Ch. 25

Nightwing awoke with a pounding headache. He moved to stretch his sore muscles but found that he couldn’t. His arms and legs were being held by some sort of restraints. Gingerly, he opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a bedroom; a little girl’s bedroom from the look of things.

Everywhere his eyes went there was pink, including the pink satin sheets on the humongous, white four-poster bed. The glamorous monstrosity was topped by a huge canopy of white lace. Black leather shackles attached to the bedposts stood out in ominous contrast to the frilly femininity of the furniture.

It was in shackles very similar to these that Nightwing found himself fettered. His ankles and wrists were enclosed in the sinister restraints and he was having no luck extracting himself. To make matters worse, he was naked from the waist up save for his mask and gloves; the fact that he had been stripped while sleeping left him feeling rather vulnerable.

“Why look Lady Annabelle, the pretty is awake.”

Nightwing turned towards the source of the voice. Sitting on a baby-blue satin cushion in a window alcove was the little blonde girl who had been pushing the carriage. She was still wearing the same girlish blue dress and was holding the devious doll that had gassed him.

“Who are you?” demanded the crime-fighter with as much dignity as he could muster in his present semi-nude state.

“I’m Lady Gwendolyn of course,” the youngster told him as if he were the child. “And if you can’t hold a civil tongue like a proper pretty, then you shall have to be switched.”

The young caped crusader couldn’t believe that a little girl was talking to him like that! In his anger he forgot his predicament and began to scold the cherubic child.

“You listen to me young lady,” he started. “You had better release me right now. I’m a duly deputized officer of the law, and you are getting yourself into an awful lot of trouble…”

Gwen ignored him and continued brushing her doll’s hair. Finally his ranting got to be too much for her and she stood with an exasperated sigh. She marched over to a dresser and pulled open a drawer. She retrieved an item and walked over to stand behind him.

“Where are you going? What’s that in your hand?” he demanded, straining to look over his shoulder.

“I warned you not to shout pretty, now you’ll have to be punished.”

The girl brought the black leather riding crop down on his bottom, with a strength that belied her small stature. Despite her youthful looks, Lady Gwendolyn was actually sixteen years old. It simply pleased her mistress, the Princess, that she dress this way. The teen temptress continued to rain blows down on Nightwing’s backside. His thin tights offered little protection and his butt was soon covered in red welts; tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“Has our little pretty been being naughty?” asked a new female voice.

Nightwing looked up to see a trio of young women enter the room. They were all dressed in riding gear; tight beige jodhpurs, white blouses, and black leather knee-high boots. They wore black leather riding gloves and black riding helmets as well.

“Yes Princess he is an ill-mannered boy.”

“Well, we’ll see what can be done about that.”

The woman who had spoken took her helmet off and tossed it on the bed. She was a striking young lady, with long jet-black tresses that hung down wildly over her shoulders. She was sweating slightly and she was flushed as if she had been exerting herself. She seated herself at a gilded dressing table and Gwen dropped the crop and rushed over to her side. She picked up a brush and began to run it through the young woman’s hair with the same care that she had given her doll.

“I hope you enjoyed your ride Highness,” cooed the little blonde as she worshipfully tended her mistress.

“Thank you Gwen, it was quite pleasant. I’m breaking in a new filly. Perhaps our little pretty would like to meet her.”

The two other young women who had accompanied the Princess responded to the unspoken command. They had removed their helmets as well and stood there holding them. They were both brunettes, identical twins it seemed. Both had their hair pulled neatly back and neither showed the exertion of the Princess. The two femmes left the room and returned momentarily leading a young woman by a short bridle.

Their captive was an athletic dark-haired woman, dressed up in full pony-girl regalia. The bit between her teeth looked particularly uncomfortable. Once in the room the girl dropped immediately to her knees, which drew an appreciative pat from the brunette on the left. The ‘pony-girl’ looked familiar to Nightwing for some reason, but she kept her head down so he couldn’t see her face very well.

The Princess had picked up a small gilded hand-mirror and began applying shiny red lipstick to her full lips. Nightwing watched her warily realizing that, despite her apparent young age, she was obviously a woman of some power. When she was satisfied with her luscious lips she put down the mirror and opened a small gold box that sat on the table. She extracted a long white cigarette and casually fitted it into an eight-inch, black holder intricately decorated with gold markings. Lighting the cigarette with the heavy crystal lighter on the table, she turned towards the shackled crime-fighter.

She stared at him with her wide, violet eyes; regarding him as a child would an exotic animal in the zoo. Nightwing found the look to be entirely disconcerting. He started to protest once more, but she raised a pencil-thin eyebrow and brought the holder up to her lips; his voice trailed off feebly.

“That’s better pretty,” she encouraged as she stood up and strolled over to him. He swallowed hard as she ran a leather-gloved hand over his naked chest.

“You must be wondering who I am and why I brought you here, hmm pretty?” she asked.

Nightwing did not respond, just continued to watch her warily.

“Nothing to say?” she coaxed, stepping closer. Little tendrils of smoke rose from the tip of her holder and drifted into his face. He could feel his cock hardening uncomfortably in his tights. He vainly hoped that she wouldn’t notice. Beauty took another drag on the holder and let her gaze wander down to his crotch. She looked up and their eyes met once more; smoke drifted lazily from her smiling lips.

“I can see that part of you isn’t so shy,” she remarked. Her hand drifted down below his waist.

“Leave me alone,” he croaked, twisting away in his bonds.

Her hand shot out and slapped him sharply across the face causing his head to snap back.

“You will be careful how you speak to me pretty,” she warned softly. “I was gentle this time because you don’t realize who you are dealing with. In the future you will find that I am not so lenient.”

“Who are you?” Nightwing asked in a more careful tone.

“I am Princess Beauty, betrothed of Lord Morpheus, Master of Castle Black,” she explained grandly. “You may refer to me as Princess, your Highness, or Mistress.”

Nightwing was now looking at the young woman as if she had two heads. “Holy delusions of grandeur!” he whispered to himself, though not quietly enough. His head snapped back again, pain exploding behind his eyes.

“You must learn to control your tongue pretty,” she said softly. She grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him to look at her with watering eyes.

“What do you want with me?” he demanded.

She released his hair and took a step back. She took a long, languorous pull on her holder as she stared at him and then sent an equally lengthy and luxurious cloud of smoke drifting towards the ceiling.

“You and the rest of your caped comrades intrigue me,” she answered finally. “You race around the city in your sexy little outfits, battling crime or whatever it is you do. And all the while your true identities are unknown.”

She paused and took a dramatic drag on her holder.

“Campbell, Camilla,” she ordered her two fellow equestrians motioning to the bridled babe on her knees, “bring my little pony over here.”

The Princess’ handmaids obeyed swiftly, leading the leashed lass over to their mistress. She took the bridle and had her circle around the caped crusader. He could see that in addition to the tail feathers that had been stuck into her ass, a large black dildo was jammed into her pussy. The red marks on her otherwise white bottom left no doubt as to the cause of the Princess’ exertions. The feeling that he knew the poor girl grew even though she never raised her head so that he could see her face.

“Now,” the Princess continued leaning down to pet her pony-girl, “take this young lady for instance. Who would have thought that a sweet school-teacher by day could also be the bane of the Gotham mafia?”

