A New Job Pt 1-3

In small office building, four women were being led down the hall. Rhonda,
a chubby black woman, was leading them to a conference room. Rhonda opened
the door and motioned to the four women: "Please take a seat. Our leader
will be with you shortly." The four took a seat at the table. Clarrisa, a
beautiful 20 yr.old thickly-built black woman with curves, took a seat on
the left side of the conference table. Taking a seat next to her was Amber,
a 21yr old heavy set white girl with blond hair and a very big ass. On the
right side of the table, Lorraine and Trisha each take a seat. Lorraine is
26 yr. old redhead, heavy set and very curvy. Trisha is a lovely 19yr. old
hispanic, with long curly black hair, also heavy set and curvy. The four
women have been hired at this new company and are in the conference room
expecting to meet with the head of the firm. Curiously, none of the girls
were told specifcally, what their duties were, The only thing the ladies
were told was that they were going to be"assistants" The high salaries they
were offered ,however, kept each girl's curiosity at bay.

The four girls sit in silence. Trisha looks around, she notices that each
women has a similar built, but thinks nothing else of it as she waits
patiently. Soon however, an extremly bad odor fills the room. Clarrisa makes
a face and covers her mouth and nose with her hand. "Ew!" says Amber,
wrinkling her nose. Lorraine and Trisha look around to find the source of
the odor: A violet gas pouring out of four tubes on either side of the
room."Gas!" Trisha exclaims. The gas fills the room and swirls around the
four women. Each girl tries to stand up but can't, the gas is much stronger
then each women's desire to leave. Clarrisa continues to cover her mouth,
"Help...someone" Clarrisa says weakly. Amber clenches her throat, gasping.
Lorraine is dazed and simply stares at the gas with a sleepy look on her
face. Trisha waves her hand back in forth in front of her face, trying to
disperse the fumes to no avail.

The door to the conference room door opens and in walks a heavy-set blond
woman wearing a black leather bustier, black panties, thigh-high boots and
is carrying a small purse. A gas mask protects her from the fumes. The
woman, Sadie, takes a seat at the head of the table, resting the purse near
the chair. "I'm sorry ladies. But having one of these is a requirement for
being an assistant." Sadie points to her gas mask. She continues: "However,
since you were not told about this. I will put you all to work in our
research dept. Now please, do not resist, allow these fumes to do their job
and enjoy your sleep." Almost on command, Lorraine closes her eyes and drops
her head to the table. Amber exhales in a gasp, then also drops headfirst to
the table. "This is nuts...why am I falling asleep...gas masks...for what?"
Clarrisa asks Sadie. "All will be explained later my dear. Now just sleep."
Sadie replies. Clarrisa somehow continues to stay awake. She looks over and
sees Trisha slump back against the chair. Sadie looks at Clarrisa, She
reaches into her purse and places a pillow in front of Clarrisa. Clarrisa
can struggle no more. She puts her head on the pillow and closes her eyes.
Fast asleep.

Clarrisa, Lorraine, Trisha and Amber awaken to find themselves bound to four
comfy chairs. Their chairs are arranged side by side and are facing a large
view screen. Sadie is sitting at a desk to the side of the four girls. "Good
Afternoon, my friends. Did you have a nice sleep?" "What's happening? What
are you going to do to us?" Trisha asks. "Funny how everyone asks those same
questions every time they wake up from one of my little surprises." Sadie
observes. She continues: "I would like you all to relax. There is no need to
be afraid. Now that your orientation has been completed, I would like to
begin your training." "Orientation? I really don't think I want to find out
what kind of job requires being gassed as an orientation." Lorraine says. "I
brought you here to explain exactly what it is your going to do. But First."
Sadie has a remote control in her hand. She presses a button and a white gas
begins to fill the room. Sadie places a gas mask over her face and continues
like nothing has happened: "I would like you to direct your attention to the
screen in front of you." It 'ill be a little hard to pay attention if I'm
asleep." Amber comments. "Oh, You're not going back to sleep. This gas will
help you ...concentrate better. Now let's begin."

