Katrina Blaze Pt. 1

David Grant was tired. The private detective had been brought in as
consultant to the Meridian Insurance Company to help solve a rash of
incidents involving industrial espionage and as well as several
major jewel thefts. So far, ten hours of reading the report files
had produced nothing. The only thing that seemed to be revalent was
that prior to each theft there was a unknown woman who appeared on
the scene. A replacement secretary, a night watchmen, a policewoman.
Grant noted that no one ever seemed to question the mystery woman's
credentials. The only other common thread was that each man reported
waking from a nap with no memory of the event. Just the presence of
the woman. According to some she was blonde, others brunette and
some redhead. There was no clear pattern and no common thread. Grant
was going to call it a night when he read the last paragraph of the
most recent eyewitness. A Mr. Donegral, CEO of the UniFi tech
company, whose plans for a breakthrough networking product had
fallen into competitors hands had made an interesting observation.
Grant read it again and the words leapt off the page at him. "The
last thing I remember was my temp secretary that date leaning over
me and an odd scent to her perfume. I remember it because the night
before, my wife and I attended a hypnosis/magic show and we were
invited back stage to meet the performer, Katrina Blaze. I have some
allergies and I'm very sensitive to scent and I remember a brief
whiff of the same scent backstage." Grant immediately dropped the
report and fired up his computer. "it's time to see if miss Blaze
was in town during any of these other events" Wearily, he poured
another cup of coffee. It was going to be a long night. He didn't
yet know how long…

Katrina woke from her nap and stretched…. Her tight black spandex
top barely covered her breasts and her panties were little more than
a thong. Another perfect caper she purred to herself. Walking over
to the her dressing table, she looked at her array of cosmetics and
then flicked a hidden switch. The tray quickly turned and revealed
another set of liquids, powders and potions of her own creation. She
thought back to her youth when she watched Batman as young girl. How
aroused she would get as she watched Catwoman overcome Batman with
her knockout perfume or a scratch from drug tipped claws and how
Lydia Limpet easily gassed Robin with a trick book. Even as the
scenes played in her mind, she felt her nipples grow erect under
thin fabric and a growing moistness between her legs. In college,
she studied Psychology and learned hypnosis and also majored in
chemistry. Her Ph.D was on the subject of pheremones and quick
acting anesthetics. After, she began her public career as a master
magician and stage hypnotist. Her private career was cat burglar and
industrial spy. She ran her hands over the bottles… the perfume with
the exotic name "sleepytime" written in flowery script and another
marked "love potion #9". The compact with glittering purple powder
called "mesmerize" as well as the tubes of lipstick and nail polish
all with their own surprises. She picked up a small vial with white
pills that protected her from falling prey to her own tricks and
swallowed one. She had her own plans for the evening…

Earlier that day, Katrina had paid a visit to the personal assistant
of millionaire Steve Hill. The Hill charity ball was legendary and
Katrina planned to be there. As Hill's secretary left for the men's
room, Katrina carefully followed him in. As Hill's assistant emerged
from the stall, he was startled to see the Katrina standing by the
sink next to him. Smiling, she took out a cigar and asked him for a
light and then opened her compact to check her makeup. The young
assistant was flustered as she leaned close to him. "there… there's
no smoking in this building…" he stammered. "and besides…this is the
Men's room, just what department are you in anyhow"…. Katrina
giggled to herself, she's waited years to utter this line… "why
removal…" she said as she softly blew across the surface of the
compact. The pink, glittering dust swirled about the assistants
face. Another soft puff and the mesmerizing pheromone dust took
immediate effect. Running her nails down his chest, she softly
purred… "you won't report me will you?"… The dazed assistant shook
his head. "Now give me your VIP pass for this evenings event
please?" She whispered. The young man reached into his pocket and
handed it to Katrina. "Thank you" she replied. "Now kiss me" As she
pulled him close, she enjoyed the energy of his kiss and felt
herself respond. I wish I had more time, she thought as she pushed
his head down to her breasts… Even as she felt her nipples grow
erect at his tongue teasing her through her bra, she felt his
breathing slow as the drugged pads inside her bra quickly too
effect… Katrina pushed herself closer even as he began to struggle
and until she felt his limp body slide to the floor. She quickly
dragged him into a stall and removed her bra, strapping the drugged
cup over his face. Nighty night… dream of me? Won't you? She slowly
ran a her fingernail over the erection that was clear in his pants.
It's a shame you won't remember any of this. Leaving, she quickly
used her set of lock picks to lock the door and put a sign up saying

