end of the sofa. She had positioned herself to get a nice view 
between Sarah's legs.

"Mmmm," agreed Sarah sleepily as she stretched out on the couch.

"Don't get to comfy yet," her Mistress told her, changing the monitor 
to a different channel. "Let's see what Gretchen is up to."


Gretchen was the second girl to emerge from Veronica's boudoir. She 
stalked down the hall like the young tigress that she was. The 
catsuit clung to every sexy curve of her spectacular teenaged body. 
Her senses seemed heightened and every movement she made caused the 
fabric of the garment to rub enticingly against her perfect skin.

Women stopped their conversations and turned to look as she strode 
confidently down the staircase. Gretchen kept her head high, basking 
in the attention.

Tiffany waited at the base of the staircase as she had done for Emma. 
This time she directed the unsuspecting teen to the garden, where her 
friends would be waiting for her.

Gretchen headed towards the back of the house drawing looks as she 
went. As she started through the rear patio doors, she bumped into 
two women entering the mansion. They were both quite attractive and 
had huge tits like a stripper.

The blonde had hers poured into a restrictive black latex corset, 
while the redhead's hung free, covered only by a black fishnet gown.

"Why hello pussycat," purred the blonde. "Who might you be?"

"I'm Gretchen Carlson," replied the hot young blonde self-importantly.

"Oh, Sarah's friend," added the redhead. "Were you looking for her?"

"Yes I am."

"We'll bring you to her," said the blonde. "I'm Darla and this is 

The two femmes each took one of Gretchen's arms in theirs and led her 
outside. They walked past the pool where topless water-nymphs 
splashed about, and the hot tub where `other' activities were taking 

Her busty companions seemed to act like this was all completely 
normal, so Gretchen ignored it as well. She didn't want to look like 
a gawking teenager.

They moved onto the lawn and under a white wooden arch at the 
entrance to the gardens. Gretchen senses were immediately assaulted 
by a wide array of colors and scents. The multitudes of flowers 
seemed to glow in the moonlight, their luscious fragrances wafting on 
the gentle night breeze.

"It's amazing," she gasped in awe as they led her down a gravel path, 
lush blossoms on either side.

"Isn't it?" agreed Maggie. She reached out and picked a branch of 
lilacs. "And the scents are so soothing don't you think?"

She held the flower under Gretchen's nose letting her savor the 
relaxing aroma.

"Mmmm," agreed the blonde teen sleepily.

While she was sniffing the blossom, Darla reached out and began to 
massage her breasts through the catsuit. The teen temptress didn't 
object, just purred contentedly.

The two devious doms exchanged a delighted look. Everything was going 
just as planned.

"Say, where's Sarah and Em?" Gretchen asked as if suddenly 

"They're in the center of the garden," Darla assured her still 
rubbing her tit. "That's where Miss Fox keeps all of her special 

They led the drowsy teen through the maze of flowers, the young girl 
completely unaware of their narcotic properties that were making her 
so warm and sleepy. When they reached the center there was a 
cushioned bench. They all sat down Gretchen sandwiched between the 
two well-endowed women. 

The two immediately began to fondle her, Darla focusing on her ripe 
young breasts while Maggie concentrated on the quickly dampening 
space between her legs. The young blonde sighed like a contented 
little kitty.

When she was nice and wet, Maggie stood up and walked over to the 
flowers. She picked one and then returned to her seat.

She held the delicate blossom up for Gretchen to see it. It was a 
lovely flower with bright orange petals, striped with black, and a 
yellow center. It smelled heavenly.

"This is Miss Fox' most prized flower," she told Gretchen. "It's 
called a `Dormitare Feles'."

"What's that mean?"

"It translates to `tired cat', or as Miss Fox likes to call 
it `sleepy pussy'."
She held the flower in the girls face and a pale yellow gas began to 
hiss forth. It was sweetly scented like the flower itself. Gretchen 
was breathing deeply, savoring the flowers pleasing aroma when the 
gas began. 

Her eyes opened in shock at the sudden sound, but she had already 
inhaled too much of the soporific mist. She slumped over onto Darla's 
lap already succumbing to sleep. The blonde shrugged and continued to 
play with the sleeping pussy.

Sarah had her second orgasm when Gretchen breathed in the gas of 
the `sleepy pussy' flower. Her friend had no idea that she was being 
watched through a string of cameras, cleverly hidden throughout the 

Veronica was pleased that Sarah was so thoroughly aroused by her 
friends getting gassed, although the stains on her leather couch were 
going to be a bitch to get out.

"Two down, one to go," she told her young guest. "Let's see where our 
little ducky is."


Candace slipped out of the bedroom furtively, making sure that nobody 
was watching. She tottered down the hall in her ridiculously high 
canary-yellow shoes, while attempting to hide her burgeoning teenage 
breasts with her boa.

The strawberry-haired lovely managed to make it down the stairs 
without falling, a major accomplishment, and was greeted at the 
bottom by Tiffany.

The bob-haired blonde had been trying to think of way to get Candace 
to her proper destination without alarming her, when the teen solved 
her problem for her.

