Hospital Visit

The hospital was quiet at this time of night. Visiting hours were well and truly over and all the patients were asleep.

Kristen walked down an empty corridor, her eyes scanning the small plates on the doors indicating what each room was - cleaning closet, bathroom, store room, locker room. She stopped at the locker room and entered. The room was empty. Kristen removed a set of lock picks from the pocket of her nurses uniform and carefully inserted them into the lock on the closest locker. It gave easily to her practised fingers.

Opening the locker, Kristen was disappointed to find that it was empty. Oh well, she thought with a sigh, onto the next.

She was just about to start working on the lock when she heard the door open behind her. She turned to see a young nurse enter. The woman nodded at Kristen and went over to her own locker. Kristen wasted no time. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a white cloth, doused in her own cocktail of sleep-inducing drugs. She quietly approached the nurse who was evidently just getting off duty. She had loosened her blonde hair to hang free, flowing past her shoulders, and was unbuttoning her uniform when Kirsten struck.

The nurse cried out, startled, when the cloth was forced over her mouth and nose, her hands frantically clawed at Kristen’s. But Kristen held firm, wrapping her other arm around the woman’s body and pulling hard on her head, forcing the nurses head back onto Kristen‘s full, warm breasts. She could feel herself getting aroused as the nurse weakened, her legs buckling so that Kristen now had to support her whole weight. Her arms dropped to hang limply by her side. The nurses cries were now little more than low moans and Kristen watched in satisfaction as her eyes began to roll back into her head.

“Just relax,” Kristen whispered to the weakened nurse, “close your eyes and relax.”

As she whispered in her ear Kristen moved her hand up to squeeze the woman’s breasts. It had the desired effect. The lethargic blonde gasped, taking in a huge lungful of the drugs, and that was enough to send her over the edge. She went completely limp, her eyes rolling all the way back and her eyelids finally fluttering closed.

Kristen lowered her onto a nearby couch, holding the cloth over her mouth to prolong her victim’s sleep. She wouldn’t remember anything thanks to the mind-altering drugs mixed into the soporifics on the cloth. Finally Kristen removed the cloth and reached down to scoop the nurses legs onto the couch. She reached into the slumbering nurses pockets and retrieved her keys. Then she kissed the woman's forehead, gave her one last satisfied look and quickly left the room.

She crossed to the store room and opened it with the nurses keys. It didn’t take long to find the various things she was looking for and before too long they were loaded into one of the trolleys in the store room. Satisfied that she had all that she required, Kristen left the store room, locking the door behind her as she went. She made the trip to her car and deposited the various boxes and bottles in the trunk. Part one of tonight’s plan was complete. It was time for part two.

Ten minutes later in a separate part of the hospital Kristen stood outside a large office listening to the sounds of the occupant typing away on his computer. She knocked and entered when he replied. The man didn’t even look up as Kristen approached his desk, he remained hunched, frowning at the computer screen. He had evidently been at it for some time. His shirt was crumpled and creased, his tie and doctor’s coat dumped on a nearby couch. Kristen could tell he was frustrated. That suited her perfectly.

Kristen placed a bundle of papers in front of Professor Joseph Markham, the world‘s leading authority on anaesthesia. “They need you to sign these, Professor.” she said.

He looked up, annoyed at the rudeness of the intrusion. His cutting remark died on his lips as he looked at the nurse in front of him. She was gorgeous. Her brown hair hung about her shoulders, cascading down in waves, framing a face that contained bright, hazel eyes and full red lips. Her white nurses outfit barely contained her breasts and Joseph was sure the uniform was at least two sizes too small since it didn’t quite cover the lace tops of her sheer white stockings. She even smelled wonderful - a light fragrance that was hard to place.

He nearly jumped out of his seat when she leaned down to show him where to sign, exposing her large breasts and the lace trim of her white bra. He fumbled with his pen and managed to scrawl his name in the place the stunning woman had indicated.

Kristen smiled down at him and gently placed her hand on the back of his neck, her fingers stroking him gently, causing the older man to flinch slightly. “Very good” she said, the patronising tone in her voice going completely unnoticed by the dazed doctor, her fingers brushing his hand as she took the pen from him. “You’re very tense, Professor.” she said, moving her hand to his shoulder and starting to knead the knotted muscles.

“L-look, I don’t have time for this. I’m very busy.”

“I know you don’t mean that” said Kristen, moving round behind him and placing a hand on each shoulder. “It’ll only take a few minutes and you’ll feel so much better when I’m done”

Professor Markham sighed. “OK, but just for a minute.” he said, trying to play it cool and not let this woman know how much he wanted her to keep massaging him like she was.

“Good boy” she whispered. She began slowly massaging his tense muscles, feeling him relax more and more. “You must get so stressed in this job. I can help with that.” Kristen’s hand suddenly appeared in front of Professor Markham’s face. He barely had time to notice the black-jewelled ring before pale pink gas shot from it and engulfed his face.

Kristen felt his body relax immediately and she pulled his head back to rest on her breasts. She began rubbing from his temples down to his jaw, her soft fingers trailing sensually across his skin as she looked into his glazed, half-closed eyes.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” Kristen’s hands went into her pockets. She removed the ring and pulled out a pair of thin surgical gloves. She snapped them on, all the while staring down into the helpless Professor’s eyes. “This will be even better. I promise.”

Her hands reached down and released his straining cock. She alternated stroking his cock and squeezing the base, constantly giving and then denying pleasure to her helpless victim. Kristen’s left hand then moved back up to Professor Markham’s face and gently caressed him.

“It feels good, doesn’t it Professor?” she purred, the tip of her thumb brushing over the head of his engorged penis.

The drugged professor groaned.

“Yes, so good. So sexy, so sleepy. So sleepy, so submissive, You want to keep feeling like this, don’t you? So sexy, so sleepy, so submissive.” The drugs worked quickly to dull the professor’s mind, allowing Kristen to easily take control of him.

Again the professor could only groan.

Kristen pulled his head back harder, pushing him into her cleavage and allowing her to look straight into his half-closed eyes. “I can make you feel even better Professor,” she continued, “but you have to do something for me first. You have to help me with a small problem. You want to help me, don’t you?”

The professor managed to mumble a slurred “yes” in answer.

“Very good. All you have to do is agree to come to me after work tonight. That’s all. Then I can make you feel even sexier, even more submissive and you can be with me again. You can be my sleepy slave. You can do that for me, can’t you Professor?”

The professor nodded slightly. His body was writhing in the chair, desperately needing the sexual release he had been so near to for so long. With the combination of the drugs and her rubber gloved hand Professor Markham would do anything she asked.

“I think you’ve earned your reward now. You’re going to cum for me soon, my little sleepy slave, and when you do you will fall into a deep sleep. You will not wake up for some time. When you do you will not remember me coming here today but you will remember that you have to come and see me. I will put my address in your jacket pocket and you will come and see me, though you won’t remember why.”

With that, Kristen jerked her hand over his rigid shaft twice more and the professor came. His whole body tensed, Kristen holding his head against her breasts as his back arched and he shot great streams of cum over his stomach and chest.

She looked into his eyes, watching them flutter and then close as his orgasm subsided and his whole body relaxed. She smiled at him and lowered his head gently to rest on the desk. Then she took a card from her pocket and placed it in Professor Markham’s jacket. After tonight she would have the perfect formula for her drugs. Then things would get interesting.