Smiling, Katrina looked at the glittering gold ticket in her
hand. "Time to get dressed and pack an evening bag" she
thought. "Mr. Hill is going be quite tired this evening I suspect"

Katrina Blaze Pt. 2

The party was in full swing at the Hill building when Katrina showed
up. She wore a simple black dress that clung to her alluring figure.
Her high heels accentuated her height and a simple crystal pendant
hung alluringly in her ample cleavage. Her only other accessory was
a small black evening bag. As she approached the door, she handed
her glittering VIP card to the guard at the door. "Name?" he said,
as he handed it back to her. "Blaze", she replied. "Katrina Blaze".
Puzzled the guard checked his PDA again. Her card was correct but
there was no name on the list. "I'm sorry ma'am, but you don't
seem…" his words were cut off as he heard a soft hissing sound. He
looked up to see the alluring woman in front of him holding a small
bottle in front of him. The trigger depressed again and another soft
hiss of the gentle mist caught him in the face… Katrina leaned
close, and took the PDA from his hand and switched it off. "you
don't need to check the list, do you my dear"? she purred. "nnn…
no.." the guard stammered… Good she replied. "you look so tired my
dear.. why don't you take a little nap for me?" As she pulled the
guard close, she softly kissed him, stroking her hand on his neck
nightly and then scratching him lightly with her long red
nails…. "ouch…" murmered the dazed guard. "what did u do that for"….
Even as his eyes glazed over and he slowly slumped in his chair. She
blew softly across her nails as she watched the guard collapse… "I'm
afraid a scratch from my sleepy polish has you itching for a nap "…