Nightwing was looking rather confused as Beauty removed the dildo from her pet’s pussy. She held up the slick phallus and sauntered back to the captive crime-fighter.

“Have you ever smelled super-heroine snatch little boy?” she teased, running it under his nose. He pulled his head away, but even so the aroma of sex filled his nostrils. He was beginning to become aroused again.

“Still haven’t figured out who she is?” the Princess asked. Nightwing continued to stare, not answering. “Pet, tell our friend here who you are.”

The woman carefully removed the bit from between her teeth and stretched her aching jaw muscles. “I am the Slutress,” she said meekly.

“That is good pet,” Beauty replied. “But tell him who you used to be.”

“The Huntress,” she whispered shamefully.

“No!” Nightwing gasped.

“I’m afraid so pretty,” the Princess told him as she turned back to him. She took a contemplative puff on her holder as her free hand slid down to his crotch. “And now that we all know who she is, it’s time to get to know the man behind the mask.” She gave his cock a little squeeze. “And under the tights as well.”

Nightwing tried to twist away as Beauty put the holder between her lips and clenched it in her teeth. With both hands free, she began to tug at his form-fitting, black Lycra tights. His dick was clearly outlined and straining against the thin fabric. Only his underwear was keeping his engorged meat from bursting through the material altogether.

A sudden panic swept through Dick as he remembered something – he wasn’t wearing his underwear! He still had on Fantasia’s panties! He had left them on as a whim as he changed into his Nightwing outfit, and now his perversion was about to be revealed along with his identity.

“Please no!” he pleaded. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Of course I don’t have to pretty,” she explained as her fingers slowly stretched the elastic around his waist. “But I want to.”

She began to pull his tights down; any second she would see his satin panties…

“Well, well what have we here!” boomed as man’s voice loudly, causing the Princess to release his pants and turn away.

Dick looked up to see who his unexpected savior was, but his relief was extremely short-lived. “Sandman!” he gasped as the debonair European super-criminal waltzed into the room wearing his trademark sable coat.

“Why hello Wonder Boy,” he replied coming closer. “But that’s not right, you are all grown up now; there’s a new Boy Wonder I hear. What is it that they call you now? Nightwing? That’s quite alright; I go by a new name as well. You may call me Lord Morpheus.”

The presence of his nemesis caused Dick’s blood to run hot, his prior embarrassment completely forgotten. “I’ll make sure they get that right on the paperwork for your indictment!” he promised boldly.

“Ah, you may have gotten older but I can see that you are still, in many ways, just a stubborn child.” The dream doctor opened his coat to reveal the stethoscope hanging from around his neck. “Luckily for you the Dr. is in; and my diagnosis is the same as it was before – you need a nap.”

He brought the stethoscope up and white powder shot from it, coating the young crime-fighter’s eyes and nose. He instantly went limp in his bonds.

“I’m sorry for the interruption my dear,” Morpheus said turning to the Princess. “But you will have time to play with the Bat-boy later. It is time to name our newest Lady.”

“Another?” the teen temptress huffed peevishly. “Aren’t there enough sluts running around this place?”

“Now, now Princess, I know that you were looking forward to playing with your new pretty but as my betrothed you have certain responsibilities. We are building an Empire my dear; we mustn’t forget that.”

“Very well Milord,” she replied formally. “If you will excuse me, I need to dress. Gwendolyn you will attend me. Campbell, Camilla – return the pony to the slave’s quarters on your way back to your chambers.”

The twins, sensing the mood in the air, quickly made their curtsies and hurried from the room fairly dragging the Huntress along behind them. Sandman waited for a moment to see if Beauty had anything else to say. She had begun to undress, Gwen helping her out of her tight pants.

“Well then, I shall see you at the ceremony,” he announced when it was clear that she wasn’t going to speak. Beauty simply nodded and he turned and left without another word, while Nightwing continued to sleep.


Ch. 26

Lord Easystreet accompanied the glamorous blonde starlet into the study of his exclusive mid-town condominium. He was an old man, well into his seventies, but still enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman as much as any younger man. They had enjoyed a charming dinner at a quaint French restaurant, and then she had shyly ‘requested’ that they return to his place. Thoroughly captivated, the wealthy Lord would deny his comely companion nothing. Once at his condo, she had shown a great interest in his artwork, so he had suggested that they retire to his study for some champagne.

He led her into the room where his most prized pieces of art were found and shut the door behind them for ‘privacy’. His butler, James, had the annoying habit of walking into a room at the most inopportune time.

“Have I told you how lovely you look tonight Miss Robbins,” he asked as they settled onto a leather sofa with their champagne glasses.

“Several times in fact Lord Easystreet,” she replied flirtingly, “but I don’t mind hearing it.”

He laughed and patted her leg in a fatherly gesture, or grandfatherly perhaps as the actress was young enough to be his granddaughter. She did look smashing; her magnificent body sheathed in a strapless gown of shining black satin. It was slit high up on her thigh revealing her long, lovely stocking-encased legs. The bodice was rather low and very tight, accentuating her glorious bosom, which she hid coyly behind her white mink stole. The glamorous outfit was completed by opera-length, black satin gloves and stiletto-heeled sandals.

She did not object to his hand on her knee, so he moved it farther up her thigh. She uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly, a clear invitation for him to continue. The old gentleman hadn’t been this excited in years. He leaned towards her to kiss her… and instead kissed only air, as she turned away and picked up her black sequined purse. When she turned back she was holding a long, white cigarette in her satin-gloved hand.

“You don’t mind if I smoke do you darling?” she asked innocently, as if she didn’t realize how wild she was driving him.

Always the gentleman, the Lord removed his hands from between her legs, reached into his pocket and produced a gold lighter. The starlet accepted the light and politely turned away to exhale.

“You know darling,” she said nonchalantly, “I’ve heard that you keep your safe hidden behind one of the paintings in this room.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” She took another drag on her cigarette and this time blew a lazy cloud of smoke into the air above his head. “Why don’t you tell me which one, darling?”

The smoke was sweet, like a cloud of incense and it seemed to fall gently over him like a mist. He felt suddenly drowsy; his eyelids were lead weights.

“It’s a s-s-secret,” he slurred.

“Aw, it’s just little old me,” she purred blowing more smoke towards him. “I won’t tell anyone.”

He tried to look into her smiling face, but it was blurry, like watching television with a bad signal. His head was wreathed in smoke.

“Monet,” he whispered faintly. It was a struggle to stay awake now.

“Good darling,” she encouraged. “And now the combination.”

His mouth seemed to move of it’s own volition, and he could hear himself speaking as if it was somebody else talking. The door opened and even in his drugged daze he found himself growing upset. His butler was interrupting yet again.

“What is it James?” he started angrily, but tailed off.

The man who had entered was most certainly not his butler. He was dressed in a formal tuxedo, a long black velvet cape over it. His face was mostly hidden behind a black eye-mask.

“Did you get the combination my dear?” he asked the blonde beauty.

“Yes, milord,” she replied. “The sleepy-smoke loosened his tongue just like you said it would.”

“Excellent. I’m sure you could have loosened it your way as well, but time is an issue.”

Lord Easystreet looked in drunken confusion from the intruder to his lovely young escort. He was so tired that it was becoming difficult to think.

