Ch. 47

Anyone looking at Madame Tussaud's shop from the outside would never
guess that it was more than a mere fortune teller's den. The Madame
herself certainly looked the part of a clairvoyant gypsy, a
vivacious, elderly woman clad in colorful silks and a multitude of
garish gold bracelets. But in addition to prophecy she also was the
proprietor of an upscale Antique Jewelry and Vintage Clothing
Boutique. Only the presence of her armed security guard and longtime
companion Max gave any indication that the place was filled with
priceless valuables.

"It seems we have visitors Max," she said in her tinkling, good-
humored voice as the bell above the door tinkled as well, an
indication that somebody had entered. "Let's go see who it is."

She swept grandly out of the office in the rear, her aged bodyguard
heeling her faithfully. They had been lovers for years and he adored
her as much now as the day that they met. And if he was sometimes
over-protective, well it was just because Wanda was just too trusting
sometimes. He was very alert as they came out front, ready as always
in case there was trouble. But that didn't seem to be the case today;
it was just two young ladies in very proper, if expense, attire.

One of them was a brunette with flashing violet eyes which looked out
challengingly from beneath an elegant fishnet veil. She was wrapped
up in a think black mink, her hands sheathed in black leather gloves.
She carried a small leather clutch tucked under on arm and an
umbrella, although there was no sign of rain. There was air of
arrogance about her, which only seemed to add to her beauty rather
than subtract from it. She seemed almost… regal, despite the fact
that she appeared barely old enough to drive and not old enough to

The other girl was even younger, or at least she seemed it. A tiny
little thing with shiny blonde hair, she was dressed in a frilly,
baby blue dress trimmed with white lace. The white stockings and
patent leather shoes made him think of Alice in Wonderland and she
carried a little porcelain doll that looked like it could be her
twin. She appeared to be the picture of innocence, at least until you
looked at her eyes. Clear and crystal blue they seemed to convey an
intelligence that belied her young age.

"Welcome my dears, welcome to Madame Tussaud's!" Wanda declared
grandly. "Have you come to have your futures told?"

"I need some jewelry for a party that I will be attending," Beauty
replied haughtily. "And perhaps a dress as well."

"And may I ask who referred you to me darling," the older woman asked
with a smile. "I like to reward my customers who are kind enough to
tell my friends about my little shop."

"Cheri Le Gams," the Princess lied smoothly, using the name the
Countess had provided for her. "And the party has a Roaring Twenties
theme; do you have anything suitable?"

"Ah the Twenties! Such a glamorous age! I'm sure I can help you find
something that you will look marvelous in. And how is my friend

Beauty gave a non-committal shrug as she opened her purse and pulled
out a gold cigarette case. She flipped it open and removed one of the
all-white cigarettes and placed it between her lips.

"There's no smoking in here Miss," Max began sternly as he stepped

The Princess merely gave him a haughty stare as she took out her
lighter and handed it to Gwen who dutifully produced a flame for her.

"It's alright Max," Madame Tussaud insisted, placing a comforting
hand on his arm while the strange young lady exhaled with a
flourish. "I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name Miss…"

"Beaumont. Beauty Beaumont. And this is my hand…, er that is to say
my assistant, Gwendolyn."

Wanda studied the girl closely. She obviously had money; the quality
of her fur could attest to that. But there was obviously something
not quite right about her.

"And will Gwendolyn be needing an outfit as well?" she asked with a
smile for the little, pony-tailed blonde.

"No," Beauty replied simply. "She will not be attending."

"Well then why don't you come with me in the back and we'll try to
find something to suit you. Max will keep your… assistant company."

Gwen had settled into a chair and was busily brushing her doll's
hair. Beauty gave her a pointed look as if to say "behave yourself",
before following the wildly dressed old woman through the door into
the back of the shop. It was like walking into a completely different
building, with mannequins everywhere dressed in fanciful costumes,
racks and bins overflowing with more garments, and glass shelves
filled with sparkling jewels.

"Is there anything particular that you are looking for my dear?" the
French gypsy woman inquired politely.

"I'll know it when I see it."

Beauty moved among the myriad of fabrics examining them thoughtfully.
Finally she stopped in front of a mannequin. It was draped in a sexy
flapper-style dress; black-sequined with a low scoop back that bared
the skin nearly to its bum, spaghetti straps, and a fringed hem. It
was exactly what she was looking for.

