Morpheus Rising Ch 49

While Morpheus and Princess Beauty were having their fun with the
newly feminized Nightwing, Bruce Wayne was sitting at home in his
study. Ostensibly he was there going over financial reports, but the
truth was that he had been staring blankly at the papers in front of
him for quite some time. He had a lot on his mind.

For one thing he hadn't seen Dick Grayson in several days. This had
him worried as it was unlike Dick to disappear without telling
anyone. On top of that, his fiancée Silver St. Cloud was not
returning his calls. She had been mad at him the night of the opera,
convinced that he had been flirting with the Duchess. Even after the
robbery she had been cold and distant, barely speaking to him on the
ride home. He had tried to explain that he was only trying to
determine if she was under Dr. Morpheus' spell or was with him
willingly, but his lover and crime-fighting colleague just ignored

Bruce, for his part, was more than a little annoyed by this behavior.
It certainly wasn't the time for a lover's spat, what with Flamebird
having been taken by Sandman, Dick's disappearance, and the growing
number of crimes being reported in the city. Just that afternoon an
exclusive jewelry boutique had been plundered and its owner and
security guard gassed. And if the few witnesses could be believed,
they had seen a child, doll in hand, leaving the scene of the crime.
A child!

The television was on in the corner with the volume low, tuned to the
news channel. Bruce happened to glance at it and was shocked quickly
out of his reverie. Grabbing the remote he turned up the sound.

"All the stars were out in Gotham last night for the premier
of `Labor of Love'," the pretty young newscaster was saying as they
showed footage of various celebs. "Starlet Dawn Robbins, who gives a
breakout performance in the film, walked the red carpet with a
handsome older man. I was able to corner the couple for a brief Q and
A before their limo whisked them away to her fabulous penthouse
apartment at the Gotham Arms."

The scene cut from the reporter to the couple that had grabbed
Bruce's attention. A radiant Ms. Robbins stood arm in arm with the
Sandman! He could hardly believe the nerve they had to appear in
public together, particularly after the robbery of Lord Easystreet.
He had hoped that he could rescue the unfortunate starlet once again,
as he knew that she was an innocent victim, but he would have to put
a stop to this once and for all.

"Dawn you look absolutely radiant," the reporter was gushing
onscreen. "And who is your handsome escort?"

"Thank you Jane, I feel radiant! And I owe it all to this man, my new
personal physician, Dr. Morpheus. His patented Beauty Sleep
treatments have me looking and feeling years younger!"

"Really? Beauty Sleep you say? But how can sleep make you look and
feel that much better?"

"A good night's sleep is the key to good health my dear," the older
man was telling her between puffs on his cigar. "And the key to an
excellent night's sleep is a visit to my private clinic. Perhaps you
would like a personal tour hmm?"

The news gal's face disappeared in a cloud of cigar smoke for a
moment and she looked decidedly sleepy when it cleared.

"A personal tour would be wonderful," she agreed. "I'd love to do a
more in depth interview with you Dr."

"I'm sure that can be arranged," he replied with a smile. "Now if you
don't mind, it is late and Ms. Robbins needs her Beauty Sleep."

"Remember to call Dr. Morpheus for a night of sleep that will change
your life!" the starlet added.

"Well there you have it," Jane Duncan finished while suppressing a
yawn. "Beauty secrets of the rich and famous, only on channel 12.
Back to you Chuck."

Bruce was already on his way out of the study by the time she was
finished. He ran into his butler in the hall.

"Is there a problem Master Bruce?"

"Indeed there is Alfred. The Sandman has been on television using
starlet Dawn Robbins to sell his sleepy wares to the unsuspecting

"Miss Robbins? The poor girl who was kidnapped by the Penguin?"

"I'm afraid so, the poor creature! I must go to her hotel and see if
I can free her from Sandman's somnambulant shackles."

"Shall I fetch Master Tim?"

"No," Bruce decided after a moment's hesitation. "He seemed a little
odd today. Probably just back to school jitters, but I think we
should let him get some rest tonight."

"Yes, that's probably for the best. I'll make sure he gets to bed on

"Excellent Alfred! I'm off to the Batpoles!"