Sadie presses a button on the remote control and a slide show begins. "I am
Sadie and this is Dahlia" An image of Dahlia appears on the screen. "We both
enjoy putting other women to sleep. It's a hobby of ours. However we both
have different preferences. I myself run a special boarding school for girls
who have trouble fitting into a regular high school." The image on the
screen shifts to the boarding school." Here I am known as Miss Ray. I
provide a first rate education to these girls ages, 17 to 20. I also gas
certain members of the student body and faculty, also women, and provide
them with a way to open their minds to new experiences." "How?" asks
Clarissa "By having the girls and the faculty engage in sexual
experimentation with each other. " The four women are not at all shocked by
this. The hypno-gas has begun it's job. "I 'll show you an example." Sadie
presses another button and a videotape begins to play.

Loraine, Trisha, Clarrisa and Amber begin to watch the screen. The videotape
shows two teenage girls entering a room. Gas begins to fill the room and
soon the girls are asleep. The videotape then shows two adult women being
lead into the same room. It appears that the room is still full of gas and
the two women react as they walk through the door. They soon are also

Lorraine, Amber, Trisha, and Clarissa are a little frightened as they look
at the tape. Sadie reassures them: "The women on the screen were not harmed.
They simply experienced the same thing all of you did when you were first
here. When they awaken they experience this:" The screen then begins to show
the same four females enthusiastically having sex. "Is that what we're going
to do?" Amber asks. "Not at first. I have other plans for you. Now please
pay attention as I am now going to familiarize you with the modus opearndi
of my best friend Dahlia." The screen begins to show four women opening a
box. The box is opened to reveal a rather barren flower with four sacks on
the end of each stem. The sacks begin to burst, spraying powder around the
four women. Each women is soon over come. "When they awaken Dahlia insures
they experience this:" The screen then shows the four women sitting on a
couch, in front of them a woman is sitting on a chair. The woman is wearing
a gas mask. A pink gas is spraying out of the woman's gas mask and is
enveloping the four women on the couch. A close up reveals that each woman
is rubbing herself with a ball of fur. Lorraine, Clarissa, Trisha and Amber
watch the images attentively.

"You have just seen the different methods of my friend and I. I prefer to
luir people into places like, dressing rooms, my office and all kinds of
other places. I then fill the room with gas to put everyone to sleep, as I
did to the four of you. Dahlia ,however, prefers to show up at one's house,
put eveyone to sleep and then give them stimulating treatments for the
duration of her stay." Each girl listens very intently to what Sadie says.
"The reason I have hired each of you is to give us someone to practice
scenarios on first. You will be the women who we will practice our hobby on.
In other words, before we actually gas someone we will gas the four of you
first." Sadie presses another button on her remote control and a green gas
begins to mix with the white gas. Sadie's four captives each gasp and slump
back in the chairs asleep. Sadie presses the button again, shutting off the
sleep gas. After a minute the sleep gas is gone and the mood-altering hypno
gas is back. "OK Ladies, Just rest here and I'll be back later." Four women
enter the room and release the sleeping girls from their bonds. Sadie leaves
the room and closes the door.

Later that day, Sadie re-enters the room. Each women still sleeps. Sadie
presses a button and the hypno-gas shuts off. She watches each women sleep
for a few minutes. Soon each girl begins to awaken. Each girl has had a
large dose of hypno gas. They are in very good mood and will obey Sadie's
wishes for several days. "OK Ladies. Each of you can go home. If anyone asks
you are secretaries and your new job is very nice. Tommorow we will begin
practicing. Now Have a nice day." Each girl obidently goes home. Eager to
begin their work tommorow.

