"Mr. Sorenson?" The voice called through the door, followed
by several loud knocks.

Phil stumbled over himself as walked towards
the door, pulling his white robe around him.

"Mr. Soren…"

"What?" Phil barked as he opened the door, surprised to see
the two police officers standing at his door.

"We're here to check on you. Your assistant Janet said you
hadn't been to work in two days and were not answering your

"We'll obviously I'm here." Phil grunted, wishing
they'd go away, so he could nurse his horrible headache.

"Obviously." The officer replied, starting to get annoyed at
the man. "I'm sorry, you're not feeling well, but we have
to follow up. Why don't you call your assistant and clear this

"Great. Anything else? No…Good." Phil nearly slammed
the door and went to retrieve his cell phone. The officers exchanged
glances then returned to the patrol car.

"That's the third one of these this month. These agents are
starting to get on my nerves. Dispatch, 51 Delta Clear."

He put the car in gear and drove off paying no attention to the woman
in the car sitting across the street. Angie Baker opened her
briefcase and pulled out a set of headphones.

"Mr. Sorenson's office." Linda answered.

"Linda, why the hell did you send the police to my house! I told
you I was sick."

"You left the office two days ago, I haven't heard a word
from you since then."

"That's bull shit! I distinctly remember telling you I would
be out. If you want to keep your job, you need to have a better

Linda thought about pushing the issue, but decided to shut up.

"I want you to have an update on Jason's account ready,
I'll be there in an hour." He closed his phone, not waiting
for her answer.

Angie removed the headphones and dialed Sandy.

"It worked, he doesn't remember anything."

"Good, you know what to do next."

Sandy closed up the cell phone as the United Delivery truck pulled
into the driveway.

"He's here Steph."

Scott Thompson opened the back of the truck and pulled the
appropriate package from the elaborate stack. He was a little
surprised when the door opened. Sandy stood at the door in an
identical dark brown delivery uniform.

"Is that for me?" She asked snapping him out of his daze.

"Yeah" he said handing her the package, still confused by her
outfit. "If you don't mind me asking, what's with the uniform."

"Well how else can I finish your route if I'm not dressed

He shook his head. The door opened further to reveal Stephanie in
an ultra-tight red leather catsuit, her aerosol can already in
position to deliver its sleepy contents. Scott dropped instantly to
the porch. Sandy tossed the package aside and the girls dragged him

Fifteen Minutes Later:

Scott was resting comfortable on the couch, in between the two young
girls. Susan was Stephanie's younger eighteen-year-old sister,
who, along with her friend Jenny, shared the same obsession with
leather and men that her older sister did. This was the first time
they had trusted her with something like this and she wasn't
about to let them down.

"You girls keep him occupied `til we get back. If he gives
you any trouble, I'll leave you this." She set the aerosol
can on the table.

"No problem." Susan answered trembling at the thought of
what they were going to do to him.

The guard waved to Sandy as the truck pulled through the gate the ATD
alarm monitoring station. She pulled around to the delivery entrance
and unloaded the crate. She rang the buzzer.

"Delivery" She spoke into the box. The mesh gate opened
slowly and she rolled the crate inside.

"HVAC parts" She said.

"Sure, right this way." Andy led her down the hallway to the
HVAC room. After removing the dolly from underneath the cart, she
handed him the pad to sign.

"Sign here." She smiled.

As he took the pen from her, she stretched her head to avoid the blue
powder that immediately puffed into his face. He started to make
gagging sounds as she eased him to the floor.

"Shhh, don't fight now." She grinned as his eyes closed. She
immediately opened the crate to reveal Stephanie and a large
metallic tank. With precision the girls attached the tank to the
HVAC blower and quickly donned gas masks. Within minutes pink smoke
began to pour from the vents in the monitoring room. The men and
women were easily incapacitated as the gas filled the room.

Stephanie stepped over the unconscious bodies opening the front
door. Lindsey O'Connell, the twenty-four-year-old red head, was
an expert at programming. Disconnecting the alarm sensors from Jason
Linden's house would be a breeze. She stepped through the door
in her gas mask and quickly got to work while the girls cleaned up
their mess. They dragged Andy back into his office and removed all
evidence of their visit.

Twenty-third Precinct:

Detective Harry Baskins was going over the report the officers had
filed earlier today. This had been the third missing report he'd
seen on a talent agent in the last month. The odd part was that none
of them had been actually missing, they had just forgotten to call in
for a few days. He was in between cases at the moment and this had
peaked his interest. It would also give a chance to see the new girl
down in the records office.

Sandy's apartment:

Scott opened his eyes to find two naked teens slurping on his cock.
He thought about just letting them go for a moment, but this was
replaced by the realization that he had been kidnapped. Susan
noticed he was awake first and reached for the aerosol can on the
table behind her. Jenny continued to suck him as Susan straddled his
chest. He tried to push her off him and she just laughed and sprayed
him with the pink gas. He moaned from the pleasure he was receiving
as he slowly drifted back into unconsciousness. This sent waves of
pleasure through Susan as she started to play with herself. The
girls took turns with him until they were both satisfied, then left
him asleep on the couch.

