Ch. 43

"Greetings Countess, the Dream Lady has been expecting you," the
brunette in the red gown known as Scarlett said deferentially as she
showed the French femme and her daughter into her Mistress' private
parlor. "I'll let her know that you have arrived."

"That won't be necessary Scarlett sweetie," the Southern Belle
announced as she strode into the room through the secret back
entrance. She was accompanied by another woman whose face was hidden
beneath a dark veil. "You can run along darling. And see that the
Countess and I are not disturbed."

The Madame in training nodded her assent and backed out of the room.
The Countess watched her leave and listened to insure that she was
not lingering outside the door.

"Don't worry, the room is sound-proof; we won't be overheard," the
Dream Lady assured her distinguished guest.

"Very well, then let's get down to business. I assume that nobody
knows that she is here?" she asked, indicating the disguised woman.

"Only Dreamy and I have seen her Countess, and Dreamy mainly from

"Excellent, you may remove your veil."

The woman did just that, revealing herself to be Lady Shadow.

"I trust your journey wasn't too much of a hardship?" the Countess
inquired politely.

"Not at all Mistress," the sexy smuggler replied. "It was as smooth
as silk."

"And you have the books?"

The woman reached into a bag and pulled out to ancient looking tomes
which she handed to the Frenchwoman. The Madame perused them briefly
to insure their authenticity before handing them over to her daughter.

"And nobody else is aware that you have returned already?"

"Lord Morpheus doesn't expect me for several more days Milady. And I
kept my travel plans quite secret."


The classy courtesan presented her gloved hand to Lady Shadow and she
took it and kissed it reverently. An instant later she dropped limply
to the floor.

"Whatever was on your glove I'm amazed that she could even smell it
over the other odors," the Dream Lady commented as she regarded the
fallen woman. "You positively reek of pussy."

"Lethean Dew," the French femme responded casually. "Odorless but

"I can see that. Would you join me for a cigar? Anastasia?"

The two women joined her on the sofa and the blond clapped her hands
once. An attractive young man in loose-fitting black silk pants and
nothing else stepped into the room. Anticipating his Mistress' needs
he carried with him a small wooden box that contained her cherished
miniature cigars. He distributed them to the three beauties and then
assisted in lighting them. Presently the trio of temptresses sat back
enjoying their cigarillos.

"That will be all Dreamy. You may take Lady Shadow to my private
chamber. Nobody is to know that she is here but you. And she is to be
kept blissfully asleep until further notice."

The blonde hunk nodded and bent to heft the prone woman. Slinging her
over his shoulder he moved towards the hidden exit.

"You may feel free to fuck her," the Countess declared
indulgently. "At least she won't be completely useless while she

"Thank you Milady," he replied with as much of a bow as he could
manage. "I will make sure that her dreams are pleasant."

He left the women to their business and carried the sleeping Lady
Shadow upstairs. Once he was gone the Dream Lady got right to the

"Speaking of pleasant dreams, what are your plans for those books?
Morpheus seems to think they hold the key to his domination of Gotham
and, dare I say it, even the world."

"No one will ever accuse our Master of not dreaming big," the
Countess agreed. "I intend to find out exactly what these books have
to say about the `Eye of Bast' before he gets his hands on it."

"The `Eye of Bast'?"

"A talisman that is said to imbue the possessor with the power to
control other's minds at will. The books are apparently guides to its
whereabouts and functionality. They are merely the means; the `Eye'
is his ultimate goal."

"And you intend to beat him to it?"

"We shall see Dream Lady, we shall see. But I certainly intend to
find out its capabilities before he gets his hands on it."

"And how will you do that? The books are written in ancient Egyptian

"I have an expert on Egyptology on hand right here in Gotham," the
Countess informed her with a smile. She took a drag on her thin black
cigarillo and exhaled grandly. "If all goes as planned I will have
the key to controlling the `Eye of Bast' this very afternoon…"


Ch. 44

"Get up you lazy bints it's nearly noon," the Duchess ordered,
throwing open the curtains of her nieces' suite to let in the bright,
late-morning sunshine.