"This one," she told the proprietor like a woman who was used to
being obeyed.

"Ah yes," the Madame sighed in pleasure. "This is one of my
favorites! A vintage Chanel worn by Coco herself. You would surely be
the hit of the party in this. Shall we try it on?"

She led the teen temptress to a small dressing room and then brought
her the dress. While she was changing Wanda picked out some jewelry
to go with it, including the piece de resistance a diamond headband
adorned with a single raven's feather. She completed the outfit with
a pair of antique silk mousquetaires; opera-length black gloves with
buttons at the wrist. When Beauty stepped from the room to stand in
front of the full length mirror, the effect was nothing less than

"Gorgeous!" Madame Tussaud declared truthfully. "You look like a
regular Clara Bow."

Beauty regarded her reflection wordlessly. She was quite pleased with
how she looked but it wouldn't do to appear so in front of the

"It will have to do," she replied and picked up her purse.

She pulled out her case once again, but this time took out a gold
telescoping holder as well and, after pulling it out to its full
twelve-inch length, fitted one of her cigarettes into it. There were
candles all around the room and she used one to light her cigarette.

"You have very nice merchandise," she told the old woman graciously.

"Thank you Miss Beaumont, I do try."

"When I came in you mentioned something about telling my future."

"Another service that I offer Miss Beaumont; mainly for the tourists.
I meant no offense."

"And I took none Madame," Beauty replied gravely. "I wish you to tell
my fortune."

The old woman was surprised and thought that the haughty young femme
may be teasing her. But she certainly looked very serious about the

"Come with me then and we will see what the spirits tell us."

"That's a very pretty doll," Max said to the cute little girl. She
was still sitting on the chair combing the dolls hair.

"Thank you," she replied in her most proper British accent. "Her name
is Lady Annabelle and I'm Gwendolyn."

"Well it's very nice to meet you both Lady Annabelle and Gwendolyn,"
Max replied merrily. "I'm Max."

"Would you like to give Lady Annabelle a kiss Max? Annabelle loves

"I would be honored," the old man replied as he came over and bent
down near the girl's chair.

Leaning in towards the cherished doll he never saw Gwen's wicked
grin. In fact the last thing he remembered seeing was Annabelle's
tiny open mouth right before his head disappeared in a red cloud of
gas. He slumped to the side, his cheek coming to rest on Gwen's white-
stockinged leg.

"Oh Lady Annabelle you are such a tease!" she cooed, wagging a finger
sternly at her doll. "You have all the boys falling for you."

Max mumbled and tried to raise his head but the Princess' handmaiden
took his chin in her hand.

"It's not sleepy time for you yet," she told the elderly guard as she
stood up and used her free hand to pull her white satin panties down
to her knees. "You aren't done giving kisses yet and Lady Gwendolyn
likes to get kisses even more than Lady Annabelle does."

She shoved his head in between her thighs and he began to sleepily
kiss Gwendolyn's pretty little pussy. Max was a very good lover who
had learned much in his years with the passionate Madame Tussaud. His
tiny blonde tormentor was soon lying back and sighing in ecstasy.
Meanwhile, her Mistress was learning what the future beheld her.

Madame Tussaud led the Princess through a side door into the room she
used for telling fortunes. It had another door that opened into the
front of the shop which allowed her to keep her two businesses
separate. It was a small room lit by candles with a round table in
the middle. There was a small crystal ball in the middle of the table
and Beauty gave a small smile. She had always loved watching the
gypsies gaze into the ball and tell people their futures. Now she
would hear her own.

The old woman motioned for her to take a seat and she did so,
settling herself in the chair and arranging her mink just so. She had
put on her fur and taken her umbrella when they left the room and if
Madame Tussaud found it strange she said nothing. The seer took the
chair opposite hers and pulled the crystal ball closer.

"I must have silence while I try to awaken the spirits of the ball,"
she announced mysteriously and Beauty agreed with an impatient nod.

Her hands began to move over the crystal as she muttered strange
words to herself. Beauty watched the performance with undisguised
boredom, her cigarette holder clenched tightly between her teeth.

"The ball is becoming clearer," the gypsy intoned. "The spirits will
show us what will be."

The Princess had straightened herself subconsciously and leaned
slightly forward.

"I see you," the old woman declared. "You are surrounded by a great
swirling fog; it seems as if it will swallow you whole. But you blow
and the mist disappears. Now you are sitting on a throne. There is a
bird in a cage nearby; it is a robin and it sings sweetly for you."