“It’s time for bed sweetie,” cooed the duplicitous dame and exhaled a smooth stream directly into his face. He slumped forward and his head fell into her lap. He looked into her lovely blue eyes.

“A man could drown in those eyes,” he thought. Then the darkness took him.

Morpheus pushed the old man off her lap and took her hand. “You have done very well Lady Dusk,” he told her kissing it. “Who would believe that just hours ago you were simply Dawn Robbins, actress? And now you are Lady Dusk of Lord Morpheus’ Royal Court, femme fatale and villainess extraordinaire!”

“All thank to you milord,” she replied rising.

“Now let’s relieve our sleeping friend of his fortune. It was behind the Monet wasn’t?”

They glided over to the painting of flowers in a pond, and he quickly removed it. There was indeed a safe behind it that opened easily using the combination that it’s owner had not quite willing provided.

“Oh darling, how beautiful,” remarked the movie-star gone bad taking out an emerald necklace. “Can I keep it?”

“You can keep it all my pet,” replied the Dream Master, caressing her cheek. “This is but the first of many tasks you will perform for me.”

The thieving couple was startled by a sudden noise and turned to see Batman and Robin crashing through the balcony doors.

“The Dynamic Duo!” squealed Lady Dusk.

“That’s right Miss Robbins!” declared the Dark Knight. “And we’re here to stop you before you ruin your life by turning to crime.”

“Oh, how gallant,” she cooed. “I knew that you’d rescue me from this evil man.”

She took a few steps forward toward the Caped Crusaders, reaching into her purse as she did so. She pulled out her cigarette case.

“I’m a bit shaken up,” she said in a quavering voice. “You don’t mind if I have a cigarette to help me relax?”

She placed the cigarette in her lips and pulled out a lighter. She activated the flame and moved it towards her lips.

Whoosh! Batman quickly blew out the light.

“I’m afraid not Miss Robbins,” he told her. He reached out and snatched the cigarette from her lips, broke it in half, and dropped it on the floor.

“What did you do that for?” asked the femme indignantly.

“We would prefer not to end up like Lord Easystreet,” returned the Dark Knight seriously.

“That’s exactly how you are going to end up,” declared Morpheus, entering the conversation for the first time. He had been waiting to see what his moll would do, but decided that his intervention was now necessary.

“My Nod Squad will take care of the two of you. Boys!”

A half-dozen blank-faced, nightshirt-wearing goons filed into the room.

“Holy zombies Batman!” remarked the Boy Wonder.

“Exactly Robin, let’s get them!” Batman took the blonde starlet and moved her out of the way to the couch where Lord Easystreet was sleeping.

The Dynamic Duo then sprung into action. Though they were outnumbered three to one, the Caped Crusaders were trained and skilled fighters. They quickly began to overpower Sandman’s goons. However, as many times as they were knocked down, the men got right back up. It was if they couldn’t be hurt.

The tide of battle began to turn. One of the men managed a punch to Batman’s chin, knocking him back into Lady Dusk. The hero stopped her from falling and made sure that she was unharmed before turning back to the fight. This was a mistake.

As soon as his back was turned, the quick thinking moll grabbed the champagne bottle from the ice bucket and brought it crashing over his head. Thunk! The Dark Knight slumped to the floor unconscious.

With Batman disabled the bad guys were able to focus all of their attention on Robin. It wasn’t long before they had the teen titan subdued. He continued to squirm and kick, trying to escape, but they dragged him over to their Master.

“Well, well,” gloated Morpheus, “so, this is the new Bird Boy. Your predecessor was an over-tired brat, and I can see that you are the same. You need a nap.”

He brandished his stethoscope and released a white powder into the Boy Wonder’s face. His struggles promptly ceased.

Sandman led the now cooperative youngster over to his newest Lady. She had produced a new cigarette from her case and he lit it for her.

“You performed wonderfully tonight my dear,” Sandman told her, kissing her hand. “Imagine the mighty Batman, felled by such a pretty, little thing as you.”

“You know what they say milord,” replied the blonde bombshell with a sexy exhale. “The female is deadlier than the male.”

They both laughed and Sandman used his foot to turn Batman over. The crime-fighter was still out but was showing signs of coming to.

“Are we going to take them with us?” asked the felonious femme.

“Not tonight my darling,” he replied. “The Princess has her own plans for abducting Robin. However, I hate to miss a chance to dispatch Batman. Boys throw him off the balcony. And then finish emptying the safe.”

Several of the mindless muscle went to collect the valuables, while the others hefted the woozy Batman. They carried him over the wreckage of the balcony doors and into the night air.

“Bon Voyage Batman,” offered Sandman as they moved him to the rail. “Have a nice trip down.”

His Nod Squad goons let him go and the Caped Crusader fell through the night sky. Sandman leaned over to watch him disappear and nearly fainted when he saw a huge white cloth fill the air. It was a parachute! Batman had escaped him again.

“It’s time to be going my dear,” he told Lady Dusk. His henchmen had finished cleaning out the safe and were standing by for orders. He sent them down to the getaway vehicles, carrying their ill-gotten gain in large sacks.

“Can I put him to bed before we leave Sandman?” the blonde asked pointing to the dazed Robin. “He’s so cute when he’s asleep.”

“Very well.”

Lady Dusk approached him bringing her cigarette up to her lips. The tip glowed orange as she inhaled deeply. She pursed her lips and blew a smooth stream into his face, a perfect cloud of dreamland. He fell back onto the couch and collapsed against the sleeping millionaire, Lord Easystreet.

Lady Dusk blew him a smoky goodnight kiss and then took her Lord’s arm. The two waltzed out of Lord Easystreet’s apartment like two lover’s out for an evening stroll.


Ch. 27

“Wake up sleepyhead,” Nightwing heard distantly. Slowly he began to pull himself from slumber. The room he was in was dark and for an instant he didn’t know where he was; then he saw her.

Sitting on the bed in a delicate black satin basque and stockings, legs crossed sexily, was the Princess. She was smoking from a black holder and smiled at him when he looked up. He could feel his dick began to harden and tried to think of anything but the gorgeous, young creature before him smoking.

“Did we have a nice nap?” she asked. “I hope so because you’re going to get quite a workout tonight; I promise.”

She rose smoothly and approached him; her black stiletto’s clicking ominously. She took her time, knowing that she wouldn’t be interrupted this time. Morpheus was out introducing Lady Dusk to a life of crime.

“You work for Sandman,” he accused as she drew closer.

“I work for no one pretty,” she shot back. “I am Morpheus’ betrothed and you would be wise to remember that.”

“What do you want?” Nightwing asked yet again, trying to buy time to think as she walked in a lazy circle around him.

“Why I told you pretty,” she said running a hand down his nicely muscled back. “I want to get to know you.” She squeezed his tight butt – “the real you.”

She began to pull his tights down, once again threatening to reveal his naughty secret.

“Please wait,” he begged in desperation. “Not like this.”

“No? Then how would you like it pretty?”

“I’m…, I’m just a little shy,” he lied. “Let me undress myself and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“But that would mean I’d have to unshackle you; you could over-power me. What chance would a defenseless little girl have against a big, strong man like you?”

“But I wouldn’t; over-power you I mean. I promise.”