"Noon?" Campbell muttered darkly. "The Princess had us up till nearly
dawn fucking that hot little redhead of hers."

"Redhead?" their Royal aunt questioned. "Who might that be?"

"A new girl that she's taken a liking to," Camilla offered
enthusiastically. "She calls her kitten."

"An apt nickname it is as well," Campbell interjected. "She's a
perfect little sex kitten. The Princess was very adamant that the
girl be trained as quickly as possible."

"Yes, she makes a yummy slave," her sister agreed. "I wouldn't mind
having her as a pet myself."

"And did either of you sluts think to find out who she is?" Lady Fogg
fumed. "She must be important if her Highness has you both up all
night working on her."

"I think she's just a stripper or something," Campbell replied. "I
heard Beauty say something to her about the Pussycat Lounge."

"Well the Princess will just have to train her own sluts for a while.
I can't have you two up all night, especially on a school night."

"A school night?" the twins groaned in unison. "We don't even go to

"You do now," their aunt smirked. "I have enrolled you both at the
Gotham Academy for Girls. It is the most prestigious institution in
the city and many of Gotham's wealthiest families send their
daughters there. It will be an excellent opportunity for you two to
make some social connections here in Gotham."

"Oh great maybe we'll get invited to the debutante ball," Campbell
groused sarcastically.

"I was thinking something more along the lines of a slumber party,"
the Duchess replied airily. "Hosted by yours truly."

"You mean me get to put them all to bed?" Camilla gasped excitedly.

"Precisely my dear. Those teen queens will be easy prey and will make
excellent weapons to use against their wealthy parents. Now get
dressed, your uniforms are hanging in the closet. You are to meet the
Head Mistress this afternoon. I think you'll both be pleasantly

"Pru is that you?!" an excited Camilla gasped an hour later as she
and her sister were ushered into the Head Mistress' austerely elegant
office on the G.A.G campus.

The twins were dressed in the required uniform of navy skirt and
jacket with white blouse and stockings but the outfits were slightly
less than proper. For one thing the skirts were too short, nearly
scandalously so. The blouses were a tad tight as well, accentuating
their teenage endowments, and the stockings, instead of the suggested
knee highs of pantyhose, were sheer silk thigh-highs, adorned with
pretty blue bows. The overt sexuality of their costumes would surely
have drawn the attention of most Head Mistresses. But then again Lady
Prudence Fogg wasn't the typical Head Mistress.

"Hello cousins," she greeted from behind her large mahogany desk.

The blonde teen whom had proved so vexing to both Batgirl and Robin
whilst she was attending her aunt, Lady Penelope Peasoup's, crime
school for girls in London had grown into a rather attractive young
woman. The business suit she wore had a skirt that rivaled the twins'
for obscene shortness and she held a wooden pointer in one hand that
she periodically stroked along her stockinged thigh.

Lady Prudence had escaped the prosecution that had befallen her
father Lord Marmaduke Fogg, and Aunt Lady Peasoup, and had been
remanded into the custody of her famous relative by marriage, the
Duchess. This of course was a most unfortunate choice for the British
legal system to make as Duchess Fiona Fogg was in fact the mastermind
behind Marmaduke and Penelope's crime-school and subsequent crime-
spree. And now she had appeared in Gotham City in a position of
authority for impressionable young women!!!

"You're the new Head Mistress!?" Campbell asked incredulously. "How
did you manage to pull that off?"

"Auntie Fiona recommended me to the Board of Directors. She can be
quite persuasive when she wants to be."

"I'll say," Camilla muttered. "But this is going to be smashing-good
fun! With you in charge we'll rule the school!"

"Is that so?" Prudence inquired raising an eyebrow curiously. "And
just what makes you think that? You two are here to work not on
holiday. Nobody is to know that we are in any way related and if that
means that I need to be extra harsh with you two then so be it."

She hefted her pointer threateningly. "Do I make myself perfectly

"Yes ma'am," the girls replied politely.

"Good." There was a light knock on the door. "Ah, that must be our
other new student. Send her in."