Beauty smiled; everything seemed well so far.

"Now I see you in the street," Madame Tussaud continued. "A black cat
crosses your path. It is unlucky; but whether for the cat or you I
cannot say. The ball is growing dimmer. I see a great pyramid; now
there is a mighty Pharaoh and you are kneeling before him."

"I do not kneel," the Princess seethed icily.

"You will," the old woman assured her.

"Who is this Pharaoh of whom you speak? What does he look like?
Answer me!"

"I'm sorry but the ball grows dark. The spirits answer only the
questions that they wish to answer. Your future has been told."

"Well your spirits are not the only ones who can tell fortunes,"
Beauty hissed rising from her chair. "I see a great deal of sleep in
your immediate future."

She took a drag on her holder and blew a stream of smoke directly
into the old woman's face. She cried out and covered her eyes, but
they were already lightly dusted with sleep sand. The fortune teller
managed to drag herself to her feet and lurch to the door. A smiling
Beauty followed her without concern.

"Max help me!" Wanda cried out as she threw open the door. But the
scene in front of her made her stop cold. Her beloved Max was on his
knees in front of the blonde child, his head thrust awkwardly between
her legs as he pleasured her. The petite blonde looked at her with
her mischievous blue eyes and the realization hit her that she was no
child at all, but an adult in a child's body. "Max no!"

Max looked up dumbly as she crashed through the door and her cry of
horror roused him slightly from her lethargy.

"Stay away from her," he ordered thickly as he reached for his gun.

He pushed his lover aside to give him a clear view of the black clad
vixen, who simply stood regarding him calmly. Unable to unholster his
gun, he went to grab her. She stepped easily aside, her umbrella
rising. A jet of green gas shot from it and Max fell to his knees. He
reached out once more and managed to get a hold of her leg but
another blast of gas finished him. He fell asleep his hand still
clutching the Princess' smooth ankle.

"What have you done to him?" Madame Tussaud wailed as she backed away
from the suddenly sinister-looking femme.

"It seems that he shares your future," Beauty replied, kicking her
victim's hand away. "Perhaps you'll dream of each other."

The umbrella hissed yet again and the colorfully dressed shop owner
was enveloped in the resulting cloud. She tried vainly to reach the
door but collapsed just inches from salvation. Gwendolyn had remained
seated and watched the proceedings with interest. Lady Annabelle had
taken Max's place between her legs and she was rubbing the doll's
face into her wet crotch vigorously.

"Stop that wanking and pull up your drawers," Beauty ordered. "We
still have business to attend to. The boys will be waiting in the
back alley. Let them in and make sure that they take everything."

The Princess walked to the door while a much-annoyed Gwendolyn pulled
up her panties and marched to the back of the store. She pulled the
shade and turned the `Open' sign to closed before locking the
deadbolt. It wouldn't do to be interrupted.

"Well your fortune has come true," she said to the prone body of
Madame Tussaud. "We shall see if there is still time to change mine."

Ch. 48

Morpheus paced restlessly in his room. He had been informed that the
Princess had arrived at the Mansion but he had still seen no sign of
her; just the note in her feminine hand that she would be coming to
his chamber and to be dressed in his doctor's outfit and trademark
sable coat. She would be joining him shortly.

He had done as she asked immediately. Something in the tone of her
message, playful and flirtatious, told him that she had a surprise
planned. He had been aching to have her ever since the episode with
Nightwing that morning and this had only enflamed his passions
further. His hiding place in the balcony had provided an ample view
of the young man's subjugation. It had awoken feelings in him, long
suppressed and forgotten. Memories of the Boy Wonder's capture
flitted through his brain, arousing him and shaming him at the same

He thought back to that day in the Morpheus Mattress Factory, from
which he had borrowed his new name. They had ambushed the Dynamic Duo
and a rousing fight had taken place. His men had ganged up on Batman,
burying him under a heap of mattresses, and a dazed Robin had been
thrown onto a bed. Before the Boy Wonder could regain his faculties,
he had swept up to him. Grabbing him by the shoulder he had
administered a dose of hypnotic sleep sand using his trick
stethoscope. The boy was under his control instantly. And
embarrassingly enough he had become hard instantly as well.