She paused and seemed to consider for a second, drawing contemplatively on her holder. After a moment she exhaled directly into his face. The smoke was deliciously sweet and he felt himself relaxing, even as his cock strained further in his panties.

“There doesn’t that feel better,” she whispered as she felt him up over the tights. He sighed and she peeled down his tights, pulling them down over his hips. When they were down almost to his knees she stopped in shock. He was wearing panties!

The Princess could barely believe her eyes; the famous Nightwing, fighter-of-crime and legendary stick-in-the-mud, was wearing skimpy, sexy black satin thong panties.

“Why pretty, what a naughty boy,” she teased. “No wonder you were acting so shy.”

“I can explain…”

“No need to explain pretty, I can see that you are a little pervert who likes to dress like a girl.”

“No, really this is just a mistake!”

“Ssh,” she whispered and blew more smoke at him. “I know just what to do with little boys like you.”

She clapped her hands and a white-gowned slave appeared from the other room.

“Fetch Lady Blush for me and send in my personal groomers.”

The slave curtsied and hurried out, leaving the two alone once more.

“I’m going to dress you up nice and pretty,” she told him as she massaged his cock through the thin material. “But first we need to get rid of all that nasty boy-hair.”

The slaves in charge of pampering her Royal body arrived quickly and stood to await their Mistress’ command.

“Take him in the bathroom and shave him,” she ordered. “And be thorough; I want him denuded completely.”

The two women nodded meekly and quickly set to freeing Nightwing from his bonds. Once unencumbered the sleepy crime-fighter began to struggle with his captors. The Princess however was ready for this and held her hand up to his face.

“This will be easier for everyone if you go to sleep pretty,” she told him and yellow gas poured from a ring on her finger. He slumped limply into the slaves’ arms.

“Make sure you get his balls nice in smooth,” she reminded them as they dragged him towards the bathroom. “You know how I hate hairy balls.”

“You sent for me Princess?” asked Morpheus’ newest Lady as she entered the room.

“Ah yes, Lady Blush,” the raven-tressed temptress replied turning to her make-up table. “I’m going to need your help with a make-over.”

A while later a freshly groomed and sleepily somnambulant Nightwing stood naked while Princess Beauty and Lady Blush examined him critically. The young man’s body hair had been completely removed, with the exception of his head of course, and his oiled muscles glistened in the dim light. He was manicured and pedicured, eyebrows plucked and pretty; the perfect mannequin on which the Princess could work her magic.

“What do you think Lady Blush?” she asked the make-up heiress. “Do you think that Nightwing will make a pretty little girl?”

The socialite held his chin in her hand, closely examining his face. It was still partially hidden behind his eye-mask as Beauty hadn’t yet decided whether she wanted to know who his identity yet. She had stayed out of the room while her slaves had removed his disguise to complete their tasks.

“His features are delicate enough,” Madison decided finally. “Masculine, but not too rugged; I should be able to work with that. What about the hair? I should think he’ll need a wig.”

“I thought perhaps something like this,” Beauty responded showing a short, jet-black wig.

“Ooh that’s nice! Very twenties flapper-girl glamour.”

“Yes, I thought so too,” the Princess replied obviously pleased.

“Shall I vamp him up?” Maddie asked. “Are we going for schoolgirl sweet or trampy whore?”

“Well, certainly more whore than sweet I should think. I want to stay with the glamour theme. Let’s call it expensive Vegas escort chic.”

“I know just what you want,” Lady Blush agreed smiling. “And the mask?”

“I have decided that I like him being a bit of a mystery for now. You of course can remove it if you need to. But if you happen to recognize him you must keep his identity to yourself. No one must know, understood?”

“Of course Highness.”

“Very well, then get to work. I am going to start seeing to his wardrobe. You may want to gas him again; he should be waking up soon.”

Maddie smiled, already reaching for the matte-black make-up compact which Sandman had given her as a gift. She flipped it open and held it in Nightwing’s face.

“Sleep a little longer darling,” she suggested and blew some white powder into his face. “When you wake up you’ll be a whole new man; or should I say a new woman.”

The Princess chuckled as she left the room; she was beginning to like Lady Blush.


Ch. 28

For the third time that day, Nightwing awoke to find himself in shackles. That was almost normal compared to the rest of his situation. Instead of his black Lycra costume he was instead clad in a white satin teddy with delicate lace trim. White silk stockings covered his shaved legs and were attached by garters, while shoulder-length white satin gloves were on his fettered arms. His feet were jammed into uncomfortably high-heeled knee-high boots of white leather. Something tight was covering his head and his face felt… strange; like there was something coating it.

“Holy nightmares!” he mumbled to himself as he helplessly squirmed in his bonds.

“I can assure you that this is no nightmare pretty,” said a distressingly familiar female voice from behind him. “You are quite awake, at least for now.”

“You!” he exclaimed. “What game are you playing at now?”

“No game pretty,” Beauty replied. “Although we both know that you like to play dress-up.” She slowly circled around to stand in front of him. She was holding a gilded hand-mirror in one hand and the ever-present cigarette holder in the other. Her perfect body was encased in a slick, black latex cat-suit that complimented every curve. The full-body suit was crotch-less, giving Nightwing an unobstructed view of the fetching femme’s exquisitely pampered pussy.

“She looks absolutely lovely,” commented another woman from somewhere close by. Nightwing glanced over and saw a young brunette perched on the edge of the bed, dressed in a similar outfit. She rose and came over to the Princess’ side. Beauty took a drag on the holder and handed it too Maddie who did likewise.

“Yes, you did a fantastic job with her,” agreed Beauty.

Nightwing looked at the two girls in confusion; what ‘she’ were they talking about?

“Oh how rude of me,” the cat-suited ex-courtesan continued. “You haven’t gotten to see your makeover.”

She held the mirror up and Nightwing saw his reflection in the glass. Except that it wasn’t his reflection; he was looking at a young woman and one that was wearing rather too much make-up at that. Lipstick, foundation, blush – the whole nine yards. A short and sassy black wig covered his head. The young man was stunned speechless; the only saving grace was that his mask remained, though underneath his eyelids were shadowed and his lashes thick with mascara.

“Well what do you think pretty?” Beauty teased. “Are you happy with your new look?”

“I think ‘Holy Gender-Bending’ would be an appropriate response,” Maddie joked causing the Princess to laugh, if not Nightwing.

“I hope you like the outfit too,” the teen temptress put in. “I chose white because it represents virginity. Suffice to say that when I’m through with you, white won’t be an option.”

“What are you talking about?” Nightwing demanded trying futilely to retain his dignity as a crime-fighter.

“I’m talking about this pretty,” she replied walking over to her dressing table. She put the mirror down and picked up another item. It was a strap-on dildo made of gleaming black rubber. The phallus was long and rather thin; the Princess didn’t want to be too rough on her new plaything.

“What’s that?” Nightwing croaked, though he knew full well what it was.

“Why this is my girl-cock silly,” the young femme replied stepping into the straps and pulling the dildo snug up to her naked crotch. “I’m going to fuck you with it in that pretty little ass of yours.”

“Like hell!” Dick responded losing his cool.

“And the best part is that it will all be on tape. You are about to make your adult film debut pretty.”

“You won’t get away with this you, you… hussy!”

“I think she needs to relax Lady Blush,” Beauty sighed. “This won’t be very enjoyable for her if she’s so tense.”