Katrina made her way in and quickly lost herself in the crowd. She
paused only briefly to enter the ladies room and prepared herself
for her next move… As the party ended she made her way over to
Hill. "good evening, lovely party" she purred. Hill looked at her…
and muttered a quick thank you and was prepared to move on to the
next guest when he heard a soft hiss and caught a whiff of strong
scent.. turning toward her, he saw a smile on her face. Do you like
my perfume Mr. Hill? Some men find it soothing… She carefully moved
him away from his entourage. Please, smell it again… some men find
it relaxing… "yessss" he whispered. Hill tried to keep his senses…
Who was this woman? What was she doing here and who cared? She was
so lovely… Even as Hill felt himself growing more aroused at her
presence, he heard her voice. "Please, I'm being stalked.. could you
please walk me to my car? I'm afraid to go alone"… "of course, he
replied"… As Hill, walked Katrina outside, he gulped the cool night
air… "what the hell am I doing here" he thought, who is this?
Katrina quickly realized it was time for part two of her trap, she
wrapped her arms around him and started to kiss him… Hill pushed
back quickly. Look, ma'am, I'm not sure who you are, but I'm a
married man… Katrina stepped back and looked at him. "I, I'm
sorry…" "I don't know, what came over me…" "Oh shit… I'm just lonely
and I thought…" as she started to sob lightly. Hill, looked at her
in the moonlight as tears rolled down her cheeks, "hey, look.. it's
OK. Please, don't cry" "damn it," Katrina "look at me." She said…
and she slowly pulled her compact from her evening bag.. "I've
ruined my makeup" Hill stood bewildered as he saw the tears suddenly
stop and mischievous grin appeared on her face… Even as he stood, he
saw her blow lightly across the surface of her compact. As the swirl
of purple dust caught him in the face, he immediately felt himself
grow dizzy… As he tried to stagger away, Katrina blew another cloud
of the hypnotic powder at the millionaire…. Snapping her compact
shut Katrina pulled him close… "You see Mr. Hill, I'm afraid you've
been caught by my little hypnotic charms"… In a few moments, You'll
be totally under my spell and you'll do exactly as I wish. Hill
stagerred back and gasped weakly… "no, NO I WON'T"… hmmm, Katrina
muttered, "he really seems to be able to fight my potion. I must
increase the potency in the next batch…. But no matter…" You're a
strong man Hill, you might have overcome the effects of my little
trap, if you were able to stay awake. I think you should take a
little nap while my hypnotic drug takes full effect…. Reaching into
her purse, she pulled a small perfume spray and uncapped it... with
a soft hiss, she sprayed Hill…. Hill, somehow managed to turn his
head at the last second… but even the small whiff he got instantly
made it hard to keep his eyes open… "Really, Mr. Hill… You're making
this very hard for me… With that, she sprayed some more of her
sleepytime perfume on her ample cleavage and pushed the dazes
millionaires head to her breast… hmmmm.. "I did figure you for a
breast man"… Hill struggled vainly even as he felt her nipples brush
his face….the scent of her arousal mixed with the drugged perfume
slowly overcoming him…." Sleep, she whispered… sleep deep… As Hill
crumpled to the ground, Katrina looked down on him and
smiled. "Silly man, don't you know all men have two weaknesses, a
woman's tears and her cleavage and it looks like you fell for both
of them tonight"…. You won't remember this meeting but you'll hear
from me in a few days, with my instructions…Nighty night…" Moving
back toward the building, she yelled at the guard at the door.. Mr.
Hill has fainted, call a Dr.. As the crowd gathered, she slipped
into the darkness and made her way home.

Katrina returned to her penthouse and looked at her e-mail. Lots of
junk and one from a name she didn't recognize. Grant, David.
Clicking the mail, she looked over the note. An admirer?
"Dear Ms. Blaze. I'm writing as my good friend Bill Donegral saw
your show the other evening. He was absolutely captivated by you and
even recalled your exotic perfume. I hope to catch you tomorrow
evening. I mean, catch your show. Perhaps we might chat backstage
afterward for a bit?

Katrina quickly Googled David Grant. Master detective. Good looking
too. That fool Donegral must have somehow remembered my pheromone
perfume at the show and somehow put Grant on to me… Smiling she
turned to the screen and tapped off a response, glancing at her
stage magic wand on her desk… "do come to the show Mr. Grant and we
will see who catches who… In, fact I think you'll find the show to
be a real gas but be prepared to find yourself tied up for a bit"
Love, K.


Katrina Blaze: Enter Monique (an interlude)

Katrina was tired, but she knew she had a few more tasks to take
care of before she met Grant face to face. Since Grant seemed to
somehow b on to her, she decided not to take the chance of meeting
him face to face just yet. But she needed information. She thought
of using Hill, who totally drugged with her mesmerizing dust could
do her bidding. One call to him and she could activate his hypnotic
trigger with the chimes on her cell phone. There was a better way
she thought… Monique!

Katrina had met Monique a year earlier. She had been invited back to
NYU where she had done her graduate work to lecture to the
Psychology class of Dr. Peter Connors. The idea of going back to
academia and lecturing to the students gave her a small thrill and
she had readily accepted. Besides, it might be useful to have Dr.
Connors under her erotic spell for some time in the future. She
dressed in fairly conservative blue business suit, with a satin
camisole underneath that clung to her breasts like a second skin.
The college boys would be sneaking peeks at her cleavage all night.
She picked up a bottle of her Mezmer perfume and slowly ran the
glass applicator over her neck and down her cleavage to the tops of
her breasts. "That should be enough", she thought to keep things
interesting. Tucking a small vial of her fastest acting sleepytime
spray, into her purse, she gathered her things and left.

