Loose Ends

The ballroom buzzed with the sound of conversation. The city's
dignitaries drank champagne and brokered deals to the backing music
of a string quartet.

Kristen entered through the tall double doors and her keen eyes
immediately found her mark. The Chief of Police stood in a corner
talking to a group of businessmen. He looked up and caught a glimpse
of Kristen as she stepped down the stairs and onto the floor of the
ballroom. He could hardly of missed her in her green silk dress.
The dress completely covered her breasts and was fitted snugly around
Kristen's throat. The daringly revealing slit that revealed all of
her creamy right thigh combined with the shimmering, floor length
silk gave the dress an oriental look with a touch of Western excess.

The Chief was momentarily distracted, losing his train of thought.
He turned back to the businessmen and desperately tried to remember
what it was he had just been saying. At the same time he scanned the
hall, looking for a flash of green silk in the crowd. He finally
caught sight of her again as she left the room. He excused himself
and hurried after her.

He saw her enter the bar and followed her in. She was seated at the
bar and had just ordered a drink. The Chief had a clear view of her
now and she was even more stunning than he first thought. Her dress
had a small area cut out in the shape of a diamond just above her
breasts and she wore a matching pair of gloves that covered her arms
to just below the elbow. Her light brown hair was worn loose in the
sexy, tousled style that looked carefree and slightly haphazard but
had obviously taken a long time to get just right.

"I'll pay for that," he said, taking the seat next to her. "I'm
Police Chief Wright." he said extending his hand.

Kristen smiled and took it in her gloved fingers, "I'm Kristen." she
replied, gently rubbing her thumb against his hand. "Do you have a
first name, or should I just call you Police Chief Wright for the
rest of the night."

"E-Evan," he stammered back, hoping she wasn't joking about the `rest
of the night' part.

"Well Evan, we could sit here and make small talk all night or you
could take me back to your room and I can screw your brains out.
Which'll it be?"

Chief Wright was stunned. He'd never met a woman who was so
forward. Or beautiful. Hesitating only for a moment, he stood up.
Kristen hooked her arm through his and they walked to the elevator.
It seemed like an eternity waiting for the elevator to arrive. When
it did a few people got out, the men glancing lustfully at Kristen,
the women shaking their heads in a combination of jealousy and
spite. Kristen and Chief Wright stepped in.

The Chief pressed the button for his floor. As soon as the doors
closed Kristen slid her hand down from behind him to his crotch. She
unzipped him and her gloved fingers started stroking his rock hard
cock. Her other hand reached into her matching green silk bag and
pulled out a small perfume bottle. As the Chief moaned on pleasure
she brought the bottle up to his face and sprayed a cool, sweet-
smelling mist into his face. He started to say something but before
the words had left his lips his mind had begun to shut down.

"Good boy," Kristen whispered, her breath hot on his cheek, "we're
going to go back to your room now and you're going to do something
for me."

"Yesss," he mumbled in reply.

The elevator's bell rang and the doors smoothly slid open. Kristen
stepped out first, leading the Chief down the corridor by his penis,
which was still being gently massaged by her expert hand. Had the
Chief been more aware he may have wondered how Kristen knew which
room he was in. But he was only aware of Kristen's hand on his cock
and her gorgeous silk-clad body as she swayed down the corridor in
front of him.

They came to his room and Kristen turned to him and put her hand
inside his jacket. She kissed him gently and her hand continued into
his inside pocket, retrieving his key card.

"Thanks, honey" she said, breaking the kiss and sliding the card into
the lock. The light turned green and she led Chief Wright into the
room. "Get on the bed and strip," she said to him, indicating the
king sized bed of the luxury suite.

Kristen was getting turned on just watching the drugged man obeying
her commands. He was at least twenty years older than her but he was
still good-looking, in a distinguished sort of way. She watched him
pulling at his clothes, desperately trying to get them off as quickly
as possible. Eventually he succeeded and lay on the bed with a huge
erection, looking at her expectantly.

She sat down next to him and kissed him again. "You want me, don't
you?" she said when she broke the kiss.

"Oh yes!" he replied, trying to move towards her but unable to in his
drugged state.

"You can have me," she whispered, pushing him back and moving to lay
on top of him, "just as soon as you do one little thing for me."

"Anything," he said, desperate to feel his cock inside the stunning

"You're going to drop the investigation into the McGuire incident.
That's all you have to do for me. You can do that." It was an order,
not a request. Kristen squeezed his cock harder, deepening her
control over him still further.

Chief Wright hesitated for a split second. He was acutely aware of
Kristen's silken dress pressing against his naked body. Utterly
defeated, he breathed a barely audible "Yes."

"I knew you'd see things my way." said Kristen. Her hand moved
quicker against his cock. She clamped her other hand over his mouth
and nose, the silk glove impregnated with knockout drugs, and looked
into his eyes. They had widened when she had smothered him but now
he was starting to relax and his eyes were half-lidded again, his
brief cries of protest dying down as well. "Unfortunately you're not
going to remember me tomorrow, but you will remember my
instructions. I wonder if you can cum before you pass out?"

The Chief squirmed under her and she saw his eyes start to roll back,
his body relaxing back onto the bed. She felt him erupt in her hand,
his hips bucking and back arching with the power of his orgasm. Then
he relaxed back onto the bed with a slight sigh, overpowered by
Kristen's gloved hand.

Kristen slid off the bed, noticing with satisfaction that she had
avoided staining herself with his cum. She was satisfied that she
was completely in the clear now. She stayed in the room and waited
for the party in the ballroom to finish.

Once everyone had cleared out of the ground floor it was after 2
o'clock. Kristen took the elevator down to the lobby. She stepped
out of the elevator towards the front desk, the perfume bottle
already in her hand.

"Can I help you?" asked the young man at the front desk when she
approached. He completely failed to hide his desire for Kristen, his
eyes travelling over her body as she stood there.

Kristen raised the bottle and sprayed the desk clerk in the
face. "Open the safe for me please" Kristen said sweetly.

The man turned and disappeared into a back room. Kristen followed
and watched him open the safe. As soon as it was open he turned to
look at her. Kristen raised the bottle once more and sent a longer
stream of the drugged mist straight into his face.

"Thank you" she said as he slumped forward. She picked out the
expensive diamond jewellery set from the other items in the safe and
put them in her bag. Then she turned, stepped over the sleeping desk
clerk and left via the hotel's underground car park.

Tonight had been a most successful night.