Luckily it was easy to hide his enormous erection beneath his fur
coat. His men, brainwashed fools that they were, would not have said
anything about it regardless. But he was a man who prided himself on
his masculinity and control; he was unnerved by the sudden arousal.
There was just something erotic about the entire situation – the
sleeping boy was completely under his control; he would do anything
that Sandman commanded.

Perhaps it was just the excitement of the fight along with the power
he now had over his enemies; putting somebody to sleep could be very
sensuous. It was simply the power that had aroused him, the knowledge
that the boy was helpless against his sleep sand, and not that he
felt any sort of attraction to the boy. Just the same he had used the
boy to put in motion Batman's demise and then had left him with the
Catwoman. That night he had jerked off to the thought of what the
feline felon would do to him.

He had played with himself again today, watching Beauty toy with the
young man. Even though he was bigger, stronger, and older than he
used to be, she had reduced him to a whimpering pansy. And as the boy
submitted to her mastery he once again found himself becoming
incredibly turned on; not just by Beauty but by Nightwing as well. Or
maybe just the power she had over Nightwing; power that he had
wielded over the boy once as well.

He had gone down to the playroom after Beauty and her little
Gwendolyn had left. Nightwing was sleeping peacefully in his cradle,
a smile on his face and a drying stain on his crotch. The sight had
brought the memories flooding back. How aroused he had been when
exerting his calm control over the rude teen; Robin's own tell-tale
bulge indicating that he had enjoyed the relaxing affects of the
sleep sand as well. He had fought off the urge to massage the
youngster's cock, bringing the boy to a humiliating orgasm and now he
found himself having to reign in his desires to fondle the Caped
captive once more.

Morpheus left the room, although fled might be a more appropriate
description. He hoped to find one of the superheroines that he had
bagged but they were all in the custody of the Dream Lady, being
taught to behave like proper whores. None of his Ladies were around
either, all of them off on some errand or another. He thought of
fucking one of his many sleep slaves, a not unenjoyable pastime
usually, but for some reason the prospect did not excite him. So he
had retired to his chambers to take a nap.

But sleep would not come. Instead he was haunted by images of the Boy
Wonder squirming in Nap and Doze's grip as he put him to bed with his
sleep sand. However instead of delivering him to the Catwoman,
Sandman had kept the Caped Crusader for himself. He led the
spellbound boy over to the bed and laid him down, dropping his fur
coat to the floor. His cock was making a tent of his pants and he
unzipped them to reveal the huge monster to his sleeping prey. The
boy moaned sleepily and Sandman crawled onto the bed. He knelt over
the boy stroking himself, and then…

Morpheus rose and shook his head hard to clear the daydream from his
mind. It had been the same story all day, his thoughts betraying him
and constantly returning to the young man in cape and tights. The
Princess had sent her message an hour ago and still there was no sign
of her. He had half a mind to go down to her apartments and have his
way right now. He would drive all thoughts of the Boy Wonder, burying
them in Beauty's soft flesh. He would…

"There you are you fiendish quack!" a voice declared interrupting his

He whirled and standing there was the Boy Wonder. Not the one that he
had put to sleep obviously, this must be Batman's new sidekick. And
where Robin was Batman was sure to be as well. He glanced around for
the Dark Knight, sure that he would come crashing through the window
at any moment. But no crash came. He turned his attention back to the
intruder in the black mask, yellow cape, and orange and green tights.

Robin merely stood there, hands on hips, with a sly smile on his
face. Or was it a him at all, Morpheus thought suddenly. The legs
were long and slim, the hips with a girlish shape, and he could just
make out the curve of her bosom. The Princess had finally arrived
after all; this must be his surprise.

"Well, well, well," he said with a smile. "If it isn't the Wonder
Boy. But where is the big, bad bat? Is the little bird here on his

"This little bird is big enough to handle you!" returned the Robin
impostor vehemently. "Your doctor days are over."

Just then three of his trusted henchmen burst into the room. It was
Snooze, Nap, and Doze, and Morpheus could tell that they had been
brought in as part of the game.

"It's bedtime for you Boy Wonder!" he said. "Get em boys!"

They rushed at the Caped character, although obviously not at full
speed. He watched as `Robin' grabbed Doze's arm and threw him into
Nap and Doze. As the battle went on, he pulled a cigar out of his
coat pocket. He used the crystal table-lighter that was on one of the
large mahogany nightstands next to his bed and then stood and waited.
Sure enough, the caped crusader soon found `himself' overwhelmed and
was thrown to the bed. He wriggled for a moment in the satin sheets
before managing to get dazedly to his knees. Sandman was waiting at
the side of the bed and exhaled a cloud of cigar smoke into his face.

