Meeting with My Boss

I had just started working for this company 6 months ago, but I felt 
I was extremely underpaid. With all the long hours and weekends I 
had been working, I figured it was in my best interest to ask for a 
raise. I decided to set up a meeting with my boss. I had only had 
conversations with her a few times, but she seemed like she had 
a "down-to-earth, relaxed" personality. Around 3 P.M., I was called 
to meet with her. Her beautiful, leggy, blonde secretary escorted me 
into her office and there she sat behind the desk. For a woman about 
40, she was still quite attractive with shoulder-length brown curly 
hair and large breasts. She was on the phone, but motioned for me to 
take a seat. As I sat there, my pulse started to race as I tried to 
gather my thoughts on what I was going to say. Also I noticed for 
being the boss, her office was kind of small (9x9) and unusually 
dark, with the only light peaking in from the half-open blinds behind 
her. After a couple of minutes, she hung up the phone and took a 
deep breath. 

"Man, this job can be really stressful sometimes!" she 
said as she leaned back in her chair, grabbing the sides of her 

"Now, I what can I do for you?". I started to collect my 

"Well I think for all the long hours and hard work I've been 
putting in, I deserve a raise" 

"Really?" she said with a somewhat 
understanding look. "Listen, I haven't had the chance to have a 
break for a while. Do you mind if I smoke while we have this 
meeting? I know that this is a non-smoking building, but I really 
need to just blow some smoke to help me relax" 

"Not at all," I responded a little perplexed by the question. 

"Thank you," she said as she removed a cigarette from a wooden box on her desk and began to 
light it with a match. She took a deep drag and exhaled the smoky 
vapor on to her desk, covering everything in a gentle fog. I 
nervously began to continue with my plea, 

"Well....y-you see, I-I've been working a lot of...." 

She stopped me and midsentence and said "Why don't you take a deep breath and start again". 

As she said this, she took a long drag and exhaled a massive cloud of smoke 
through the match in my direction. As I took a deep breath, the 
cloud floated into my face and had I noticed it had sort of a 
pleasant, relaxing smell to it. I started to plead my case 

"As you may know, I've been working many long hours lately 

As I continued to talk, I noticed her take long drags and 
tilt her head to the side, blowing huge clouds of smoke into the 
air. The light coming from the window behind her illuminated the 
clouds perfectly. It was almost like she was doing this on purpose to 
get a perfect side view of her clouds. I had to admit, I always found 
women smoking to be sexy, but this was amazing. I was actually 
starting to become a little aroused. I continued to talk but I was 
still drawn to her amazing clouds and she noticed this and smiled a 

"Wow, smoking is just SO relaxing...everything about it. I 
mean just looking at these clouds of smoke is very relaxing don't you 

As she finished, she took another long drag and exhaled a 
huge, billowing cloud of smoke aimed right above my head. The cloud 
just billowed and billowed from her mouth and seem to last forever. 
I couldn't keep my eyes off it. 

"I just love to sit here and fill my office with wonderful, relaxing clouds of smoke." 

She took a deep drag and exhaled the smoky funnel off to my left side. "Just look at soft, beautiful relaxing to watch". She took another long, 
deep drag and exhaled another voluminous cloud of smoke just off of 
my right side. The cloud gently kissed my cheek as I watched in full 
view. I couldn't keep my eyes off her clouds and I was becoming more 
relaxed. I couldn't even speak. 

"Definately, the more smoke I see, the more relaxed it makes me feel, don't you think?" 

She blew another thick cloud of smoke into the air as I watched it flow. The office 
was quickly clouding with smoke, but I didn't care. I just watched 
and became more relaxed. Why was I here? I didn't care, I just 
wanted to watch her blow those wonderful clouds of smoke. 

"You know, these clouds also have a relaxing odor, baby." 

She took a very long drag which seemed like forever and looked at me and smiled. She 
pursed her lips and exhaled a massive cloud of smoke towards me. The 
smoke seemed to just pour and pour from her mouth. I had no choice 
to breathe it in and it relaxed me even more. My eyes began to grow 
heavy and started to become more and more aroused. Why was I here 
again? I didn't care, all I could think about was this wonderful 

"Now listen, my hardworking boy doesn't need a raise does 

"N-no", my mind was clouded I just wanted to obey. She blew more 
smoke in my face. 

"All of this relaxing smoke is enough, huh baby?" 

"Y-yes" I stuttered. 

"Good boy, I want you to forget you came here and asked for a raise. You don't need a raise. OK?" 


"Good boy, you've earned yourself a nap. Would you like me to 
blow you some more smoke, baby?" 

I tried to speak but couldn't. I was so relaxed. 

She came from around the desk and sat on my lap. 
She began to stroke my hair. 

"Awww, my cloudy smoke has made you super sleepy, poor baby." 

She took a long drag and whispered to 
me "sleep tight!" as she engulfed my head with a cloud of smoke. The 
last thing I remembered was the smoke clouds swirling around my head.
I woke up at my desk with signed form in my hands, agreeing to work 
weekends for the rest of the year.