"Where's the bathroom?" she blurted out, wringing her hands. It seems 
that her nervousness had gone straight to her bladder and she had to 
pee rather badly.

"Why I'll show you dear," offered Tiffany, leading her down the hall. 
She was amazed that the girl had asked to go to the exact place where 
she was supposed to be delivered. She escorted the girl to the ladies 
room and walked away shaking her head at her good fortune.

Candace meanwhile rushed inside and sank onto the toilet in relief. 
She voided her bladder and was at the sink washing up when she heard 
a voice.

"Hello duckling, you're just in time for my bath," said a silky, 
feminine voice.

The teen looked up in alarm and in the huge mirror's reflection could 
see a beautiful Asian woman in a scarlet silk robe. In her haste to 
relieve herself she hadn't noticed the lovely lady sitting next to 
the huge, sunken tub filled with bubbles.
"I was just thinking," continued the scarlet seductress, "that all 
this bubble-bath needs is a little ducky to play with, and here you 

"Um, I need to go," mumbled the frazzled girl as she headed for the 
door. However, when she got there she couldn't turn the knob. It was 
locked! She tried again a little frantically this time, but to no 

She was so intent on getting up that she hadn't noticed Sung Lee 
approaching from behind. The Korean cutie had already had a busy 
night serving her Mistress Victoria and Emma in the disco, before 
rushing to change and prepare the bath for Candace. 

She scooped up a handful of bubbles and padded silently towards her 
trapped prey. She placed a hand on the girl's shoulder…

Candace jumped when she felt the Asian woman touch her. She spun 
around to confront the woman who was standing there with one hand in 
front of her face, full of soapsuds. She pursed her lips as if to 
blow Candace a kiss…

The redhead turned just as Sung Lee raised her soapy hand. She blew 
into her palm and sent a stream of bubbles into the girls face. These 
of course were no ordinary bubbles, but had been made with Victoria 
Fox' special sleepy soap, the key ingredient to a truly relaxing 

Candace was surprised when the woman blew the suds into her face. She 
belatedly brought her hands to her face to shield herself, but the 
damage had been done. As soon as she smelled the fragrant soap, a 
change came over her. A calm seemed to settle over her mind and body; 
a warm lethargy that seemed to spread like a wave.

Sung Lee saw the girl's eyes glaze and knew that she would have no 
more trouble with the girl. She led the sleepy teen over to the tub 
and helped her take of her shoes and get into the tub. She left the 
girl's underwear on; it would be such fun to peel it off after it was 
nice and wet.

Once the girl was ensconced in the sleepy bubbles, Sung Lee dropped 
her robe and climbed in as well. There was plenty of room, as the 
marble tub was quite spacious. Sinking into the hot water Sung Lee 
let out a contented sigh. She let her silky smooth legs tangle with 
the redhead's. The girl had grown very quiet since entering the tub, 
the affects of the sleepy soap. The drugged bubbles had a calming 
affect but weren't enough to knock her out.

Sung Lee leaned forward and gave Candace a kiss. The girl was very 
pretty, with pale skin and freckles. Her hair was so light, that it 
almost looked blonde when it was wet. In her expert opinion, this 
girl was totally lickable. 

The alluring Asian proceeded to do just that, running her tongue over 
Candace's lips before snaking it into her mouth. The drowsy damsel 
proved very compliant opening her mouth and returning the kiss 

Sung Lee liberated the girl from her wet, fuzzy bra, flinging it to 
the floor. The teen's breasts weren't huge, but they were very firm, 
with large pink nipples. Those nipples hardened nicely under the 
Korean's practiced hands. She moved those hands down the girl's belly 
and between her legs, which slid open with very little coaxing. 
Quickly and efficiently Sung Lee removed her sodden cotton panties 
and held them up.

"Only a dirty little girl would wear panties with such cute little 
duckies on them," declared Sung Lee. "Let's wash that dirty little 
cunny of yours."

She turned the girl around and positioned her pussy under the brass 
faucet. She turned on the warm water and spread the girl's lips so 
that the liquid splashed on her clit. She used her fingers and tongue 
to give her a good washing. 

From her moans, Candace was close to orgasm, which Ms. Fox had 
specified she not be allowed to do.

"It's been fun playing in the bath with you little ducky," Sung Lee 
told her. "But now it's time for a nap."

There was another ducky in the tub, a yellow rubber one. Sung Lee 
grabbed it and held it up to Candace's face. She squeezed the toy and 
an orange gas poured from a hole in the ducks bill. The redhead 
sighed and fell asleep unfulfilled. One little ducky put to sleep by 

Sarah was most certainly not unfulfilled. The gas-filled ducky had 
provided her with the opportunity for her third orgasm of the evening 
and she had not wasted the opportunity. She now lay spent on the 
sticky leather sofa.

The Fox sisters were quite satisfied as well, having added three new 
girls to their growing harem of vixens. They stood in Veronica's 
office and toasted to a productive evening, and a promising future. 
Meanwhile, their three lovely victims enjoyed restful, wet dreams.