Natasha Black confidently strode through the front doors of the 
Union Trust Bank. Most male eyes immediately turned as the raven 
haired statuesque beauty made her way towards the center of the bank 
floor. Her eyes were obscured by her black sunglasses, but her ruby 
lips stood out in contrast to her creamy skin. Below the neck she 
wore a skin tight black leather body suit complete with gloves and 
knee high boots. Reaching down to her belt she pressed a button 
concealed on the buckle then smiled as she noticed the red LED's on 
the security cameras go dark. The codes worked the bank's security 
and surveillance system was now off.

The previous night...

Richard Simpson left the bank and 9pm as usually and climbed in to 
his Mercedes sedan to head out for dinner after another uneventful 
day at work. Richard was the manger of Union Trust bank's central 
branch. He was thirty-five and single having sacrificed much in his 
personal life for his work. He lived alone and generally stopped at 
local bar for dinner and a drink or two before heading home and 
getting ready to do it again the next day. His routine was boringly 
predictable, but tonight that routine was about to change.

He arrived at the bar and took a seat at his usual table in the back 
corner. Richard was an introvert and preferred to keep to himself. 
He ordered his usually meal and sipped on his usual beer, it was the 
same as every other night. That was until he heard the words that 
snapped him out of his routine and sent his life spiraling.

"Do you have a light?"

Richard looked up in disbelief at the tall dark haired beauty 
standing over him. She held a short holder between her leather 
gloved fingers as she bent forward. Her ample breasts were barley 
contained within a low cut black leather top that seemed to flow 
into her matching mini skirt. Her shapely long legs were encased in 
black sheer stockings that disappeared into her thigh high leather 
boots which added another three inches to her five foot nine height.

Richard was stunned that woman like this would even talk to him as 
he nervously fumbled with his lighter. Natasha brought the holder 
to her lips and leaned even closer offering a perfect view of her 
breast down the front of her top. Her perfume seemed to envelope 
Richard in a sweet vanilla cloud as he finally managed to the light 
her cigarette. Natasha inhaled and then blew a thin cloud of smoke 
into his face.

"Thank you, darling." She purred taking a seat next him.

She inhaled once again blowing another sweet smelling cloud into his 
face. Richard coughed and waved at the smoke not knowing what to 
do. He felt nervous, but found himself becoming strangely relaxed. 
The sent of smoke and her perfume seemed to mingle and surround him.

"My name is Richard Simpson." he finally blurted out.

"I know darling. You're the manager of a very large and important 
bank." She replied exhaling another steam of smoke directly into 
his face.

"Yes, how did you..."

"Shhhh. I'll ask the questions." She said putting a gloved finger 
to his lips.

Somewhere in his head warning bells went off, but it was too late.

"You see my dear man, my perfume and smoke combine to create a 
rather potent mind altering scent. The scent erodes my victim's 
will and leaves them powerless to resist me. Just breath deeply 
darling, there's no sense trying to resist me."

She pulled a notepad and pen from her purse and placed it on the 
table in front of him. The note pad had several questions about the 
banks security system and procedures written on it.

"Now be a dear and answer all thee little questions for me." She 
cooed sliding a bit closer and exhaling another dose of smoke into 
his face.

When Richard was finished providing the information Natasha and her 
girls would need to rob his bank tomorrow she reviewed it and then 
smiled happily.

"You did very well Richard. Now it's time for you take a little 
nap. When you awake you'll remember nothing about me or what 
transpired between us tonight. You will feel very sick tomorrow and 
need to call out of work."

Natasha reached up and stroked his cheek with her gloved hand. Her 
leather gloves were specially designed to secrete an anesthetic drug 
that would put her victims to sleep upon contact with the skin.

"Sleep tight dear."

Within in seconds his eyes closed and slumped forward sound asleep. 
Natasha gathered her things and left him to his dreams.

Pushing a second button also hidden on her belt Natasha signaled her 
team that the security and surveillance system was down and she was 
moving into position.

Natasha strode over to the safe deposit box area and confidently 
walked toward the guard posted at the vault entrance. At the same 
time four equally gorgeous women similarly dressed in black leather 
body suits and wearing black sunglasses entered the bank and fanned 
out towards their positions. A sixth woman entered a moment later 
locking the door behind her and standing guard as the other five 
went into action.

The two twin blonde bombshells walked towards the teller windows. 
The bank echoed with the click of heeled boots as the leather clad 
women reached their targets.

"Excuse me, ladies...and I use that term loosely...the line forms to 
the back." The woman at the front of the line smugly remarked.

"Really?" The first blonde asked sarcastically sharing a knowing 
smile with her sister.

Each woman extended their gloved hands as a pink gas seeped out 
through the finger tips into the smug woman's face. They gassed 
each customer in line before turning their attention to the tellers 
who were pushing disabled panic buttons and looking for help from 
the guards. The guards however had their own problems as the 
leather clad blondes turned their attention to the tellers.

