Paul Roberts slid his plastic keycard through the slot and
waited for the light to blink green. He opened the door to an
intense wall of heat. The heater had apparently been running the
entire time he was out and the room was at least ninety degrees. He
slid his briefcase into the closet with his foot while he unbuttoned
his dress shirt. He double bolted the door and flopped on the bed,
pushing his open suitcase off into the floor. He fiddled with knob
on the heater but it was stuck in the on position. He called the
front desk.

"We'll send someone up." The desk attendant said through
the phone.

The negotiations had gone according to plan and he'd gotten
everything he'd wanted. All he had to do was deliver the
decryption software and he was out. He pulled the floppy disk out of
his shirt pocked and stared at it. What was on this disk could
defeat any electronic encryption system to date and it all fit on a
floppy disk. He kissed the disk, placed it in the nightstand drawer
and unbolted the door for maintenance. He turned on the television
to see if he could catch the end of the game.

Paul heard a loud pop and looked over to see the air
conditioning unit spewing a pinkish white smoke. He tried to shut
the vent but it wouldn't budge. The sickly sweet odor was permeating
the room. Paul began to cough a little as his body began to tingle.
The disk, he had to destroy it. He crawled towards the nightstand
becoming more and more sleepy as he crawled. The stream of gas had
reduced to a trickle but it was already too late. As he reached for
the disk a black leather glove grabbed his arm. He looked up as the
incredibly gorgeous leather-clad brunette removed her gas mask and
smiled at him.

"It was so nice doing business with you. Night-night." She
turned towards the door. "Air's clear"


Danny sipped his drink as he pretended to listen to the rest of the
story. He was making a conscious effort not to stare at Sherry's
cleavage while she talked, but his eyes kept wandering downward.

"Can you believe it?" Sherry's voice snapping him out of
his trance.

"That's so cool." Danny responded wishing he actually
knew what she was talking about. The truth is he'd been thinking
about only one thing since he'd first laid eyes on her long silk
covered legs.

"You think it's cool that I lost my job?"

Danny instantly turned red trying to think how to get out of this one.

"I meant I…"

The five-nine brunette leaned forward towards Danny and laid her hand
on his thigh.

"I had you worried didn't I?" She smiled "Wanna get
out of here?"

Danny wasn't one to pick up women in bars, but Sherry was
different than the rich girls he usually hung out with. It was
almost if she had been reading his mind. He pulled a fifty from his
money roll and paid for the drinks. She grabbed her coat and Danny
hailed a cab. Sherry softly kissed his neck as they rode back to his
apartment, every once in a while she would run her hands across the
giant bulge in his pants.

"Ten bucks." The cab driver announced in his strong Farsi
accent. Danny leaned over and handed him a twenty, trying
desperately to conceal the hard-on Sherry had given him. The cab
sped off and Sherry began to kiss him while he fumbled for the keys
to the gate.

"Good evening Mr. Hayes." The doorman interrupted opening
the door

"Thanks Bill." Danny said. "Bill, this is Sherry."

"Of course Sir." He said professionally as he held the door
for the both of them. As soon as the elevator doors closed, they
started up again. Sherry started to unzip Danny's pants. Danny
stopped her and nodded at the camera. She blushed and turned to face
the doors.

"Here we are, the penthouse." Danny said as he opened the
door for her.

"Wow, this is all yours?" Sherry said marveling at the
expensive décor. `What did you say you did again? I wasn't
listening to you either." She giggled.

"I work in technology, mostly Government contracts…"

"That's sounds…" She kissed him "…boring."

Danny laid her back on the couch and began to slide her dress up.
She stopped him.

"I'm sorry. Where's the bathroom?" Danny pointed
down the hall and closed his eyes wishing the throbbing in his pants
would subside. She returned a minute later.

"Sorry." She gave him a deep kiss and pulled him down on top
of her. He tried to work his hands back under her dress, but his arms
weren't responding. He saw her flash a devilish smile through his
blurring vision. She rolled him onto the floor

"You really shouldn't pick up strange women in bars."
She laughed sadistically as she smoothed her dress back down.

Danny tried to speak but he just mumbled gibberish.

"Shhh! Just go to sleep Sweetie."

Danny was still slightly struggling, although he was almost
completely paralyzed. The drugged lipstick didn't work as fast
as some of her other methods, but she enjoyed the slow knockout. It
gave her more time to tease her victims. As she pulled his money
clip from his pants, she noticed he still had quite the tent in his
pants. She checked her watch. She still had time to rob the place,
nobody would suspect anything until morning anyway. She pulled a
pair of leather gloves from her purse and unzipped his pants. Danny
let out a moan as she began to stoke his cock. She kept it up until
he spurted all over himself. That final release was enough to knock
him out. She admired her work for a few seconds then began to fill
the duffel bag she had concealed in her coat. A few weeks of
research on the Internet and she knew everything she needed to know
about him, what he did, how much he made, what turned him on. This
was too easy. She took one last look and headed downstairs.

"Leaving so early…Sherry is it?" Bill said rising to
meet her.

"He was such a dud, he just lay there. I had to do all the
work." Sherry could see she was making the doorman uncomfortable.
Hopefully he would give up.

"Ma'am you didn't have that bag when you arrived.
I'm going to have to ask you to wait here while I call the Police."

"You see." she said as she opened her purse. "That just
doesn't work for me."

She depressed the top of her mini aerosol can and with in seconds,
Bill, the doorman, was enveloped in a cloud of pink gas, collapsing
in a heap at her feet. She whistled for a cab and drove off into the