`Robin' sighed and slumped back onto the bed. His henchmen quickly
dragged him to his feet.

"I know what you want and you won't get away with this!" the
squirming crime-fighter promised. "I know that you want to have your
way with me you fiend. I know how hard you are watching me wriggle in
your henchmen's grasp."

Beauty's voice had lowered to a seductive whisper now.

"I know that you want to fuck me, to my lips wrapped around your big
hard cock. I know that's what you want, but you'll never get away
with it. Batman will save me."

"There is to be no salvation for you Wonder Boy," he replied, his
voice husky with need. "And your incessant yapping tells me one
thing. You need a nap. Doze, prepare the patient for a stethoscopic

The henchman took her hair and gently pulled her head back. Sandman
looked into her beautiful, upturned face and pulled out his
stethoscope. He hesitated for a moment and she mouthed two words. Do
it. He pressed the button and covered her face in sleep sand. She
relaxed immediately.

"Are you asleep Robin?" he asked eagerly.

"Yes," his disguised paramour replied woodenly.

"Excellent," he pushed her down onto the bed, motioning his men to
leave the room.

Putting his cigar down in an ashtray he slowly shrugged out of his
sable coat and unzipped his pants. His cock was throbbing almost
painfully now and he stroked it softly, seeking to relieve the
building pressure. It was just as he had dreamed it so many times,
Robin lying helplessly asleep, ready to do his evil bidding. But this
time the dream would have a quite different ending.

He slid onto the bed and knelt over his captive. Beauty's pretty eyes
met his and she smiled sleepily and opened her mouth. Needing no more
invitation, Morpheus pushed his dick into her warm, wet cavity. She
began to suck at him lazily and he groaned with pleasure. His hips
moved with more urgency and he was soon fucking her mouth hard. He
pulled her tights down and his hands began to move around the
welcoming female flesh between her legs. This is what he had always
desired and his dream was about to come true.

Removing his saliva-slicked dick from between her lips, he moved down
between her hips. He had no time for foreplay, simply shoved his cock
home and began pumping away. She was enticingly moist and soft
against his raging hardness. It was over quickly, his years of pent-
up need exploding in momentous orgasm. When he was done he collapsed
on top of her, his breath coming in ragged gasps. After a moment he
rolled off of her and lay next to her breathing hard.

"You were everything I dreamed you'd be Robin," he whispered.

And then he fell asleep.

When awoke some time later the bed was empty. His clothes had been
removed and he was in his favorite pajamas. He sat up and saw Beauty
sitting by the fire, her gorgeous face bathed in the warm glow of the
flames. She had removed her costume and was clad in a short satin
robe, her dark hair falling in shining waves onto the shiny fabric.

He rose and went to her, feeling his cock stirring already. She was a
truly remarkable young woman.

"How did you know?" he asked softly, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Just a feeling," she replied casually. "I saw the way you looked at
him when you put him to sleep in my chamber the other day. I could
tell that you were excited by the power that you wielded over him. I
also sensed that you were somehow embarrassed by your feelings."

She stood and took him into an embrace.

"You don't need to be embarrassed by your power," she whispered into
his ear. "You don't need to be ashamed of your desires. You don't
need to be afraid of anything while I am at your side."

She stepped back and clapped her hands and a figure suddenly appeared
in the doorway. It was a woman with short, dark hair cut into a
fashionable bob, dressed in a long silk dressing gown and long black
gloves. Black sunglasses obscured her face somewhat. Beauty motioned
for her to come forward and the figure did so. When she stepped into
the light Morpheus realized that it was not a woman at all, but
Nightwing made up to look like a woman. The sissy stopped next to the
Princess and dropped smoothly to her knees. She really did look
lovely; her face at the very least would pass quite easily for that
of a woman.

Morpheus felt a tingling in his groin once again and he tried to
ignore the feeling. But Beauty saw through him immediately.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" the Princess purred. "Her name is Raven;
a fitting name for a sissy slut don't you think?"

"You've outdone yourself this time my love," Morpheus replied. "I was
very nearly fooled."

"You ain't seen nothing yet baby," Beauty promised as she rubbed the
front of his pajamas. "Hmmm, I guess you really do like her. Let's
see if she likes you too."

