The doorman at Thistledown and Thrush Fine Jewelers watched the long 
limousine glide to halt at the curb. He moved quickly to open the 
door for the no doubt wealthy occupant, hoping that perhaps it was 
one of the pretty women who frequently shopped at the exclusive 
store. The middle-aged doorman was not disappointed, as one the most 
gorgeous females he has ever seen proceeded to alight from the back 
of the limo. His first glimpse was of a slim, stockinged leg as she 
stepped from the car in her black five-inch stiletto heels. Next, a 
black leather-gloved hand extended and he grasped it lightly to help 
her out. A second leg appeared, equally as lovely as it's twin, and 
he could see creamy white flesh above the black stocking top. The 
woman stood, emerging from the dimness of the limo. She was dressed 
in a smart black linen suit, the skirt scandalously short, underneath 
her open satin-lined silver fox fur. She had long golden hair that 
spilled out from beneath a wide-rimmed black hat. A sheer black veil 
obscured all but her shiny, ruby-red lips.

She smiled and patted his hand as she stepped towards the 
door. There, an armed security guard waited to check her credentials. 
She showed her ID, briefly lifting her veil so that he could confirm 
her identity.

"Thank you Mrs. Wolfe," he told her as he unlocked the outer 
door with his electronic key-pass and radioed his partner inside that 
she was permitted to enter.

She gave him a smile as well, and a pat on the cheek as she 
went through the door. At that instant, the doorman collapsed to the 
sidewalk, and the guard rushed to help him. He didn't even notice as 
the blonde casually dropped her black leather purse into the doorway, 
blocking the door from closing. The second guard buzzed her through 
the inside door and she gave him a polite nodded while waltzing past 
towards the counter. Two gentlemen in identical blue pinstriped suits 
waited for her, both beaming eagerly. 

"You must be Mrs. Wolfe," said the tall thin man on the 
left. "I am Mr. Thistledown, and this," he continued, indicating the 
short bespectacled man next to himself "is my associate Mr. Thrush."

The sophisticated femme didn't bother with a reply, simply 
reached into the pocket of her sumptuous fur and threw a handful of 
sparkling white powder into the taller man's face. Thistledown 
collapsed like a sack of potatoes. His partner gasped and quickly 
pushed the alarm button underneath the counter. The mystery woman 
began to stalk slowly around the counter.

"The police are on their way!" he sternly informed the femme 
fatale as she strolled behind the counter. "I don't know who you 
think you are Miss, but you won't get away with this!"

The blonde continued to approach him silently, a smug smile 
on her scarlet lips. As she neared the balding Mr. Thrush turned as 
if to flee but she grabbed him and placed her doze-dust coated glove 
firmly over his nose. She felt his body instantly relax and she 
released him to fall in a heap next to his partner. She took a silk 
handkerchief from her pocket and cleaned the residue from her stylish 
driving gloves before pulling a small phone from her pocket.

"The Fox is in the henhouse," she said simply as she waltzed 
back around the counter.

She went towards the security guard who was in his small 
office to the left of the main door. He came out of his small glassed-
in cubicle as she approached.

"Just what do you think you're doing ma'am?" he demanded 
taking a step toward her.

"Why I was planning on stealing about five million dollars 
worth of diamonds darling," she replied airily, lifting up her gauzy 
veil. "But it seems that one of those mean old men sounded the alarm.

"Luckily for you, that alarm is currently inoperable."

The guard laughed and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her 
deeply. Meanwhile, four blondes in black nylon jumpsuits, black 
gloves, and dark sunglasses came in through the carelessly unlocked 
door. Magda and Nikita were carrying the doorman and Ava and Zsa Zsa 
dragged in the equally unconscious security guard. Sung Lee, the 
exotic Asian beauty, followed them in. She wore a sexy black leather 
mini-skirt over black stockings and a form-fitting black silk 
turtleneck under her stylish leather jacket. Her mysterious brown 
eyes were hidden behind dark glasses as well.

"Not in front of the girls lover," insisted Victoria Fox as 
she broke the kiss and pushed the tall, dark-haired guard away. "Did 
you get all that on tape darling?" she continued mischievously.

"I got it all babe," he assured her with a lecherous 
grin. "The inside and outside action was recorded by our surveillance 
systems, before it mysteriously stopped working a minute ago."

"Excellent, I can't wait to see those fools succumbing to my 
dozing-dust," she said, smoothing the smitten security guards uniform 
blue tie. "Now why don't you be a dear and fetch me that tape. And 
while you're at it, open up the vault." 

She gave him a chaste peck on the cheek and he went to do her 
bidding. Her quartet of buxom blondes had dropped their drowsy loads 
on the floor and were busily loading nylon sacks with jewels from the 
display cases. Victoria swept over to the main display and began 
trying on jewelry. She started with a pair of elegant diamond 
earrings, and a matching bracelet. She was admiring these in one of 
the mirrors when Sung Lee came over and handed her the leather purse 
that she had surreptitiously dropped to keep the outside door from 

"That guard annoys me," fumed the Korean cutie as she moved 
to help her mistress into an extravagant quarter-million dollar 
diamond necklace. "He does not show proper respect. Shall I knock him 

"That won't be necessary dear," the blonde told her as she 
rummaged through her purse, finally pulling out a gold lipstick 
tube. "My lullaby lipstick will put him to bed quite nicely."

She leaned towards the mirror and touched up her already 
perfect lips. She pursed her lips and blew her reflection a kiss. 
Jake Waters, her man on the inside, appeared from the back room.

"All set babe," he told her, handing her a compact 
disc. "This is all of this mornings footage, and the vault is as wide 
open as a whore's legs."

"Thank you for that colorful description dear," she replied 
going to him. "And here is your well-deserved reward."

She reached up and kissed him, her hot tongue exploring his 
mouth. `Wow,' Jake thought as he responded to the knee-weakening 
kiss, `this dame is something else'. Several seconds later he began 
to feel dizzy and realized that his knees were indeed weak. The 
fabulous femme stopped the kiss and leaned back staring at him 
intently with her ice-blue eyes. 

"You drugged me," he gasped accusingly.

"I'm sorry darling, but I had to," she told him, batting her 
thick eyelashes at him. "When the police come, we couldn't have you 
missing or awake now could we."

She pulled a cigar from the pocket of her fur and Sung Lee 
lit it for her. She exhaled luxuriously and walked toward him, 
lowering and carefully arranging her veil.

"Tonight I'll meet you at our pre-arranged rendezvous point. 
But for now be a good boy and take a nap."

She blew a cloud of fragrant sleepy smoke into his face and 
the handsome guard collapsed to the floor. Victoria regarded him 
thoughtfully as she puffed on her cigar. Her blonde hench-gals had 
finished cleaning out the display cases and the vault and she 
directed them out to the car. Sung Lee, her trusted aide, stood 
beside her.

"Sleep well sweet prince," the black-veiled blonde told her 
prostrate male partner. "Unfortunately, you know too much, and this 
is a dream from which you will never wake."

She brought a black-gloved hand to her lips and blew him a 
kiss before strolling towards the door. Behind her, the beautiful but 
deadly Sung Lee pulled a small, silencer-equipped pistol from her 
jacket pocket. She raised the gun and pointed it at the defenseless 
Jake Waters…