The guard off to the left of the door watched as the leather clad 
beauties entered the bank and split up.

"Must be one of them super model things in town." He thought smiling 
to himself as he noticed a stunning redhead walking towards him.

Her full wavy red hair cascaded down her back and around her face 
which was partially obscured by her black sunglasses. Like the 
others her body was wrapped in tight leather from her booted feet to 
her gloved hands.

"Somthin' I can do for you ma'am?" He asked as she approach.

"Yes fool...SLEEP!"

The red haired beauty leaned forward and kissed the wide eyed guard 
deeply pressing her body against his. After a moment she broke the 
kiss and pushed the sleeping guard to floor. Laughing she turned 
and left him lying there with red stained remains of her drugged 
lipstick on his lips.

The guard to the right of the door was faced with a similar 
predicament as the brown haired goddess turned in his direction. 
She strode towards him purposefully with an air of sexuality that 
sent his imagination racing.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"Anything...I mean what can I do for you?" He stuttered awaking 
from his momentary daydream.

"Could you sleep for me?" She asked sweetly caressing his cheek with 
her glove.

"Could I what?" He asked a bit confused as she batted her eyelids.

"Sleep sweetie." She answered stroking his other cheek.

It took only a moment for the drug secreted by her gloves to take 
effect and suddenly the confused guard fell at her feet. She 
smiled, stepped over him, and joined her red haired partner and 
headed towards the office area.

The vault guard watched Natasha's approach. She pulled out her 
cigarette holder and lit her cigarette as she drew closer. The 
guard frowned and took a few steps forward to cut her off. Natasha 
knew from Richard's information that this was the head of security.

"Excuse me miss, but you can't smoke in here."

Natasha answered by blowing a stream of smoke into his face. The 
guard coughed and took another step forward. Before he could say 
anything else the exotic scent of her perfume seemed to envelope 
him. He paused for a moment as Natasha blew another cloud of smoke 
into his face.

"Be a dear and follow me into the vault." She cooed walking past 

The guard turned and sheepishly followed her. In the constrained 
space of the vault the smoke and perfume mixed filling the air.

"Now just breathe deep darling and let me overwhelm your simple 
mind. By now you're powerless to resist. I know you have the 
master safe deposit key. Be a good boy and hand it over."

There weren't many offices in the bank even though it was the main 
branch. Just the manager, assistant, and customer service 
representative. Natasha of course made sure Mr. Simpson's office 
was empty, but there was still the assistant manager and the 
customer service rep.

The red haired robber pushed the door open to the assistant 
manager's office.

What's the meaning of this!" The older balding man asked from behind 
his desk.

"I'm going to put you to sleep so you don't interfere with us 
robbing your bank! That's what this is about." She said pushing 
everything off the desk and hoping on in front of him.

"What kind of madness is this!" He exclaimed standing up.

She slid forward off the desk forcing him back into his chair, 
straddling his lap and pinning him down.

"Mmmmm, I like it when the struggle." She said holding his arms.

The older out of shape bank manager was surprised how strong his 
female assailant was. He struggled to free himself, but she had the 
leverage. She leaned forward grabbed his head and pulled his mouth 
to her leather covered breast.

"Just relax and stop struggling."

Her leather outfit secreted the same sleepy substance as other 
girls. In moments the manager tasted the sweet substance and found 
himself licking it off her chest.

"That's it baby lick it all up!"

It didn't take long for him to slump against her sleeping like a 
baby. She leaned down and kissed him on his bald head leaving her 
crimson mark.

In the other office her partner was having similar success although 
with a different approach.

"Miss could you help me?" The brown haired vixen asked innocently.

"Sure, I'm Janet. What can I do for you?"

"Take a nap."

"Excuse me."

"Take a nap silly. So we can steal the pretty diamonds." She 
replied holding out her gloved hand.

"I don't know wh..."

The woman was cut off as pink smoke seeped from her visitor's finger 
tips into her face. The woman's eyes fluttered as she fell sound 

"Nighty night." The beautiful bank robber said blowing her victim a 
kiss before turning to leave.

Powerless to resist the guard handed over the master key.

"Good boy." Natasha cooed stroking her gloved hand along his cheek.

"Now sleep for Natasha."

The guard slumped to floor having received a dose of Natasha's sleep 
drug through her leather glove. She turned and quickly moved right 
to the box she was looking for and opened the box she found the 
diamonds just as she expected. She emptied the contents into a 
small velvet bag and walked out of the vault joining the five other 
fem-fatales. The six women exited the bank smiling and climbed into 
the back of a waiting black stretch limo. In a couple hours 
everyone in the bank would wake up confused with no memory of what 
happened, a side effect of the sleepy drug, and women would be home 
free after another successful job.