“Please don’t do this,” he begged as the socialite took a sexy drag on the Princess’ holder. She leaned in close and blew a powdery white cloud of sleep into his well-made up face.

“Don’t worry baby, we won’t hurt you… much,” Maddie giggled as their play-toy’s eyes closed. “I think she enjoyed that,” she continued turning to her new Mistress and handing the holder back to her. “Her cock is as hard as a rock!”

“Yes, this one definitely has a dark side to her. She gets turned on by all sorts of naughty things.” Beauty stubbed out the cigarette and fitted a fresh all-white into the holder.

“For one I am certain that she is turned on by my smoking,” she said lighting her cigarette and exhaling luxuriously. “Not exactly uncommon with men, many seem to like it,” she continued speaking from the experience of one of the world’s most sought-after courtesan’s.

“And she also gets quite aroused when put to sleep; a more unusual perversion perhaps but it could be simply an occupational hazard. I’m sure our little pretty has been gassed by beautiful women in the past; maybe it has developed into a fetish for her. I must admit that I get quite aroused when Morpheus puts a fortunate soul to bed and even more so when it is I doing the gassing. But her penchant for wearing panties under her crime-fighting costume is risqué to say the least. Now then, she seems nice and sleepy; unshackle her.”

“What shall we call her?” Lady Blush asked as she removed the captive crime-fighter’s restraints. “Nightwing doesn’t seem like a proper name for a young lady at all.”

“Quite so,” the Princess agreed. “How about Raven? That seems like a fitting name for a budding young porn-star like herself.”

Madison Sinclair, days ago a law-abiding citizen, now a budding femme fatale, giggled again. She was definitely enjoying being a ‘bad girl’.

“That’s an excellent name Highness,” she enthused. “We’ll dress her only in black; it will be her signature color!”

“What do you think pretty?” Beauty teased stroking Dick’s swollen manhood. “Are you ready to become a woman?”

She pushed ‘Raven’ roughly to her knees and grabbed her by the hair, or rather by the wig. With her other hand she took her chin and squeezed while positioning the dildo in her face.

"Open up those pretty lips Raven,” Beauty encouraged as she slid the phallus into her mouth. The put-upon hero did so, but quickly gagged on the rubber cock. “No, no, no!” fumed the teen temptress. “Lady Blush, show this slut how to perform fellatio properly.”

Madison eyed the girl-cock hungrily as she slid to her knees beside Nightwing. She ran her tongue up and down the shiny, black shaft before taking it deep in her mouth. It was not an overly large toy, a concession to their captive’s inexperience, and she had no problem handling it.

“That’s right darling,” the Princess urged. “Suck that cock. I can see you’ve spent a night or two in the back seat of a car, haven’t you? I bet your rich boyfriends loved cumming all over that pretty face.”

Maddie smiled and continued with her oral exertions. She really wasn’t a bad fellatrix, Beauty thought; for an un-trained American that is. She was becoming more and more smitten with the young heiress.

“Now,” she commanded. “Let her do it.”

The Lady rose and moved behind Nightwing. She took the dildo in one hand and his chin in the other, slowly bringing them together.

“Open wide sweetie,” she whispered encouragingly into Dick’s ear. The somnambulant crime-fighter obeyed hesitantly.

“Now just relax and let it slide in and out,” she told him as she fed the phallus past his lips. “That’s right, in and out, in and out.”

Beauty was rocking her hips slowly back and forth now, fucking his mouth. She moaned a bit as the clit-stimulator on her end of the dildo rubbed sensuously against her naked pussy.

“Get that cock nice and slippery wet,” she advised. “It’s going to be in your bottom in a moment.”

“Why don’t we move over to the bed?” Madison suggested. “At least then she’ll be in a comfortable place when you put that dildo in an… uncomfortable place.”

It was the Princess’ turn to giggle at the other girl’s pun. “Quite so Lady Blush, quite so; the bed will be an entirely appropriate location for our activities.”

The two femmes helped the sleepy lad-turned-lass to his high-heeled feet and led ‘her’ over to the enormous pink-sheeted canopy bed. They pushed her down onto the soft mattress between them. Madison impetuously leaned over him and kissed her Mistress on the lips. Beauty responded enthusiastically and the two glamorous gals shared a long, languid lip-lock. Their hands met in Nightwing’s lap and the Princess began to fondle his balls with a latex-gloved hand while the Gotham City socialite stroked his shaft.

He moaned loudly and attempted to rise but Beauty pushed him back down. “The sleepy smoke isn’t as effective as I thought it would be. Perhaps the excitement is too much for her. Why don’t you start ‘loosening her up’ while I get something a little more relaxing for her?”

“Loosening her up Princess?” Maddie asked.

“Her bum Lady Blush,” Beauty replied as she opened a drawer on the nightstand.

She pulled out an item and came back over to the bed as Madison was kneeling down next to it. The heiress took the young captive’s cock in her mouth and sucked lazily at the tip for a moment before licking her way down the shaft to his freshly shaven balls. She caressed his testicles for a bit and then slid her tongue over the perineum, the sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. Beauty watched fascinated as the wealthy young lady began to ‘French’ him, sticking her tongue in his ass; a technique mastered by Parisian whores after years of training. The girl performed the maneuver with an instinctive eroticism and sensuality that could not be taught.

Reaching down, Beauty took Maddie’s hand and brought it to her mouth. She slowly licked her latex-clad fingers getting them nice and wet. She then moved the girl’s hand down to Nightwing’s ass.

“Put it in,” she ordered.

Madison smiled and slowly inserted her gleaming index finger into their lingerie-wearing sissy’s asshole. Nightwing gasped, his eyes flying open at the unexpected intrusion. Beauty held him down once more and watched as her new protégé moved her finger in and out, reaming Nightwing gently but firmly.

“Please don’t,” he moaned as she added a second finger.

“Sssh,” cooed the Princess as she held up the item in her hand; it was a small clear-plastic mask.

She slipped it over his face, easily knocking his satin-gloved hands away when he tried to fight her; he was still quite weak. There was a long rubber tube attached to the mask and she slipped the end of it over the tip of her dildo.

“Just breathe deeply,” she instructed as she squeezed the base of her phallus. A white gas began to stream forth, quickly filling his mask.

He thrashed his head from side to side, feverishly trying to escape the gas issuing from the Princess’ cock like a stream of cum. But Beauty held the mask tightly over his face; there was to be no escape. Finally he had no choice but to breathe and he inhaled the gas.

“That’s right Raven, breathe in my cock-gas,” she encouraged huskily. “It’s time to sleep my little birdie. Sleep while I make a woman of you.”

She turned to Lady Blush who was moving her fingers in a circular fashion, slowly stretching out Nightwing’s virgin asshole.

“I need to fuck her now!” she insisted, pulling the tube off of her dildo. A trickle of white gas continued to mist from the hole in the tip. “Turn her over.”

Madison removed her fingers and flipped Nightwing over with some help from the Princess. He tossed sleepily as the heiress climbed onto the bed next to him. She bent down and grabbed his ass-cheeks, spreading them wide. She then drooled purposefully into the crack of his bum. Beauty rubbed the dildo into the saliva, using Maddie’s spit for lubrication. She deftly maneuvered the tip of the phallus into his asshole and then slowly began to rock forward.