The door opened and standing there in the doorway was none other than
Anastasia du Sommeil. The French teen was dressed in a more
conservative version of the school uniform; skirt hemmed primly at
the knee, but somehow the sex kitten made her innocent outfit look
even dirtier than the twins' more risqué ensembles.

"You're coming here to Anastasia?" Camilla gasped excitedly. "How

"Yes quite fabulous," Head Mistress Fogg agreed dryly. "Now if this
touching schoolgirl reunion is finished, I have some matters to
discuss with Mademoiselle du Sommeil. You two may be dismissed."

The Brits made their goodbyes and retreated meekly from their
cousin's office. Once they were gone Lady Prudence motioned Anastasia
to a seat in front of her desk.

"Welcome to the Gotham Academy for Girls Anastasia," she said, rising
from her own chair.

"Merci Madame," the Lolita replied politely.

"Did your mother explain why you will be here?" Prudence asked
circling around her desk towards the teen.

"She said that I was to obey your wishes Madame."

"An excellent answer," the Brit smiled. She stopped next to the
girl's chair and used her pointer to slowly open the youngster's
uniform blue blazer. She eyed her perfect teenaged tits and licked
her lips longingly before continuing.

"This institution is a bastion of higher learning here in Gotham
City. It also happens to be where most of its wealthiest citizens
send their daughters."

Her pointer moved lower and she used it to lightly lift her sexy
student's skirt.

"These girls are quite spoiled needless to say. They are also rather
impressionable, easily swayed by the appearance of glamour and

Her pointer brushed gently against Anastasia's silk panties.

"I intend to seduce every last one of those sluts and bring them
under my control. I want you to be the instrument of that seduction.
Do you understand?"

"Oui Madame."

"Good. Your roommate will be a girl by the name of Molly Hudson. She
is from out of town and thus lives in the dormitory while school is
in session. Molly is a pretty girl and very outgoing and popular. She
is a cheerleader and is on the Yearbook and Prom committees. She is
also a member of a secret society known as the Roses and Thorns. The
group is steeped in tradition and mystery, only the wealthiest and
most popular girls being invited to join. It is these girls that I am
most interested in and I want you to infiltrate their little club.
You may start by seducing Miss Hudson."

"As you wish Madame. Will there be anything else?"

"As a matter of fact yes," Lady Prudence announced, leaning back
against her desk. "I have heard that French girls are excellent at
licking pussy."

She spread her legs invitingly and gave the French femme a
smile. "Why don't you show me if this is true?"

"Oui Madame," Anastasia replied, dropping obligingly to her knees.

In moments Pru was sighing loudly, remembering her carefree
schoolgirl days spent lounging with her mates as they explored their
new-found sexuality. It was a shame that none of them had been French.

"Why hello there Master Drake," called a sultry feminine voice.

Tim, who was walking dazedly home from school after his long night of
near-death, turned to see the Rolls Royce idling on the curb. The
rear window was rolled down and a lovely woman was leaning out. After
a moment he recognized her.

"Duchess Fogg," he exclaimed. "Umm, what are you doing here?" he
asked lamely.

"I'm picking the twins up from school," she told him. "It's their
first day. They will be attending the Gotham Academy for Girls."

"They go to GAG?" he blurted out and then instantly turned red with
embarrassment. He couldn't believe that he had just used his
classmates' derogatory nickname for the rich girls' school in front
of this elegant lady.

She however ignored his indiscretion and graced him with a
conspiratorial smile.

"Those girls can be a touch snotty, can't they?" she agreed. "I
wouldn't mind seeing some of them taken down a peg or two. Would you
like a ride?"

"Oh no, I couldn't," Tim insisted as the chauffeur got out and opened
the rear door.

"Get in."

Her voice told him that it was a command and not a request; a command
that he hastened to obey. He slid in next to the alluring Brit who
was wrapped in a luxurious sable coat even though it was a warm and
sunny fall day. Tim could smell her musky perfume heavy on the fur.

"Thank you for the ride ma'am, err I mean Duchess," the young man
stuttered nervously. He found the beautiful woman quite intimidating.