Not longer after Batman was climbing over the railing of Ms. Robbins'
balcony at the top of the Gotham Arms. He peered into the window of
the French doors and then recoiled in shock. The actress was
reclining on her side on the edge of her elegant satin-sheeted bed,
smoking lazily from a gold cigarette holder while a well-muscled hunk
stood on the floor behind her, rhythmically pumping his enormous cock
into her velvety pussy. Another half-dozen or so studs were standing
around the bed, gazing at her adoringly while they stroked their own
impressive rods.

Batman stood staring like a peeping tom for a few moments, his face
flushing hotly. On the one hand he was loathe to invade a woman's
private sanctuary, but on the other hand she was in the sway of a
dangerous felon and had already committed at least one crime on his
behalf. Whether he liked it or not, he would have to take her into
custody now.

Steeling himself, he stepped firmly into the room. Ms. Robbins looked
up when he entered, but didn't seem particularly surprised to see
him. The assembled boy-toys never took their eyes from her nor their
hands from their dicks and the one behind her kept pumping away, the
slurping sound of his cock sliding in her wet cunt punctuated by his
thighs slapping against her well-rounded bottom.

"I was wondering when you might get here darling," the blonde
purred. "Have you seen my new movie yet, it's some of my best work?"

"I'm afraid not Miss Robbins," Batman replied seriously. "You are in
serious trouble, but I can help you if you let me."

"Is this the body of a woman who needs rescuing?" she teased, running
her hand over her naked breasts. "And by the way, you may call me
Lady Dusk now."

"Nonetheless, I'm going to have to take you into custody now," he
responded, carefully looking her in the eye.

"Not this time Bat-baby. My adoring acolytes are going to take you
into custody. Get him boys!"

The young men dropped their privates in unison and rushed at the
Caped Crusader. Not having considered the naked boys a threat, he now
had to move quickly to dodge the first attack. Luckily this was no
major difficulty for a man with his lightning reflexes.

"I don't want to have to hurt you boys, but you are leaving me very
little choice," he told them as they continued to advance on him

Lady Dusk meanwhile, who was still getting energetically fucked,
picked up the receiver of her Princess phone.

"Yes darling, I'm going to need security in my penthouse right away.
It seems that I have a masked intruder. Oh and be a dear and send up
some champagne right away."

She hung up the phone and looked over her shoulder at the blank-faced
stud who was doing her. He gave no sign of even noticing the fight
raging in the room, intent only on pleasuring his Mistress. What a
shame to waste that hard-on she thought with a sigh. But there would
be plenty of time for that later.

"Stop," she ordered, unable to keep the regret out of her voice. "Go
help the others."

He immediately withdrew and rushed across the room, rock-hard dick
swinging in the air. Lady Dusk sighed once more and got up from the
bed. She placed her holder in an ashtray and slipped on a sheer black
robe. The doorbell rang and she crossed to the large double-doors and
opened them. A large contingent of dark-suited men filled the hall.
It was just in time too, as Batman was making mincemeat of her studs.

"Remove the intruder from my room," she ordered, stepping aside to
let them rush in. "And don't be gentle."

Batman had just enough time to look up before he was assaulted by the
onrushing guards. Unlike Lady Dusk's boy-toys they were all trained
security professionals and they came into the room prepared. They set
onto the Dark Knight as room service arrived with champagne.

"Set it up over there," she told them. "And don't bother opening the
bottle, I'll do it myself."

She shooed them out and turned her attention back to the fight, which
was beginning to become rather one-sided for the vastly outnumbered
Caper Crusader. Pulling the bubbly from its ice-bucket, she strode
purposefully over to Batman while giving it a few surreptitious

"Enough of this petty violence," she scolded. "You men always want to
settle your differences with your fists."

Her men stopped their attack and stood around Batman, watching him
warily. He took the opportunity to catch his breath and gather his
thoughts. He hadn't been expecting the level of resistance that he
had encountered and now wished the Robin was indeed with him.

"How would you suggest that we settle this?" he asked the starlet.

"A truce Batman." She held up the bottle of Cristal. "Why don't we
discuss this over a nice glass of champagne?"