She arrived and was met by Dr. Connors who was a handsome man in his
late 40's. His hair was brushed casually back and he wore the
academic uniform of tweed and khaki as if it were tailor made. "I'm
so pleased you were able to join us, one of my students has followed
your work closely and suggested we invite you to lecture". "who was
that", Katrina asked? "Why Monique Donahue". He pointed out a girl
in the last row. Monique looked at her and smiled. Unlike Katrina,
Monique was not nearly as tall. Her hair was pulled back into a
simple pony tail and her fresh face exuded the innocence of youth
and passion. She looked no more than fifteen or sixteen. Her figure
was clearly that of a mature young woman and her curvaceous breast
looked even larger on her elfin frame. Even her outfit appeared to
be a series of contrasts, she wore a simple denim skirt and a white
oxford shirt, but the skirt revealed all of her ample curves and had
a high slit up the side, while her shirt appeared to have an extra
button open by accident revealing the tops of her round breasts and
the fact that she favored lacy pink lingerie that looked both
innocent and erotic at the same time. Katrina studied her closely
and their eyes met for a second. Katrina saw the blaze of
intelligence in them and also noticed how expertly her makeup had
been applied. She hadn't noticed on first glance, but Monique it
seemed had carefully made sure that she looked much younger than she
really was.

The lecture went well. As Katrina spoke, she walked the lecture
floor, pausing a few times near some of the more better looking
young men, making sure that they each got a nice view of her
camisole as well as a little whiff of her perfume. As she packed her
tiny laptop afterward, a few students mingled with her for a bit,
she looked for Monique but she had already left. She walked to thank
Professor Connors, who asked if she'd care for some
coffee. "perfect" she thought, a little one on one time with the
professor is just what I need to re-apply some more mesmerizing
perfume and take him for a little nap. She followed him to his
office and as he entered he sat at his desk and motioned for her
take a seat. As Katrina opened her purse she heard his voice say "I
brought her as u asked, I hope you are pleased". Katrina looked
behind her and saw Monique sitting on the sofa. "put away your
little tricks, you see he's already mine." Monique moved to the desk
and leaned over the seated professor. Pulling his face to hers, she
kissed him long and deep even as the Connors moaned in satisfaction.
Pulling back slightly, she purred "but now we girls need to talk
privately, why don't you take a little nap in the meantime". Katrina
looked on fascinated as Monique pulled back just a bit. Still bent
over, she lightly brushed her breasts over the professors face
Katrina heard a soft hiss. As she watched, a thin stream of pink gas
emerged from the lace bow at the base of her bra and caught the
professor in the face. He sighed as another soft hiss of the
knockout gas swirled around his face and he slowly slumped into his
chair, eyes glazed over and then crumpled face down on his desk.
Katrina was smiling as Monique walked over and purred, "what is it
about men and cleavage anyhow?". Katrina laughed.

"I've studied you Ms. Blaze and I'm pretty sure I know about all of
your activities. As you see, I'm not here to report you, I want to
join you". Monique said.
Katrina listened as she learned that Monique had discovered her
research as an undergrad and after carefully removing all the
formulas from her dissertation (something Katrina realized, she
should have done herself) actually improved several of them. She had
also developed a special strain of tobacco that when smoked produced
a slow acting, drugged smoke that could either hypnotize of knockout
depending on how it was used. Not to mention, she continued "there
are times when someone with my face connected to this body can come
in handy". "I'm 25 but I can look anywhere from 15 to 50. And
there's something about a pair of 20 year old 38Cs on a fifteen year
old face that half the time, they're already under my spell before I
need to drug them". Katrina thought for a half second. Thanks to her
capers, she was already for wealthier than she'd ever dreamed. The
enjoyment she got from her work was what kept her at, not the
wealth. And besides, a sexy protégé was just the thing to make sure
there was someone to pass this all on to someday. Katrina extended a
hand. "you're in". You'll be my assistant at my stage show and I
think I can find some other areas where we might put your talent to
use. As they left the room together, Katrina laughed, "we must find
a way to bring your sleepy bra to market… women all over would pay
dearly for it"….