Twenty-third Precinct:

"Hi, Kim? Harry." He said introducing himself.

"Hi Harry, what can I do for you?" Kim the
thirty-three-year-old brown haired beauty replied.

"I need the paperwork for cases 51132 and 47902"

"Just a moment." She said winking at him. Harry's eyes were
glued to her ass as she bent down to get the box from the lower
shelf. She filled out the uniform nicely. He would have to come
back more often.

"Here you go." She smiled handing him the box. "Anything
else?" She asked putting the end of her pen in her mouth.

"No, not right now." He answered feeling his cock start to
harden. He decided he'd leave before he embarrassed him self.

"Ok, then, maybe I'll see you later?"

"You bet." He smiled.

As he walked out her smile faded and she pulled her cell phone out.

ATD Monitoring Station:

Sandy's phone rang as she closed the door on the back of the

"Go." She said as she tossed her gas mask into the back.

"We may have a problem. Some detective is snooping around down
here asking for certain files."

"Can you handle it?"

"I think I can manage. What do you want me to do?"

"Help him forget about it."

"No problem."

Sandy's Apartment:

Stephanie and Sandy walked in to find Susan and Jenny asleep curled
up on either side of Scott, snoring, with his pants around his
ankles. Stephanie tapped Susan to wake her up.

"Have fun?"

Susan just smiled and got up off the couch.

"We have to put him back now." Stephanie smiled patting her
sister on the back. Sandy and Stephanie carried the driver back into
his truck and drove him back to the United Delivery center. He awoke
an hour later remembering nothing.

Twenty-third Precinct:

Harry stepped off the elevator on level three and unlocked his car
with the remote. He grabbed the handle to open the door and pulled
his hand back quickly trying to wipe of the jelly like substance.
His vision blurred and he collapsed against the door of his car. He
looked up drowsily to see Kim standing over him with a huge grin on
her face.

"Sleep now." She winked at him as he passed out.


Danny Heilman made a left turn and black limo circled the block
again. He checked out the raven-haired woman again. She was
erotically posed against the wall of the run-down brownstone.
Danny was sure that Linden's limo would score him some points,
and although she came highly recommended he needed to make sure it
wasn't a setup. Working for Linden was great, it kept him
supplied with enough cash to indulge in his two favorite hobbies,
whores and Ecstasy. Satisfied for now she wasn't an undercover
cop, Danny pulled up and rolled down the window. Angie Baker was
dressed to thrill in an extremely short black leather mini-dress,
fishnet stockings and knee high leather boots. She slithered up to
the car, taking note of the license plate before leaning down into
the window.

"Is this Jason's limo?" Angie giggled doing her best
airhead voice.

"Sure is. Wanna go for a ride?" He said patting the seat
next to him.

"I don't know. Is he in there?"

"No, but I'm sure you'd still have a good time." He
said pulling his stash from the floor and setting it on the seat.

"Alright" She giggled again bouncing around to the passenger
side. As soon as she was in Danny pulled away.

"My name's Angie and it'll be five-hundred." Angie
said a little less giggly. "And I don't do that shit"
she said pointing to the container of pills on the seat.

"Suit yourself" He said popping a pill in his mouth.
"You don't know what you're missin'"

He parked the limo in an abandoned parking lot. He used this place a
lot. The police kind of had an understanding with Jason, thanks to
Mr. Sorenson's negotiation skills, they wouldn't bother them
here. Danny opened the back door for Angie. She brushed her hand
against his crotch as she passed by. He followed her in and slid up
beside her on the huge bench seat. Danny reached up to feel her
breasts but she blocked him, holding out her hand for the money.

"You better be good." He sneered counting out the cash into
her hand.

"I've been told I'm a knockout" She smiled tucking
the money into her leather boot.

Danny resumed his groping, exploring every inch of her body. He slid
his hand up her mini-dress only to discover she was wearing nothing
underneath. Angie laid her head back and let him fall further under
the effects of the Ecstasy he'd been taking. He climbed in
between her legs and began working his way up, pushing the mini-dress
up around her waist. She grabbed his ass as he felt her up finally
managing to get his wallet out. Just as she suspected, like a horny
thirteen-year-old, he kept his condom in his wallet. She moaned a
little as she slid her special condom in its place.

"Danny. I'm ready" She whispered in his ear.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her, reaching for his wallet. He
pulled his condom out and Angie helped him put it on. She spread her
legs and lay back on the seat as Danny penetrated her. She began to
sigh and moan as he built up his rhythm. She locked her gaze on his
as he continued to pump. His eyes started to flutter, but he kept
going. Angie's face broke into a grin as the laced condom began
to knock him out. Danny's expression changed as he struggled to
remain conscious. He tried to pull out.

"It's too late for that." She cooed pulling him into
her. "I told you I was knockout." She giggled again then
kissed him deeply.

Danny managed one last thrust before collapsing on top of her. Angie
stroked the back of his neck as he let out a few more muffled moans,
then he was still. Angie cleaned herself up, started the engine, and
drove off to meet the girls.