"Yeah, you tell `em that that date won't work. It has to
be the thirteenth or Jason can't do it."

Phil, the heavyset forty-year-old grunted into the phone, he was
getting angry. He hated dealing with promoters. He was so focussed
on his conversation that his cigarette had burned down to nothing.
He took another from the pack and lit it.

"Johnny, you're not listening to me…"

Outside the RMG talent agency, a black SUV pulled up to the garage
entrance. The garage attendant strode up to the tinted driver side
window and knocked on it. The window rolled down to reveal a
stunning brunette in a tight sleeveless black leather top, Sandy
looked out of the top of her dark sunglasses and smiled, waiting for
him to speak.

"The lot's for RMG personnel only, the visitor lot's
across the
street." He said pointing. Sandy looked over at the lot then
back at
the attendant.

"Is that so?" She smiled. The attendant was mesmerized by
luscious red lips as she spoke

"Well, let me let you in on a little secret…" She beckoned
him closer
with her finger as she opened her shirt and reached down into it.
The attendant leaned closer, trying to look down her top. She pulled
out a long straw-like tube, which was tied, around her neck with a
chain. "…You're going to take a little nap now."

Sandy grinned again as she sensually brought the tube up to her
lips. A puff of blue powder shot from the end as Sandy blew on the
tube, hitting the attendant's nose and mouth with one shot. He
a step back blinking rapidly and starting to make a choking sound.
He managed to fall to one knee before his body completely relaxed and
he passed out. Sandy got out of the SUV and dragged his body back
into the booth, propping him up onto his stool, and hit the button to
left the gate.

The lobby guard casually glanced at the two women approaching the
metal detector then looked back at his magazine. The alarm went off
and he automatically sprung up.

"Ma'am, your purse." He pointed.

"Oh, sorry." Sandy said handing him her purse. She stepped
back and
walked through again, setting off the detector once more.

"Excuse me ma'am, I'm going to have to search you."

"You can do you whatever you want to me." Sandy cooed.

He faced Sandy who was wearing a tight black leather top exposing her
pierced belly button and even tighter black leather pants. He
couldn't possibly imagine where you could hide anything in that
outfit. He ran the handheld metal detector over her until it went
off. Stephanie leaned forward to see what had set it off.

"I need you to stay there until I'm finished." He said
motioning to
Stephanie. Stephanie was dressed in the same style although she wore

"Sorry." She said innocently stepping back behind the line.

"It must be my piercing." Sandy spoke. The guard ran the
detector over her piercing and it went off again.

"You're right, go ahead."

"Thank you." She smiled, brushing her hand against his
crotch as she
turned. Stephanie went through the detector with out incident. They
began to walk down the hall. Sandy pulled the small remote from her
belt and waited for…

"Ma'am, you forgot your purse." The guard yelled. Sandy
Stephanie an evil smile and turned to face the guard.

"No, I didn't. I wanted you to have it."

"Excuse me?"

Stephanie blew him a kiss as Sandy activated the remote. Her purse
began billowing wisps of blue gas. The guard' eye's rolled
back into
his head and he collapsed on his face moaning as he succumbed to the
gas. The girls picked him up and carried him to the men's room,
where they bound and gagged him with duct tape before stuffing him in
a stall.

The girls stepped off the elevator on the tenth floor, aerosols in
hand. Anyone who saw them would have to be dealt with. The doors
opened, just at wrong time for Alan Smythe, the intern. He barely had
time to notice the two beauties before Sandy's aerosol can
He fell into her and she slowly lowered him to the floor. They
disabled the elevator and hid him inside.

Janet Thompson had been Phil Sorenson's personal assistant for
years. She hated the job, but she had to pay her dues, if she wanted
to get into management. Plus she got to help manage Jason Linden,
the most popular man in music today. Her first reaction was to run
when the leather clad femmes pushed open the glass doors to
office, but suppressed it. After all it wasn't uncommon to see
dressed like this in the music business.

"We're here to see Mr. Sorenson." Stephanie barked.

"Do you have an appointment." Janet sneered, there was no
way this
woman was going to treat her this way.

"We don't need one." Stephanie responded pulling a dart
gun from her
purse. Janet started to back-peddle, putting her hands up as she got
rose. Stephanie fired a dart into her shoulder. Janet stared at the
dart in disbelief, looking back at Stephanie before slumping on to
her desk. They could here Phil yelling at someone from the other
side of the door.

"Janet!" He yelled through the door. There was no response.

"Janet!" The voice yelled through the intercom.

Phil burst through the door muttering. "Stupid Bitch, if I have
to…." He stopped cold seeing Janet slumped over the desk.
Sandy and
Stephanie both charged him simultaneously and began to wrestle him
down. As large as he was it was a struggle, but that ended as the
syringe plunged into his neck. His vision blurred and he no longer
cared about fighting. The last thing he saw was Sandy delivering a
kick to his crotch with her thigh-high leather boot.