A New Job Pt 4-7

Lorraine, Trisha, Amber and Clarrisa report for work as instructed. Taking a
seat on the couch in the receptionist's office, Each girl waits patiently
for their employer. They are still under the effects of the Hypno gas and
will do whatever is instructed of them. Sadie steps out and greets everyone
with a big smile. "Hello my friends. I hope you're ready to start working
today. I can tell after yesterday that you're going to be loyal employees.
Lets us begin." A Blond women steps forward and hands each woman a package.
"Please enter that room and change. I'll join you in a minute." Each girl
nods and enters a room off to the side.

Sadie steps into her office and picks up a remomte control. She presses a
button and a panal slides up unveiling a viewscreen. The viewscreen turns on
to reveal Sadie's four employees changing. Sadie watches with excitement as
her four new employees change into their new outfits. Lorraine is now
wearing a leopard-print bra and thong panties(red with black spots). Trisha
is wearing a beige bra and thong. Amber has a similar outfit in black and
finally Clarrisa is now in pink underwear that contrasts very nicely with
her dark skin. Sadie shuts off the screen and changes into her trademark
outfit: Black Leather bustier, Black panties and Boots. She grabs something
from her desk and exits her office,heading toward the changing room.

Each Girl patiently waits for Sadie. All eyes are on her as She enters the
room. "Those outfits are quite flatering on you. I see I made the right
choice. Now please put these on." Sadie hands each girls a leather collar.
The collars each girl dawns are connected to a leather cord that Sadie is
holding in her hand. Sadie presses a button and part of the wall slides up
to reveal a hidden passage way. "Whoa." Lorraine says. Sadie smiles and
simply says "follow me."

Sadie uses the leather cord to lead the four down a corraidor. At the end is
a small door, The door opens and Sadie leads the four girls inside. The room
is a mock-up of an airliner cabin. It has ten rows of seats with 2 seats
each. "Take your collars off." Sadie commands and each woman obeys.
"Lorraine and Trisha please sit in the front row. Clarrisa and Amber sit in
the back." Each girl sits in their assigned seat. Sadie looks out of the
room and motions. Rhonda, Sadie's assistant who lead the four to the gassing
room yesterday, and Miss Michelli, the blond women who handed them new
outfits, step into the cabin dressesd as stewardesses. "Ok Ladies. You are
going to simply pretend you are on a charter flight." Sadie says addressing
Lorraine and the others. "You've been in flight for a half/hour and I will
address you from the cockpit, playing the role of the pilot. Now just do
what you would normally do on a flight." Sadie enters the cock pit mock-up
and closes the door.

Everyone plays their assigned parts: Lorraine looks out the window, Trisha
reads a magazine, Clarrisa just stares around the room and Amber begins to
look at a deck of cards. Sadies voice is heard from the cock pit. "Good
morning ladies. This is your Captain speaking..." Sadie goes through the
motions of explaining their flight route, altitude, and estimated time of
arrival, She ends her statement with "... and right about now it's time for
your schedueled nap." Each girl looks a little puzzled. "Schedueled nap?"
Clarrisa says outloud. "what does she mean?" Amber asks. None of the girls
notice that the stewardesses have moved to to a room in the back of the

A bad odor begins to cross the noses of each girl. They ,of course, make a
face and look around, but see nothing. The odor becomes more intense and
each woman begins to feel drowsy. Lorraine stares off again and then slumps
forward, Asleep. "Lorraine?" Trisha asks reaching for her friend. Trisha
then pauses, then "Ohhh" Then slumping forward also, then sleep.

In the back, Clarrisa and Amber are also feeling the effects of the foul
odor. "That smell...What did they do..." Clarrisa says softly, her eyes
close and she slumps to the side, her head on Amber's Shoulder. Amber is
frozen, too weak to get up. The stewardesses have emerged from the room
wearing gas masks. They walk around the cabin inspecting the girls. Amber
sees them and realizes what is happening. "Gas!...been breathing it...the
whole time...can't do anything...too late..." Amber thinks before shadows
take her to dreamland.