Yes, Monique could handle this. She pushed the iSite button on her
Macintosh and got Monique on the line. Monique heard the buzzing on
her computer and knew she had to answer it. She was just getting
down to the evenings events with a lovely young business student who
was going to write her term paper. She moaned as his fingers slid
down under her bra and teased her nipples and felt the finger of his
other hand slide down her panties and slowly enter her. "she gasped
in pleasure, must have given him to strong a dose of my lovey dovey
drug. She pulled back and grabbed a pack of cigarettes on the stand
and quickly lit one. Do you mind if I smoke? She blew a quick ring
of blue tinged smoke at his face. "do you like these? She
asked? "some find the smoke to be soothing…" She blew another thick
cloud at him and watched as his eyes began to flutter. "some find it
soo relaxing" Even as she she exhaled and the cloud of smoke
billowed around her victim, she watched his eyes slam shut as if
weighted by lead and sink to the floor. She puffed once more and
another cloud of smoke caught him in the face as he moaned
softly. "That should keep u put for a bit" Monique sat at her
computer and clicked the button to activate her camera. She saw
Katrina on the screen and said. "what's up boss". "are you alone,"
Katrina asked? "No, but my study partner just learned that smoking
isn't good for his ability to stay awake". Katrina smiled. "good.
Now, here's what I need you to do." She quickly explained about
Grant and what she wanted. As she clicked off her video connection
and crawled under her thick down comforter, she thought again of
Grant's face. She thought of how his face would look when the trap
was sprung and she had put him to sleep, totally under her spell…
She felt her nipples grow erect at the thought and as she ran her
fingers between her legs, she felt the moistness of her arousal. As
the image of the swirling sleeping gas overcoming Grant played in
her mind, she felt the explosion of her orgasm running through her
body and then she drifted off to sleep herself.

Katrina Blaze Pt. 3

It took only a few minutes at the phone company office for Monique
to find out Grant's home and business address. An innocent face, a
lot of cleavage and just a little whiff of mesmerizing perfume got
her what she wanted. She quickly returned home and changed into a
girl scout uniform that was at least one size too small in the
chest. Perfect, she thought. Time to see if Mr. Grant likes cookies.
She quickly walked across town to Grant's office. It was located in
his townhouse in the Turtle Bay on the east side. It looked like the
first floor was his office and the upper floors living quarters. She
knocked on the door and smiled sweetly at the security camera. As
she approached the secretary, she smiled her most innocent
smile. "some cookies" she asked? "I'm trying to win the contest so I
can go on a sleep over". "I'm sorry dear, the boss is out to lunch
and won't be back for a while and I have no cash." "That's OK"
Monique replied. "why I don't I leave the box and you can pay me
later if you like… in fact, why don't you try one, they're baked
with fresh nuts and sleeping cream"…. "sleeping cream, what's that"
Asked the bewildered secretary… Even as the words came out of her
mouth, Monique opened the tin of cookies. As she did, a whoosh of
pink colored gas emerged from the container. As the startled
secretary tried to back away, Monique followed her, the trick cookie
tin billowing pale pink swirls of the sleepy scent. Monique made
sure she got a good whiff of the knockout gas and smiled in triumph
as the woman's eyes began to flutter and the finally close. As she
watched her slumped to the ground, Monique felt her nipples erect
and the excitement that gassing a subject caused her. She quickly
propped her at her desk. "when she wakes up" she thought, she'll
just remember dozing at her desk. Monique quickly went into the
Grant's office to look around. She quickly inserted a small USB
flash drive and copied the critical files off Grant's unlocked
computer. After making sure she had a good impression of the locks
for Katrina to work with, she quickly tidied up and left.