Nightwing moaned and tried to wriggle away, but he had nowhere to go. His cock sliding against the satin sheets beneath him was unbearably erotic, especially in conjunction with the never before experienced sensation of the Princess’ girl-cock in his ass. Beauty had found a rhythm and was inching more and more of her dildo into her new pretty’s bum. She was moaning as well as the dildo rubbed against her swollen clit.

She leaned forward and grabbed Madison’s tit, squeezing the girl’s erect nipple through her tight latex cat-suit. The heiress responded by kissing her Mistress deeply, her fingers reaching up between her legs. Beauty was soaking wet and Maddie’s fingers slid easily into her cunt.

The erotic tango continued for quite a while, the two femme’s licking and touching each other while they fucked their captive sissy. Finally they collapsed in exhaustion onto the bed and lay in a sweaty tangle of limbs on top of Nightwing. The beleaguered hero was still face down on the bed, his makeup smeared and wig askew. The mask had come off and was lying on the bed next to him.

“That was fun,” Beauty remarked dryly with a satisfied smile on her face. “Maybe you and I could continue this alone after we put the pretty to bed.”

“I’d like that Princess,” Madison cooed. “Shall I fetch your cigarette holder?”

“No, I have something else in my mind,” she replied, rolling over and pulling herself to her knees. “After all, every good porno needs a money shot.”

The teen temptress positioned the dildo in Nightwing’s face and proceeded to pretend to jack herself off, stroking up and down on the phallus. The young hero slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her questioningly.

“Nightie night Raven, my little fairy porn-star,” she mocked and squeezed the black rubber cocks base.

Once more the orgasm of white gas shot forth, coating his sweaty face in white powder. This was too much for the young man and his cock exploded as well, his cum splattering onto Beauty’s cat-suit. The spent crime-fighter then collapsed limply into the sweat-soaked sheets.

Beauty smiled at her sleeping pretty, her sweat-streaked make-up covered in shimmering white powder from the Princess’ devious girl-cock. Madison was grinning as well and the teen temptress turned her attention to the heiress, laying next to her and pulling her into an embrace. She clapped her hands and a servant quickly appeared.

“ Champagne for Lady Blush and I,” she ordered brusquely.

The white-gowned slave acted quickly and the two cat-suited cuties were soon sipping Cristal from antique French champagne flutes.

“A toast!” the Lady Blush declared. “To putting each and every one of Gotham City’s masked meddlers to bed!”

“I’ll drink to that,” the Princess purred looking at her newly-feminized pretty as she raised the glass to her lips. “They will all be put to bed.”

She threw her glass aside and rolled over on top of Madison. She kissed the heiress roughly, her fingers moving down to the wealthy girl’s cunt.

“Oh Princess!” Madison breathed when the ravishing Royal came up for air. Beauty’s dexterous fingers gave way to her girl-cock entering Maddie’s pussy. “Oh Princess…”


Ch. 29

Lord Morpheus was not the only member of the Court hard at work this night. The Dream Lady had plans of her own for taking over the high-priced call-girl racket in Gotham City. Currently that lucrative market was being cornered by one Lilith Carter, known throughout the city as ‘Cadillac Lil’ for her pink convertible Cadillac Deville which she was often seen cruising the town in. The blonde, still beautiful though she was in her mid-fifties, was something of an icon in Gotham.

The daughter of a wealthy blueblood family, Lil was well known throughout the city. She was often seen in the presence of celebrities, socialites, and politicians. Many were whispered to be in her ‘Little Black Book’, the journal in which she kept her list of clientele as well as their personal sexual peccadilloes. It was this priceless diary that the Dream Lady intended on securing and with it ownership of Gotham’s high-class sex trade.

Delilah walked right past Madam Carter’s famous pink auto on her way into Giorgio’s, the expensive restaurant where she was to meet Lil for cocktails. They had met several years earlier at a convention for Madams in Las Vegas. The Dream Lady had been there representing her infamous New Orleans brothel Maison Rouge. They had been introduced and thought of each other as friendly acquaintances. Lil was about to find out that Ms. Davenport wasn’t as friendly as her sweet Southern demeanor would indicate.

Lilith was already at her customary private table along with her two sons - Matthew who was 36 and Steven, 32. The Carter boys were famous womanizers who often acted as talent scouts for their mother. Rumor was that she loved to pick out girls for them to fuck and to watch them do so. The Dream Lady had brought along two of her best whores, Honey and Peaches, for just this reason. Of course the sons were going to get more than they bargained for; the mother as well.

“Delilah how nice to see you,” the famous Madam greeted her younger counter-part. “What brings you to Gotham City?”

“Lilith, a pleasure as always,” the Dream Lady returned sweetly. “And these two handsome men must be Matthew and Steven. I brought along a few friends for them; I hope you don’t mind. This is Honey and this is Peaches.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Lil purred, examining the fine feminine specimens with a discerning professional eye. “I’m sure the boys will enjoy them. But you didn’t answer my question. What brings you here, business or pleasure?” The woman’s tone made it clear that business would only be carried out at her approval.

“Pleasure is our business isn’t it Sugar?” the blonde belle replied as she made herself comfortable. Her girls were busy snuggling up to the boys.

“True Delilah, very true; but you should know that I protect my business interests jealously.”

“That’s what I’m here to discuss Lil darlin’,” the Dream Lady purred patiently as she pulled out a cigarillo. “I think that you have become too selfish. I am here to cleanse you of your sins.”

The older woman watched the Southern blonde warily as she lit the slim black cigar and exhaled towards the ceiling. She was angered that the former tobacco heiress would be so open about her intentions but wasn’t yet too concerned; after all her boys were present and she was among friends at her usual dining establishment. Still she would have to proceed cautiously. She glanced over to her sons and saw that they were both enjoying themselves; they were each finger-fucking their respective sluts as they sucked on their tits.

“It is so nice to here that you have my happiness in mind Delilah,” she fairly spat, the venom clear in her voice. “But I think I like things the way they are all the same.”

“I’m afraid change is inevitable Lil; my ascension has been pre-ordained by the Lord Morpheus. Now why don’t you be a sweetie and give me your little black book.”

Lilith Carter nearly laughed out loud at the interloper’s insouciance. Challenging the premier Madam of her generation on her own turf; of all the nerve! Well she would teach this child a lesson!

“Steven, Matthew; show this duplicitous whore to the door,” she ordered. She sat back smugly and waited to be obeyed. However the slurping sounds of her sons’ seduction continued unabated.

“Boys!” she said more loudly as she turned towards them. “I said to show her to…”

Her voice trailed off as she got a good look at her darling sons. They were both asleep where they sat! Steven’s eyes were half-closed, a sleepy smile on his face as he continued to suckle Honey’s tit. Matthew’s head had fallen into Peaches’ lap, his breathing slow and heavy as she gently stroked his hair. Tendrils of white smoke were drifting from each of the girls’ nipples.

“What have you done to my boys?!” squeaked the Madam in horror.

“I’m sure that you’ve heard of the drink called the ‘Slippery Nipple’. Well this is my own creation; I call it the ‘Sleepy Nipple’. Girls why don’t you give Lil a little taste?”