It's another day at Sadie's office. Lorraine, Trisha, Clarrisa and Amber
are ready for today's simulation. Yesterday, they slept most of the day
after being gassed in Sadie's airliner cabin mock up. When they awoke, they
were told to report again for work the next day. Sadie instructs each girl
to change into the outfits they wore yesterday. She leads them down the
corridor to the cabin.

"Today you will again help us practice our plans for the trip." Sadie
informs the four women. "Remember, even though I'm sure you're all aware of
what's coming, I want you to react as you normally would in said situation.
Now seat in the same seats you were yesterday, so we can get started."
Lorraine and Trisha sit in the front of the cabin, while Amber and Clarrisa
sit in the back. Rhonda and Miss Michelli again enter the cabin dressed as
stewardesses. Each woman plays her assigned part and pretends to be oblivous
to their impending nap. Sadie again address the "passengers" from the
"cockpit". After explaining the time, weather and estimated flight time,
Sadie says "Fortunetly, while we do not have an in-flight movie, I have
another form of entertainment for you, however it is quite boring and will
most likely put you to sleep." Each girl is puzzled by Sadie's strange

Suddenly, the foul odor of knockout gas is smelled by each girl. A violet
gas begins to pour out of the vents in the cabin. Lorraine and Trisha begin
to cough upon inhaling the harsh gas. Lorraine puts her hand to her chest,
while Trisha waves her hand back and forth in front of her face. In the
back, Clarrisa and Amber are cluthing their throats -coughing
uncontrollably. Rhonda and Miss Michelli emerge from the back. Amazingly,
they are waking around the cabin without gasmasks; yet they appear completly
unaffected by the potent fumes. Amber looks at Rhonda "What(Cough)...What is
this stuff(Cough)?" "Just a little sleeping gas." Rhonda replies
matter-of-factly. "What the hell is(cough) that for?" Amber asks. Rhonda
simply gives Amber a nice smile and proceeds to walk around the cabin.
Lorraine and Trisha have fallen asleep. Clarrisa has also passed out. Amber
begins to reach for her seatbelt, only to discover it will not release.
"Stuck(cough)" Amber says. This is the last thing Amber notices before she
also falls asleep.

Sadie is patiently awaiting the arrival of her four employees. It's Friday
and Sadie has one more simulation planned for them. While waiting, Sadie
decides to place a quick phone call. She dials a certain number and gets a
response in about two rings: "This is Angela" is the greeting used by the
person answering the phone. "Angela. this is Sadie. Is Dahlia there?"
Angela (Dahlia's red-headed assistant)is happy to hear from Sadie and
responds with an enthusiastic:"Oh hi. Yes, She's here, But she's a little
busy. Do you want to wait a few minutes?" "No problem. I'll wait."

Dahlia is indeed busy -wrapping up one of her "visits". Dahlia is standing
at the foot of the bed. She is dressed in her trademark outfit and wearing
her gas-projection mask. Laying on the bed are Amy and Rebecca, Dahlia has
had the two young women playing "dueling roommates" for the past week and is
about to wrap things up. "OK girls. I have to say I've enjoyed watching you
two put each other to sleep, But It's about time that I was on my way. So
pleasant dreams." Dahlia points her mask in their direction and SSSSS -A
green gas is sprayed over the bed. It spreads out into a wide plume that
covers Amy and Rebecca. Amy and Rebecca both gasp;then enter a sound sleep.

Angela calls Dahlia over: "Dahlia. Sadie is on the phone". "Excellent."
Dahlia takes the phone: "Hello?" "Hello, My love." Sadie answers
enthusiastically."I'm putting my employees through the final simulation
today and I was wondering: Since you're going to get them next week, Would
you like to come by later today after I'm done? I think these girls deserve
a treatment after their fine performance." "You don't have any Fuscia air
freshener left?" Dahlia asks. "Yes I do, But I thought you would have liked
to give it to them personally" "That sounds better to me too. I'll be by
around four. Ciao!" Dahlia hangs up the phone. Suddenly, Sadie's office
intercom buzzes: "Sadie. Your employees have arrived", Rhonda informs her.
"Excellent, I'll be right there." Sadie leaves the office, ready to begin
today's activities.