Later, as Monique poured over the data, she called Katrina. "it
looks like Grant works with a reporter from time to time. A real
Lois Lane type named Susan Kyle". I think he's planning on bringing
her to the performance". "hmmm" Katrina purred. "It would be good
for us to see what she knows and perhaps have her under our spell
just in case." "Do you think you can handle it this afternoon?". "of
course" said Monique.

Monique quickly put on her best schoolgirl attire. She stopped only
long enough to toss a few items into her bag and left for the NY
Times where Kyle worked. Getting past the guard was easy enough. As
she dropped her bag, she reached out to get it as the guard bent
down to help her. For his troubles, he got a quick blast of
Monique's instant sleep perfume spray. Fast acting, it lasted for
only two minutes, more than enough time to check the listings for
Kyle and get past the guard (who woke up a minute later wondering
about the strange erotic dream he had).

Monique went upstairs knocked on Kyle's office door. She ran through
her story quickly of how she was a student intern and just need a
few minutes of her time to answer some questions. Kyle smiled at the
young girl before her. "I have a meeting in here in two minutes.
We're reviewing some copy but you're welcome to stay and we can chat
after" Monique smiled demurely and sat at the corner of the table.
As the two other women and man walked into the meeting. Monique
noted with delight that the man was smoking a cigar. As they sat
down, Monique asked, if anyone minded if she smoked as well. Kyle
gave her an inquisitive look but Monique had already lit one of her
special cigarettes and was gently blowing smoke rings at each
participant except Kyle. In the confined space, the slow acting drug
laced into the tobacco took effect over several minutes. Each puff
of the thick, sweet, scented drug took its toll. One by one, as
their eyes struggled to stay open, each person in the room moved, as
if in slow motion. Making sure Kyle was still awake, Monique removed
her compact from her purse and opened it. The drugged woman
muttered "wha… what are you doooing"… watching in a stupor as
Monique gently blew across the surface. The swirl of glittering
particles caught Kyle in her face. As she drew her breath in, she
slowly felt the effect of the mesmerizing dust take effect. Monique
smile at her. "it's time we had a little talk about David Grant".
Kyle nodded and answered each of Monique's questions. Finally, she
removed her tiny, jewel crusted cellphone from her purse and made
sure that Kyle responded to the hypnotic trigger of the cell phones
digital chimes…. "How else may I please you asked Kyle"… Monique
smiled and said… "sleep". With that she withdrew her small atomizer
and gently depressed the trigger twice. As the knockout perfume took
effect, Kyle moaned softly… the last thing she heard was the gentle
hiss of the trigger and the sweet smell taking her down until all
was dark.

Katrina's phone chirped as she got out of the shower. Her raven hair
dripping, she pushed answer and spoke to Katrina. She was quickly
updated that Grant would indeed be at the show tonight with Kyle..
He planned to take her down and Kyle would get the exclusive. She
told Monique to be at the theater early. And make sure you prep all
the equipment as planned As Katrina slid into a silk Kimono, she
began rubbing on some of her special body lotion over her
nipples. "Might come in handy" later she thought.

The show went as planned. Katrina wore her usual outfit, a sexy
magician's outfit with a tight white top, unbuttoned to reveal her
ample cleavage with tuxedo tails, a fishnet hose, and high stiletto
heels. Her "volunteers" for the hypnosis section were all carefully
chosen in advance by Monique and as she leaned over each one
to "trance" them, they all received a deep whiff of her hypnotic
drugged perfume, putting them deeply in trance. She went through the
usual stage hypnotist's litany of tricks to the audience's
amusement, and as she whispered in their ear to bring them out of
the spell, she also carefully placed her hypnotic triggers tied to
words and scent so they could easily be overpowered when needed.