"Who're you calling a Bitch?" Sandy yelled, as he dozed

The parking garage gate raised again as the SUV raced off. The girls
looked at each other laughing hysterically as they tossed her black
wigs out the window.


Twenty Four Hours Later:

Phil came to in a small dark room. His hands and ankles were bound
together with duct tape and he was sitting nude in a cold metal
chair. He yelled out for help, but heard nothing. He had no clue
what had happened to him, he didn't remember anything. But he
was pretty sure this wasn't good. He struggled to put together what
had happened. He remembered being on the phone and then nothing.
Just then the door opened and he was blinded by the bright sunlight
flooding the room. He could make out a silhouetted from which was
definitely female, but nothing else. Stephanie knelt down in front
of him and unwrapped a deli sandwich. She began to feed it to him.
He turned his head sideways and spoke.

"Do you know who I am? I will be missed. If you don't…"

"Shut up and eat this." Stephanie growled pushing the
sandwich into his face.

Phil restrained himself from saying anything else. He was hungry
anyway. After she had finished feeding him she gave him some water,
then slammed the door shut.


After a minute of struggling against his restraints, his eyes began
to feel heavy. He fought to stay awake, but it was no use as the
drugged water began to take effect.

Four Hours Later

The bright light once again filled the room, only this time it
wasn't sunlight. He still had no idea exactly how long he'd been in
here, or why he was here to begin with. He still felt a little tired
and seemed to have developed a massive hard-on.

"Good. It looks like you're ready to start." Sandy
stood before him wearing a black leather lace-up teddy.

"What do you want?" Phil blurted.

"Nothing you'll give me willingly." Sandy purred as she
coated her hands with massage oil. "At least not yet."

She began to slowly stroke his hard cock with her oil-covered hands.
Phil's skin broke out in goose bumps as she continued the
slippery hand-job. She moaned sensually as she stroked him. Phil
was going out of his mind. He was scared for his life, yet so
completely aroused. Sandy began to increase her pace. Phil started
to tense up, this was going to feel so good.

"Time's up." Sandy giggled and let go of his penis. She
got up and started to close the door.

"Wait!" Phil moaned. She turned back towards him.

"You're right. I shouldn't leave you like that."
Phil relaxed as she walked back towards him.

"Do you want me to finish?" Sandy asked as she knelt down
beside him. Phil nodded vigorously, not noticing the liquid she was
pouring onto the white rag.

"OK." Sandy forcefully shoved the rag into Phil's face.
He squirmed frantically as she continued to hold it against his

"Go to sleep…" She sang as he gradually drifted off.

Two Hours Later

Phil awoke when he heard the sound of the door opening. Once again
squinting to see if he could make out any of his surroundings, but
the light was too bright. This time he noticed two female forms.

"Ready for some more?" Sandy inquired. She walked up to him
and brushed her leather-gloved hand against his thigh. His cock
started to twitch and harden as she tickled him. She stopped and
walked around behind him and uncapped a syringe. Stephanie, dressed
in red leather bra and panties, walked over to him and straddled
him. She opened the folder, which she was carrying and pulled out
some photos. Phil recognized them as being photos of Jason's house.

"What can you tell me about Mr. Linden's security?"

As Phil considered his answer, he felt a sharp prick in his neck as
Sandy injected him with something. His world began to spin as
Stephanie asked him again. Phil shook his head trying to fight.
Stephanie looked at Sandy who injected him again. Stephanie began to
coat his penis with oil. The jumble of sensations that were running
through him were making it very difficult to resist her questioning,
but he still had some fight left in him. Stephanie yanked her
leather panties to one side and slowly slid down on his cock.

"How many people?" Sandy asked as Stephanie rode him.

"What's the code to the system?"

Phil was so engrossed in watching Stephanie ride him he didn't
realize he had started talking. Stephanie kept him on the edge
waiting for him to finish answering all the questions. Sandy was
making notes and checking off the necessary information.

"We got what we need."

Stephanie immediately stopped, stood up and leaned over Phil.

"Thank you, you've been a good boy." Stephanie gave him
a deep kiss, then started to walk out.

"You have good night now." Sandy said blowing him a kiss
before leaving the room.

"Hey, come on." Phil begged.

"You didn't think we actually had an interest in you, did
you? you fat bastard."

Stephanie laughed as she picked up a metal canister from the shelf.
She pulled the pin in the top, then set it down in front of Phil.

"Night night!" She cooed, shutting the door behind her. The
canister began to fill the room with white gas. Phil coughed, trying
to hold his breath, but after a few seconds had no choice but to
breathe it in. His body relaxed causing him to ooze all over himself
before slumping forward against his restraints.