"Please darling, call me Fiona," instructed the regal brunette.

She turned away and opened an elegant box that sat on a small shelf
on the door next to her. She selected a long brown cigarette and
brought it up to her lips.

"Be a dear and give me a light," she murmured.

"I um, don't have a lighter," Tim told her, his face beginning to
burn once again.

The Duchess stared at him for a moment with an expression that said
anyone but an uncivilized lout would have a cigarette lighter. She
then reached over and grabbed the large crystal table-lighter that
sat next to her cigarette box. She handed it to him wordlessly and
once again leaned toward him, the brown cigarette clutched between
the elegant fingers of her leather gloved hand.

Tim stared at her for a moment and gulped before shakily activating
the heavy lighter. She brought the cigarette to her lips and placed a
hand on his to pull the flame to its tip. The leather felt extremely
soft against his skin and he began to feel his trousers getting
tighter. He hastily returned the lighter to its spot on the shelf and
placed one of his books on his lap to hide the cause of that

The Duchess looked him in the eye and took a long drag on her elegant
cigarette before exhaling towards the roof of the car. Her gaze then
wandered down to his crotch and lingered there for a moment before
returning to his quickly reddening face. Her lips curled in a
satisfied smirk and she raised a pencil-thin eyebrow.

"Are you quite alright Master Drake?" she asked innocently. "You look
a bit… uncomfortable."

"I'm, er, fine ma'am," he assured her hastily, rearranging his books
to better hide his burgeoning bulge.

"Nonsense," she declared. "Your face is all red and you are sweating
like a pig. Perhaps you should lie down for a moment."

Tim nearly fainted at the thought of lying down next to the gorgeous

"At the very least we should loosen that tie," she continued, as she
reached over and took it in her hands.

"Stop that foolishness," she insisted, as he tried to pull away.

He stopped squirming and sat stock-still as she efficiently undid the
knot in his uniform tie. The cigarette in her hand was very close to
his face and he wrinkled his nose at the smell of the smoke. She
smiled softly to herself and finished removing the restrictive piece
of clothing before also unbuttoning the collar of his shirt. He was
about to get a whiff of something much stronger than that.

"There now," she said patting his collar gently. "That should help
you relax and breathe. It will make the job of my paralyzing fog much

"Your what?" Tim started to question.

He finally recognized that he may be in danger, but it was too late.
A thick, white gas began to billow from the cigarette in her hand,
engulfing him almost immediately and quickly filling the inside of
the Rolls. In seconds the fog was so thick that Tim couldn't even see
his own hands. He attempted to slide away towards the door but he
found that he was unable to move. Darkness closed in around him.

"There now isn't this comfy Master Drake?" the Duchess taunted, after
opening the car window to release her fiendish fog. "You did know
that I was a villainess didn't you?"

The teen stared blankly back at her, completely dazed by the devious
drugs. The fur-coated femme pulled him closer, snuggling up against

"Well since you don't seem to be in the mood for conversation we'll
just have to think of another way to pass the time," she purred,
running a gloved hand down the front of his pants.

She unzipped him and pulled out his still-hard cock, rolling it in
her leather-clad hand.

"From what I know of the American school system, I can surmise that
an important part of your education has been sorely neglected," the
Queen of the hand-job told the aroused schoolboy. "Luckily for you I
can provide an expert tutorial in your area of need."

Tim moaned softly in his daze as she expertly stroked the length of
his boyhood.

"It must be so boring for you dressing up in that dull coat and tie
everyday," she noted. "Fortunately my nieces have better taste than
that. They are looking forward to playing dress-up with you. They
have the most darling little outfit picked out for you, all
petticoats and lace. You'll look absolutely divine."

The boy moaned once more as she used her thumb to smear the pre-cum
that had begun to leak from his dick along his sensitive glans. The
door opened and two attractive, young brunettes in schoolgirl
uniforms climbed into the back of the car.

"Why it's the boy from the opera!" Camilla squealed happily. "He
looks a little funny though."