Katrina stood on stage and faced the audience. "It's time for my
last trick, the vanishing man and I need a volunteer from the
audience" Monique, in her glittering pink costume pretended to play
the light over the audience until she flashed in on David
Grant. "You sir… come join me on stage". Grant smiled to himself in
the glare of the lights. "do come up"… "I won't bite… I promise"
Katirna cooed. Kyle grabbed his arm. "don't do it, it could be
dangerous". "got to" Grant replied. "Besides, what could she do,
there's a full audience here. I have my wrist emergency pager, if
there's any hint of danger, I just push the button, you get the
alert and bring in the cavalry" Grant stood and approached the
stage. Wearing his Armani tuxedo, Grant stood his full 6'4" inches
and approached the stately Katrina. She smiled her warmest smile and
gestured to the soft stain couch on stage. Why don't you just lay
down she purred. Grant did so and as he did, a short half opaque
screen appeared from below the couch. As it reached the top of the
couch, the audience could see Katrina above the waist and Grant in
silhouette only. Katrina began her patter and then a series of
gestures with her magic wand. Turning off her throat mike, she bent
over the prone Grant. Looks like we meet at last Mr. Grant. Now
let's see who caught who. Sensing danger Grant moved to tap the
small button on the watch but he was a half second too slow. Time
slowed for him over the next few seconds as Katrina tapped a small
jeweled stud on her wand and immediately Grant was immobilized by
the restraints that popped out of the side to hold him steady. Grant
tried to struggle and signal for help, but his weak movements were
only seen as a veiled blur before the audience. Straining to sit up,
Katrina ran her hand lightly down his body and slowly let her
fingers rest between his legs. Caressing softly, Grant felt himself
gasp with pleasure as he became aroused… leaning over Katrina waved
her magic wand in the air and in one fell swoop pointed it act
Grants face out of the audience view. Perhaps you need a little nap
my dear to change this grumpy disposition of yours. Touching another
jeweled stud, a thick stream of red gas emerged from her wand at
Grant. Grant struggled and tried not to breath but Katrina stroked
him again, causing him to gasp in pleasure inhale another whiff of
the drugged gas. As Katrina touched her wand again, another jet of
gas caught Grant. Dazed, he gasped at the sweet candy like scent and
felt the room slip away. He caught the gleam in Katrina's eyes and
noticed her nipples standing in stark relief to her silk white top
even as darkness overtook him. He caught one last look at her
triumphant smile and everything went dark.

Katrina, pressed the final button on her wand and in a flash of
light, the curtain dropped and the couch was gone. As the audience
applauded, Katrina and Monique each took a bow. Katrina smiled
sweetly at Kyle seated in the audience and then she and Monique
walked off together. "Is everything all set backstage?" Katrina
asked. "Everything is, purrrrfect" said Monique. "What if that Kyle
woman comes snooping"? "I believe we have plans for her as well"..
Laughing they walked to the dressing room.

Kyle was worried. There was no sign of Grant. She checked her phone
again for a distress message but there was nothing. What a day.
First that meeting where everyone seemed to doze off at once. And
something about an intern kept nagging her, althoguh she couldn't
tell why. "damn. Grant, where ARE YOU" she said to herself. She
tried Grant's cellphone but she knew he rarely kept it on unless he
was making a call. I'll give it five more minutes she thought… and
then… I have to do something. She went to the rear of the theater
and pounded on the door… The door opened a crack and she saw a
female shadow… "can I help you"? she heard…

Grant woke up groggy and immobile… He felt woozy and tried to open
his eyes and saw things were hazy in the dim light. As he tried to
focus he heard a rustle of silk and soft voice cooing… "you're not
supposed to be awake yet"… "Sleep for me…" and then a soft hisssing
and a cool mist hitting his face and a cloying sweet smell
overpowered his already drugged senses. He gave into the scent and
inhaled deeply and as the light faded, he heard a voice
whisper "….sleepy bye perfume" and then he heard nothing.