"There is nothing to discuss and in any case I don't drink."

"That's too bad," she cooed. "All that physical exertion has you very
hot-blooded. I must admit, watching you manly men tussling has me a
little hot and bothered myself. Why don't we continue this little
wrestling match on the bed?"

She gave Batman a seductive smile and took a step towards him.

"I'm flattered Miss Robbins, but I'm afraid I'll have to decline your
invitation," he responded stepping back. "I don't sleep with

"I think that I can change your mind Batman," she promised. "I can
make any man pop his cork."

As she said this she held the bottle out at him and used her thumbs
to eject the cork. It went off with a loud snap and flew across the
room, while the excited contents of the bottle sprayed into Batman's
face. The alcohol stung his eyes and while he was temporarily blinded
the security guards pushed their advantage. One of them had a tazer
gun in his coat pocket and he pressed it into the Caped Crusader's
back, giving him a severe jolt of electricity. He cried out and
collapsed to the floor, writhing in convulsions.

"You certainly look a little overheated now," Lady Dusk teased. "May
be this will cool you off."

She held the champagne over him and poured the remaining liquid over
his prone body. She snapped her fingers and motioned to her guards.

"Get him up. And get me some more champagne."

Two of the guards grabbed him by the arms and pulled him to his feet.
The movie-star moll handed her empty bottle to another of the goons
and reached out to remove Batman's utility belt.

"You won't be needing that for what I have planned darling. Or the
rest of your costume for that matter," she smirked. " Get him out of
that ridiculous costume; everything except the cowl. Then cuff him to
the bed and you may leave us."

Her instructions were followed to the letter and soon she was alone
with the masked man who she had been harboring a crush on for years.
He was still unconscious from the vicious shock he had received so
she sat down at her dressing table and began touching up her make-up.
She hummed cheerfully to herself as she applied lipstick and eye-
shadow and then spritzed herself with her favorite scent.

She heard him begin to stir and rose smoothly from her seat. The
Caped Crusader was just coming to, shaking his head groggily. Lady
Dusk waltzed over to the bed and slid in next to him.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this," she cooed breathily,
nuzzling his neck.

"Please, you don't have to do this," Batman pleaded with her. "I can
help you; explain to the authorities that you were under his control."

"But darling, I am under Lord Morpheus' control. But don't worry you
are in no danger from him tonight. Tonight is just for the two of us."

The starlet moved to straddle the cuffed crime-fighter's hips. Her
scarlet nails traced lightly around his nipples, hardening them to
little pink rocks.

"What are you going to do with me?" he demanded.

"Why I think that would be obvious darling," she teased.

"And after you have your way with me?"

"You make it sound like such a chore," she chided. "But I'll have you
singing a different tune. And to answer your question, after I have
brought you to unheard of heights of pleasure, I am going to put you
to sleep and bring you home. Or wherever it is you come from."

"You expect me to believe that you won't turn me over to Sandman?"

She gave a tinkling laugh. "Lord Morpheus has his own plans for you

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"I'll let you find that out for yourself. I wouldn't want to ruin the
surprise. But tonight is about us."

She reached behind her back and began stroking his Bat-member, her
fingers dancing up and down the shaft. Batman was using all of his
concentration to keep his body from reacting, but he knew he would be
able to hold out for long against her delicious torture.

"Don't you want me darling?" she pouted as his rod continued to
refuse to stiffen. "That's okay; I know how to get a rise out of you."

She pivoted and lowered her head towards his cock. She pursed her
lips and blew a kiss at it, grinning in appreciation as she saw it
twitch in response.

"You see darling, it has a mind of its own."

She pulled it up so that she could fondle his balls with her tongue
before running it the length of his shaft. Her lips encircled the
quickly swelling head of his cock and she sucked lazily on it,
feeling the blood rushing into it making it hard and engorged. He
moaned hungrily and she knew that he was ready.

Moments later she was on top of him riding him towards ecstasy.
Little did Bruce know that it would be but the first of many such
encounters over the next several days. He would be getting plenty of
pussy… and plenty of sleep.