Dream Lady’s girls were already getting to their feet and moved to either side of the beleaguered dame’s chair and mashed their cleavage into her face. Lil struggled to rise, her protests muffled by the sheer weight of the buxom babes’ mammaries. They each squeezed their tits together and a fresh stream of white gas shot forth from the hard pink buds of their nipples. The famous madam collapsed her face nestled securely in Honey’s bosom.

“These fake tits worked great Dream Lady,” enthused Peaches as she peeled off one of the plastic nipples.

“Yes and such a pleasant way to go to Dreamland. Let’s get this filly to the car; she’s going to lead us right to her little black book.”

“What about the little boys?”

“Have them delivered to the Mansion; we could always use more servants.”

The girls giggled as they led Gotham’s Grande Dame of debauchery out of the restaurant. There was a new sheriff in town, so to speak, and she was ready to start laying down the law.

An idea came to the Dream Lady when she saw Lil’s famous car parked outside.

“Forget the limo ladies, put her in the back. I always wanted a pink Caddie.”

Lilith Carter was dumped unceremoniously into the backseat and Delilah Davenport slid in next to her. Passersby watched curiously as Honey and Peaches got in the front and pulled away. None of them knew that they were watching the end of an era in Gotham city prostitution. And the beginning of a new era; a dreamy new era.


Ch. 30

Dr. Morpheus, the public alter-ego of the nefarious criminal mastermind the Sandman, sat behind his large mahogany desk in a comfortable, over-stuffed leather chair. His office at EtherGen headquarters was in the penthouse suite of the brand new Gotham Towers high-rise, now the tallest structure in the city.

The handsome, silver-haired villain was dressed in a pair of burgundy silk pajamas and his favorite black velvet smoking jacket. He was relaxing with a late-afternoon cigar while a trio of Japanese Geisha girls in white satin kimonos attended to his every need. At the moment his needs included a scalp massage, a manicure, and a blowjob, all of which were being seen to with equal vigor.

It was into this scene that his executive assistant Simone Vanderbilt intruded upon. The gorgeous blonde in her late thirties had once occupied a position of somewhat more authority. Ms. Vanderbilt had been the president of the pharmaceutical corporation which Morpheus now presided over. She had been brought to heel during the ‘hostile takeover’ in which the Sandman had used his mind-control and sleep-inducing drugs to place himself at the head of the world’s foremost leader in anesthesia.

Once a very intelligent and forceful woman, Simone was now good for very little besides looking beautiful and fucking. It was an unfortunate but necessary side-effect of the constantly drugged state in which she was kept. Even now she smelled strongly of the perfume which she had been conditioned to wear at all times and allowed Sandman to exert his control over her.

The once powerful secretary, appropriately slutty in a black leather skirt and white satin blouse, fell to her knees beside the desk and waited to be acknowledged. Morpheus smiled to himself as he watched the formerly proud, confident woman quivering with desire. He knew that just being in his presence was enough to make her wet, and watching as Suki licked his cock just inches away was no doubt driving her wild. He was sure that it was all she could do to keep from fingering herself right there. But she wouldn’t; not without permission. This slave was very well-trained.

“I told you that I wasn’t to be interrupted during my massage, didn’t I slave?” he asked contemptuously.

“I’m sorry master, but there’s someone asking to see you - Bruce Wayne.”

“Millionaire Bruce Wayne? Of Wayne Enterprises? Why didn’t you say so slut? Yes, Bruce Wayne, how interesting. Well, what are you waiting for, show him in.”

“Yes master,” she breathed as she rose and hurried to the door.

Morpheus snapped his fingers and Suki abruptly ceased her oral activities. She quickly took a silk handkerchief and cleaned off her master’s prodigious meat before tucking him back into his pajamas. She then retreated to stand behind his chair in case she was needed. Misha continued massaging his head while Nisao saw to his manicure.

Moments later Simone opened the door and ushered Bruce Wayne into the office. The millionaire was a tall, muscular, handsome man who had quite a reputation as a playboy. He of course encouraged this perception as it aided in keeping his other identity a secret. Only a very few people knew that Bruce Wayne was also… Batman!

“Welcome Mr. Wayne,” greeted the European super-criminal. “Please sit down. Can I have my secretary get you anything? Coffee, brandy; perhaps a cigar?” he offered, gesturing grandly with his own Cohiba.

“No thank you Doctor, I’m fine really. I appreciate you taking the time out of your no doubt busy schedule to see me.”

“Nonsense, it’s an honor to have a businessman of your stature in my office. I was just relaxing with a scalp massage, among other things. Not enough people take the time to truly relax, don’t you think Mr. Wayne?”

“Please, call me Bruce. And yes, the pace in Gotham City can be quite hectic. I guess that’s why they call it the city that never sleeps.”

“Yes, well we’ll have to see about that.”

“Excuse me Doctor?”

Oh nothing. Don’t mind me Mr. Wayne, Bruce; I just plan on helping the good citizens of Gotham get all of the sleep that they so desperately need.”

“And how do you plan on doing that Doctor?”

“I’m sorry Bruce, trade secrets you see. But enough of that; why don’t you let Suki here give you a nice massage while we chat. She has very talented… fingers.”

“I’m sure she does Doctor, but that’s not what I came for. Recently one of my top scientists at Wayne Enterprises disappeared. Her name was Dr. Alison Chambers and she was working on a rather sensitive project for us. I thought that you might have heard of her as she works in roughly the same field as you.”

“Of course Mr. Wayne, of course. Dr. Chambers - a lovely girl and quite a talented scientist as well. She was interested in hypnosis as an aid to psycho-therapy if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes that’s right. I believe that she was very close to perfecting a drug that would facilitate hypnosis to a startling degree. I cancelled the project because I didn’t want the drug falling into the wrong hands.”

“Very wise Mr. Wayne; an unscrupulous person with that kind of drug at their disposal would be quite dangerous indeed.”

“So you see why I need to find Dr. Chambers as quickly as possible. Tell me Doctor, have you seen her lately.”

“Why no as a matter of fact I haven’t; I have only been in the States for a few weeks. The last time I saw the Doctor was at a conference in Copenhagen, almost a year ago. I could ask around though; perhaps one of my colleagues would have some useful information.”

“That won’t be necessary Doctor. As I said, this is a very sensitive project and discretion is an important consideration.”

“I understand Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful.”

“On the contrary Doctor, you’ve been very forthcoming,” Bruce said as he stood. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”

“Not at all Mr. Wayne; it was my pleasure.”

There was a small knock on the door and the sexily dressed secretary poked her head into the office.

“I am sorry to interrupt Doctor, but it is time for the briefing,” she informed him.

“That’s fine, send her in,” he replied.

A statuesque blonde in a white leather skirt and matching jacket strode into the room.

“Is this a bad time?” she asked in a heavily accented voice as she glanced at the millionaire playboy in the office.

“Not at all Natasha, we were just finishing up,” he responded. “Please come meet Mr. Bruce Wayne. Bruce this is Natasha Nemerov my head of security.”

“A pleasure Ms. Nemerov,” Bruce said, taking the woman’s hand. In her knee-high leather boots she was nearly as tall as he was.

“Da, Mr. Wayne, a pleasure,” agreed the blue-eyed White Wolf. “A pleasure indeed.”

“Perhaps we can have dinner soon Bruce,” Morpheus offered as he ushered him to the door.