.Sadie leads Lorraine, Trisha, Amber and Clarrisa down the hall. Once more
they will help Sadie work the bugs out of her plan. Reaching the mock
airliner cabin, Sadie begins to issue instructions: "OK my friends. Today I
would like to try things a little differently. Lorraine and Trisha, please
sit in the front row. However, Amber and Clarissa, you will sit in the front
row directly across from them." Each girl sits where instructed. "Now please
look around, I would like to know if you can see each other." "I can see
Lorraine and Trisha no problem." Clarissa observes. "Me too." Says Lorraine.
"Very well, I think it's time to get started." Sadie sashays off to the

"This is your captain speaking. I would like everyone to remain calm.
There seems to be a slight problem with the oxygen. We are in no danger of
crashing. I repeat: WE ARE IN NO DANGER OF CRASHING. However, You will all
have to put on your oxygen masks on when they drop from the ceiling. Right
about now." Oxygen masks drop from the ceiling. Each woman is more then
eager to put the masks on and they place them over their mouths and noses.

Sadie watches everything on videotape. "And now scenario three" She says to
her self. Sadie presses a button on the control console. A foul odor begins
to come out of the masks. "Of course" Clarissa thinks. She and the others
breathe normally despite the odor. She looks around and watches the other
girls. Soon She sees Lorraine close her eyes and gently slump into the seat.
"Weird how she always falls asleep first. I don't think this will
work,...anyone who is still awake will just take the mask...off." Clarissa
begins to feel drowsy. She tries to remove the mask -Only to discover that
the mask will not come off. muffled moans and screams begin to fill the
cabin as the remaining conscious girls realize they can't take the masks
off. Clarissa pulls and pulls but the seal around her mouth and nose is
airtight. The mask won't even budge. "How did they do...this...It's pretty
damn...clever." Clarissa's thoughts are coming very slowly as the gas begins
to take effect. She looks around to see Trisha still struggling with her
mask. Amber simply stares off with a sleepy look on her face. "Can't stay
awake..." Clarissa closes her her eyes and her head falls on Amber's
shoulder. Amber also falls asleep, her head resting on Clarissa's. Trisha
has ceased struggling. Her eyes close and she simply says "mmphh." as she
slips into sleep.

Sadie is pleased. She enters the "cabin" and approaches the four women. "The
adhesive worked perfectly. Speaking of which:" Sadie pulls out a spray
bottle and sprays a mist over each girl. A bubbling sound is heard as the
adhesive dissolves. Sadie motions and Rhonda and Miss Michelli enter the
cabin. "Please take our sleepy friends over to the bed room. Strip them
naked,then fill the room with hypno gas." Rhonda and Miss Michelli nod and
walk toward the four sleepy heads. "Oh, and turn it off around 3:30. We have
a visitor coming around four."

Lorraine, Trisha, Clarissa and Amber begin to stir. They are laying in a
very large bed. Each girl is naked. "Good Morning ladies." Sadie says
standing at the foot of the bed. "I am so pleased with your performance this
past week. That I decided to give you a reward. First let me introduce you
to someone. This is Dahlia." Sadie motions and Dahlia steps forward. She is
wearing her outfit from this morning and is cradling her gas mask with her
right arm. "Hello ladies. Sadie has told me all about you. I'm looking
forward to working with you next week. I would like to give you something
before you. leave work today." Dahlia dawns her gas mask and connects the
tubes sticking out of the mask to the belt of canisters around her waste.
Sadie walks over picks up a case. Sadie walks to the bed and opens the case.
Each women is handed a ball of fur. "And now for your reward." Dahlia puts
her hands on her hips,leans over and a long, thick stream of pink gas
emerges from her mask and is aimed at the four women. "Are we going back to
sleep?" Trisha asks. "Not at all." Sadie says with a big smile.