Lydia, Princess of the Night Pt 2

An hour later finds me on an old access road near
Daniel's home, he lives on a large estate left to him
by his Mother and Father, both killed in a car
accident. His Aunt is executive of everything, we met
once, her concern for Daniels welfare extends as far
as her pocket book. I tried to be nice, but I feel one
day I'll have to rip off that long nose she uses to
look down at everyone. I've met her kind before, my
suspicions of Daniel's parents wreck is heightened.
I've turned off y lights on the vehicle, my night
vision is very keen, I'm anxious to see Daniel. I
think of our first meeting a few weeks back, it was at
one of the Goth clubs I frequent,(I love them,no one
would suspect a real vampire to be among a bunch of

I was sitting at a table, smoking a cigarette,
using one of my long holders, I had my gloves on and a
leather dress, one of my favorites it comes down to my
ankles. He and his friends had walked in, not in Goth
clothing, probably more of dare you to go in
situation. I casually glanced over, our eyes met, as
with all my previous lovers, something clicked. I
smiled coyly at him, turned my attention elsewhere in
the club. I knew he would be there at my table when I
turned around. He stood there, 5',11", athletically
built, but a shyness in his manner, a gentleness in
his eyes. I like that in my lovers, I hate the
braggarts, the self absorbed ones, they tempt me to

He introduced himself and asked if he could sit
down, I had the holder between my lips, gesturing with
my gloved hand. We talked, at first he was nervous
trying to joke and lightened the mood. I could tell he
was new at this. I touched his arm with my leather
clad hand, telling him,"Don't try so hard, take your
time, we have all night. Be yourself, not what your
friends say you should be." After that he relaxed, he
told me he was a college student majoring in art, he
was passionate about art and film. We talked until the
club closed. Then we walked for awhile, I had told him
that I was a college student too, well I have been,
several times over the years, always something new to
learn. I told him my parents were deceased, a truth
and that I lived off a small inheritance, a lie,(Over
the years I have stashed away large fortunes all over
the world. Just in case I should have to flee one day)
We ended up at my car, his friends had left and
returned trying to find him.

For their benefit I kissed him good night, his
lips were soft and warm, electricity flowed through
them. We were lost for a few seconds, enjoying the
warmth of our long wet kiss. I wanted him then and
there, but the time was wrong. Too soon, too many
people. He invited me to his Aunts birthday party and
showed me how to get there. I went two nights later bu
the result was an animosity between his Aunt and
myself. I could smell the drugs in her system, I could
see into her mind with my thoughts, I was not so sure
about Daniels best interests. For Daniel's sake I
tried to be nice, later that night I made her walk
into the pool.(Sometimes my "gifts" have their uses.)
At least when I left that night I could tell Daniel
was still interested in me, it was then that I decided
to make him my lover. That is what has brought me here
this dark night.

I stop the SUV and get out, the house is less
than a half mile away, I can see it from here. Once
again I concentrate, becoming vapor once more, I
swiftly move through the dark evening. I soar across
the estate, I land on Daniel's balcony, materializing,
I open the glass door leading to his room. I'm
surprised to see prints of old WW2 aircraft,( I know
them by sight) a poster of an old Bogart film, The
Return of DR. X,(I've seen that, Karloff would have
been better in the part, but he was not a Warner
brothers contract player.) A few things are out of
place, but all in all a typical boys/mens room.
I see the photos on his night stand, they are of him
and his parents in happier times, they remind me of my
own, I hear running water, he is in the shower. I can
smell the soap, the shampoo, hear his off key singing.
I lean against the wall near the bathroom, he'll see
me when he comes out. I lean against my left side, to
hide the holes in my clothes. If things work out,
he'll be more interested in other things, rather than
my mutilated wardrobe.

He opens the door to the bathroom, all he has on
is a towel, I whistle, saying, "Hi ya sailor!", he
jumps as he is startled. I laugh. "Lydia what are
your doing here? How did you get past my Aunts goons".
"I flew over them." I tell him matter-of-factly. He
laughs, "Oh come on now, tell me how did you get past
them?" "Just sneaky,I guess." I reply. I do not give
him time to reply, I push him back against the now
closed bathroom door, place my gloved hands on his
chest and kiss him warmly, softly. I stop for a second
saying,"I just missed you so terribly!" Then I return
to his lips. I slide my right leather clad hand down
his chest, all the way down. I find the opening in his
towel. I reach, finding his manhood,I hear his intake
of breath,(my gloves must be chilly), I feel his
firmness, I want it terribly, I need it so. I let go,
returning my gloved hands to his chest. I place my
head on his chest also, the key to any seduction is to
let the other person think they are in control of the
situation, in actuality, you are. I smile, I know I
have him, only a matter of time before he..., Yes, he
picks me up, kissing me and carrying me to his bed.
Our kiss is like drowning, taking everything and
anything. He lays me down, turning off the light, the
bed is soft a tad cool, but it will be warm soon.
I slip out of my boots,my pants, my top, all the
while caressing his firmly built body with my gloved
hands. I allow him in, the night becomes warm, my
head starts to spin, I allow myself to slip away into
the night, reeling from the passion that has overtaken
me, I must be careful. For several hours we both
explore, touch, feel, each others bodies. We become
what the ancients referred to as the beast of many

I know this cannot last forever, but it can last
awhile. There are man things, I can teach him, many,
many things, many ideas. Things he has never dreamed
of, they will help him in his short life, things that
will keep any mortal woman satisfied. Love and passion
are th only things that can keep me sane in this
existence of mine. They make the years endurable, for
now that is all that counts. I will enjoy our time
together for now, I will leave eventually, but not now
not this beautiful night.