"He is Timothy Drake, ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne, and he's
obviously been fogged you ninny," her sister Campbell said self-
importantly. "Does this mean that we can turn him into a sissy after

"This young man is more than a mere millionaire's ward," the Duchess
told them. "He is our ticket into one of the finest homes in the
country . He will indeed be our little sissy-boy. But first he is
going to let us into stately Wayne Manor."

"Is that where we're going now then?" Campbell asked.

"No, we have other things to take care of first. I invited the boy to
come for a little ride so that we could get better acquainted."

"It looks like you are plenty well acquainted," Camilla muttered with
a pout.

"Don't be sullen Camilla," her aunt ordered icily. "It doesn't become
you. Both of you will have ample opportunity to get your hands on the
boy's rod later this evening when we dine at Wayne Manor. But since
you have been such a brat, your sister will have the pleasure of
making him cum now."

Campbell gave her twin a triumphant grin and moved closer to Tim
while her sister scowled darkly. The Duchess handed him over to her
and she took up the rhythm without missing a beat.

"Hmm, how do I want to do this?" she pondered aloud. "I know you
won't remember it later due to the fog, but still I think you should
have a keepsake of your first time."

She slowly tapped her chin with her free hand, purposefully delaying
to further piss off her already fuming sibling.

"I know!" she declared finally and began to wriggle out of her

"You and I can get off together," she told the lackadaisical lad,
taking his hand and placing it under her skirt.

She stood up a tad and then sat back down on his hand and began
wriggling her bum back and forth. In an instant she was wet,
providing further lubrication. After some trial and error she settled
into a nice steady pace, her hips sliding in time with her hand on
his shaft.

Her momentum quickly built, as did his, and soon the car was filled
with the moans of horny teenagers. Even Camilla was giving herself a
discreet fingering as she watched her sister work her magic. The
Duchess lit up a fresh cigarette and leaned back to enjoy the show as
well. She could see the tension building in Tim's throbbing cock and
mentioned it to Campbell.

"It looks like Master Drake is getting ready to blow his top. Camilla
be a dear and make sure that it doesn't make a mess."

The girl's frown turned immediately upside down and she fairly leapt
to her knees. Her glossed lips closed over Master Drake's shaft and a
single swirl of her tongue had him spurting like a geyser. She didn't
spill a single drop. Campbell took the opportunity to cum as well and
when she got off of his hand it was glistening wetly.

"Now don't go washing that hand darling," she teased as she placed it
back in his lap. "The scent of a woman is a lasting treasure."

"Well said my dear," the Duchess smiled approvingly. "And I'm sure a
sweeter perfume will never waft past his nose. But we have kept the
boy too long already. We have a long day ahead of us as does he.
Jeeves, stop the car."

The chauffeur complied, pulling over to the curb. He had merely been
circling the block and they were right back where they had started
from. The driver helped Tim, who had been tucked and zipped, get out
of the car and left him standing motionless on the sidewalk.

"Are we just going to leave him there?" Camilla asked in concern.

"He will come to in a moment," her aunt assured her. "And he will
remember nothing."

"And he'll be wondering what that wonderful smell on his hand is,"
Campbell added smiling.

"Master Drake will become quite accustomed to the smell of pussy in
the very near future," the Duchess announced. "Yours as well as your
sister's. I intend to make him your personal sissy-slave this very
evening. And Bruce Wayne, that handsome millionaire playboy, will be

The twins shared a secret smile, already planning on new outfits for
Tim. He meanwhile was standing on the sidewalk, staring stupidly at
nothing in particular when Bruce's car pulled up.

"Tim, are you okay?" he asked in concern.

The teen looked up and seemed to come out of his trance.

"Um yeah sure," he replied unsurely as he went over to the car.

"What were you thinking about? You looked like you were in a daze,"
his mentor noted.

"I haven't the foggiest idea," Tim admitted climbing into the
passenger seat.

He noticed an odd smell and brought his hand up to his nose. It was
a little sticky and had an oddly pungent aroma. What could it be?

"Anything the matter chum?" Bruce asked as they pulled away.

"Everything's fine Bruce," his young ward replied with a strange,
dreamy look on his face. "Everything is just fine."