Lydia, Princess of the Night Pt 1

I awake. Its sundown I can always tell, I lay
completely nude in my casket, thoughts running through
my mind. I lift the lid, the room is dark but my eyes
see everything in it. Jennette has lain my clothes for
the night on a plush chair I keep next to my coffin,
sometimes I sit a while before I enter my sanctuary
from the day.

I dress, putting on a pair of leather pants and
matching black sleeveless shirt. I put on my boots and
last I slip on a pair of elbow length leather gloves.
There are no mirrors in my dwelling, they would do me
no good at all regardless. Being a vain woman I long
for a reflection, I must trust Jennette when I walk
out of this room, she will be my mirror. She has been
with me for 15 years, I saved her from a group of
thugs in Paris, she is completely loyal. I pull on my
gloves, I like them snug, my hands are very sensitive,
I had them burned in London in 1940, I rescued some
children from a burning house. I was almost found out.
I'm lucky my hands have healed partially, maybe in
another 60 years they will completely heal. Though
there are no longer any visible signs of burns, I wear
the gloves to protect them from too much heat or cold.
Besides they are very fashionable.

I open the door and walk into the hallway.
Jennette awaits me with my leather coat. "Good Evening
Madame,did we sleep well today?" "Very well" I say,
considering things. She helps me with my coat, I
adjust it and pull my long raven hair from behind the
collar. She hands me my car keys and my hand bag, I
open it to check its contents, cigarette case, holder,
compact, cotton pads and a medium sized bottle of
chloroform. Usual accessories otherwise, a few breath
mints, wallet and I.D., checkbooks, hair brush. I put
the strap on my shoulder and ask Jennette how do I
look, "You are ravishing tonight, Madame," she

I should tell her I do not look a day over 21, that
was 170 years ago, I wince at that thought. "I hope
young master Daniel thinks so Jennette." I say. " He
will be breathless Madame." Jennette returns. I give
her an odd look, "Lets hope not!" I laughingly reply.
"I will not need you for the rest of the night, I
should be back a half hour before sunrise, if all goes
well. I will call if anything unexpected occurs."
With that I check the inside pocket of my coat for the
cell phone I carry. Its there. I give Jennette a smile
to let her know I'm not angry at the breathless remark
she made. Daniel is very special to me.

Jennette opens the door to the elevator and I
walk in I wave to her and say"Good Night". The
elevator whisks me to the bottom floor of the old
office building. It is completely vacant save for
myself and Jennette. It is important for me not to
have too many neighbors, humans tend to be very
curious creatures, Human, I wish that I could be human
for just a few seconds,its been so long, 1856 to be
exact. As the elevator makes its way down to the
ground floor the thoughts of that savage night come
back. Poor faithful Gustav his neck broken, lying feet
away from me as that horrid creature sank his teeth
into my neck. I felt no pain, from the moment we are
reborn we have several gifts that we use, one is a
sort of hypnosis/mind control. He had my thoughts in a
field of lillys, until a sound in the woods broke his
concentration, long enough for me to collect my
remaining wits and drive Gustav's sharpened walking
stick into his heart. But it was too late, far too
late. The elevator stops and my thoughts return to the

I kill every male vampire I come across. I have
no love for them. They made me what I am against my
will and I show them no mercy. They will not do to
innocent young girls, what they did too me. They fear
me, with good reason. For like all females in nature
the female vampire is stronger than the male. As for
fellow female vampires, I let them alone unless they
intrude into my domain or are just too far gone with
blood lust, in that case, I remove them from this
world of ours. You see I like humans, I may need to
feed from them, but over all, I like them. I long for
what I can never be again. Perhaps that is why I will
make Daniel my lover.

The elevator door opens and I walk out, my boot
heels reverberate in the almost empty garage. I have 3
vehicles, a black Porsche, a dark blue SUV and a 1936
Rolls Royce, a gift from a former lover, Ricardo, he
was a beautiful man, generous and warm. I pick the SUV
and climb in, Daniel lives an hour away, I could fly
but its cold outside, I prefer the heated comfort of a
vehicle. I start the engine and drive up to the
massive door, with a flick of my controller it raises.
I own the building and the properties adjacent to it,
most people think I'm an eccentric. If they only knew.
I drive through the nearly empty streets,(I picked an
old section of the city, mostly run down except for my
home). Maybe I will bring Daniel here one day. I am
getting ahead of myself. Things have not progressed as
far yet.

My thoughts are interrupted by a young girl
running in front of the SUV, I hit my breaks but I may
be too late from the way she disappears. I get out of
the SUV and go to her fallen form, as I knell down an
arm is wrapped around my throat and I hear "All right
bitch, you know what this is!" He screams. He hollers
at his accomplice,"All right Kelly, get up!" She
stands up unscathed, from the shadow another young man
emerges with a gun aimed at me. Stupid, Lydia, Stupid,
I say to myself, the oldest trick in the book and you
fell for it. I can smell disease and drugs on the two
men, the girl is not yet completely polluted.
"Behave yourself and everything will be cool, now
get up!" He says. With his arm still around my neck I
stand. I am tall, nearly 6'4", he keeps me bent
backwards, he is short. I give them only one
warning,"Leave now, and I will let you all live." They
all laugh even the young girl who has brown hair and
hazel eyes. I grab my attacker, flinging him over my
head against the wall of a nearby building, his bones
pop as he hits. The one with the gun fires, the girl
screams and runs away. The bullet passes through me,
near my pelvis, it ruins my coat and pants. I am
enraged. I walk straight towards my antagonist, I grab
him by the throat, lifting him off the ground. With
only one hand I snap his neck. He is nothing but a rag
doll when I throw him down. The girl is still running,
silly fool, I go back to the SUV, reach for my
handbag, extracting a pad and the bottle of
chloroform. I place them in my now ruined jacket
pocket. I turn and concentrate. I become vapor, racing
ahead of the brown hair girl.

She is still running recklessly, hysterically,
looking back behind her. Not until it is too late does
she see the pad engulf her face. With one hand over
her face with the chloroformed pad, I lift her up with
my other free arm. Off the ground, I squeeze the air
out of her, so the chloroform may do its job that much
easier. She flails with her arms and legs,
mmmphing,into the pad. I need her alive so I can feed,
I had planned to raid a local blood bank, but this
opportunity arose. With much of her air gone the
chloroform acts quickly on her system as she inhales.
I like chloroform, before I was reborn they gave it to
me for an operation, I had wonderful dreams, after my
rebirth, I tried to kill myself with it, good dreams,
but no death. The flailing decreases, then stops, her
breathing deepens, I gently lower her to the ground. I
like chloroform because it is merciful, she will feel
no pain, more than she deserves. I lift her neck,
brushing away her hair. I bend down extending my fangs
and pierce her jugular, in a manner of seconds the
warmth flows through my body, I am in Ecstasy. I take
all of her life giving fluid, I will not leave her as
I was left. But I must feed before I see Daniel, we
vampires are not always responsible for our actions, I
do not wish any harm to befall Daniel, this feeding
will keep me in check.

When I am done she is nothing more than a
whitened husk, an empty shell no less. I stand
vaporizing again, I return to my SUV, still fuming
over my ruined clothes. I start the engine, I drive
away leaving all of them were they lay, just as they
would have left me.