She motioned Raven to her feet and it was quite obvious by the bulge
beneath her gown that she was excited as well. Beauty undid the belt
on her sissy's robe and let it fall to the ground. She stood there in
stockings and gloves, a hard, throbbing boy-cock straining against
the fabric of sheer black panties. The head was sticking up over the
waistband of the undies, a clear string of precum oozing from the
slit in the tip.

Beauty ran her hand between his legs and cupped his balls before
using her thumb to smear the goo over the cock head. She yanked down
the panties and the boy-cock sprung forth, quivering like an excited
rabbit. Using her other hand she freed her Master's dick as well and
stood between them stroking them gently.

"How lucky can a girl get?" she mused. "My lover and my sissy-maid
are both so well endowed."

Beauty went to her knees and gave first Morpheus and then Raven a
quick lick with her tongue. She pulled the girl down beside her and
whispered hotly in her ear. Before her paramour knew what was
happening the caped cross-dresser had closed her painted red lips
over his pole. He stiffened uncomfortably, but then the Princess was
at his side.

"It's alright lover, just relax," she whisper softly to him. "It's
just my little Raven pleasuring you with her mouth. She is yours now,
to do with as you please. Soon they will all be yours. Little Robin
will join Raven as our playthings, then all of those silly
superheroines as well. Batman will be powerless to stop us. We will
put him to bed forever, but before he goes to sleep he will watch his
two comrades, the little birdies, get fucked by Lord Morpheus. It
will be the ultimate humiliation for Batman; the ultimate exercise of
your powers. And it will haunt his dreams forever."

Morpheus had been standing with his eyes closed, not wanting to look
at the boy on his knees before him. But as the Princess spoke he
opened them. He saw not a young man, but a slut; just another crime-
fighting slut like all the rest. And Batman would see that they were
all sluts as well, before his perma-sleep put him to bed for good.

He pulled a cigar from the front pocket of his pajamas and Beauty
helped him light it. All of a sudden he felt like a new man; in
control; Master of Dreams and Lord of the Night. Beauty sensed his
jubilation and kissed him long and hard.

"Put that slut to sleep and take me to bed," she commanded.

He did not need to be told twice. His cigar moved down in front of
Raven's face and a gentle squeeze in just the right place sent a mist
of blue-gray gas billowing into her face. Morpheus had scooped up
Beauty in his arms and was carrying her to the bed even before the
sissified superhero had slid limply to the floor. They made love

Later they lay in bed sharing a cigar, Beauty's head resting
comfortably against his chest.

"Will you be attending the Dream Lady's party tomorrow?" she asked as
her finger traced a lazy circle on his belly. "I managed to find the
perfect dress today."

"I am afraid that I will be unable to go," he told her
apologetically. "I have an important dinner engagement tomorrow,
although my guest doesn't know it yet."

"With whom?" Beauty inquired, unable to contain her curiosity.

"Millionaire Bruce Wayne; he will serve as excellent Bat-bait."

"Perfect. And I have my own plans for Robin."

They went to sleep, each dreaming of their impending conquests while
Raven/Nightwing/Dick Grayson tossed fitfully on the floor, dreaming
dreams of his own. In them he stood between his Mistresses, Princess
Beauty and Fantasia Serenade, wearing just his black panties. Each
held one of his arms and were fighting over him, trying to pull him
away from the other.

"She's mine," Beauty hissed with her black cigarette holder clenched
between her teeth.

"No Reeshard is mine," insisted Fantasia around her own red holder.

"Ladies," chided the calm voice of the Sandman as he came into the
view. "Why don't you just both put him to bed?"

The two gorgeous femmes stopped their tug of war and broke into
grins. They moved closer to him, each drawing deeply on their holders.

"Nightie-night Raven," the Princess purred, pouring a stream of smoke
through her pursed lips.

"Au revoir Reeshard!" Mademoiselle Serenade echoed, adding her own
cloud of dreamily sweet smoke.

Their faces blurred as the smoke swirled around his head. His cock
was so hard it was threatening to tear through the thin fabric of his
panties. He felt himself falling and then was staring up from the
floor as they looked down at him, laughing behind their cigarette
holders. The last thing he saw was their red lips, mouths opening
into O's as tendrils of smoke drifted out, making them look like
beautiful gaping demons. Then clouds of smoke engulfed him; he sank
into glorious oblivion.