“That would be splendid Dr.,” the millionaire agreed. “I thank you for your time.”

"Now then where were we?" Morpheus asked Suki rhetorically once Wayne had left. He pulled his still semi-erect prick from his pajamas. The geisha immediately went to work to take the 'semi' part out of the equation.

"Ah yes," he smiled. "That's where we were."

“What was that all about?” the blonde questioned once the door had closed.

“He was nosing about asking questions; troublesome questions about Dr. Chambers.”

“I could have my Vixens intercept him on the way out,” offered the Wolf. “He would never see them coming.”

“No, it is fine for now. We will deal with Wayne later. What is on the agenda for today?”

“I’ll get the others and they can tell you for themselves.”

She went to a hidden door behind the bookcase and opened it. The Baroness, still in her white satin lab-coat strolled in with Dr. Chambers heeling her. They were accompanied by Lydia Lympet, who in addition to penning Sandman’s autobiography was also doing PR work for his various business ventures, as well as helping to coordinate the various and sundry schemes being carried out by the members of the Court. He had met the buxom brunette shortly after his exportation to England. She was there trying to spring her former boss, the Bookworm, from prison. Alas, Sandman had seduced the well-read wench and she had freed him instead.

He greeted the women warmly and they made themselves comfortable. Baroness von Schlaf opened the meeting with a bit of pleasant news.

“The formula is complete,” she reported simply.

“The Perma-sleep formula!?” he gasped, sitting up straight. “You didn’t think that it would be done for months!”

“We had a break-through. If all goes well there will be an ample supply available for use by the end of the week.”

“That is excellent news indeed! And it frees you up for other work as well.”

“Other work?” she asked interestedly.

“Yes, and I think that you will enjoy this new assignment. I want you to go to Washington.”

“Oh? What do you have planned for there? Am I to kidnap the President?” she said jokingly.

“No not the President; at least not yet. Your targets will be Captain America and Wonder Girl.”

“What about Wonder Woman?” asked the Baroness, obviously pleased with her task.

“Once you have her little sister it will be no problem luring Wonder Woman to her own sleepy demise,” he announced grandly.

“Wunderbar, I will make arrangements to leave at once.”

“And the production of the Perma-sleep?”

“Dr. Chambers knows the formula as well as I do,” the fashionable fraulein told him. “She will be quite capable of over-seeing the operation.”

“Well then since that is settled I will let you get back to work while Lady Lympet briefs me on the status of our other endeavors.”

“Very well, abschied Herr Doktor,” she said as she and her captive associate left the room.

“Now then Lady Lympet,” Morpheus said, turning his interest to the buxom bibliophile. “I hear that you have been quite busy; I’m sure that you have much to report.”

“Indeed Lord Morpheus indeed,” agreed the woman of letters enthusiastically. “I have much news concerning the activities of the court. First, regarding the new Ladies – both seem to be fitting in well. Lady Dusk shows a true enjoyment for her new position and I’m sure she will be an asset to your Empire. Lady Blush is eager as well, although she had a bit of a run-in with the Princess at breakfast. I think that she is ready to begin working as it were.”

“A run-in with Beauty eh?” he smiled. “That is not surprising; the Princess tends to be overly jealous towards the younger Ladies. But I agree that it is time for her to begin earning her keep. She will inherit Fabulous Face when her grandmother dies. I fear that time grows short for Dame Sinclair.”

“A pity,” Lydia agreed with mock sympathy. “But entirely necessary. Then there is the matter of Madison’s step-mother.”

“Famous socialite Sydney Simpson-Sinclair? I hadn’t given her much thought. I was under the impression that the grandmother hated the woman and that she was completely out of the will.”

“That is true. But there is talk that she plans to contest the will, as she controls her late husband’s estate which stands to inherit a portion of the company as well. It could be tied up in the courts for years.”

“Well then, I will have to see that she decides not to sue. What is next?”

“I have arranged a public appearance for Lady Frost at the opening of the new Gotham City Ice Rink. She will be there with the figure skater Emma Strunk.

“Capitalizing on her fame as an Olympic skier, good I like that. And who is the skater? The name sounds familiar to me.”

“It should; she is also known as Glacia Glaze, former moll of Mr. Freeze.”

“Of course! That is interesting news; as I recall Ms. Glaze is rather attractive.”

“Quite lovely,” agreed Lady Lympet. “In fact she looks a lot like Lady Dusk; they could almost be sisters.”

“They soon will be my dear; sisters of sleep in my Royal Court. I take it Lady Frost will be there to abduct the girl?”

“Yes, she will give her a suitably icy reception. Moving on the Dream Lady has encouraged Cadillac Lil, Gotham’s premier Madam, to ‘retire’. She has also taken possession of her ‘Little Black Book’, her client list which contains many names that could prove useful to you.”

“That is good news as well. When can I see this ‘Little Black Book’?”

“Actually, the Dream Lady already is in the process of planning a party to introduce herself to her customers. You will get to meet them all personally.”

“Hmm, perhaps I will attend if I have the time. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, you will be attending the Opera tomorrow night. Dream Lady has arranged to test out the Dream Machine.”

“Ah yes, I had almost forgotten. Our Dream Lady has been a busy little bee, hasn’t she?”

“Oh there’s more; she is having the Slutress call a few of her friends to try to foil the crime; Batwoman and Flamebird.”

“The Bat-bitch and her little bird helper? Splendid! We shall be taking Flamebird with us.”

“And Batwoman?”

“We’ll let her sweat it out a bit; wondering what nasty things I’m doing to her little friend. She will be mine as well when the time comes. Will the Princess be attending the Opera with me?”

“I’m afraid not milord,” the winsome wordsmith replied hesitatingly. “She has already made… other plans.”

“And what plans would those be?”

“She didn’t say; but you will have escorts,” she finished brightly. “The Duchess and her twin nieces will be accompanying you.”

“Well, that will be fine then,” he answered disconsolately. “Is there any other news to report?”

“No Lord Morpheus.”

“Fine, you may leave.”

Lady Lympet hurriedly gathered her things and moved towards the hidden door. She could tell that his mood was turning sour and she didn’t want to be around when it did.

“One more thing Miss Lympet,” he said suddenly, causing her to freeze in her tracks.

“Yes milord?”

“Tell me, are you glad that you chose me over your former boss?”

“Why of course!” she declared. “You will go down as the greatest criminal mastermind in history!”

“Do you really think so?” he asked hopefully.

“Oh yes milord. And besides, you’re ever so much better looking than Bookworm; he was something of a nerd.”

“Thank you Miss Lympet,” he told her smiling sincerely now. “That will be all.”

Lady Winter had watched the exchange with interest. Her Master had seemed unsure of himself lately, perhaps taking the Princess’ coldness too much to heart. Hopefully christening the Dream Machine at the Gotham Opera House would put him in a better mood.

“Will you be needing me Lord Morpheus?” she asked quietly.

“Lady Winter,” he replied distractedly. “I had forgotten you were here. No, I don’t need you for anything, you are dismissed.”

She nodded and exited the room while Morpheus turned his attention back to his trio of geishas. He was feeling rather randy all of a sudden.

“Miss Vanderbilt,” he said into the intercom on his desk. “Hold all of my calls.” He pulled Misha into his lap. “I’m going to be busy for a while.”